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Luna and Celestia have been growing apart for years now, Both believe that the other is unfit to serve the kingdom. Luna plans to start her own kingdom and Celestia is determined to stop her. Who will the mane six follow, who will survive, who will win and be the leader of Equestria.

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I sorry but your story needs a pre-reader, a better working casting, and even a better scene splitter. I can help with two of those things.

Another thing name your chapters.

Good story, but needs a proof reader. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad that you guys like the story. Also Thanks to WonDer Soarin for deciding to help me edit.

This is bad. I don't know if you've had much practice but this is incredibly rushed and doesn't make much sense.

Good story, but I'ma hold off on the favorite until it is edited. I like it though. :derpytongue2: I can't wait to read more once it comes out.

4458623 Thanks. Like my comment said earlier. I have found an editor and that should fix some of the problems.

4458787 Cool, can't wait to read it then. :derpytongue2:

If I had a dime for every forgettable NLR/Tyrantlestia fic...

4461118 This isn't a Tyrantlestia fic. In the reading it shows that Celestia is more merciful and believes Luna is connected to the increase in threats on Equestria. Luna on the other hand believes Celestia is unfit to rule due to her ability to almost never give strict punishment. I'm trying to keep it as neutral of a story as possible.

4461527 good move on that part being some may want to read a fic about TNLR or TSE or TFC (The Friendship Congress) aka the mane six.

BTW anything new?

4542757 I'm in the process of finishing the next ch. Will be out as soon as it's done.

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