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Celestia is slowly taking away her sister's duties. It seems to be for a good reason, but sometimes even the best intentions end poorly.

After failing to protect his lover again, Stripe works to better himself so that he can deal with those that wronged him. After all, vengeance and war used to be a way of life for him. And with nothing left to lose, why not follow his instincts?

Will this be the end of Equestria?

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This should be marked as a sequel.
So far I've only read the first chapter. Here are my complaints:
-It's some of the most bland exposition I've ever read.
-It doesn't actually explain much.
-The tense is inconsistent.

4756358 It isn't because it is not meant to be canon, number one. Number two, this is based off of a section of a role play I did and was never meant to be serious. The scene I did was a lot more gory and a lot more bogus, which is why I wrote this the way I did.

um why is this the same as the previous chapter?

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