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You would shudder to think of the things I have written

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What if this actually had goru?!?!?! EW, THAT WOULD BE SO DISGUSTING!!!! :pinkiesick:

This was disturbing. First, she pisses and jizzes in his mouth. Then, she shits in his mouth. A bit disgusting.

Yes, that is the centerpiece of most of my clopfics. However, it isn't actually piss, jizz, and shit, but food and drink somewhat matching the pony--this being the definition of the word foodscat. Cute marshmellow ponies producing actually edible excretions. Maybe I should put the definition up on my userpage or something.

Personally I can't stand actual scat, and this is the remedy.

Watersports I have no problem with, but scat isn't really my cup of tea. BUT, the fact that you changed it to a sort of "foodscat" it kept me reading. It was so interesting I had to finish it. Very creative on your part ^^

.......well that was something:pinkiecrazy:

here are my opinions.

-there should have been pinkie farting
-there should have been another cumshot from pinkie while shitting cake
-anon should have came at least once

I would've loved this fic… if Pinkamena weren't a shemale...

i have just discovered a new fetish
ok why isn’t there more foodscat writing *cri*

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