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After a visit to a toy store, the SOS-Brigade buys a set of 6 pony plushies. Soon, Haruhi starts becoming obsessed with the show. Unfortunately her powers manage to make the 2 worlds collide and as usual, Kyon and the rest of the Brigade have to solve this mess.

(Crossover with the novel/anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Trying to maintain the writing style of the original author as much as possible)

Special Thanks to PegasusMesa for taking the time to help me edit the 1st chapter. Also, thanks to Imperium Bedlam for small edits.

Currently I'm looking for a regular proof-reader/editor, if you are interested PM me.

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...that moment when all the voices are from Fullmetalcho's TMoHS Abridged :facehoof:

4824462 Admittedly it's been like, 3 years since the last time I watched Haruhi, but I don't really get your complaint. Everyone seems reasonably in character here.

Unfortunately, this story is very rough and, well, rather blandly written. Won't really be following this.

4825553 Can you please explain what do you mean by very rough? 1st story here and I wanna take as much input as possible

4825922 It could use a couple prereaders and an editor. And, again, it's very dry and bland.

4825929 I'm looking to find some to tell the truth. When I find one I'll remake the 1st chapter as well. Hope I find some soon.

The story does have promise I'll say that. :twilightsmile:

4825553 i wasent complaining i was just saying that those are the voices i put on these charicters in general now...and i find it slightly amuseing

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