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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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The Sting...of the heart


Titus 3:14~

Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.


The Sting…of the Heart

Back in Equestria, most specifically Canterlot, Leilani sat on her throne while reading the book that maintained the prophesy. The book was what allowed her to see Korra and the ponies during that time, but now they were no where to be found. Just then, a magical light shined bright and someone appeared before the queen with a cocky smile, "You called, your majesty?"

"Yes Discord."

"Oh, Leilani! How long as it been? A decade? A century?"

"Too many to count. I believe you have already noticed that something is changing in our world"

"You know, now that you mention it, I did notice that my powers have been growing slightly weak.", he zapped and appeared over her head with a cup of tea, "I mean, I still have my powers, but I can feel them very slowly fading"

Leilani looked at him sternly, "That's because Equestria…is reaching its final days."

Discord spited out the tea he was drinking….right on the princess's face, "WHAT?! You can't be serious! What am I saying? Of course you're serious, you never were the funny type."

The queen narrowed her eyes at him. Just then, the book opened up. They both gasped as an orb appeared before their eyes to show an image of a certain firebender sitting on a couch in his apartment looking all upset.

"Hey isn't that the Avatar's main squeeze?" Discord asked as he looked at the young man in the image.

"He was" Leilani said sadly.

"Oh. That's a real shame. Boy he really looks down in the dumps. How delicious! Wait a sec. Is he---?"

"Yes. He's heart broken. He and Korra split up" the queen said sadly.

Discord continued to look at Mako and his ears lowered in pity, "I--I know that look. It's the same way I felt when I thought I would lose…my friend.", Discord touched the orb showing Mako and it glowed bright, allowing his claw to go right through. Discord cried out in fear before quickly taking his hand out, "Wow! What just happened?"

Leilani tried to get her hoof through the portal but, to her surprise, it would not allow her. She then made a very disappointing realization, "It appears the orb is allowing you to crossover into Korra's world"

"What? Why?"

"I believe Mako here has a very important lesson to learn. And he needs to know about the Great Change in order for him and the others to help in any way they can. I can't leave Equestria because it might shift the already weakening balance of our world….but you can."

"Wait? Me? Help someone learn about friendship?….these must be some really desperate times."

"You must act quickly."

"Can't you just send them a note like you did Korra?"

"I don't think a letter will work this time around, not after last time." she said, making Discord pout in annoyance. Leilani studied the orb. "The portal does not have much power, but it is enough to transport you once or twice only. Make the one trip count so their will no need to be a second. You must give this message to Mako."

"I'm all ears.", he literally removed his ears in front of her. Leilani was not amused. "Come on, just lightening up the mood"


Mako was looking at pictures of him and Korra as he tried to fight back the tears. The image made him feel even worse with himself. Then he heard a voice coming out of nowhere.

"Come on, lover boy" The young man looked down at the photo and saw Discord's head magically appear on the picture replacing Mako's head. "Don't waste your tears on her"

"AH!",Mako screamed and dropped the picture and Discord appeared before him.

"Who are you?…what are you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself: I am Discord. Former spirit of chaos and disharmony" he said with a bow, and invisible applauds was heard all around the apartment, "Thank you, thank you, you're all too kind"

Mako arced an eyebrow, "Former? Wait, you're that weirdo who tried to take over Equestria and placed a spell on Twilight and her friends friends."

"So you have heard of me!"

"Unfortunately. What are you doing here?"

Discord magically appeared next to him, "What? So it's okay for ponies to make friends but not me?" he said while hugging the firebender from behind.

"The last thing I need is a weirdo in my house" Mako angrily shoved the freak away.

"Such an attitude. Maybe Korra is better off without you"

Mako turned and glared at Discord, "Don't you dare talk about her!" he pointed a finger threateningly at him.

"Look kid, I was tasked to come and tell you that--"

"To what? Get back together with Korra? To get the troops to the south? Well you can tell Celestia, with all due respect, that she's waisting her time."

Mako walked over to the fridge to get himself a glass of water, hopping if he ignored this weird being he would just leave. Discord then noticed the picture on the floor and picked it up. His eyes fixed on Korra, "This her? Wow! you really messed up this time little boy! I mean look at this chick! How you managed to let a babe like this get away is beyond me. Guess humans aren't as smart as Celestia makes them seem"

Mako slammed the cup on the table and clenched his fists, "Get out! And give me that back!", he then tried to snatch the picture from Discord but he kept on zapping everywhere around the apartment.

"You forgot to say please" the spirit taunted.

"I said give it!"

"Not what I was looking for"

Mako was ready to rip his own hair out, "ERRRRRR! FINE! What will it take to get rid of you?"

Discord then zapped Mako into a bed-like couch like from those therapy sections and he appeared with a tie, glasses and a clip board, "I only wish to help you with you're dilemma. Weather you want to admit it or not"

"I don't have a dilemma."

Discord then wrote something down on his clipboard, "Hmmm. Patient is in denial."

"I am not!"

"Patient denies he's in denial. This sound serious."

Mako sat upright on the couch and buried his face in his hands, "Look, if I play along will you PLEASE leave?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die. Actually, I can't but you get the idea. Now start from the beginning"

"You have got to be---"

"You want me to leave don't you?"

Mako groaned in annoyance, "Fine. It all started when Korra invited me, my brother and Asami to the Glacier Spirit festival----"

One hour latter...

"And she yells at me thinking I was taking sides which I wasn't! I swear she can so infuriating sometimes"

One more hour latter….

"I tell her I'm only doing my job but she yells at me AGAIN saying she's only trying to save the world which she wouldn't have to do if she didn't keep messing things up"

One more hour latter…..

"So I broke up with her and then the entire office froze and then she stormed off without saying anything. So that's what happened." he heard a loud snore and angrily glared when he sees that Discord had fallen asleep. "HEY!"

The spirit snapped up, "I'm awake! I'm awake!"

"Were you even listening?!"

"Why of course I was! One of my many skills is taking a nap while holding a conversation. Being trapped in stone will do that to you. Just to clarify you two aren't a married couple right? Because you sure seem to bicker like one"

Mako stood up from his seat, "That's it? That's all you have to say after I spent three hours yapping about what happened between me and Korra?!"

"Look, I'll be honest with you kid" Discord leaned in closer to Mako, looked around the room to make sure nobody's listening and whispered in Mako's ear, "I'm not really a doctor."

"That's it! OUT!"

"Out? We're just getting started"

"What more do you want from me? You say you want to help but all you've done was annoy me and test my patience. I don't even know why you care about my relationship problems, I was only doing my job as a police officer and my job is to protect Korra!"

"People. Protect people" Discord corrected.

"That's what I said."

"No you said protect Korra"

Mako realized what he said and sat down on the couch with a depressed look on his face. Discord joined him a he gave him a sympathetic look, "Answer me this. Do you love her?"

Mako lowered his gaze, "….yes. Yes I do."

Discord then slapped Mako's back, really hard, "Well no wonder you're down in the dumps! Falling in love with someone like her is just about the worst thing you could possible do"


"I mean you're both so different and you bicker a lot. Why would you want to be in a relationship like that?"

Mako sighed as he stood back up, "You got me."

"Take my advice kid."

Forget about that gal

Forget about the way you fell into her eyes

Discord literally bat his eyelashes at Mako who turned away crossing his arms. Discord then showed him one of his old pictures of Korra smiling at him.

Forget about her charm

Forget about the way you healed her in your arms

Mako snatched the picture out of Discord's claw hand and sadly looked at it. A mini Discord then walked in mid air around Mako's head, to which Mako tried to swat him away to no avail

Walking on air's obnoxious

You laugh, you cry

It makes you nauseous and you can never get enough

Just forget about love

Mako finally managed to swat Discord, "Maybe I should!" he said as he walked to his bedroom. Discord smiled mischievously, "Oh, I'm only getting started". Unbeknownst to Mako, Discord had a real hidden agent to his song. A little trick he liked to call; Reverse Phycology.

Forget about romance

Forget about the way your heart begins to dance

Discord created an image of Korra in mid air, smiling at him which made Mako touched his heart, he almost forgot how Korra's smile made him feel. Discord appeared again.

And then you feel the blush.

When you two blurt out some sentimental mush

Mako looked again at the picture in his hand as a smile slowly formed on his face. Discord looked over his shoulder while singing,

Love really is revolting.

It's even worse than when you're molting

Enough of this fluff

Just forget about love


I've almost forgotten the way it felt

When I help out my hand for hers.

My heart all a flutter


Oh, how I shudder


The first time we kissed


It won't be missed.

Forget about her heart


I can't forget about her heart

Mako ran out of the apartment, down the streets seeing couples together with Discord flying behind him.


With all of the bicker it doesn't matter much


Oh, it matters so much


You're better on your own.

A meal becomes a banquet when you eat lone

Mako and Discord;

Love's filled with compromises


And don't you hate those big surprises?


A perfect sunset view


"Oh, please"


Candlelight for two


"Oh, geez!"


Look you're calling my bluff. I can't--



Mako and Discord;

Forget about love

"I though was was protecting her from making another mistake. Maybe I didn't handle it the way I should have."

"Oh, yeah about that you see---" but before Discord could continue, he saw his body began to fade, "What's going on?" Mako asked.

"Looks my time's up. Better try next time"

With that Discord vanishes in a blinding light, leaving Mako alone, "That was weird"


Back in Canterlot.

"Well, that was a bust" said an angry Leilani, "I thought I told you to make this trip count. Now the portal will have to recharge the little energy it has left for you to warn Mako about the Great Change."

"Look, I'm sorry alright. I thought the kid needed a little help in the romance department. Yes, I know I'm not usually the guy for the job but, hey it worked didn't it."

Leilani rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance, "Well, you did do a good job there. But next time don't waste the chance to warn him"

Discord saluted, "Very, well"

A few days latter, Mako was still looking at the picture of him and Korra. He knew he had to find some way to make it up to her, but for the time being he had a job to do.


Underneath the starry night, a ship sailed peacefully on the cool waters. The ship itself carried supplies from Future Industries to send to the south pole in assistance with the war. The captain of the ship observed peacefully from the railing. Nothing peculiar was going on, but he suspected as much since nothing ever happened at the ocean at night, and the weather was clear, no signs of any storms at all. But the peace was disrupted when the captain spotted something flicker red. Bright red, blinking objects were thrown onto the deck. Before long, the objects exploded in a fiery inferno. Another device, stuck to some white sticky substance, was thrown at the captain, landing at the wall behind him. The object was a remote controlled bomb, which detonated in less than five seconds. The captain managed to jump off onto the deck before the explosion hit him.

"We're under attack!" he cried out. Just then, four waterbenders ambushed the ship while ridding on a wave, swapping it with their water. The events happened so quickly, the captain and passengers didn't know what hit them. They managed to escape on a rats while looking on at the destroyed ship with smoke emitting from its sides.

"Varrick is not gonna be happy about this."


Both Eska and Desna stood in front of the Southern Spirit portal, which had been fortified with a surrounding wall along with some watchtowers.

"Where is he?" Eska asked her brother.

"Father said he would meet us at this location. He'll be here."

Right on cue, they saw their father emerge from the portal, "Were you just in the spirit world?" Desna asked in surprise. But Unalaq was not in the mood for silly questions,

"Never mind that. Where is the Avatar and her Ponies?"

"They were within our grasp until a dark spirit attacked her." Eska explained.

"They're out of control" Desna said, angering their father.

"You didn't get them?!"

"The Avatar is dead." Eska said bluntly, "As are her little vermin"

Unalaq looked down at his children in disappointment. This was not part of his plan. How was he suppose to open the portal now?


"Bolin, look up there. What do you see?" Varrick asked withe excitement. Bolin looked on in confusion, "Is this a trick question?"

"I'll tell you what I see: A star being born! You're a star!"

Bolin was with Varrick and Ginger watching the latest installment of Nuktuk: Hero of the south. Bolin himself couldn't believe that people, really younger kids, were cheering for his work.

"People love stars. Stars tell them what to think and how to act. Bolin, have you ever tried to force a monkey marmot to ride a bicycle?"

"Uh…not that I can recall."

"Of course you haven't. You can't force monkey marmots to do anything. They've got to want to do it themselves."

"Right." Bolin answered unsurely as to what Varrick's point was.

"With these movers, we'll have the support of the people, and before long, they'll persuade the President to lend hose troops to the war effort."

Bolin continued watching the mover, the scene that was showing was when Ginger was captured by Unalaq. The actor playing him was overly dressed and wearing too much weird 'evil' makeup. The scene didn't show Bolin's character saving Ginger, instead it ended in a cliff hanger where Nuktuk was captured and announced the episode for next week. Bolin smiled flirtatiously at his red haired co-star beside him, "Wow. We got some major chemistry on-screen. Am I right?"

"Yeah. On-screen" she said before scoffing and walked away, leaving a very disappointed and confused Bolin,

"What's wrong? Are you mad because I eft you in the clutches of evil Unalaq? I'm gonna save you in the next episode. Ginger, let's work through this." he cried out desperately. Zhu-Li came and walked to Varrick,

"Varrick, another one of your ships had been captured."

"Darn it, Zhu-li, haven't I tolled you I hate getting bad news without good news?" he said angrily.

"Oh, well, the good news is it looked like your first mover has gotten a great reception."

"That's old news!"


Mako couldn't even begin to describe how he missed Korra's smile. All he had left of her now was that one picture in his hand. It was taken when he and Korra were at the Glacier Spirits Festival. They both looked so happy. Mako silently smiled as the memory flashed before his eyes….


The camera flashed. Korra and Mako had just taken a picture with one of this head cutouts. The two laughed at the photograph; Korra had chosen the taller head while Mako had the shortest one.

"Why did you have to be taller than me in this?" he asked playfully before Korra snatched the picture from his hand.

"You're taller than me everyday, let me get a turn for once."

Mako surprised Korra by grabbing her waist and lifting her up, twirling her, not caring that others were watching. The young girl laughed happily at her boyfriend's silliness. Once he lowered her down, Korra's expression shifted to one of sadness.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier and throwing that stuffed bison at your face. I don't even know why I did that. Sometimes life just gets so frustrating for me. And you want to know what the sad part is? It's times like this I…I kind if wish I wasn't the Avatar."

This confession really got Mako by surprise, "Okay, I know you don't entirely mean that. You just say it because you're frustrated."

"I know, I know. But sometimes I just don't know what to do."

"Well, know what I want to do?"


"I want to see the look on your face when you lose the ring toss!" with that he ran ahead towards the ring toss booth laughing, while Korra playfully scoffed.

"Eh! You cheater! Get back here!"


Their laughter echoed in his mind. He knew he had to patch things up with her. After all they've been through, how could he just let her go like that? The young firebender was woken from his thoughts when his rich friend entered the room he was in.

"Is it true?" Asami asked with worry as Mako placed the picture pack into his police jacket.

"I'm so sorry. Your entire shipment was stole."

Asami was so hopping his answer would be no. "Without that sale, I don't know how much longer I can keep my company going. What am I gonna do?"

"Don't worry. I'm gonna find whoever's responsible. Chief Beifong is about to question the captain of the ship." he pushed the button of the intercom, and from it they could hear the captain speak in the interrogation room with Lin, Gang and Lu.

"I know it's been a long day, but walk me through what happened." Lin said to the captain.

"We were ambushed about thirty clicks outside the harbor. We never heard them coming."

"This is the third attack this week at about the same location" Lin said.

One of her detectives, Lu agreed, "Yep, and mask-dad in Republic City's jurisdiction, which means another problem for us." he sighed as he stroked his mustache, "All this stress is gonna turn old black beauty gray."

"It's gotta be Northern Water Tribe." said his partner Gang, "They're trying to stop supping supplies to the South."

"I agree." Lin said, before turning to the captain once more, "Is there anything else about the attack you remember? Anything unusual?"

"There is one thing. The bombs exploded in a way I've never seen before. They didn't have fuses. It was like they were detonated remotely."

Mako's eyes widen slightly at hearing this, "Like the bombs at the cultural center."

"Wait, where are you going?" Asami asked as Mako walked out of the room, "I gotta grab some evidence." he said as he exited the room while Varrick entered.

"Asami, I heard the news. I can't believe they took my fifth favorite ship in the Varrick Industries fleet! Named her after my mom. Rest in piece, Rocky Bottom."

"Without the money from the shipment, Future Industries is almost broke." said Asami. Her attention turned to Mako, who had just entered the interrogation room.

"Chief, I think there's a link between this attack and the attack at the cultural center." Mako tells his boss. But Lin was not in the mood to listen to a rookie.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked aggressively.

"Solving this case." he turned to the captain, "Did any of the people who attacked you have one of these in their hands?" he showed him the remote control he and Flash Sentry had found that night at the bombing, "I think it's a remote detonator."

"I was too dark to see anything."

"Mako!" the young man slightly flinched when his boss snapped at him.

"Chief, I don't think the people who attacked you were the Northern Water Tribe."

Gang laughed at this theory, "Of corse they were Northern Water Tribe. They were waterbending."

Mako ignored him and showed the captain a picture of the firebender he and Flash Sentry spotted that night, the one who was responsible for placing the bombs. "Was this one of the guys who attacked?"

"No, I don't recognize him."

"Oh, that's embarrassing" Gang said to his partner Lu, who chuckled, "Nice try, Rookie."

Lin had had just about enough of this, "Mako, leave. Now." she said the last part rather threateningly. At that moment, Varrick and Asami entered the room.

"Great work, everybody" said Varrick, "Another open and shut case for the dynamic mustachioed duo!"

"Wait, I think Mako might be onto something." said Asami. Mako practically pleaded to his boss, "Chief, I know it's a long shot, but I have an idea how we can catch these guys."

"Yeah, let's listen to the rookie." Lu said sarcastically.

Asami angrily glared at the immature man, "He's doing a better job than you!"

"Whoooooo's hungry?" Varrick spontaneously asked to lighten the mood.

"Enough!" Lin finally snapped, "I don't want to hear your lame-brained rookie ideas. You're a beat cop, not a detective. Now hit the street and do your job!"

Mako lowered his shoulders in defeat. He clenched his fists as he watched Lu and Gang laugh at him, while Lu styled his hair to look like Mako's to tick him off. The young firebender hesitantly walked away, but not before Lu called out to him in a mocking tone, "Have fun, Pony boy!"

The two men laughed while Mako silently wished he could burn their mustaches right off of their faces.


Mako and Asami stood outside of police headquarters. "Lu and Gang are idiots. I hate them and their stupid mustaches."

Meanwhile, while the two were speaking, Discord was sitting in a lounge chair filling his nails and watching the whole scene unfold from the glowing orb that levitated above the prophesy book. Until the portal regenerated enough power for Discord to make his second trip, he would have to wait near it to see when his time was right. Good thing he could watch what happened in the meantime.

"Oh, come on now. I thought that Lu guy's impersonation of you was spot on." said the dragoniquis as he continued watching the two teens talking.

"Forget them. What's this idea of yours?" Asami asked.

"A sting operation."

Discord's ears perked upwards at the sound of this. "Oh! Sounds interesting. Keep talking, princess. You too, Sato."

"I was thinking we'd set up a bait ship, take it out into the open ocean, and capture whoever attacks it." Mako explained.

"Let's do it."

"It's not that easy. For the plan to work, we need the police, and Beifong already said no."

"We can make it work, just the two of us."

Somehow, Discord was surprised by her suggestion. "Two of you? Oh, boy and here I thought this show was loosing its touch."

"I don't know. I don't want to go behind Beifong's back. If she finds out, I could get kicked off the force."

Discord stuck out his tongue in disgust. "Yech, way to ruin the anticipation, mister 'goody-two-shoes."

Asami pleaded to her friend for help, "Mako, I need your help. My mom is gone. My dad is in jail. Future Industries is all I have left of my family."

"That girl's got some serious 'letting go' issues." Discord said to the audience.

Mako knew Asami needed his help, but his job was on the line. "I want to help you, but this is more than a two-person job. First of all, we'd need a ship."

"You need a ship?" Both teens recoiled in shock when they saw Varrick beside them, "I got a ship. I want in on whatever you're talking about. I love being in on plans."

"I like this guy's style." Discord said while rubbing his eagle claw and paw together.

"The less you know, the better." Asami told him.

"Perfect! I love not knowing things."

Discord lowered his ears in disappointment, "Well, there goes my hopes for this character."

Mako decided to agree with this plan. With Varrick's help, they might be able to catch these crooks and save Asami's company.

"All right, I'm in." said Mako with a smile, "Let's get these guys."

"Thank you Mako!" Asami instinctively hugged Mako, catching him by complete surprise. He didn't really feel anything inside of him, no reaction or anything, not like when Korra hugged him, where he would fell his heart race and his cheeks burn. But the way Asami hugged him did feel kind of…off.

Seeing this, Discord dropped his jaw. "Oh, no, no, no no! Don't hug him! What are you doing, are you trying to hurt yourself? Wait, why do I even care?"

Once Asami released Mako, the photo of him and Korra suddenly flew out of his jacket and landed on the floor. Mako quickly picked it up and placed it back inside his jacket.

"What was that?" Asami asked, not having taken a good look at the picture.

"Nothing. I's nothing."

Discord scoffed. "Nothing?! What do you mean nothing?! What is wrong with teenagers now a days? Seriously!"


At the harbor outside of Future Industries, an empty cargo was closed while two meca tanks lifted the cargo on board. Asami and Mako looked on from the warehouse, which was filled with meca tanks and biplanes.

"The ship's all loaded with the dummy crates." Asami said. "Let's get this sting operation going."

"Not yet. We need some extra manpower."

"What about Korra?"

At the mention of her name, Mako suddenly felt uneasy. He didn't tell anyone about the break up, and he wasn't sure if to tell Asami or not. Discord watched the whole thing while eating popcorn.

"Ooooooooohhhhh, you struck a nerve there honey!"

Mako tried his best to sound inconspicuous when answering Asami's question. "Right, uh…Korra. Yeah, actually, she's um…she's out of town right now."

Discord slapped himself in the face. "What is wrong with this guy?!"

"Everything okay with you two?" Asami asked, now that she mentioned it, she hadn't seen Korra or even the ponies in a while. She didn't even see Mako with Flash Sentry, and she figured the two were already becoming good friends.

"Yeah, yeah. Forget about Korra." the very sentence stung Mako in the heart when he said it. "I'll go talk to Bolin." with that, he ran off, leaving Asami behind at her warehouse.


The moment Mako walked into his apartment, he didn't even know wether to yell or gag. The placed had new decorations, mover posters and fancy new silverware, but what really aught Mako's eye was that there was a hot tub right in the middle of the room. His younger brother was happily lounging inside of it.

"Hey, Mako, what do you think? I did a little redecorating. It turns out that one of the perks of being a star, you get lost of cash."

Mako really didn't have anything to respond on how ridiculous the place looked. Their once humble home was now a flamboyant bachelor pad. And what was even more stupid, was that there was a marble statue of Bolin as Nuktuk right near the door.

"Is this a marble statue of you?"

"It's also a hat rack."

"We don't even have hats." Makos said irritably, while his brother remained happy-go-lucky as always.

"That's because we never had a hat rack. And now we do. Mako, you seem stressed. I think you need to take a little dipity dip." Bolin said as he tapped the surface of the bath. But Mako's temper only grew.

"I don't have time to take a dipity dip, okay? I'm trying to catch whoever's been attacking the shipments, and I need your help."

"You need my help?" Bolin asked and groaned pensively. "I don't know. I'm kinda busy."

"You're sitting in a hot tub."

"I'm maintaining my instrument. As an actor, my body is my instrument."

Mako was growing impatient with his brother's stubbornness. For once, why can't anything ever go the way he wanted them to?

"Are you gonna help or not?" He asked Bolin in an angry/annoyed tone. Bolin stood up from the tub and crossed his arms.

"You know, I recall a time when I needed your help, and you basically told me to get a life."

Mako could not believe his brother was being this selfish, he was trying to do something important while Bolin just wanted to lounge around and play supper star.

"So that's a no. What am I supposed to do now?"

"I don't know, Mako." Bolin darted to his brother. "Figure it out. Remember? That's what you said to me. Hurts, doesn't it?"

"I can't believe you're being this selfish!" Mako snapped at him.

"I'm being selfish? Says the guy who dumped Korra so he could keep his job!"

Mako backed away from this response. His little brother's words hurt him more than he could ever admit. In all their years together, Bolin had never said anything this hurtful to Mako. And the worst part was, a part of him believed he might have been right. Mako shook the idea off, groaned in annoyance and turned away. As he passed the fire heating the tube, he bended in it, causing the water to explode into hot steam. Bolin screamed in pain.

"Ow! My instrument!"

Mako walked outside, clenching his fists. He could still feel the sting of Bolin's words. But like he always did, he pushed aside his petty feelings and moved forward. Discord watched the boy from his chair. He shook his head in disapproval.

"That was just cold my friend. That was just cold."


"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Asami asked Mako. She never would have imagined that the always reasonable Mako would even suggest to something like this.

"No, but it's our last resort." he knocked on the door in front of him and they saw the eyes of a man through the open faceplate.

"Hey, Mako. Whatever you think we did, we didn't do it."

"I'm not here on police business. I'm running an off-the-books operation, and I thought the Triple Threats might want a piece of the action."

"How big a piece?" the man asked.


Asami felt supper uncomfortable sitting in her chair. She and Mako were in the last place she would have ever pictured herself in…The Triple Threat Triad headquarters. Both she and Mako sat on chair, opposite their leader. A waterbender named Viper. Surprisingly, he was one of the very same thugs Korra had encountered during her first visit to Republic City. It was a surprise he managed to escape from prison. The criminal smuggled smugly at his guests.

"So Mr. Law and Order needs our help, huh? What's in it for the Triple Threats?"

"I am personal friends with that Avatar." Mako said. "I might be able to convince her to give Shady Shin his bending back."

"Sounds good to me, boss." said Shady Chin, only to have Viper glare at him.

"What about the rest of us?" the leader asked.

"I've got vehicles, all brand-new and top of the line." Asami said. "They can be yours if you help." she hatted even saying that. She would personally have a word with Mako about this. She knew they had to find out who was stealing from her company, but did it have to be from criminals? Of all the times she wished Korra was here. That girl could scare the pee out of these guys if they didn't cooperate. But it was just her and Mako now. A small part of her liked the sound of that, while another...

Viper smirked at their offers. "I think we got ourselves a deal."

Mako silently sighed in relief, his plan was going just as he had hoped. Maybe things will finally go his way. But somebody, other than Asami, disagreed with him. And that was Discord.

"A cop getting help from criminals? Hmmm, theses humans are more interesting that I thought. I wonder what happens next!"


That night, out in the open sea, Mako, Asami and the Triple Threats were all on board the bait ship. Mako kept a watchful eye out for anything suspicious, waiting for their thieves to appear.

"This is right around the area where the attacks happened." said the young cop as he leaned on the rails, looking down at the ocean. "So keep your eyes peeled, and stay quiet." he said. The moon reflected in the surface of the water. He silently wanted to slap himself. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get the Avatar out of his mind. Asami stood with her back pressed against the wall of the deck with her arms crossed, while one of the Triad, the firebender named Two Toed Ping, stood near Mako at the rails.

"I agree. Keep quiet. Mouth zipped, don't say a word. That's the best thing to do when you're trying to ambush somebody, which is what we're doing here, and it's basically what I'm always doing. I mean, I am a gangster, after all, and -"

"Two Toed Ping, please." Mako silenced him. He remembered this guy pretty well from his Triad days. He was the most annoying of them all.

"Oh, right. So, what's it like dating the Avatar?" Ping asked with a smirk on his face. Mako sighed in annoyance, turning his head. "Come on, Mako, I gotta know."

"Ping, stay focused!" he snapped.

"What? What are you so weird about it? If I was dating the Avatar, I'd tell you all about it. Did I ever tell ya about the time she busted us that first day she came to the city? Boy, that chick was nuts, literally a one woman wrecking ball." Mako's knuckles tightened on the railing, how dare he insult Korra in that way. The next thing Ping said really snapped his twig. "Though, now that I think about it, she wasn't really all that bad to look at either." the sleazy man said with a smirk on his face.

That did it. Mako released a loud angry cry and unleashed a powerful fire blast into the ocean, frightening both Ping and Asami.

"There's nothing to know!" Mako shouted, still angry. He turned his head away from them and spoke in a much softer tone, though his expression remained angry. "I broke up with her." he finally confessed.

Asami was surprised by this. "You broke up? When? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know." he sincerely didn't know why. Maybe it was just too hard to say.

Then, Ping started laughing. "Yeah, right. You broke up with the Avatar. Like that happened. Hey, Shady Shin, Viper. Mako says he broke up with the Avatar."

The rest of the triads all laughed along at the idea.

"Sure he did."

"Yeah, I did too."

Mako's anger grew even more with their laughing. "All right, would you guys knock it off and do your job?"

With that, the laughter slowly died down and Mako continued looking down at the reflection of the moon on the ocean. Bolin's hurtful words still rang in his ears.

"I'm being selfish? Says the guy who dumped Korra so he could keep his job!"

Even the memories of his break up with Korra was still fresh in his mind. He still also remembered Discord's advice, about making things right with Korra because no matter what, he would always love her. Feelings like these don't just fade away, and they certainly don't appear without good reason. He wondered where she could be at the moment. She could be in the fire nation, or in Equestria, who knows. He certainly didn't know for sure. He just hoped she was all right. He then realized he was loosing sight of the big picture here; the sting operation. He had to focus now, but even so, so many things ran through his mind. His mistake with Korra and the way he treated his brother. Was he really being as selfish as Bolin said?

No, that couldn't be. In his mind and heart, he felt a song play in his head. He never once opened his mouth.

(Let her go/Let it go mashup by Sam Tsui)

Staring at the bottom of the glass

Hoping one day you'll make a dream last

Dreams can only go so fast

See her when I close my eyes, hoping one day I'll understand why

Everything I touch surely dies

Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the good guy you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Even I know

Let it go, let it go

You only miss the light when it's burning low

Let it go, let it go

You only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

Cause here I stand, and here I'll stay

Let it go, let it go.

Turn away and slam the door

I shouldn't care what their going to say

Let it go, let it go

Let it go...

Mako did right now what he always did….push his heart aside. Discord wiped away his tears with a hankie. He was now wearing footsie pajamas and eating a large bowl of ice cream while blowing his nose into a mountain of tissues.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! IT'S SO SAD!!! WHY CAN'T YOU BE IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FEELINGS? WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?" …. Okay, I'm done." he threw away the hankie and the ice cream and sat on the edge of his seat. "Now, let's get to the good part!"

A few hours passed, and still nothing had happened. Mako and Asami were slowly growing board, and even Ping. So, in order to stay on 'friendly' terms with them, he decided to use his own way to break the ice…which disgusted both Asami and Mako. The two teens felt like they wanted to gag.

"And that's why they call me, Two Toed Ping." he said, while wiggling the two extra toes on both of his feet, giving him a grand total of twelve toes.

"Because you have two extra toes." Asami concluded, though in her head she was puking up her lunch.

"That's right. And there was already a Twelve Toed Ping on the south side."

So this was what it had come to, looking at a criminal's smelly feet. Suddenly, Mako heard a strange sound in the distance.

"Wait, guys. Do you hear that?"

"I didn't hear anything." Asami said.

"No." Ping said.

Mako groaned in frustration. "Ah! What's taking so long?"

"You just gotta relax, like me." Ping said while placing his hands behind his head and leaning back on his chair. "Maybe try taking your shoes off."

"'m gonna check it out." Mako said and he walked along the deck, trying to find the source of the sound. He heard both Shady Shin and Viper talking to one another.

"So how long do we have to stay out here?" Shady Shin asked.

"I told you, it's gonna be a few hours. What, do you have a hot date?"

As they talked, Mako hid under the stairs of the ship and looked up, seeing the two criminals. He listened in on their conversation underneath the staircase.

"Actually, I do. And I wanna look my best." Chin said to Viper. "I gotta shower and shave. I have a whole routine, okay?"

"Well, your date's gonna have to wait."

"She's not gonna be happy about that."

"Too bad. We were paid to keep Mako and that dame distracted for a few hours, so that's what we're gonna do."

"See? This is why I never get dates."

Mako's eyes widened at the realization…they had been played. He quickly exited the scene and Discord did not look very surprised. "There you see? This is exactly why you never trust criminals. Even I would never make a deal with myself. 'Oh, but I'd be so good at double crossing me'. Why thank me, I too believe I would double cross me pretty good, myself."

Back on the deck, Asami was watching Two Toed Ping stroking his toe, when Mako gestured her. Asami walked up to Mako. "I just overheard Shady Shin and Viper." he said. "We've been double-crossed. We have to get off this ship." both teens ran off, only to be ambushed by Viper, who smirked wickedly at the two.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Mako knocked the gangsters off with firebending before running off with Asami in tow. They both boarded a speedboat that was on the side of the ship. Viper growled at his goons.


Discord was now wearing a soda hat and wearing a foam finger on his lion's paw. "Ooooooh! Now here's the good part!"

Mako burned off the ropes sustaining the speedboat, causing him and Asami to plunge to the sea. Once there, Asami turned on the ignition and began driving the boat at full speed. The gangsters pursued them with two speedboats of their own. Mako stood from his seat and attacked the speedboats behind them with firebending, but missed each time as they dodged his incoming blasts. Asami turned the wheel and made a sharp turn, causing Mako to nearly lose his balance and fall back onto the back seat.

"Wow, this chick had some made driving skills." said Discord.

Already fedd up with this, Viper jumped off his speedboat and waterbended ice spikes at the two, but Asami managed to dodge them by moving the speedboat roughly on the water. The movements were a bit much for Mako, and he thought Ping's nasty extra toes made him sick. Viper waterbended a geyser, throwing Mako and Asami's speedboat up into the air. Both managed to remain in the speedboat as it plunged back to the sea. Mako was only seconds away from vomiting, but the gangsters were far from done. The chase brought them back to mainland Republic City. Mako looked behind them and saw the criminals gaining on them

"They're getting closer."

"Not for long."

Mako braced himself as Asami drove the boatbetween two ships. "Watch out! We're not gonna make it." the firebender cried out, but Asami made a swift turn, making it pass easily. One of the triad's speedboat failed to execute the same turn and capsized.

"One down, one to go." Mako said as he witnessed Viper's speedboat cut through in front of them. Asami swerved off and the engine stalled

"We're stalled." cried the heiress and her eyes widened as Viper's speed boat approached them. Mako attempted to firebend at them, but the speedboat crashed, throwing him back while the speedboat was being pushed back. Viper leaped to Mako's speedboat and threw a water pulse at him, but Mako managed to dodge. He prepared another attack, but was stopped by Mako. Mako did a fire kick, which Viper managed to neutralize. Mako threw another two fire blasts, which Viper managed to dodge one and neutralize another. Mako missed his attack and was pushed back to the passenger seat by Viper's waterbending attack. Asami's engine still wouldn't restart.

Discord noticed the orb glowing brightly, he knew exactly what that meant and straightened his horns. "Well, that's my cue." the draconiquis walked right through the portal and into the human world. He appeared hovering above the teens and Viper, seeing Asami's issue, he snapped his fingers and the engine restarted. "Mako, hang onto something." the heiress then swerved violently, throwing the gangsters' speedboat off the water. Discord clapped for the courageous display performed by Asami.

"Marvelous! I love a good speed chase!" he magically disappeared and then reappeared behind a garbage can when she saw Asami and Mako's speedboat approach the docks near her warehouse.

"What was that all about?" Asami asked.

"Someone paid the Triple Threats to keep us distracted."

"Distracted? From what?" then, the horrible realization struck her. "Oh no."

The two quickly jumped off the boat and ran towards the warehouse. Discord followed them, by shrinking to a mini size. Once they reached the warehouse, Asami turned on the lights…only to see that all of her meca tanks and biplanes had been stolen. The entire warehouse was completely empty. There was not a trace of what she had left.

"Whoever paid the Triple Threats stole everything." Mako said, his eyes widened at the sight. But even though he was deeply upset, it could not measure up to the heartbreak Asami was feeling right now.

"I'm ruined. My company…it's over."

Discord watched the two from a railing near the ceiling of the warehouse. The sadness in the poor girl's eyes really were sad to look at. Discord could have sworn he was feeling sympathy for her. Though he couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have everything taken from you. Wow, what a horrible feeling that must be. But Mako was unwilling to give up.

"We should check out your other warehouses. Maybe they didn't have time to hit them all."

"You don't understand. Everything I had was in here."

"We have to search the place for evidence. If we can find a lead…"

"Mako…it doesn't matter anymore."

"I can figure this out."

"Just stop. It's over. I give up."

Mako looked on at his friend with determination, "Well, I'm not giving up on you."

Asami began to cry, Mako felt sympathy for her. Despite that she nearly lost everything she knew, he was right there. It was just like the old days. When it was just her and him. Then, to Mako's surprise, and slight fear, Asami appeared to be leaning in closer to his face. Mako slowly backed away with widen eyes, but before her lips could even make contact….

"Oh, please cut the waterworks, honey."

The two teens looked around the empty space, wondering where the voice was coming from. They gasped when they saw thatone by one, all new meca tanks and biplanes began appearing all around, completely by magic. And then a familiar being showed up with a gleaming smile.


"Discord?!" Mako said in surprise.

"Who?" Asami asked.

"Discord. What are you doing here?"

"Well, for starters I had some unfinished business with you from the last time we spoke. And since your little friend here looked so sad about loosing her precious toys, I figured it would have been…nice on my part to give you back what you lost. No thanks are necessary, although they are appreciated."

Asami looked all around her warehouse in awe. She couldn't believe it, all of her meca tanks were here. "I can't believe it. It's all here! How did you--"

"Well, I already knew what your inventions looked like, and I am one to have a good memory, so I simply made copies of what you lost. Sorry I couldn't get the old ones back, but I believe you will be satisfied with these."

Asami walked towards a meca tank and jumped onto the cockpit. Everything seemed to be in order, it was no different than the meca tanks she had lost. "I don't know how to thank you!" the heiress was then surpassed when a cup-holder appeared near her seat.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, I added a cup-holder feature too. Relax, that's the only new thing I added. And you really don't need to thank me. But if you do wish to in any other way, I won't mind. Really, I don't."

Mako arced an eyebrow at him.

"Hey, it was worth a shot."

Asami jumped from the meca tank, still smiling at the gracious gift from this strange being.

"You said you had some unfinished business." said Mako.

"That's right, that's also one of the reasons why I didn't bother to add more fun features to Asami's things. I'm actually here on a very important, diplomatic mission."

"Has Celestia heard anything from Korra?" Mako asked hopefully. Not even noticing the hurt in Asami's eyes after he said those words.

Discord taped his claw and paw nervously, "I was afraid you'd ask that. Actually…no. Nopony has. Not since Leilani gave her the message. That's what I came to talk to you about. Leilani tried to get in contact with the rest of you, but the portal will only allow me these two trips. Once I'm done here, that's it." Discord's usual mischievous tone was replaced with a dead on serious and concerned one.

"What is it?" Mako asked, demanding to know.

"You remember that book that brought the Ponies to your world? Well, it mentions a specific day called 'The Great Change'." He used his magic to create a movie-screen-like thing to show the teens as images appeared as he narrated, "A few weeks from now, the planets of your world will align and when that happens the magic of Equestria will start to fade away." images of his homeland appeared, showing the scenery turning grey, flowers dying and ponies loosing their magic. The two teens watched the horrifying images in shock and distress. "Once the planets part again, our entire world will disappear… forever." he snapped his fingers together and the image disappeared.

The two teens gasped in horror.

"Aaaaaaaaaalllso, when it does …. your world will cease to exist too."


Did they hear correctly? Their world will disappear along with Equestria in only a few weeks?! No, this could not be so, but the spirit of chaos sounded terribly serious.

"But there is a way to save it!"

"How?" Mako asked in distress, his heart racing due to the fear and anxiety.

"Korra and the ponies just need to combine their magical Elements of Harmony on the exact day during the alignment, create a permanent portal between our worlds so the magic can sink through and POOF! The Magic is back! Equestria is saved, your world is saved, Happy ending for everyone!" Discord made fireworks appear out of thin air in a dazzling over the top fashion. His enthusiasm diminished when he remembered another important detail. "But, there is one tiny, itty, bitty problem." he placed his index finger and thumb closer together, grimacing in worry. "Her uncle. Actually make that two problems: her uncle and the spirit portal."

"But, Korra opened the spirit portal."

"Yes, well, let's just say it wasn't supposed to be opened and now that Korra's back stabbing uncle tricked her into opening because there's this dark energy that's growing stronger and is giving Unalaq power over dark spirits. So far, he's only been able to dominate the south, but if this war keeps up the way it is, that can change very fast. The girls need to close the portal before the planets align or else the dark energy from the spirit world will grow stronger and will do everything in its power to stop them from fulfilling the prophesy. They're the only ones who can do this. If they fail, chaos and darkness will be unleashed upon the world. And I don't mean the fun kind, I mean the everybody and everything will be nothing more than a memory kind. Actually, not even a memory, because there will be no one left to remember me--I mean, us!" Discord gripped Mako's collar, "So if you guys have any ideas on how to get back at Uncle Two-Face, I strongly suggest you move fast!"

As if Mako didn't already feel awful, hearing all of this made him feel like the biggest jerk on the planet. Korra was trying to save her people, sure she might have made a mistake, but at least she was trying her hardest to try and correct it…and he messed things up by ratting her out.

"That's what she was trying to tell me." he said while lowering his head in shame.

"What are you talking about?" Asami asked.

"I…I told the president about Korra's plan to send troops to the south."

"You did what?!"

"I had to! The president gave me a direct order. Korra got angry and that's when…."

Discord came between them, "Actually, from what I heard, she didn't want any northerners to get hurt in the process. And by 'hurt' I mean--" he used his chicken claw hand to cut his neck and his head fell off on his lion's paw, "That kind of hurt."

Mako gave a look of complete guilt as Discord continued to explain before putting his head back on, "She knew the north was not all to blame for all of this, just her uncle. She even had this weird idea to only have troops sneak into the borders undetected and meet up with her dad to discuss some boring plan or something or other before bluntly attacking her uncle. Personally, I still find a direct attack more effective, but whatever floats her boat. You know, now that I think about it, she should have been the one to tell you all this instead of me."

That was when it hit him. That day when Flash was trying to talk to him, trying to tell him something about Korra. It was that she wanted to talk to him. Maybe about the plan and what she had come up with. And he didn't listen. After the way she had been acting he didn't think she would listen to him, but he was wrong. If only he had taken the time to talk to her about it instead of arguing, they could have worked something out. They both messed up terribly.

"I…I didn't know."

Asami looked at the former spirit of disharmony with worry. "So, the south really has nobody helping them now?"

Discord sadly shook his head. "No. Nobody, nada, zilch! The troops were Korra's only chance to help save her people."

Mako's face became filled with determination. "Discord, you need to tell me where Korra is. Now!"

"Sorry, little man. No can do."

"Why not?!"

"She was heading to the Fire Nation but then she got attacked by a dark spirit and they just POOF! Disappeared! The alicorns have lost all visual contact with her. We have no idea where she or the others are now."


Asami's hands began to shake and her heart was pounding hard on her chest. Korra was missing, the ponies were missing, the world was ending, there was a war going on, and their one small chance at hope was flushed down the toilet. Korra and the ponies had at least half of the problem figured, and now, they had nothing. And it was all because of one slip up.

"So that's it?…it's over?"

Seeing her growing anxiety, Mako tried to calm her down. "No, no it's not. Asami, I--"

The young man was shocked when the heiress fiercely backed away and looked at him with anger in her eyes. "You!! Do you have any idea what you've done?!"

"I know I messed up, but I can fix this!"

"How?!", tears started to form in her eyes, "Korra is missing, there is a war going on and our worlds could disappear forever! How are you going to fix this?!"

"I'll figure something out! I promise!"

"Why did you do this Mako? Why?!"

"I was only doing my job. I thought I was doing the right thing. And you know, if Korra hadn't messed up in the first place then there wouldn't even be a need to save anything! It's not all my fault!"

Discord gasped at his words. Even Asami was appalled by this. Mako stepped back a few feet, startled by his own cruel words. How could he snap like that, especially when Korra wasn't all to blame here? Unalaq had his own blame as well, as did Raiko for not truly listening to the Avatar's pleas, and himself, for not having spoken to Korra when he heard about her plan. Even Bolin was trying to get through to him about it, but he ignored him. He ignored his brother, he ignored Korra, and just now he snapped at Asami, who did nothing but help him. The heiress closed her eyes for a moment.

"You know what? I'm done."

Mako looked at her, worried and confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'm tired of being the "understanding one". I'm tired of being "miss happy perfect" all the time. I'm tired of holding a smile on my face whenever I saw you and Korra together."

Mako's eyes widen in shock as did Discord, only his jaw dropped on the floor…literally.

"I'm sick of pretending that everything is fine in my life when it's not! You think I've enjoyed being the owner of a company? The stress of keeping it up? It's been no picnic for me, and now, thanks to your little 'operation', I lost half of my entire shipping! I took a pretty big risk tonight Mako, and look where it got me! Now, our friends are lost somewhere, there's a war going on and our two worlds could die!"

"Asami, I--"

"No! Forget it! It ends here."

"Asami, please don't say that."

"I don't want any more of your help. You say you're going to try and fix things, fine, do it. You do what you need to do, and I'll do the same….while we're all still alive that is."

With that, she walked out leaving a devastated Mako who face palmed himself, "She's right, this is all my fault! I lost my girlfriend, my best friends, and now I might have just put all of Equestria and everybody on this planet in danger!"

Discord looked down at the boy and has a sad look on his face. He placed his hand on Mako's shoulder, cleared his throat and spoke in a dramatic tone;

Fate be changed.

Look inside.

Mend the bond.

Torn by pride.

Mako looked at him in confusion.

"Don't ask me, I never could understand that freaky mumbo jumbo." he said with a slight disappointment in his voice. Then Discord's body began to fade again, "Oh, I gotta go. Good luck kid. Remember what I said!"

Mako shielded his eyes as Discord disappeared in a blinding light. Mako was now left alone.

In more ways than one.


The next morning, Mako went to see Raiko again to try and reconsider Korra's previous suggestion. But so far, things were not going smoothy for him.

"But Mister President, you don't understand! It's not just about the war anymore, worlds are at stake here!"

"And how do I know this isn't just some rouse to get me to send troops to the south. After all, you are with the Avatar and she does appear to be getting desperate." said the president.

Mako was beginning to lose his patience, "This is not a rouse! I'm telling you we need to keep this war from interfering with the time of Great Change. We at the very least need to do something!"

Raiko rose from his chair, "That's enough young man! I don't care much for this magic, or ponies or Canterlot, or whatever it is you call that world but I don't like them interfering with political business."

"Why are you being so stubborn?!"

"Enough! Leave, I have heard enough of this nonsense."

Realizing that he was never going to listen, Mako stepped down, "Fine. Fine, be that way. But let's see how you like it when this world suffers all because of your stubbornness and pride!"

With that, Mako walked outside with a defeated look on his face. "Now I know exactly how Korra feels." he looked up at the sky, wondering where his beautiful Avatar could be. "Oh, sweetie where are you?"

He continued to walk down the streets, passing by couples and groups of friends all laughing and smiling. Before they would bring him joy, but now they were just cruel reminders about what he had lost.

I have to find a way

To make this all okay

I though that my choice was wise

But now my heart is paying the price

Oh, why

Oh, why-iay-iay

Horrid mistake

I wish I could try again

Make things better

Our love I wish we would…


Oh, why

Oh, why-iay-iay

As he walked along the streets, he spotted a familiar figure walking into and ally.


Mako slammed Two Toed Ping against a wall, "Hey, Mako. Uh, you're not mad about last night, are you?"

"Who hired you to double-cross us?" Mako asked him threateningly.

"I don't know!"

"I think you do know.", he firebended a dagger in his hand, "And you're gonna tell me, or we're gonna have to change your name to "No Toed Ping"."

"Really, I don't know. You have to believe me. We never met the guy who hired us."

Mako chuckled at this, "You expect me to believe that?"

"Ping: After you left the hideout some mook showed up and said his boss would pay us to keep you distracted. We'd never seen him before, and we ain't seen him since. Come on, Mako, you know how these deals work. Please, I would never lie to you with my lucky toes on the line."

Realizing he was telling the truth, Mako released him, "Get out of here." Ping quickly ran away in fear. Mako stood there thinking for a moment. Then it hit him.


Mako went to see his brother who was in his Nuktuk costume getting ready for another shooting of the movie.

"Bolin, have you seen Varrick around?" But Bolin simply sat on his chair ignoring him while sipping his drink. "Bolin." Still no answer. Mako sighed in annoyance, "Nuktuk."

"Yes? Oh, hello, Mako. Didn't notice you there."

"Where's Varrick? I need to ask him something"

"Hmm. Can't say that I've seen him. But I've been kinda busy, you know, rehearsing for my big scenes and, oh yeah, being angry at you for killing all of Equestria!"

Mako flinched, "You know?!"

"Asami told me everything." Bolin said as he stood up and crossed his arms.

"Why are you mad at me then? You're the one who told me about Korra's plan!"

"I didn't think you had the nerve to blab about it! I hate to see what the ponies will do to you if they find out….you know what, let me know because it wold make a pretty good scene. I can see it now: "Horrible Cop gets beaten down by Cute Ponies"!" Mako looked at him in annoyance, but Bolin simply smirked, "Yeah, the tittle needs a little work."

"We need Nuktuk on set. Running explosions scene." the Assistant director called out.

"And if you'll excuse me."

As they began filming the action scene, Bolin was on a wire dodging the explosions on set. Mako payed extra close attention to the explosions, the flames reflected in his amber eyes….they looked vaguely familiar.

He walked over to the technician in charge of the bombs. "How did you rig those explosions to go off like that?" he asked.

"Neat, hu? It's a Varrick Industries exclusive. Here, check it out.", he gave Mako a detonator and his eyes widen. It was the same one he and Flash found at the bombing the other night!


Mako barged into Asami's office. "Asami, I think I know who set us up."

"Hello, Mako."

The chair in front of Asami's desk turned to reveal Varrick giving him a sly look. This was the last thing Mako needed right now, the one responsible for everything that had happened last night was right there in front of him speaking to Asami. The firebender glared at the man. "What are you doing here?"

"He just saved my company." Asami said happily, "Varrick bought a controlling interest in Future Industries. Isn't that great?"

Varrick smiled proudly, "Yep, I like to think I'm always there to stand up for the little guy. Especially if that little guy can help this guy become a bigger guy."

Asami, who was smiling, then turned to Mako with a serious look on her face. "So, you were saying you know who hired the Triple Threats?"

Mako looked at Varrick with great anger. "Yeah, and I'm real close to proving it."

"That's great." Asami said seriously, "And have you figured anything else yet? Like say, how to clean up a certain mess by a certain period in time, need I remind you?"

"I said, I'm on it." said Mako just as seriously. Both teens glared at each other and Varrick arced an eyebrow.

"Uhhhhh, Am I missing something?"

Mako sighed in defeat, "I'll fill you in latter.", and with that he existed the room. Clearly, Asami wasn't going to be of much help to him now.

"Everything okay between you kids?" Varrick asked, "And I haven't seen Korra or the ponies around recently."

Asami turned her head in sadness, "Things are a little complicated right now….but forget that, let's talk business."


On a tropical island, in the middle of nowhere, nine figured laid on the sand. The figures where Korra and the ponies, all spread across the sandy beach. Flash was the first to wake up, his blue hair was wet and smelled of the salty ocean. He shook the sand from his body as he stood up and spotted Twilight Sparkle laying on the sand, her mane and tail wet and dripping with salt water. He quickly walked over to her and began shaking her awake.

"Twilight! Twilight, wake up!"

Twilight stirred as her eyes fluttered open. Her vision was hazy at first but soon came into clear view. "Hu? Flash. Where are we?" she asked as she stood up, and Flash help her front leg to assist.

"I don't know."

The others all began to wake up too. Their manes all wet and smelling of salty water, stand stuck to their wet coats. Rainbow rubbed her head. "Man, what happened?"

Applejack stood up and shook the sand from her body. "Last thing I remember was being swallowed up by that dark spirit."

"I remember that too." said Pinkie Pie.

"So do I." said Rarity. Twilight then gasped when she spotted an unconscious Korra laying on her back on the sand.

"Korra!" she and the others quickly rushed to her.

"Oh dear. Is she okay?" asked a worried Fluttershy.

"Everypony, back up!" Pinkie Pie placed her hear on Korra's chest to hear her heartbeat, "Hmmmm," she said while inspecting Korra's arms, "Hmmmm", she bended the arms and then her legs, and she used her hoof to open up Korra's eye lid, "Hmmmmm". She backed a away a few feet, "Aha…she's A-okay!" Pinkie said with a smile.

"But she's out cold." said Rarity.

Applejack tried to shake the Avatar to wake up, "Come on A.K., wake up."

Spike grabbed Korra's shirt and shouted dramatically, "Don't quit on me! Do you hear me?! Whatever you do Korra, don't go into the light!!"

Twilight gasped when she heard a sound coming from the bushes. Behind them stood a large jungle forest, and figures began to emerge from the shadows of the trees. "Who's there?"

The ponies all stood defensively around the unconscious avatar, as three figures emerged from the bushes. They were a group of elderly men all wearing what appeared to be fire nation clothing and long pointed hats. These were the fire sages. One of the sages rose his hands as a sign of peace.

"Don't be afraid. We will not harm the avatar"

Twilight nodded the others to back down, "Let me try something." she walked a little closer and spoke slowly and clearly, "Can. You. Un-der-stand. Me?"

The Fire Sage nodded. "Loud and clear, little one."

"Oh, good. Wait, can you really? Or are you just reading my lips? Because I am not falling for that again!"

"I assure you, we are friends. You can trust us."

"After everything that's happened, I'm not sure who to trust anymore."

"Twilight! She's waking up!" Spike called out. The ponies all gathered around Korra who slowly opened her eyes to see the sages and ponies all hovering over her. Her vision was cloudy at first but soon the figures could be seen clearly.

"Korra. How are you feeling?" Fluttershy asked.

But to her their surprise, Korra gasped and jumped up in fear. "Get away from me!" she airbended at them all before getting down on her knees and panted with exhaustion.

"Korra it's us." said Pinkie Pie.

"Your friends." Flash added.

The fire sage Fire Sage slowly approached her. "It's okay, we're here to help you, Avatar Korra."

But the young girl gave him a confused look. "Who's…who's Avatar Korra?"

Ponies all gasped and looked at each other with much worry. Did they hear her right? No, it couldn't be. But the hazy look in her eyes directed to the possibility.

Rainbow Dash began shocking her head frantically. "No. No, no, no, no, no! Korra, Korra look at me! Please. Please say you know who I am!"

"You've got to know who we are! Please!" Applejack pleaded. Korra looked at the worried ponies with a confused expression. She noticed Twilight was standing the closest to her and was about to cry. Korra instinctively wiped away the tear with her finger.

"I'm sorry. I feel like I know you but….I don't remember ever meeting you." Twilight backed away slowly in shock and agony. The others all shared the same heartbroken looks.

"What happened to you? How did you end up on our island?" asked the fire sage.

"I don't know. I can't remember anything." Korra slowly lost consciousness and passed out on the sand.

"What--what happened to her?" Spike asked as he and the ponies gathered around her.

"Amnesia." said Flash.

Rainbow Dash arced an eyebrow, "Am-what-now?"

"Amnesia. Memory loss. Something must have happened when that spirit swallowed us whole." Flash explained.

"But why do we still remember and she doesn't?"

"I wish I knew."

"Korra." Fluttershy nuzzled her face as tears fell down her cheek, "Please come back."


Mako walked along the shoreline of the beach looking sadly at the ocean. Then he spotted something shimmering in the sand. He walked over to it and picked it up. His eyes widen in shock….

It was Korra's headband!


Titus 3:14~

Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.


Author's Note:

I know, very sad. To be frank, I really though that Mako should have learned something from all of this in the original version. He was being a good detective, a great one I'll admit, but he wasn't being a very good "person". Not to Korra, not to Bolin, not even to Asami (I highly doubt those two were back together for the right reasons and using her to fill the void left by his breakup with Korra was just wrong). Mako needs to grow much more and I so hope I managed to do here what the original creators failed at doing with the original version. I also tried to stay as true to Mako's character as I could (though with how much the writers jump his personality around, it's a little tricky sometimes) and Asami, she's already been through so much, I believe it was fair she would get all upset and cold with Mako after realizing the truth. She'll slowly forgive him latter on, but she will still be rather cold, she will treat him more as an acquaintance than a friend. You will see how it goes but first, Korra's spiritual journey has reached it's point!
Will she regain her memory?
What will the ponies do?
Will Flash and Twilight get together?
Tune in next time!
God Bless *kiss, kiss*