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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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Night of a Thousand Stars


Colossians 3:2 ~

Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.


Night of a thousand stars

The others were all ridding on Oogie as he flew toward the air temple. The ponies where all watching over Jinora's spiritless body. They were all so worried about her and they hatted seeing their friend like this. From down bellow, Meelo spotted them.

“Dad's back!”

Just as Oogie landed, Pema and the kids approached them. But she quickly realized something was wrong. “Where's Jinora?” she asked with worry.

Fluttershy sadly approached the woman, lowering her glance, she couldn't get herself to look her in the eye. “Pema, something…happened.” she said hesitantly. She couldn't bare to tell her the rest. Instead, Tenzin walked toward his wife and showed her Jinora in his arms. But she wasn't moving at all. Pema's eyes widened in horror as she dropped the flowers she was holding.

“No!” she quickly ran over to her husband who handed Pema their daughter.

“Her spirit is trapped in the spirit world, but she's going to be alright.” Tenzin told his wife.

“How could this happen?”

“It was all my fault. I should have never let Jinora enter the spirit world without me.”

Flash Sentry placed his hoof on Tenzin's shoulder, “Tenzin, there was nothing you could do. She was the only one who could go in.”

“I'm so sorry Pema." Korra said with regret, "We tried to save her but Unalaq tricked us.”

Rainbow Dash angrily growled, “I should have knocked him out when I had the chance.” she also tried to fight back the tears.

“He was too powerful. But we will get Jinora back.” Twilight promised.

“Don't worry, honey.”, Tenzin said as he rubbed Jinora's cheek with the back of his hand, “I'm not going to stop until our little girl is back safe with us.”

“None of us will.” Rainbow promised as well. The other ponies nodded in agreement.

Applejack nuzzled her face against Jinora's cheek, “Hang in there kiddo.”


Back in Republic City, Mako sat along on the bed within his prison cell. While he knew he was wrongly accused, a part of him did feel that he kind of deserved this. If only he had tried to reason with Korra and his friends instead of shouting and being mean. He realized now that the message he was trying to send was never going to get across that way. He knew deep down he not only did the sting operation to help Asami…but to kind of make up for what he did to Korra. To prove even he could bend the rules of the law for the people he cared about. Only problem was…he was proving it to the wrong girl. The girl who didn't need him to prove anything at that moment. Mako took from his pocket the picture of him and Korra and looked down at it with sad eyes.

“I'm so sorry Korra. If I could take back everything I said I would in a heartbeat.”

Then the door opened and a cop walked in. “You have visitors” he said. Mako was surprised to see not only his brother…but Asami as well, enter his cell. Both were wearing fancy clothing; Bolin wore a green colored tuxedo, while Asami wore a long red dress, identical to the one she wore during their first date. Mako was surprised to see them, especially Asami, since with her father in jail he doubted she would ever want to go near a prison cell at all, but she sucked it up to see her friend. The gesture alone brought a light of happiness for him. She was being a true friend.

“Hey, Mako.” his brother greeted.

“You okay?” Asami asked with concern.

“Could be better." Mako said dryly, "What's with the fancy duds?”

“We're on our way to the big finale for "Nuktuk: Hero of the south" " Bolin said excitedly. "Yeah, everyone's gonna be there except for, you know you…because you're in jail and stuff.”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Mako said sarcastically.

“Hey, I brought you something.”, Bolin took out a poster from his jacket. It was am image of his as Nuktk carrying Ginger with a wintery background. “I thought this would brighten up your place. Read the inscription.”

Mako took the 'gift' and read what was on the poster," "Dear Mako, Nuktuk says, 'Keep smiling.'" he looked annoyed at his smiling brother, “Did you come by just to give me a poster?”

“No," Asami gave Boln an annoyed look before giving Mako a sincere one, "We came to tell you that we are going to do everything we can to prove your innocence and that Varrick really is the mastermind behind all of this.”

Bolin raised his hands in a surrendering manner, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there Asami. We don't know for sure if Varrick is really to blame here.”

“He is!” Mako said defensively as he stood up. But his brother still did not believe him.

“No offense Mako, but you've been suspecting Varrick this whole time and look where it got you, looked up in jail like a criminal.”

“I'm not a criminal!”

“Of course I know that, but you do kinda look like one, cause you're in jail and that's where criminals live.”

“I was set up! Varrick knew I had figured out he was hiring gangsters to pose as Northern soldiers to get Republic City to join the war. That's why he had me arrested.”

“Ah, I see what you're doing. You're going for the insanity defense. Smart.”

Asami placed her hand on Bolin's shoulder, the poor boy was in denial. “Bolin, please stop.”

Mako took in a deep breath and looked at the heiress. He knew exactly what he had to do now. “Asami, could you give us a minute? Please?”

Asami looked at both brothers with sadness before nodding, “Okay. I'll be right out the door if you need anything.”


She walked out but stayed beside the police officer guarding it. Mako looked at Bolin and this time he spoke to him, not as a cop…but as a brother.

“Bolin, I get you would be upset with me, and I now see that this whole "Nuktuk" stuff is important to you, and that you've come to see Varrick as a friend, but you need to know he's not. I know I haven't been the best brother to you lately and I'm really sorry. Believe me, I know what it's like to have a job that makes you feel important and how easy it is to get caught up in it. But as my brother, and my friend, you have to believe that I would never say these things if they weren't for your own good. The fate of the world is at stake and we need to stick together. Please, believe me.”

Bolin was silent for a moment. This was a side of Mako Bolin hardly saw. He wasn't holding back his feelings anymore, rather he was saying exactly what needed to be said. He was speaking the truth, but he was also speaking from his heart. Deep down, a part of Bolin knew that his brother was speaking the truth, but another part...

“I know the fate of the world is at stake, when isn't it?”

Mako was somewhat startled by his brother's sudden change of attitude. His younger brother's tone sounded so angry, and dark. “What are you talking about?”

“If it's not the world it's a police case, and if it's not that it's always something else. Face it, no matter how important something is to me it always comes in second compared to everything else. Look, I promise I'll get you the best attorney money can buy but after that, I'm going to live my own life…without you!”

Mako looked at his younger brother with hurtful eyes. He never imagined that his sweet little brother would ever say something so hurtful to him.

“You don't have to worry about looking out for me anymore.”

“Bolin, please!”

“I gotta run, this is my night to shine.” Bolin walked out of the room and the cop used metalbending to close the door on Mako's cell. While Bolin walked down the halls, Asami looked at Mako through the bars.

“Mako, I'm so sorry. I'll find a way to get you out, don't worry.”



“Asami, if my theory about Varrick is right, something might go down tonight at the premiere. I'll be okay, but promise me you'll keep an eye on Bolin.”

Asami didn't want to leave him like this, but the look in his eyes helped her see that the best thing she could do for him right now was to stay by Bolin, and keep him safe. The heiress nodded. “…I promise. But what about you?”

“I think this is the right place for me right now. I need some time to think.”

With that Asami walked away and Mako was once again alone in the cell. The only companion for him that night, was the silvery rays of the moon, coming through the bared window of his room.


Back in the Southern Water Tribe, a group of Rebels stood on a nearby mountain, overlooking the capital city. Tonraq had waited a long time for Korra's help to arrive, but it never did. He wondered why, but most importantly, he prayed that his daughter was alright. He looked down at a photo he had of him and Korra when she was a young girl. He kept it for motivation. He could almost see the actual sparkle in her eyes in the grey photograph. A rebel approached Tonraq.

"Should we wait another day? Korra still might come with reinforcements."

Tonraq sighed sadly as he placed the photo back into his coat. "We can't wait any longer." he said sadly. He silently apologized to Korra, but something needed to be done. And fast. He turned to face the rest of the rebels, and spoke to them in a strong and confident voice.

"It's time to take back what is ours! It's time to take back our city!"

The rebels cheered for him in agreement. Now was the time to fight Unalaq's forces and regain their homeland. The Rebels all bended sheets of ice on which they slide down the mountain. A Northern Water Tribe soldier in a nearby watchtower noticed them and rang the warning bell. Before long, the Northern reinforcements mobilized and prepared to fight the rebels.


The Pro-Bending Arena was abuzz with so many people and Nuktuk fans alike. A large poster of Bolin as Nuktuk carrying Ginger hung above the main entrance. Rich people came in on fancy satomobile limousines, while children took pictures of Pabu and Naga, in their Juji and Roh-Tan costumes. Naga was painted to look like an arctic panda and Pabu was colored like an arctic ferret. Another limo pulled up, and Bolin and Ginger stepped out, walking down the red-carpet arm-in-arm while waving to the people taking photos.

Asami was among the crowd of people watching Bolin and Ginger walk by. The heiress looked gloomy, here Bolin was having such a good time, while his brother was in prison. She reached in for something in her pocket dress and pulled out a silvery headband with a single blue heart. She didn't know why she kept holding on to it, maybe because it brought her a bit of hope that Korra might still be out there and on her way back to her friends. Shiro Shinobi spoke through his microphone.

"There they are folks. The sweethearts of the big screen, and Republic City's most famous couple, Bolin and Ginger."

Asami looked back at the headband. She remembered when Korra and Mako were the most famous couple in the City. The memory replayed in her head.


Rarity levitated the newspaper for all in the Air Temple dinning room to see. "Look at this; Avatar Korra and Fire Ferret Team Captain, Mako had been recently seen walking hand in hand at the park. Looks like we've got ourselves a new celebrity couple."

Korra covered her face in embarrassment. "Rarity, why did you have to read that?"

"What? It's adorable! Look at the two of you." the unicorn gestured to the gray image of the two of them holding hands while lovingly gazing at one another. The Avatar attempted to take the paper away from her.

"Rarity, give it! Nobody wants to see that!"

"Well I do! Let's see what else does it say. Oh, are these two going to tie the not soon?"


The unicorn began to playfully run around the room with Korra chasing her, both actually laughing at the silliness. Mako stood up and joined his girlfriend in trying to get the paper away from Rarity.

"Korra's right, Rare, hand it over!"

While they all ran around like little kids, Asami stood by the door. Her heart sank at the sight of the two laughing together when Korra finally snatched the paper from Rarity and Mako just spontaneously surprised her with a hug from behind. They had only gotten together a couple of weeks ago, and they were already acting so lovey dovey. Even when she and Mako were together, it was never like this. Mako never looked this happy before. Even when she was with her.

"Hey, Asami." The heiress was awoken by her thoughts when Korra spoke. "Me and the girls were going out to that new food place downtown. You want to join us?"

"Um…no, it's fine. Thanks anyway."

"You sure? It'll be fun. Please?" Korra looked at the heiress with pleading eyes. She really wanted the two of them to be friends. But Asami was hesitant.

"Thank you but, I need to get back to my company. Lots of paper work to do, you know." the heiress walked past them while Korra, Mako and Rarity looked on in sadness as she left.

"Asami." She stopped once again and turned to see Mako three feet away from her. "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry. I'm happy everything worked out."

Korra stood by Mako, she didn't hold his hand or anything, but kept her eyes on Asami. "You sure you don't want to talk? If you ever do, it's fine."

"Thanks. See ya."


Asami felt so stupid. Korra was trying to reach out to her, and there had been times when she pushed her away. She wanted to see Korra as a friend, but she was still hung up on her past. Ever since her father was thrown in jail, her whole life as she knew it changed. Her life was no longer 'no worries' or 'everything will work out', no it was completely upside-down. Everything she ever knew had changed, her entire perspective on family, love and friends changed. After all of this time, even though her life had changed…she didn't completely change along with it.

"Hey, Asami!" Bolin greeted the heiress, who quickly placed the headband back into her pocket.

"Oh, hey Bolin. Hey Ginger." she waved politely, but the red-haired actress simply held her nose up high in the most snobby manner. Asami pouted in annoyance at her attitude, before a mischievous idea come to her head. "Wow, I love that lipstick Ginger, but I think you got a bit on your lower chin there." Asami squinted her eyes and leaned her head forward a smudge, "Oh, no wait my mistake, that's just a zit."

Ginger gasped and covered her chin, before dragging Bolin inside. Asami chuckled at her mischievousness, if only Korra and Rainbow Dash had seen that.

Once the 'couple' was inside, Ginger quickly took out her compact mirror and powdered her face, inspecting her face for any zits. Bolin smiled as he placed his hands on his hips. "Wow, that was fun! And did you hear what Shiro said? We're Republic City's most famous couple."

Ginger rolled her eyes and put her compact away. "Bolin, you're a doll, but you're as dumb as the rocks you bend. We are not a couple." she said as she walked away, and Bolin shouted in reply.

"That's not what Shiro said!" he lowered his shoulders sadly. Why didn't Ginger give him any attention? Asami walked inside and patted Bolin on the back.

"So, you excited for your big night?" she asked optimistically, but Bolin shrugged his shoulders and walked on ahead.

"Yeah, sure." realizing his response, he turned around and smiled happily, "I mean; Yeah! Sure!"


Outside with the rest of the paparazzi, detectives Lu and Gang were both stuffing their faces with Varri-cakes. Lin walked towards them, embarrassed to even be seen with these yahoos.

"Stop stuffing you mustaches with Varri-cakes and get to your post!" she exclaimed aggressively.

"You got it, boss." Gang said with his mouth full, bits of cake still on his mustache. Lin wondered why she even bothered hiring these two clowns.

"You two are the pinnacle of refinement." she said sarcastically.

Camera's flashed as Raiko and his wife exited the limo arm-in-arm, waving at the crowed. Raiko was as stoic as ever, while his wife Buttercupe was cheerful and happy, her cheekbones were like perfect sugarplums, and her dazzling smile could light up a room. Shiro spoke though the microphone again.

"This star-studded event just keeps getting star-studdier folks. President Raiko and First Lady Buttercup Raiko just arrived, and they're being greeted by entrepreneur extraordinaire Varrick."

Just as he said, Varrick approached the couple, wearing a fancy blue tuxedo, perhaps some would was was too flashy with fur lining on the collar and extra shiny shoes. "There they are, my two most honored guests." Varrick politely kissed the back of Buttercup's palm. "What do you think?" he asked as they walked down the red carpet. "No expense has been spared, I brought in the finest entertainers from Ba Sing Se, and the best food from around the world. Heck! I even had this red carpet imported from the Fire Nation! They make the best red stuff over there. Fact! All right, picture time." he posed for a photo from some random paparazzi.

"Varrick, you didn't have to do all of this for us." Raiko said to the billionaire, who was still waving and smiling for more pictures.

"I wanted to. Mister President, I took one look at your wife and I knew that you were a man of exquisite taste." Buttercup blushed, flattered by the compliment. "And that's why I know you're gonna love this mover!"

Raiko eyed the man sternly. "Varrick, I know what you're doing, and I doubt your propaganda is going to change my mind about going to war with the Northern Water Tribe."

"Oh, I think you'll be surprised how persuasive I can be." Varrick said with a sly grin.


The pro-bending arena was packed, fitted with speakers and a giant screen over the ring. Raiko and his wife sat in the VIP booths, while Bolin, Ginger and Asami occupied the left booths, and Naga and Pabu were in their own animal booth, where a waiter served them fancy grommet food. Naga waged her tail happily. At the corner of her eye, Asami looked at Bolin, who was smiling excitedly for the mover to start. Asami couldn't stop thinking about Mako, and Korra and the Ponies. The arena darkened for a moment and a spotlight shined on Varrick, who stood on the arena speaking through a mic.

"Thank you all for coming to the finale of "Nuktuk: Hero of the South"! You know, when I first started this project there were a lot of naysayers out there. "You can't make pictures move" they said. "You can't take some knucklehead earthbender and make him a star" they said." the crowed laughed at his joke, while Asami simply rolled her eyes. ""You can't teach a polar bear dog to speak" they said. Well, they're wrong! Thanks to the magic of movers, our furry friends have found their voices, and you'll be shocked to hear what they have to say."

Asami rested her head on her hand, while blowing away a single strand of hair from her face. "Says the guys who met talking ponies." she muttered sarcastically under her breath.

"They speak of the injustice that is happening in the Southern Water Tribe right now." as Varrick said this, he stared at Raiko's booth. "My hope, is that their words, and this epic mover, will inspired a real life hero to rise up, and help." Raiko glanced uneasily at Varrick's words, which surprisingly sounded more like threats. "Thank you again, enjoy the show!"

The screen lit up, revealing Nuktuk help by a bird on the shoulders. As they watched the film, which included a much more chivalrous portrayal of the President, Asami whispered to Bolin. “I think this is your best mover yet.” she said proudly.

“Yeah…I just wish Mako was here to see it.” Bolin said sadly.

“I thought you were still mad at him.”

“I am but…”

“I understand." Asami interrupted, "It's hard to enjoy your success when you don't have your family around to share it with.” that sentence really got to Bolin. She was right, he now had everything he could ever want; fame, adoration, success, girls…and yet he still felt empty inside.


Meanwhile, a small boat carrying four men in Northern Water Tribe armor pulled up alongside the arena and three soldiers began to climb up to the arena. Lu and Gaang stood by one of the emergency exists while Lu was licking the icing off of a Varri-cake, with his and Gang's backs to the window.

"Mmm. I like to eat the top of the Varri-cake first." Lu said.

"I just try to shove the whole thing in my mouth at once." Gaang said and attempted to stuff the cake into his mouth, earning a laugh from Lu.

"I love our job."

They then turned around to see the soldiers at the window. Before they could react, the soldiers knocked the detectives out and bind and gagged them in a locker, leaving the icing and saliva from their Varri-cake on the floor.


At one scene of the mover, the character played by Pabu died in Nuktuk's arms, but this scene just brought more sad memories for Bolin. Finally, he could take no more and he exited the room. Asami followed him and meet him outside to the gazebo (or whatever it's called). She leaned near the rails beside him.

“Are you okay? This mover is really getting to you, isn't it? You do know Juji's not really dead?”

“Of course I know. Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.”

“That's okay.”

The two remained in silence for a few more seconds before Bolin spoke again. "You know you were right, before. I miss my friends. Everything is going so well for me, but it feels empty without everybody around. Korra and the ponies are gone, Mako's in jail, you're doing…business-lady stuff. Team Avatar's fallen apart.”

“I know. Things have changed so much since we first met.” Asami felt her heart sank. She never realized just how much her friends meant to her. How much they cared about her, and at times she took them for granted. Bolin was surprised when Asami placed her hand on his shoulder. “Look, I understand what you're going through. Before, I thought that what I needed to do was to focus on myself and my own things so I wouldn't feel like a "spare" in a group.” Bolin's eyes widen in surprise. It was like Asami was reading his heart perfectly. “But I realized how wrong I was." she continued, "The three of us were taking different paths but now's not the time for us to be working by ourselves. There is too much at stake.”

“I know, I know, the fate of the world and the fate of Equestria.”

“Not just that. I'm talking about the fate of our friendship. I finally realized I would rather lose my entire company…than let my best friends slip right through my hands.”

Bolin wiped away a tear that escaped his eye. He looked down at his reflection in the water, all of a sudden, he hardly recognized the person he saw before him. It was like he was looking at a stranger. Asami looked down at her reflection as well. While Bolin felt he was looking at a stranger with his face, Asami felt like she was looking at a different person as well, but unlike Bolin, it almost felt like she was looking at a new manifestation of herself. Bolin looked up at the moon, his heart humming a tune.


Sadness swirls within me like the snow

I've turned away the only family I'll ever known

There's no way I can win

But I wish that I had been there for him long ago

Meanwhile, in a very familiar cells, Mako sat looking up at the moon, his heart singing in tune as well with an invisible voice far away.


Life's too short

To be such an oblivious fool

So angry, that I couldn't see


Life's too short to be so desperate to be loved

That I only ever thought of me

Bolin, Mako, Asami;

I wish I saw things clearly

I guess just I'm not the sort

Now all I know, is life's….too…


Mako hung his head sadly looking at the photo in his hand. Korra's laughs echoed in his head. He finally sat back up and rubbed his temples. A tune played in his heart and he opened his mouth to sing in a different tune;

For as long as I remember, my motto used to be…

"You gotta be hard to survive"

Now look where it's gotten me

So many times when I should have followed to my heart

I pushed it all aside, and it tore apart

Now I'm locked inside this empty room

But for some reason I don't feel so gloom

I begin to recall, the things I've learned…

Mako's sad ballad slowly shifted to a more happier tone

My path has turned!

Now I know

Now I know

Can't hold it back anymore

Now I know

Now I know

I don't care for that closed door

I'm locked you see

But my soul is free

I'm not afraid

I've turned into a much better me

He smiled at the picture in his hand. It was at that very moment he realized he really had become a better him.


“Why don't you come back in and finish watching the mover with me?” Asami asked before leaving, but Bolin shook his head.

“You go ahead. I need another minute to think." he then smiled sincerely at her, "But thanks.”

Asami smiled back, “What are friends for?”

She walked back inside, leaving Bolin alone with his thoughts. Her very last words remained in his mind. Suddenly, he noticed something around the bay; a boat parked on the water and four men wearing northern tribe attire climbing upwards.

“That's weird.”

Bolin quickly ran back inside to the very spot where Lu and Gang once stood and he snearly slipped on the cake that was dropped earlier, though he managed to maintain his balance by stopping into a split. He heard banging on a nearby locker and opened it. Shocked to see Lu and Gang gagged and bound inside, struggling to get out. Bolin removed Gang's ropes over his mouth, enabling him to speak.

“They're after the president!”


At Raiko's booth, both he and his wife watched the film before them, until they were both pulled backwards by unseen figures who had their left hands clapped over their mouths in order to restrain them from making a sound. The figures were really Northern soldiers, who were now busy tying up the already gagged couple. The president's guards were slumped unconscious against the wall next to the door. As the soldiers finished their job and turned to guide the presidential couple to the door, Bolin barged into the booth, knocking the door out of the wall in the process.

"I don't think so." he said bravely. Buttercup managed to wriggle out of her gag and screamed; simultaneously along with Actress Ginger who screamed in the mover. Asami heard the scream from her booth, she quickly stood up, looking around the arena to find the source of the scream.

One of the soldiers send a water blast in Bolin's direction, who acrobatically flipped out of the way. As he landed, he used his momentum to dislodge a slap of rock from the wall behind him and hurled it at his attacker. The Waterbender was hit square in the chest and thrown out of the booth, plunging into the waters of the pool bellow, screaming. Asami witnessed the man fall into the water, people around the arena gasped and turned their attention to where the noise emitted from. Lin also turned around with suspicion. Bolin stood on the booth and punched the floor, crackling the ground with an earth wave which threw the three remaining waterbenders against the ceiling. When they landed on the floor, Bolin threw another punch straight forward. The three soldiers were thrown out of the booth after each being hit by a rock. Asami's eyes winded as she watched the scene, she knew only one person who could earthbend like that. The soldiers landed with heavy thuds on the metal bridge which allowed access to the playing field from the players' locker. Inside the booth, Bolin began to untie the president and his wife. Once free, Buttercup hugged her husband.

"Mister President, get back, I'm here to help." Bolin said. His voice was so courageous and confident. Without hesitation, Bolin ran to the edge of the booth and humped down. Asami leaned against the railing of her booth as her friend landed in a crunch, ripping the sleeves of his suit as he landed, a determined look adorning his face. Asami felt her cheeks burn at the sight, she knew Bolin worked out, but she never took a moment to really notice. The heiress quickly shook her head in an attempt to be rid of those thoughts and reverted her attention to the action in front of her. Bolin cracked his neck and walked forward, approaching the three assailants standing on the arena.

“Looks like there's nowhere to go.” he said with such courage. A waterbender attacked Bolin with water from the playing area, but he managed to dodge the attack. Asami leaned near the railing of the booth, watching Bolin fearlessly fighting off the attackers on the pro-bending arena. Bolin bended out three earth discs and each disc at a waterbender, one of them got hit and was incapacitated. As Bolin dodged one of the waterbender's attacks, Asami took from her pocket Korra's headband, and glanced back at Bolin. Amazingly, the action scenes from the mover, mirrored the events occurring down bellow. Asami continued to observe Bolin, one of her best friends, becoming a hero before his eyes. Though she never opened her mouth, in her heart and head, a song played.

It's funny how small things, could tear friends apart

Only now I finally understand

What should complete my heart!

Bolin attacked one of the waterbenders, but was throne aside by a water hose by the other bender. Bolin ran to the speaker on the right, before changing course to avoid the attack. Asami had never been so proud of him before.

It's time to see what we can do

To stop the evil and break through

The moment Bolin stopped at the center of the ring, he bended out two entire stacks of earth discs, as somehow, he could hear a song in his heart, which motivated him to keep on going.

I won't give up, I'll win this fight

Cause starting tonight!

The waterbenders threw hoses at Bolin, which he blocked using the stacks. His courage and strength increasing, along with the song.

Now I know

Now I know!

My courage can't be tamed

Bolin waited for the moment before throwing the stack at the waterbenders which successfully hit them. Bolin threw discs from the stacks to the waterbenders, while his counterpart Nuktuk continued throwing streams of water on screen.

Now I know

Now I know!

I don't need the fame

Here I stand!

And here I'll stay!

No, I'm not afraid

With each impact from the disks, they crumbled, unleashing brown dusk which filled the arena and Bolin continued his attacks, knocking out one of the soldiers. He knocked out another soldier and the other prepared to attack the earthbender, but Bolin dodged the attack and bended out two discs to shield himself from another water blast. Bolin fought the last remaining soldier one-on-one, with both fighters circling each other while dodging each other's attacks. Bolin leaped and threw a disc at the soldier, knocking him out to a nearby speaker. The soldier remained on the ground, his eyes widening in fear as Bolin levitated a disc, ready to attack. His eyes burning with furry.

“Tell me who sent you!” Bolin demanded. The waterbender was horrified and cowardly shielded himself.

“It was Varrick, please don't hurt me, Nuktuk!”

Bolin slowly lowered his disk, his expression in complete shock. Mako was right, Varrick was behind all of this. How could he had been so blind before? He dropped the disc and turned to Varrick who was standing near his booth, looking down with worry. He then turned to his assistant. “I think this is our cue to exit.”

“Where do you think you're going?” Lin said, as she and her officers arrived at the booth. There was no escape for Varrick now, he had been exposed, his star now knew the truth. It was all over.

Bolin was still in shock, he sincerely believed Varrick was his friend, and now he had betrayed him. Asami could see the hurt in Bolin's eyes, but then she gasped as the soldier got up and attempted to attack Bolin.

"Bolin, look out!"

At the sound of her voice, Bolin quickly retaliated in time and slammed a disc at the soldier's stomach, tossing him into the pool, while the Unalaq on the screen was defeated.

"It's a knockout!" Shiro Shinobi shouted enthusiastically while hugging a man next to him. Bolin was welcomed by a large amount of applauds from the audience. Asami smiled proudly from her seat in awe, Bolin did it! He found his inner Nuktuk and saved the president! She had never felt more proud of him. Bolin looked all around the arena, listening to the sounds of cheering and adoration, and it was all for him. Only, they didn't seem to matter as much anymore. The song he had felt earlier, the one that encouraged him to fight harder, finally reached his mouth as he sang softly to himself, slowly tuning out the cheering around him.

I used to wonder if there was a place for me

And though I'm standing here,

This adoration is not my glee

Asami could hear his words from above as she stroked her thumb across the headband. She then realized what else she had been doing before.


The one I thought was right was truly never mine

Suddenly, Bolin sang a bit stronger as the clarity hit him.

I've found just what I need


After all of this time!!

Asami, Bolin;

Now I know! Now I know!


I'll rise like the break of dawn

Now I know

Now I know!

From his cell, Mako looked at his smiling self on the picture in his hands.


That angry boy is gone!

Asami, Mako, Bolin,

Here I see

Who I'm meant to be!

Now I know!!

I've turned into a much better me

As Bolin waved to the crowd, he looked up at the balcony where Asami smiled proudly. The lights reflected a rainbow light off of the balcony, and that same light reflected in his eyes. Bolin was now able to enjoy the cheering as he happily waved and smiled their way, knowing that even though he was a hero tonight, he would always be in the eyes of his friends. They were his place in the world. Where he belonged.

Asami never felt more content. Then, her eyes widened as she remembered a small detail. She reached in for her handbag and pulled out an old picture; one of her and Mako from when they were dating. She had always had it in her bag ever since. But as she looked at it, she didn't even recognize the woman in the picture. The so called 'love' in the two teenagers' eyes wasn't as intimate as she always wanted. As much as she cared about Mako, she realized she was being foolish for still holding on to him like that. Her smile grew wider at the sound of the paper being ripped apart. She decided to replace it with another better photo; one that still included her and Mako…along with all of her friends…her family.

Even though Mako was still in jail, his spirit was content, smiling on as he looked down of the picture of the smiling happy young man in the photograph. The real him. He decided to stop doing what he believed was expected of him and instead to follow where his true heart would lead…and he finally found it.

The three of them had changed.


"They're falling back!" Tonraq shouted right before low howl was heard. He and the rebels fought long and hard, but they managed to overpower the Northern soldiers. However, the rebels were not the victors just yet. Before their very eyes, dark spirits perched on the walls of buildings all around the city, with Desna and Eska standing on a roof, overlooking the mayhem. They turned around to see Unalaq riding a large dark spirit. The man looked like he owned the place. Tonraq sneered as his brother approached, walking casually and calmly off of the spirit and was now standing face to face with his big brother.

The showdown was just beginning.


People exited the arena after the craziness, Varrick hung his head in shame as he was being dragged away by the cops along with Zhu Li. Both were being led into a police truck, when the billionaire spotted Asami approach him, her arms crossed and her expression far from happy.

"Asami! Hey, don't suppose you could have a word with my buddy her and straighten out this whole mess?" he asked in his usual upbeat tone, but Asami simply scoffed.

"In your dreams. Mako was right about you all along. Well you know what? You're done messing with people. You're done messing with me and you're done messing with my friends!"

With that, the man was pushed into the car, a smile came across Asami's face as the door slammed in his face. Man, that felt so good.

Lin stood by the entrance alongside Raiko, having witnessed the scene. "Varrick's plan was to kidnap you and blame it in the North." she explained to the president. "Then Republic City would have no choice, but to join the war on the side of the South."

"I can't believe Varrick would do something like this, and no one saw it coming."

"Actually someone did. Remember Mako?"

Raiko realized who foolish he was not to see the truth right in front of him. "You got a great officer on your hands."

Lin had to summon all of her willpower not to smile in front of the man, a smiling officer was never taken too seriously. None the less, her expression did softened. "He's one of the best."

As reporters stood at the entrance taking pictures, Bolin stood proudly and happy, not because of the attention, but because of his newfound clarity. Then, to his surprise, Ginger ran up to the beaming Bolin and kissed him full on the lips, taking him aback. When the kissing stopped, Bolin smiled dreamingly.

"I can't believe my boyfriend is a real life hero!" Ginger said happily. This confused Bolin, and he managed to regain his composure.

“Boyfriend? Wait, stop. I thought you said we weren't a couple.”

Ginger giggled, “You really are as dumb as those rocks. Of course we're a couple.”

The two continued kissing, much to Bolin's delight, this was the icing on the cake, and Asami walked up to them. “Bolin you saved the president! And you proved Mako was right all along. We have to get him what happened.”

Bolin turned to her for a brief moment, “Yeah!” before continuing to kiss Ginger, Asami cleared her throat to get his attention.. “Oh, you meant right now.”

Asami and Bolin both looked up as a large furry beats hovered above their heads. They immediately recognized it as a flying bison. Tenzin's flying bison to be exact. Bolin and Asami's eyes widened in surprise when they spotted a familiar tan skinned, dark haired, blue eyed woman along with a group of colorful, winged and horned friends with cutie marks on their flanks, jump right off of the saddle once the creature landed. Their friends had returned.


Without warning, The Avatar was immediately tackled by her two friends who embraced her in a warm tight hug. Their reaction was as if they had not seen her in years.

“We're so happy to see you!” Asami said as she hugged Korra tightly, almost as if she were scared the Avatar would disappear if she let go.

“Don't ever leave again!” Bolin cried out.

Pinkie Pie jumped for joy and joined in shouting, “Group hug!”

“I'm really happy to see you guys too…and you're kind of crushing me.” said Korra and they quickly released her from their grip.

Asami quickly spotted two familiar pegasus ponies, “Oh, Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy!” the ponies flew towards her and they embraced in a warm hug, “You're all okay! I thought something terrible happened.”

“We're happy to see you too, Sami.” said Rainbow Dash. But while they were all happy to see one another, Twilight walked towards them with a saddened look.

“I hate to interrupt this happy reunion but, we've got a real situation.”

"Avatar Korra, what is the meaning of this?" Raiko asked her once he was standing before her. Tenzin, Bumi and Kya stood behind her.

“President Raiko, I know I've asked for your help before, but things have taken a drastic turn for the worst. Unalaq doesn't just wanna take over the south anymore. He wants to destroy the whole world.”

Bolin and Asami both gasped in horror, but they were not nearly as terrified as Raiko. The whole world? That couldn't be true, could it? Raiko knew that the seriousness in the Avatar's eyes signaled that she was indeed telling the truth. He never knew Unalaq could be capable of such a thing. Suddenly he began to wonder if he had made the right choice before in not listening to Korra.

“Unalaq is going to destroy the world?" Bolin asked in shock, "He knows about the Great Change?”

“What? You guys know about that?” Korra asked, surprised that they knew about this information.

“Yeah, we know about Equestria loosing its magic and that you girls are the only ones who can restore it.” Asami explained.

“Wait, I'm confused here.” said Raiko and Korra continued to explain.

“Unalaq is trying to release a powerful dark spirit during Harmonic Convergence, which is only a few days away. Not only that, but the world of the ponies is growing weak in magic and the only way to save it is to stop Unalaq because if we does succeed, it will not only be the end of their world, but our world as well.”

Raiko's eyes widened, “What?!”

“Sir, we desperately need your help.”

They all anxiously waited for his answer. The whole world could be destroyed, that meant his entire city and his people would be destroyed. He was not about to let that happen. His city was his one and only priority, let other nations protect themselves. The president remained silent for a few seconds before giving them his answer...

“…I'm sorry, Korra. But my answer is still no.”

All six ponies gasped, “WHAT?! Are you serious?!”

Even Tenzin was irritated by his answer. “There are lives on the line! And my daughter is one of them! Raiko you must reconsider!”

“I'm aware that lives are on the line." said the president, "And that's precisely why my troops are staying here. If the world is going to be thrown into chaos as you claim, I need to protect my citizens. I'm sorry.”

“If you don't help them there won't be any citizens to protect!” Korra said, not even caring how angry she sounded. "I understand you want what's best for your city, but you need to understand that others need help as well. For once, could you please not be so single-minded, there are more lives in danger than just the ones here in Republic City."

“And it appears you are to blame for that.” Raiko said while pointing his finger at Korra.


“You were the one who brought those ponies into our world and brought their profanity called "magic". Our world would have been better off without them!”

“Raiko, this was all prophesied to happen. Please, you must reconsider.”

Bolin placed his hand on Raiko's shoulder, “Sir, Nuktuk needs your help. I know you love helping people.”

“Son, I appreciate you saving my life and I'm a big fan of your work, but my decision is final.”

With that he walked away. “I never should have saved that guy.” Bolin said bitterly. Raiko then felt a powerful blast hit him in the back of his head.


But once he turned around, he saw Twilight Sparkle casually leaning against Korra's legs with her front hooves crossed while whistling 'let it go'. The president simply scoffed and continued to walk.

“And you guys elected him as president? How?”, Flash asked Asami.

“He ran, almost, unopposed. Figuratively speaking.”


“Well, If you guys need help, I'm here for you.” the heiress said with a smile

“Yeah, me too." said Bolin

Korra smiled graciously, "Thank you. It's so good to see you guys again."

Pinkie Pie then tackled Bolin, Asami and Korra's hands reached their mouths in surprise. Pinkie Pie hugged Bolin tightly. “We missed you guys soooooooo much!”

“I missed you too, Pinkie Pie. Can't breathe.”

The pony released him and Korra slightly giggled. But then she looked around, realizing that someone was missing from their little party.

"Wait, where's Mako?”

“Yeah, I've got some stuff to say to that guy.” Rainbow said angrily as pounded her hooves. Bolin and Asami both shared concerned looks.


Later, they all stood in front of Police Headquarters. Bolin and Asami had already changed back into their normal cloths and had explained everything to Korra and the ponies, about Varrick being a no good lier and Mako being wrongly accused…and ending up in jail.

“I can't believe Mako was thrown in jail!” Korra said.

“Why? It's happened before.” said Pinkie.

“You guys wait out here, I'll go and get him.”, Bolin said before he walked into the building to get his brother. Once he was gone, Asami nervously bit her bottom lip as she turned around to face Korra.

“Things got pretty crazy while you guys where away.” she tells her.

Korra slightly chuckled. “No kidding. But now that we're all together, everything will work out. I know it.”

“That's one of the many things I admire about you Korra. You always manage to change people's lives one way or another."

Korra was pretty surprised at the words coming out of Asami's mouth. But the next thing she said was even more surprising.

"The truth is actually…we've all been lost without you guys.” Korra and the ponies all looked surprised as Asami continued, “The three of us got so wrapped up in our own things that, we began to lose sight of what we really needed…each other. Something happened to me tonight. I realized that I was still clinging on to something that was never meant to be mine. And when I finally decided to let it go, for the first time in a long while, I felt…free.”

Korra smiled and then gasped when she saw Asami pull something from her pocket. “My headband!” she exclaimed happily. "I thought I lost it forever!”

“Mako found it washed up on the beach." Asami said, "And I can see why Celestia gave it to you.”

Korra arced an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“A true Avatar doesn't bring peace only by learning the elements….but by inspiring others to stand with her.” Korra could have sworn she was about to cry, in the whole time they had known each other, Asami never said anything so heartfelt to her before. “Princess Celestia sees that you are capable of just that…I hope you see it too.” Asami gently placed the headband back on Korra's head. Once on, the headband gave out a rainbow like glow.

“I do.” Korra said warmly. The two girls embraced in a warm hug. “I really did miss you.”

“I missed you too.” said Asami.

The ponies also joined in, “We all missed you, Sami.” said Rainbow Dash.

As they released, Asami wiped away a tear. Her relationship with Korra has now fully blossomed into a full friendship. “By the way, I know you're probably still angry with Mako but, I just want you to know he feels really--“

“Wait, why would I be mad at him?” Korra asked. Asami blinked in surprise. She could have sworn he recalled Mako saying the two had a fight before she left.

“Because of that fight you guys had.” she said. Asami was even more confused when Korra arced an eyebrow at her in confusion.

“What fight?”

This was too weird, did Korra actually forget what happened or was she in denial?

“Wait, you don't--“, before Asami could continue, she noticed Twilight behind Korra's leg giving her a nervous face. The heiress decided to simply let it slide for now. “Uh…did I say fight? I meant, fight with…himself? Because he missed you so much and he hated not being with you?”

“Oooookay", Korra walked pass her and Asami looked at Twilight with a suspicious look. What did she know that Asami didn't? She had a feeling she would find out soon enough.


Mako was quite surprised to see his little brother walk into his cell room. He wondered if Bolin was still angry with him, but the regrettable look on his face said otherwise.

“So, how was the big premiere?” the firebender asked, and Bolin smiled.

“I saved the president, in real life!”

Mako wondered if he had been in the room for too long. Did he hear that his baby brother actually saved the President of the United Republic?

“Wait, wh-what?”

“You were right about Varrick. He tried to kidnap the president.”

“I knew it!”

“But it didn't work, because of you, and because of me. Let's just say we both did well." Bolin stood aside, showing his brother the open door. "Bei-fong says you're free to go.”

They both walked out of the cell but Bolin turned to his brother with a sincere look of apology, “Sorry for ever doubting you, Mako.”

“Don't worry about it bro.”

“No, I never should have doubted you at all. I was just so caught up in wanting to find the place where I belonged, where I felt I could be somebody. I didn't realize I had already found my place. As long as I'm with my friends…I'll always feel like a star.”

Mako smiled proudly at his little brother and tapped his shoulder. “You'll always be a star to me bro.”

Bolin smiled and hugged his brother. Their bond, which was briefly shattered, rekindled once again. Only difference now, was that it was stronger than ever.


They both walked out, their arms placed on each others shoulders, and were greeted by the sound of clapping hands. Metalbending officers, along with Asami, Bumi and Tenzin applauded once Mako came out. He couldn't believe they were all clapping for him, and were smiling so proudly. But what was even more surprising, was that Lin was smiling as well.

“Nice job Mako. You're going to make a great detective.”

Mako beamed at the words. Detective, him. He was finally promoted, this was almost too good to be true. Of corse, he kept him composure, though he couldn't stop the smile on his face from appearing.

“But chief, there aren't any detective openings right now.” said Gang to his boss, but Lin simply narrowed her eyes at them.

“Actually we have two openings.”

Both detectives' eyes winded for they knew exactly what this meant…they had just gotten fired.

Mako then spotted Asami among the crowd and smiled, silently thanking her. She smiled in return while giving him a thumbs up. She was so proud of him. Then out of nowhere, Korra ran up to Mako, wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him, catching him completely by surprise. But what was even more surprising was when Korra fully kissed him passionately on the lips.

“Mako, I've missed you so much!”

Bolin was completely startled by this scene, his eyes widened in a comical fashion, his irises shrunk, and his face was frozen in a shocked closed mouth expression. At the same time, Pinkie Pie descended from above the ceiling, mirroring his exact same reaction. Their eyes shifted towards Asami, silently asking 'what just happened?'. The heiress, who was just as surprised, simply shrugged, uncertain on what to answer. She was happy the two were reunited, more so than even she could have ever expected to be, really. But even so this was very surprising. The ponies all stood beside her, jaws dropped and eyes bulged open. Bolin regained his composure and smiled, though a bit awkwardly.

“Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you? Korra's back.”

Pinkie Pie jumped on his shoulders, “And we're back too!”

Mako blinked as he took a good look at the girl in front of him, her baby blue eyes sparkling just as beautifully as from the day she left. “Korra?" he asked. This couldn't be real, was he dreaming? The girl before him continued to smile, her hands on his, finally the reality struck him and he smiled widely.


Without even a second thought, Mako wrapped his arms around Korra's waist, holding her close to his body as he rose her up from the ground and spun her around, causing her to giggle. Their signature loving embrace brought a tear to some of the officers and Asami herself couldn't stop her smiling. She was so happy to no longer be feeling that sting of jealousy anymore. But not everyone was happy, for the ponies were still pretty confused as to why Korra was no longer angry at Mako.

“Just how long have we been gone?!” Applejack asked.

Mako lowered Korra down, a smile of relief on his face. “You're okay! Celestia lost contact with you, I thought something had happened.”

“I'm fine, don't worry.”

Indeed she was alright, and alive. Mako hugged her tightly once more, taking in the sweet fact that she was there again. “I've missed you too.” then he remembered something…their break up. He ended the hug and looked at Korra with worried eyes. “Wait. So you're not still mad at me?” he asked, a worried expression evident on his face, which was in contrast with Korra's confused one.

“Why does everyone assume I'd be mad at you?”

Mako was now even more confused. Since when did Korra ever forget they had a fight? And since when did she ever brush it off instead of talking about it and confronting it like they often did before?

“…We had that fight before you left.”

“Wait, we really did have a fight?”

“Don't you remember?”

“Well, no.”

Pinkie Pie surprised the couple by jumping in between them. "We all got attacked by a dark spirit and Korra got ambrosia.”

“Amnesia” Korra corrected.


Mako's eyes widened. “Amnesia? Wait, you forgot everything?”

“Yeah. But Twilight used her magic to--“ Korra stopped on her tracks and everybody turned to look at Twilight who lowered her ears in shame, blushing and smiling nervously. Korra crossed her arms and scowled at the alicorn, who nervously gulped as her human counterpart looked down at her with disapproving eyes. “Twilight. You used your magic to bring back my memories. Did you bring back ALL of them?” the Avatar's voice sounded like that of a mother interrogating her child to see if they had done their homework. Twilight nervously did circles on the floor with the tip of her hooves, avoiding eye contact.

“Um, well you see...“

“Don't lie to me, I can feel your growing guilt. What did you do?”

Twilight saw the rest of her friends eyeing at her as well, as were everyone else. It was time to come clean. “…Alright fine! I did bring back your memories, I swear but when I was about to give you the memory about your last argument with Mako I…I didn't want you to feel that heartache again." Korra looked at her confused. "I didn't realize it before but, I guess I might have, accidentally, didn't restore it.”

Korra was shocked by this, “Twilight!”

“I swear I had no idea! When I realized you didn't remember, it was then I figured it out. I'm sorry.”

And sorry she was, Korra knew better than anyone when Twilight felt guilty. The Avatar looked at the firebender behind her, the saddened look in his eyes signaled for her that they indeed had a pretty bad fight. It must have been for him to look so ashamed. She always hatted arguing with him, of course she knew that not all of them were his fault, and they worked things out in the end. But this one must have been the mother of all fights. Whatever happened, Korra had to know what it was, in order to fully understand if she and Mako's relationship was either in danger, or possibly down the tubes.

“It's okay, Twilight. I understand." the Avatar then extended her hand to her. "Come on, give it back.”

Twilight's eyes winded in shock. “But--“

“Twilight Sparkle, give me back my memory." she said in an authoritative tone, "I don't care how bad it may be.”

Twilight hatted having to relive that painful moment for Korra. But, she shouldn't have kept this secret in the first place. She lowered her ears sadly and agreed. “Okay. You asked for it.”

She flew up to Korra with her horn glowing and placed it on the Avatar's forehead. Korra had her eyes closed as the horn glowed, her eyes snapped open as that very single memory replayed in her head, perfectly clear.

She saw it all: Her blowing down the door and knocking the desk away with her airbending. The angry look on Mako's eyes, the booming sound of their yelling, piercing through her heart like a knife. Everything died down when Mako said that painful sentence.

"Maybe there's no room for our relationship!"

"Are you, breaking up with me?"

"Yeah…I guess I am."

The last thing she saw was her tear slowly trapping the entire office in ice and running out of the office with a broken heart. She had never felt anything more painful in her life.

Korra gasped as she backed away from Twilight's horn, nearly falling backwards and having Mako to catch her. Her eyes were widened, and her breaths were slow and deep, sweat streaming down her forehead as if she had just witnessed a horrible nightmare. Twilight slowly descended down, her horn stopped glowing and Korra regained her composure, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Mako was terrified as to what Korra would say to him. She turned around to face him, her face wasn't angry, more like surprised, but it didn't make him feel any less worse.

“I…I remember.”

The words stung his heart. She remembered what he did. He mentally prepared himself for the worst, as did Bolin who quickly ran to hide behind Asami, not wanting to be standing near the crime scene.

“We…we broke up and I froze your office in ice.”

Bolin's eyes widened. “Wait! You froze everybody in ice?!”

“Of course not!” said Pinkie Pie with a smile.

“So she didn't freeze the office?” Bolin asked with relief.

“Yes!” Pinkie said while still smiling.

“Yes she did, or yes she didn't?”

“Yes she did!”

“But she didn't freeze the people?”


“She did?!”


“I'm really confused.”

“Me too. And I was there.” Lin said.

Mako took both of Korra's hands and looked straight into her eyes. “Korra, I'm so sorry. It was a mistake, I realize that now. After you left I got a visit from Discord and he--“

Korra slight backed away in shock as both she and the ponies exclaimed at once, “Wow, wow, wow, wow! Hold the phone! Discord?!”

“Yeah, you know looks like a mix-mach of all kinds of animals, supper creepy and annoying.” Mako explained.

“We know who he is, why did he come here?” Rainbow asked.

“I thought the portal to Equestria couldn't let anybody crossover anymore.” Korra said.

“That's what I said!" said Mako, "But apparently the portal allowed Discord to crossover but only for a short amount of time to help me.”

A brief silence was heard before Spike said, “Yeah, ya lost me at "Discord helped you"."

“Point being, he told me about the Great Change.”

“You know about that too?” Korra asked in surprise.

“Yes. I'm sorry for telling the president about your plans, it was probably the only chance you needed to save the tribes and stop Unalaq from intervened with you girls restoring Equestria's magic.”

Korra bit her bottom lip nervously, “Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Unalaq plans on releasing Vaatu, the spirit of darkness who has been imprisoned for thousands of years.” Twilight explained.

“He can only be released on Harmonic Convergence, when the planets align and both portals are opened.” Applejack continued.

“Which just so happens to be on the same day as The Great Change.” said Rarity. "And Unalaq forced us to open the second portal when he threatened Jinora's life."

Pinkie Pie took out a calendar from her back and showed him a day circled in red marker, “And it's all gonna go down…REALLY soon!” she pointed to the spot on the calendar.

Mako's eyes were wide in horror, “You mean, you guys have to stop Unalaq from releasing Vaatu AND restore the dying magic in Equestria?”

“Because if you don't it will fade from existence? And our world with it?” Lin continued, fear evident in her voice.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Korra and ponies all responded at once.

Mako's eyes were comically wide and was silent for two seconds before saying, “…Okay, anybody else feeling lightheaded?” the others flinched and looked on in pity as Mako literally passed out right in front of them, now laying unconscious on the floor.

“Well, he took that better than expected.” said Flash Sentry.

Fluttershy flew over him and tried to wake him up by hitting his face with her tail. He snapped awake.


“Korra, we don't have much time." Tenzin said, "We need to figure out how to deal with Unalaq.”

“I think I know just the man to talk to.” said Bolin.


"You've got to be kidding me." Twilight narrowed her brows at the sight of Varrick's extravagantly decorated cell. Complete with a sofa chair, sheets and curtains. The rich man was sitting on his chair, looking as smugly as ever.

“Guys, hey, what do you think? Varrick Industries built this prison, and I had this cell made special. I had a feeling I'd end up here one day." he grinned slyly with his teeth gleaming." Zhu Li, c'mon, we got guests! Whip up a pot of that green tea I love.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Zhu Li's in prison with you?” Korra asked in disbelief.

“Of course! I don't go anywhere without my assistant. Don't you?”

Rainbow Dash groaned as he hoof palmed herself. “Seriously?! Even in jail he gets away with anything?!”

Fluttershy crossed her hooves in disapproval, “That's just wrong.”

“We're not interested in your tea, and this isn't a friendly visit.” Mako said bitterly.

“Don't tell me you guys are still mad about everything that happened. I did some good things too.”

Pinkie Pie narrowed her eyes at him, “Oh yeah? Name one.”

“Gladly. Korra, who warned you about Unalaq? I did. Bolin, who go you into the movers?”

“Movies!” Pinkie corrected.

“Right, movies. I did. Asami, who saved your company? I did. Mako, who got you thrown in jail? I did! Oh, right that was a bad thing.”

Fluttershy flew closer to his cell and glared at him through the bars. “Well, you may have warned Korra about Unalaq, but you did help trigger the civil war for your own selfish benefits. You may have helped Asami with her company but you only did it for money and not because she needed help and then you tried to kidnap the president. So don't say you did good things because they all had very selfish motives behind them.”

“Not to mention you stole a lot from Future Industries.” said Asami.

Varrick placed his hand over his heart. “Wow. Harsh. And I thought you were the sweet one.”

“Well she's not feeling so sweet now.” Mako said.

“I was talking about the pony.” said Varrick.

“So was I.” Mako and Fluttershy smiled smugly as they hoof/fist pumped.

"But I'm still pretty mad at you." said the pegasus as she turned her head from Mako while crossing her hooves, and the firebender lowered his gaze sadly.

"Yeah, I figured."

“Look, I wasn't going to hurt the president, I just needed to cause a war. A bigger war.”

“Well we're gonna finish it.” said Applejack fiercely.

Spike stood beside her with the same fierce look. “Yeah!”

Mako crossed his arms as he looked at the man in the cell with utter disgust, “What I really don't understand is how could someone as slimy and deceitful as you can hear the ponies.”

“Hold, on. I think Varrick might not be all that bad.” Korra said. All shocked eyes fell on her.

“Twilight, are you sure you got all of her memories back in there?” Asami asked as she tapped Korra's forehead. She removed Asami hand before looking sternly at Varrick. Her voice sounding firm but calm.

“Only those who are innocent, open-hearted and willing to push aside their anger, fear, denial and hatred can hear the ponies. But you…”

Everyone stood there looking on as Korra kept her fierce glance on Varrick. The billionaire was confused as to why the Avatar was eying him like this, but the more she looked at him, the more frightened he felt. Korra's expression slowly softened, her eyes no longer looking fierce but, almost emotionless, as if she were focusing strongly on only one thing.

"Come here." Korra said. Not wanting to get on her bad side again, Varrick did as he was told and walked closer towards the Avatar, slowly. He now stood only two feet away from her, and Korra extended her hand, placing the very tips of her two index fingers right on top of Varrick's heart, not taking her eyes off of him. As Varrick looked into her eyes, he saw them shimmer with rainbow colors, dancing under the lights of the prison cell. He had never seen such a beautiful sight, and her baby blue eyes remained locked onto him. It was as if she was looking straight into his soul. Finally, Korra removed her fingers from his chest.

“This isn't the path for you Varrick." she suddenly said in a warm yet firm voice, "You may be greedy but there is a side of you, hidden underneath, a side that doesn't want this…a side that wants to be free." Varrick blinked in surprise at this, it was as if she was seeing straight through him like a glass window. "You're not entirely closed-hearted, but you're not entirely open either.”

Varrick lowered his head in shame. The others couldn't believe what Korra was doing, this side of her was kind of new to Lin, Asami, Mako and Bolin. The ponies, however, were very familiar with this side of Korra…the more empathetic side.

“Other people who refused to release the hatred inside their hearts could never understand the ponies, and while yours isn't exactly filled with hate, it's still filled by greed. But that greed can be vanquished is you let it. And I can see that you can. There is good somewhere in you, even if it is small.”

“Just like Princess Cadance managed to find a little speck of love within my father?” Asami asked.

“Exactly. A little does go a long way.”

Varrick finally turned to look at them, with sincerity in his voice. “Well, there was one good thing I did and didn't ask for anything in return. I did enjoy helping Bolin and making him into a star. I really did believe he had potential.”

Bolin was surprised by this, “Really?”

Varrick placed his right hand over his heart and rose his left one. “Honest, truth. I've never really had a friend like you; in fact now that I mention it, I don't think I've ever really had any friends. Well, friends who are real and not like Zhu Li who does everything I say. I'm really not all that bad, I'm just a--a bit of a fixer upper, that's all.”

Asami taped her chin in thought, “A fixer upper, hu?”, she looked over at Mako who arced an eyebrow at her.

“Look, I really am sorry for the mess I caused. Let me show you all I can be better. You can all use my battleship, all the other Future Industries stuff I took are there.”

“You have a battleship?” Korra asked.

“Of course I do, I bought the first one they made. Named it the "Zhu Li".”

“You named your battleship after your assistant?” Bolin asked in surprise.

“That's not weird at all” Flash said sarcastically.

“I named it that because they are both cold, heartless war machines. Take the ship, please.”

Pinkie Pie raised her hoof. “Hold on a second! How do we know you're not just setting us up again? You sir, need to make a Pinkie Promise.”

Varrick arced an eyebrow, “You're kidding?” but he sees them all smirk, “She's not kidding?”

Korra smiled smugly, “No she's not. You better do it or else.”

“Or else what?”

FACE THE WRATH OF PINKIE PIE!!!!” the pink pony spoke in a loud threatening and incredibly frightening booming voice while her eyes were a flaming red. Varrick thought he would pee his pants.

“Might wanna do as she says, pal.” Mako said to the frightened rich man.

“Okay, okay. I promise, there is no catch, the ship and everything on it. It's yours; you don't even have to give it back.”

“Repeat after me." said Pinkie Pie as she demonstrated the Pinkie Promise, her voice back to normal, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

Varrick sighed before mimicking her actions. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. Happy?”

Pinkie Pie smiled in satisfaction. “Very.”

“Well, it's not the fleet we were looking for but it's the next best thing.” said Korra with a slight smile.

Bolin jumped and cheered, ecstatically. “Alright! Team Avatar is back in business!” he grabbed Korra by the shoulder and pulled her towards Mako and Asami, where the four shared a group hug, and the ponies joined in while Lin smile proudly at the group. Rainbow Dash did a brief air flip out of excitement.

“Yeah, now let's--*neigh, neigh*!”

Suddenly, Mako gasped and looked at the pegasus in confusion. “R--Rainbow? What did you just say?”

Rainbow Dash arced her eyebrow as she spoke, but all that came out of her mouth was, “*Neigh, neigh*”

This couldn't be right. Mako stuck his finger in his hear, wiggled it and turned to the others. “Anypony else, say something. Anything!” he asked frantically.

Pinkie and Rarity both appeared to asked him what was wrong, but all Mako could hear was, “*Neigh, neigh*?” coming out of their mouths. It was then that he came to the horrible realization.

“Mako, what's wrong?” Korra asked, seeing that he was becoming increasingly nervous. Mako fearfully began pulling on his hair.

“This can't be happening."

“What can't be happening?”

“I can't understand them!"

Korra's eyes widened, “What?!”

“It's not just you, I can't understand them either.” said Asami in fear.

“Me neither!” said Bolin with equal fear.

“Wait, that sound their making isn't normal?” Varrick asked.

“I can't hear then either." Lin said with worry. "It's just like before.”

Korra's heart was pounding, “None of you can hear them anymore?”

Everybody hesitantly shook their heads in no. Nobody but Korra could hear the ponies anymore. Twilight gasped. “Equestria! Its magic is already to growing weaker!.”

“Wait, can Korra still hear us?” Pinkie Pie asked before she took out a megaphone spoke through it to Korra's face. “KORRA! CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

Korra covered the megaphone with her hand. “Yes, Pinkie Pie! I can still understand you! And I'm pretty sure you just broke my right ear.”

Bolin started to nervously pull on his hair. “Oh, man! This can't be good.”

Korra gave them all a determined look, “We don't have much time. We have to move fast.”

“Right!” they all said in union.

Brief silence. Korra groaned before shouting, “I said fast!”

“Oh, right, sorry.”

"We're moving."

"Let's go."

They all quickly made their way out of the halls to get to Varrick's battle ship. Time was running out.


Later that night on the boat, Korra was outside looking up at the night sky. The moon shined overhead, the stars twinkling. Normally she would be enjoying a night like this, either walking along the shores of Air Temple Island with Mako, having a sleepover with the Mane Six, or simply just sitting outside and taking in the wonders of the day. But tonight, she couldn't relax or enjoy the scenery. There was so much going on at the back of her mind; her home was under siege, her Uncle planed in releasing an evil dark spirit, and now Equestria, her second home, was slowly dying.

And on a side note, there was her relationship. After everything that had happened, she had come to cope with a sad realization: she and Mako were two very different people. He was a cop and she was the Avatar. Sure, they didn't always see eye to eye on everything, but they somehow managed to work things out in the end. Korra always believed Mako inspired her to try harder, to be a fighter, and she believed she helped him become more in tune with his feelings. But that one fight, that breakup, it made her realize that times had changed. Their paths were not the same anymore. Their positions had them taking on new views and new responsibilities. Mako was right, there was no room for their relationship. Not anymore. Maybe they had just grown apart. It was painful for Korra to think about because she knew she still loved him, but she had to face reality. She didn't want to stand in his way anymore. She had made the mistake of pressuring him before and she didn't want to do that to him again. She loved him…enough to let him go.

The moment of truth came when she felt Mako approach her. As always, he spoke to her in a kind and loving voice in an attempt to console her. “It's okay. We're going to stop Unalaq and get Jinora back.”

“I hope my dad's alright.” she said as she looked at the ocean. Mako placed a hand on his shoulder and Korra cried onto his chest as the firebender held her close.

“I'm sure he's fine.”

He allowed her to cry into his chest just like she always did. Korra did not hesitate to embrace him, his loving and protective nature was always his most admirable qualities. Qualities she loved. But then, she realized this was not going to help her with what she had to do. She backed away from him and wiped away her tears. “Thanks.” she said before attempting to walk away form him. But Mako quickly stopped her by taking her hand.

“Hey, wait.” Korra promptly stopped and turned around to face him. The young man looked at her with pleading eyes, “Look I know things are kind of crazy right now but, do you think maybe we could--“

Before he could continue, Korra interrupted him. “I forgive you, Mako. But you're not all to blame here. I'm sorry for blowing up at you before."

"It's okay, we both said things we regret." he took a step forward to approach her, but stopped once Korra stepped back. This worried him. "Korra?"

"I'm sorry. But after everything that has happened, maybe it's best if we just…stay were we left off.”

Those word were not what Mako wanted to hear. “What? Why?”

“Mako, you have your place and I have mine. It's clear now that this…us. It's not going to work anymore.”

“You don't mean that, I know you don't. I was stupid and blind but I know the truth now and I want to set things right. I love you, Korra.”

“I love you too, and I always will, but…we can't go on like this. I'm sorry Mako...but I'm letting you go.” with that, she turned around and made her way into the ship towards her room, but Mako was not going to give up so easily. Not again.

“Korra wait!” He followed her inside to an open space inside the ship as he kept on calling for her. “Please, just give me another chance.”

“I don't need to give you another chance. It's over.”

“Hold the phone!” Korra and Mako both screamed in fear when they saw Asami in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

“Asami? How? How long have you been standing there?” Korra asked.

“Long enough. Korra you can't seriously be thinking about letting him go, are you?”

“Asami, it's for the best.”

Just then, Bolin popped up from behind the two out of nowhere. “Oh, come on. We all know you don't really mean that.”

Mako couldn't believe it. “Bo? You too?”

“What's the issue Korra? Why are you holding back from this guy?” Bolin asked before he started to sing,


Is it the clumpy way he walks?




Or the grumpy way he talk?

I'll admit that from afar he ain't no treat

Mako crossed him arms in annoyance, “Hey! I'm right here!”


And although he does mean well

His actions don't always ring the bell

She hits his head with a small bell and Mako rubbed the area where she had hit him, “Ow!”

Bolin and Asami,

But you'll never meet a fellow who's as sensitive and sweet


“Most of the time.”




So he's a bit of a fixer upper


So he's got a few flaws


Like his nasty attitude

Or lack of gratitude

Asami and Bolin,

Makes you want to cut him with a saw




“It rhymed.”

Asami and Bolin,

So he's a bit of a fixer upper

But this we're certain of

You can fix this fixer upper up

With a little bit of love

They place Korra and Mako closer together but Korra backs away, “I appreciate your support guys but we've got bigger problems to worry about.”

“I hear music!”

Korra groaned as she face palmed herself, “Bumi, not you too.”

“Oh, yes!”, Bumi placed his arm on Korra's shoulder, “So tell me girlfriend, is it the way that he runs scared?


Or that he's socially impaired?


Of that he really can't control his angry moods?

Mako glared at her




Don't try holding back your fondness

'Cause of his apparent douche-ness


“Still hurtful!”

Bumi, Bolin and Asami,

Because you know deep down inside he's the honest goods

Bolin placed his two index fingers in the corner of Mako's mouth and forced him to smile. Mako angrily swatted his hands away.

He's just a bit of a fixer upper

He's got a couple of bugs

His isolation is confirmation

Of his desperation for human hugs

Bumi and Bolin hugged the annoyed Mako.

So he's a bit of a fixer upper

But we know what to do!

The way to fix this fixer upper

Is to fix him up with you!

“ENOUGH!” Korra angrily shot a blast of fire to make them briefly stop their singing. “I've made my choice, okay! Give it a rest!”


Korra backed away from Mako, leaving him devastated. Bolin, Bumi and Asami blinked three times simultaneously before huddling up.


So she's a bit of a fixer upper


That's a minor thing


Their relationship's got a little chipped


But this love is more than a one time fling

They dispersed and continued to dance around the two teens.

Bolin, Asami, Bumi:

So she's a bit of a fixer upper

Her brain's kind of on the mixed!



Bumi, Bolin, Asami,

You just gotta budge

Let go of the grudge

And the whole thing will be fixed

Then Kya walked into the room singing soulfully as a spotlight, from nowhere in particular, shined above her,

We're not saying you can change him

Cause people don't always change

We're only saying that love's a force

That’s powerful and strange

People make bad choices if they're mad or scared or stressed

Korra and Mako looked at each other sadly as she sang that part of the song. Kya then threw flowers everywhere.

But throw a little love their way!

Bumi, Bolin, Asami,

Throw a little love their way!


And you'll bring out their best!


True love brings out the best!

Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper

That's what it's all about!








We need each other

To raise us up and round us out

Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper

But when push comes to shove

Bolin hugged both Korra and Mako and sang, The only fixer upper fixer that can fix a fixer upper is---

Bolin took Mako while Bumi took Korra and forced them to dance, before making the two teens bump into one another


True! True! True, true, true! Love

(True, love)

Love, love, love, love, love, love!

(True love!)

Asami and Kya spun around them, making the two spin for a bit while still holding each other. Once they stopped they landed in a pose which involved Mako dipping Korra. Both were very surprised by this.



“Now seal the deal!”


“Wait, what?”


“You gotta kiss.”



“Wait!" Korra stepped away from Mako, “Wait, wait, no. No. I'm sorry but…no!”

With that, the Avatar angrily ran out of the room. Mako simply stood there sadly watching her leave, while the others looked at him sympathetically.

“Well that could have gone better.” Bolin said sadly.

“One more time!" Bumi started singing again while snapping his fingers, "So he's a bit of a fixer upper--“ but as he sang, Kya, Asami, Bolin and Mako ignored him and walked back to their rooms. “So he's--nobody else is gonna sing? --okay.”

Korra walked past Pinkie Pie who then looked at the camera in confusion. “What did I miss?”


Colossians 3:2 ~

Think about the things of heaven, not t


Author's Note:

Sorry, Pinkie but you missed out on a musical number this time…this time. Even if she did sing NOBODy (minus Korra) would be able to understand her. Anywho--what did you think about the song "Now I Know", it's a parody to "Let it Go". It was so much fun to do because it really shows the character development that should have happened to Mako…and Asami….and the already development for Bolin. And the song "Fixer Upper", let's face it it goes with Makorra so well!