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Our Little Clementine - MaxBeezy

The "My New Life In Equestria" trilogy concludes with the chronicles of Matt and Applejack raising their Daughter from foalhood to her teenage years. Hilarity ensues. Sort of.

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A Morning Through The Eyes of A Wife And Mother

I love my husband.

It’s such an easy thing to say. I really do. He’s a big goofball, but he’s also a big sweetheart, and I love him for it.

On this beautiful and quiet morning in the bedroom of our wonderful house, I look down to see him, his head on top of my chest, sleeping soundly. He has this light snore that I find adorable. Celestia only knows how loudly I must snore. I don’t know how he puts up with it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him in this position. He loves sleeping on top of my chest, feeling the coat that covers it with his delicate touch and soft cheeks. I have no idea why he likes sleeping on my chest. If I were human, like I am when we visit his parents, there would be a good reason as to why. Two, actually; but here, it’s baffling me.

Still, looking upon him in this state only reminds me of how I came to know such a person.

When I first met Matt in his world, and in the city that he called New York, my reaction was a simple one; in that I bucked him hard in the face. Sure, that might be an overreaction to some, but we was all screaming and hollering, so I felt that it was up to me to shut one of us up. He was the choice that made sense, as I wouldn’t dare hit one of my friends. I’d be lying if I said I felt bad afterwards, because that was a might scary.

It wasn’t until he let us stay in his apartment that I got to know the kind of human that he was. He was, for the lack of a better word, a might silly. He would react and emote with a lot of big mannerisms and facial expressions, especially when the others decided to take some of that money underneath his bed, and paid for the food. Honestly, I told them not to touch it, but I guess arguing with grumbling stomachs were a losing battle.

I got to have my first chat with him when he was all upset about the money incident. Hearing him be so soft spoken gave me a bit of a jolt, as I was half expecting him to still be loud, but I got to see a softer side to him. I’ll admit, when he showed actual interest in my farm, it did make me smile.

When he came to Equestria, it was honestly a pretty scary prospect. He was trapped in a world that wasn’t familiar to him, packed with creatures and critters that he did not know. So, imagine my surprise when he came to my farm the very next day, saying that he wanted to see me and what the place was like. I could tell how nervous he was. He wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I saw a lot of fear and sadness in his eyes for the first couple of weeks, even when he was being his normal silly self.

Still, when he came to the farm, and I interacted with him, I saw something strange. It’s something I never really felt before, and it sort of weirded me out.

I started to kind of like him.

You know how ponies would always talk about love at first sight? Well, that might be true to some, but I didn’t believe in such a thing. While it wasn’t at first sight, you can be sure that something close to that mushy hooey came to mind when he came down to visit me. I gave him a job right then and there, just so I can see him more and more. It was also done to help him get into shape. That’s not to say that I found him ugly in the slightest; in fact, I always thought of him as a bit cute when we originally met, but I wanted to see what a life on the farm would do to his looks.

And boy howdy, did it give him of a big old makeover.

That does sound a little shallow of me to say, I admit, but I cannot deny that he did get a bit more attractive as the days went on. Watching him pick up those basket full of apples, wiping the sweat from his brow, diving into the lake with us, and seeing that shirt cling to his body. Wow, gives me the vapors just thinking about those days. I was so flustered; I forgot to take my hat back, after he’d been wearing it for most of our swim.

When he came to the farm the next day, and finding out that a storm was approaching, it was then I decided to make some kind of move. I didn’t know what that move would be, but I would’ve made it when it came to me. The move came when it was time for bed; I asked him to sleep with me…in the most seemingly harmless way possible.

Honestly, having him with me was kind of scary. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to try something; I wanted to ask him how he felt about me. I caught him plenty times taking a gander at me when I wasn’t looking, but he would do that adorable thing of moving his gaze to something else and hum some kind of tune. I wanted to know if he thought of me as… attractive. Maybe as something more than just a friend.

But then, I couldn’t do it. I chickened out. I said good night and went right to sleep. I felt that I would’ve made a fool of myself, or something. I was afraid that I misread his looks, and that he only saw me as a friend, and nothing else.

Of course, I would learn later on that I made a fool out of myself in a completely different manner, as I embraced him while I was having a nightmare.

He doesn’t know what dream I was having, and I hope he never does. It’s a dream that I wish I never had, especially one that happens more often than I would like.

The effects that night had on the both of us were both different and similar at the same time. We both had an increasing interest in one another, but he chose to try to hide it using what Twilight likes to call “brooding”. When he lashed out at me, that confused and upset me. I didn’t know what I did wrong, what made him hate me so. But, I realized that he didn’t do it out of hate, but out of fear…and love.

Nevertheless, his outburst lead me to that horrible day of not only asking that jerk Soarin out on a date, but nearly drowning as well.

It was then, I found out Matt truly loved me. He saved me, begging me to stay with him, proclaiming his love for me with tears in his eyes. It was the kind of thing most mares would dream of, and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Hearing him say those words as I came to, made me think I died and went to the great beyond.

He loved me, he really did.

The rest almost seemed like a blur, as we soon danced, admitted our feelings for one another, and the next night, after a whole lot of starts and stops, we made love for the first time.

I might have been smiling on the outside, but on the inside, I was terrified. I didn’t know what it was going to be like. He was a human, and I was a pony. Where he came from, this kind of thing was forbidden, an offense even. We were both doing something that could have been seen as strange or abnormal, and I didn’t know what the others would think, despite knowing that Twilight at the time had a bit of a crush on him.

But then, once he placed me on the bed and climbed up on top of me, I knew. I felt a piece fall into place as I looked deep into his eyes, and he kissed me ever so softly on the lips.

I felt complete, and that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

There was also the story of the wedding day, Sombra attacking, the pregnancy, but everypony has heard that particular story so many times, that thinking upon it can seem redundant at this point. The end result is what matters. We have a beautiful little earth filly named Clementine, and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, I am faced with brand new problem, one that requires Matt’s immediate attention.

“Matt…” I whisper, stroking my hoof against his hair, “Wake up.”

“Hurmphhh…” he grumbles that amusing grumble, rubbing his cheek on my fur, finding comfort out of it.“Five more minutes, AJ….” he mumbles in his sleep.

“But…I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Then go.” he replies. I’m not sure he realizes where he is.

“But…you’re kind of on me.”

“I am?” he questions, raising his head up slowly. Looking down, he sees my chest staring straight at him. He looks up to me, and I watch as his expression turns into a understanding realization. “I see…five more minutes.” he plunks his face down on my chest, rubbing himself against it with a playful growl.

“Stop it!” I giggle at the sensation, “This is serious. I have to go.”

“Okay, fine.” he rolls his body back to his side of the bed. “I don’t even remember how that happened. I fell asleep on my side first…”

“I guess you like my chest, then.” I chuckle, getting up off the bed. “Celestia only knows why. There’s nothing here but fur and that bit of fluff you like so much.” I put a hoof against the fluff on my chest, making it more pronounced for him.

“That’s probably why I like putting my head on your chest so much. You're just so comfortable.”

"Is that your way of saying I'm fat?"

"Of course not. You look perfect."

"You and your flattery. I'm still not in the same shape as I was when you met me." I pat my plumper belly and flank, "I haven't worked off the baby fat, yet."

"You don't need to. From what I can see, that baby fat stayed in all the right places." He flirtatiously smiles, moving into a teasing position with a beckoning hand. “When you come back, maybe I can show you how much I mean that, and we can have an EXTRA nice morning.”

“That sounds wonderful.” I say, heading towards the bathroom.

We hear Clementine crying in her room. She has awakened, and probably messed her diaper.

“Uh-Oh.” Matt says, getting out of bed. “Guess the extra nice morning will have to wait another time. I think Clementine needs a diaper change.”

“I put the diapers in the new cabinet we bought for her room.” I say, watching him go out the door to her room.

“Thanks, honey.” He calls out, disappearing around the corner. “Hey Clem. Need a diaper change?” I hear him on the other side.

I smile as I walk into the bathroom to do my business. I can still hear Matt on the other side of the door.

“Wow, Clem!” he yells, “What have you been eating?! Oh, right. Applesauce and assorted foal food. My mistake. Let me put a fresh one on you.”

Hearing Clementine’s cries turning into giggles makes my heart sing and dance. It’s so great knowing that she loves her father so much. I was afraid that she would find him strange, maybe frightening, but it turned out that my fears were unfounded. Every time Matt picked her up for a cradle or for playtime always elicited a laugh from her. She would hug him and smile at him, even as she continues to prod at his face like some kind of Doctor.

Other mares would constantly ask us how we came to conceive her, given that we are different species. I told them to read Twilight’s book, as she explains it better than I could. Even Matt can explain it better than I can. I don’t care about the science hooey, just that we have her now.

Looking at my face in the mirror. I see my frumpy mane and baggy eyes. My goodness, I look positively hideous. I’m not usually one to care about my looks, but somehow being married and having a foal has done something to change that personality trait. Perhaps because now I have someone to look good for. He’ll never say I’m ugly, though. If I come out to him now and ask, he’ll tell me how pretty I am.

“Whew, that was a stinker.” Matt says as he walks into the bathroom to wash his hands. “Looking good, AJ.” He kisses me on the cheek, “Loving the messy mane look.”

I can’t tell if he’s joking or if he’s serious, but the comment makes me chuckle either way, followed swiftly by a smack of my hoof on his posterior.

“Stop flattering me.” I say, inspecting myself further, “You know I look unkempt.”

“You’ll be beautiful no matter what.” Matt dries his hands off, “Besides, you’re twenty two years old. If anyone has to worry about being old looking and gross, it’s going to be me.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Nope. Completely possible. I’m about to be twenty seven in a few months, and with that comes grey hairs and wrinkles like no tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about such a thing until you’re Granny Smith’s age.”

“Overreacter.” I shake my head.

“Your face is the overreacter.” he halfheartedly teases. “Let’s put it this way…how old is Mayor Mare?”

“Like…in her fifties, I guess.”

“And she’s still looking good, huh?”


“Then you have nothing to worry about.” He puts a hand on my mane. “You’re going to be the talk of the town, even at that age.”

“Stop…” I look away with my face blushing like crazy, “You’re gonna make me lose my mind and jump you.”

“Oh no…how awful.” he says with a great deal of sarcasm. “I don’t want to be jumped by my hot wife. Oh the humanity.”

“You’re just egging me on, aren’t you?”

“What gave you that idea?”

Before I can answer him, we hear Clementine once again crying out. Matt and I go to her room to see her attempting to jump out of the crib and onto the carpet. Quickly, Matt picks her up and places her down on the floor. She sits her little rump on the floor, giggling while feeling the carpet.

“Clementine…” I say with confusion and sternness, “What in Equestria are you doing? You can’t even walk yet, much less ju…”

Our eyes widen when we see a fantastic sight. Clementine…our little Clementine…slowly and clumsily gets on her hooves…and begins to walk. It’s not a perfect walk; it’s actually more of a hobble than something close to walking, but it’s her first steps.

“Matt….” I gasp, a hoof over my muzzle, “She’s…”

“Clementine…” Matt kneels down to Clem, watching her try to get to the doorframe. “You’re getting there, Clem. Just a little bit more.”

“I’m getting the camera!” I shout, running to the living room and grabbing the camera. I turn it on, and rush back into Clementine’s room. She’s not at the door frame yet…good. I start recording. “Go, Clementine!” I cheer for her.

She stumbles a little, plopping back down on her flank. Tears well up in her eyes. Oh no. I should stop recording and help her.

“It’s okay, we got you.” Matt says, helping her back on her hooves. Clementine is smiles again, and Matt pats her on the mane. “Almost there, Clem.” he tells her, “You’re doing great.” He looks over at me with a smile, “This is amazing!”

“Go, Clementine, Go!” I cheer her on. She is getting closer to me. She smiles and giggles, almost at the door frame.

She makes it! Matt and I cheer at her accomplishment. Matt throws his arms up in the air like he’s at a sports game, and I get so excited that the camera strap nearly falls from my hoof. I stop recording. Clementine is still walking; this time, to the kitchen. Matt and I follow her to her destination.

“She seems rather determined to get something.” Matt says.

Clementine goes to the counter, looking up at a wooden bowl full of freshly picked apple. She hops up and down in an attempt to retrieve her desired meal.

“You want an apple?” I ask, “That’s a little too hard for you, Clem.” She cries in protest, “I know, I know…” I pick her up, setting her on the kitchen counter. “You came all this way for something that you’re too young for.” Clementine paws at the apples, but I bring her attention back to me. “How about I get you some freshly made apple sauce, made from these fine fruits? Will that be good?”

Clementine giggles and nods, as if she could understand me. I smile and start making the sauce.

“You were so good!” Matt congratulates her further, booping her on the nose. “AJ, did we get all that?”

“Yes, sir.” I smirk, “Something to show your parents, next time they come and visit.” I turn to cut the apples. Just then, Matt comes up behind me, lifting me up to place my back on his chest. I yelp in shock, looking up to see what he’s up to, and he surprises me with a well placed kiss on the lips.

Oh, that Matt. Always kissing me whenever he gets the chance. I get certain that he would get sick of it at some point, but every time we kiss, he always brings a great deal of passion and love to it. He does this amazing thing with his tongue that…oh…oh I can’t even describe it.

His right hand caresses my cheek, while the other plays with the fluff on my chest. Clementine is still trying to get some fresh apples, but Matt brings the bowl closer to us while still kissing me.

“What’s up?” I ask as we separate. Like I need to know his excuse for kissing me so good.

“We made a great kid. I know people and probably ponies say that all the time, but…” he looks at Clementine, and back to me, “Wow, we made a great kid. Nice work.”

“You did some of that work too, you know.”

“But, you did all the heavy lifting.”

“I sure did.” I chortle, “Next up, she’s going to start talking.” We look back at Clementine. What would be perfect at this moment, is if she says something. I hope she says “Momma” or “Dadda” like most foals do. With our luck, it’s probably going to be something unconventional.

She doesn’t say anything. Instead, she’s looking at the bowl of apples. Oh well, her walking is still amazing. One out of two ain’t bad.

“Sorry…” Matt lets go of me, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“As long as you’re startling me with kisses, I think we’re just fine.” I smile, cutting the apples.

“Come on, Clem.” Matt picks up Clementine, bringing her to the living room. “Let’s watch some good old fashioned cartoons. In your world, we call them Transformares, but what I’m about to show you…is TransformERS. It’s goofy, but at your age, you’re going to think it’s the coolest thing ever.”

He turns on the television, and puts the disc into the player. The show starts, and the theme song comes through the speakers. The music is familiar to me, as our version has a similar tune, but the lyrics are definitely different. Matt comes back to me, helping in making the applesauce. He places the cut apples into the pot of boiling water, and gets a bowl ready for the cinnamon.

We look back to see Clementine bouncing on the couch as that silly show plays on the television. She is enjoying every minute of it.

“She definitely has your taste in shows.” I say, bumping him on the side.

“Yeah. I’ll wait till she’s older to show her the movies. Don’t think she’s ready to see Optimus rip another Transformer’s face off at this time.”

“Definitely not. Have to be all responsible now. Who knows how long it will be before we can take her to the movies.”

“Probably not very long, if we teach her proper behavior.”

“We better. It grinds my gears when parents bring a screaming foal into a movie theater. It’s even worse if it’s a movie for older foals or adults.”

“I think it’s bad, no matter what the movie is.”

“Okay…that’s true.” We both have a good laugh out of that, remembering the time we say a horror movie together in a packed house. One mare brought her two year old colt to the theater, and it started to scream its head off at the first scare. It was more frightening than the actual movie. “Will you be okay not seeing movies at the Ponyville Cineplex for a while?”

“I’ll be fine.” He gives me a reassuring smile, “If it’s something we really want to see, we’ll ask Pinkie Pie to foalsit for us…”

“Did somepony say Foalsit?!” Pinkie Pie yells through the nearby window, startling us both.

“GAH!” we yell, “Where did you come from?!” we say at the same time.

“I came to bring…” she stops her story, looking at the window frame, “…can you open the front door?”

Matt goes to the door opening it up. As usual, Pinkie is already there, bounding in with a box in her mouth, hanging by its straps. She plunks down on the sofa with the grinning Clementine.

“Ooooh! Transformers!” Pinkie claps her hooves, “Have you shown her the movie yet?” She then whispers to us, “I don’t think she’s old enough for it.”

“We know, Pinkie.” Matt say, “Just showing her the cartoon for now.” He glances at the box. “What is that?”

“Oh, right! I came here to give you guys some tasty treats!” she pushes the box over to Matt, “It’s strawberry cupcakes…Applejack’s favorite! Sorry for showing up without notice, but when I saw the cupcakes come out of the oven, I was like ‘OOOHHH! Applejack and Matt would like these!’, so I brought them here!” She leans down to Clementine, “None for you, little filly. They’re too sweet for you!”

“That’s mighty nice of you, Pinkie. We’ll be sure to save them for dessert.” I say.

“You sillies! Cupcakes can be eaten ANY time of day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, midnight snacks…hey, is that really the time on your clock?!” she gasps loudly, “Oh my gosh! I have to get back to the shop! The lemon cake will be done in thirty seconds! Gotta go!”

She rockets out of the house with blinding speed. It’s silence now, other than the television still playing the show. Clementine goes for the box, but Matt picks it up, bringing it over to me. We share a look that says it all.

“Pinkie Pie?” he says.

“Pinkie Pie.” I reply.

Just another morning at the Apple house.

Author's Note:

I chose to not write in Applejack's accent, because I figured from her point of view, she would be speaking in a clearer manner. It'll be back in the next chapter.

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