• Published 7th May 2014
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Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker

A young girl sealed in stone for over a thousand years has been releaed due to Discord's chaos. After everything that happened can she forgive the alicorn sisters for what they've done? Or will Equestria be destroyed by a great force of the

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Down with the Queen

Several months have passed since I told the girls my true intentions. It has been hard earning back their trust, but it has been worth every bit of blood, sweat, and tears. And the multitude of dresses and interrogative sessions with Rarity and Twilight; they even overlapped sometimes! Talk about going through hell! I have also begun to notice a lot of things happen around my friends, too. It started to appear that way when they told me all that I had missed in my three week absence. A sisterly spat between Rarity and her little sister, Sweetie Belle, to a danger filled pet race because of Rainbow, all ending with Spike going through his first greed growth. I am honestly glad I wasn’t there for that last one, otherwise I may have ended up having to kill my little dragon friend. Greed Bursters, as the dragons call them, are the most dangerous and are very difficult to almost impossible to revert back to their original selves. I am very glad he is okay, though.

What disappointed me the most, though, was that I had to miss spending Hearth’s Warming with Fluttershy. She and the others had been invited to Canterlot to take the lead roles in the holiday play. They all came back as soon as they could, but at least I did get to spend the day with Garble, Tiny, and TK. They each gave me a gem that resembled their scale colors and gave each of them a large bag of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds in return. The girls had come back a couple days later and we spent it all talking about past Hearth’s Warmings and having delicious hot cocoa around the fire. That was only possible thanks to all the repair work I had gotten to do on the castle. Nevi attacks were getting rarer and had left me with plenty of free time. Thankfully, I got the new den done just in time for the holiday.

Even more excitement came as winter began to wind down. I wasn’t able to see much of Pinkie, now that the Cakes required her to foalsit their new twins, but I still stopped in now and again to lend a hand. Those two have trouble written all over them. A little while after, a pair of conmen came to town in attempt to take over Applejack’s farm; like hell was I gonna let that happen! Sure, I helped from a distance, but my stasis levitation had improved a ton ever since Rarity had shared her secrets to multitasking. With that little boost, the Apples cleaned those fast-talking colts clocks! Serves ‘em right for trying to take my friend’s livelihood and AJ even made us all honorary members of the Apple family! How great is that?

A few days later, I found a familiar looking flyer in town as Flutters and I were getting her groceries. It was the same flyer Gilgamesh had shown me for that minotaur’s self-help class. I cringed at how his Fluttershy had acted afterward and made sure that my little Flutter didn’t see the poster. I took it upon myself, instead, to help get Fluttershy to be more assertive. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm. I helped her to the point of where she could look one those stand owners in the eye and haggle with the best of them. I’m so proud of her! And there weren’t even any backlashes; she still acts like the Flutter I know and love. Then there was that wackiness involving Twilight and time travel, but let’s not go into that. Except for this weird feeling I still got in the back of my head after Cerberus broke free, it’s just better off forgotten.

Speaking of weird feelings, I think Teridax is still watching me. I few months back, I sensed something watching me and sought it out with my gravity sense. To my surprise, I discovered a Rahkshi hiding in the shadows of my castle. I guess the big lord of evil considers me a threat, which he should. I left the creature be, though. He wasn’t hurting anything at the moment and doing anything to harm the beast would surely bring the Makuta back to my world. I am not putting Fluttershy and the girls in danger like that. So, it just sits there, watching me like some freakin’ stalker.

Getting back on track, was when Garble and the gang begged me to come with them on the Dragon Migration. They wanted the great Goddess of Battle to bless the migration with her presence. I was initially going to refuse, but then Spike went on about wanting to learn more about his kind. Twilight pleaded with me to watch over him at the migration, leaving with me no choice, but to go. It was just like the last one’s I had been to over a thousand years ago: a bunch of dragons sitting around a volcano, sharing stories while the young ones acted like a bunch of drunk morons. It was there that I introduced Spike to my dragon trio. They started off a little rough, due to his pony childhood, but they had become good friends by the end of the day, even though I had to crush their hopes of going on a raid. Phoenix’s are graceful creatures and I was fully against the smashing of their eggs, especially when they reminded me of Philomena, Celestia’s pet phoenix.

Then came one of the proudest moments of my life. This year turned out to be Ponyville’s responsibility to resupply Cloudsdale with water and Rainbow Dash needed every able bodied pegasi’s support to create a tornado that would launch water up into the clouds. Fluttershy was included, but her wingpower was dreadfully low to where it wouldn’t help at all. She didn’t want to let down her friends, so her animals helped her train up her wingpower. I was so proud of her for wanting to get better for her friends that I lent my own skills to help her. What I did was increase the amount of gravity on Fluttershy’s body, to make it so it was like she was constantly carrying around weights, also I made her fly at all times so her wings received the greatest benefits. We started at five times the planet’s gravity, moving up to ten after a day. By the time it was time to create the tornado, Fluttershy was able to hand twenty-five times the planet’s gravity with only a fair amount of difficulty. The results were nothing to scoff at, with Fluttershy’s wingpower increasing from 0.5 wp at the start, to an amazing 11.2! With her massive speed boost, Ponyville was able to set a brand new speed record for the tornado, even earning my little pony praise from the captain of the Wonderbolts. That presence may have kept me in the shadows during the actual event, but I was watching nonetheless, scooping up my granddaughter in a big hug after Spitfire had left.

It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows for me, though (wait, can I still use that expression here? ...Might as well). Even though the nevi weren’t attacking as often, when they did, they went for the massive damage. I didn’t even need my dragon team to spread the destruction as the nevi were perfectly capable of doing it themselves. New nevi showed up each battle, even a few boss nevi coming in. The most difficult by far was the one earlier today when my worst fear became real and I had to fight a rare Hulk! Holy. Shit! He was almost impossibly strong! See what the rare nevi lack in real size, is not only are they immensely stronger than their counterparts, they are also immune to my three super strike powers: Spiral Claw, Gravity Typhoon, and even Black Hole! Wait, have I shared Gravity Typhoon yet? No? Oh, well, that’ll have to wait because I am absolutely beat. It took me five, count ‘em, five freakin’ hours to beat that lousy bucker! I don’t think I will ever be allowed back into Detrot ever again.

After nearly five months of this, I’m almost tempted to wish myself on vacation again. Thankfully, Rarity showed me a better way to relieve stress. Thank all that is holy for the spa! Oh my god, that place is a miracle. Aloe and Lotus are masters in the art of pampering a girl into submission. The Russian accent takes a little getting used to (I had an American military father, of course it would put me on edge!), but it is totally worth it! I was relaxing in the hot tub after going through my usual pampering through the massage and sauna, when I heard the front door open and two more customers came in. I smiled when the spa ponies brought in Rarity and Fluttershy. It was there weekly session! I had completely forgotten about that.

“Hey girls!” I greeted from my spot in the tub. They looked up in surprise, but smiled right back at me.

“Welcome back, Kat! I trust your mission went well?” Rarity returned.

“Oh, I hope you’re not hurt grandmother,” Flutters said as she flew up by my side. “You’re not are you?”

I shook my head. “I’m alright, Flutters. Just having some relaxation after the big fight.”

“Oh, yes,” Rarity said as she and Flutters dipped themselves into the spa tub. “The papers are already going crazy with the destruction of Detrot. Honestly, Kat, I thought you had more decorum than to destroy an entire city.”

I deadpanned at Rarity. “Okay, for once the destruction wasn’t my fault. An extremely powerful nevi was in charge of that last bunch. It took a lot to put it down, which left TK, Tiny, and Garble to deal with the rest as I got smacked up and down the city!”

They gasped. “How are you not hurt, grandmother?” my granddaughter asked as she looked over my body. Sure, it was a little creepy being that I was naked, but I knew there was no stopping her when it comes to my safety.

“It’s a benefit of being a shifter,” I explained. “I can take it as much as I deal it out. The worst I’ve ever really felt is when I fell from the upper atmosphere during my early training. Now that hurt. I really don’t recommend it without the proper safety gear. So, what brings you girls here?”

“Well, not only is it our weekly session, but we need to be prim and proper before we leave for Canterlot tomorrow,” replied the fashionista.

“Huh? Why are you going to Canterlot? Why wasn’t I told about this?”

“Oh, we only just got invited,” answered Flutters. “Princess Celestia has asked us to help out with the Royal Wedding that’s coming up. Rarity has been asked to help with the wedding dress and I’ve been asked to provide the music. Pinkie will be in charge of the reception, Rainbow’s been asked to provide a Rainboom when the bride and groom say ‘I do’, Applejack’s catering, and Twilight is in charge of keeping everything organized.”

Royal Wedding? Why does that sound… oh, right. “Um, who, by chance, is getting hitched?”

“Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. We aren’t exactly sure who that is, but she sounds nice.”

Crap. I was really hoping that that little prediction I had been told about was wrong. Why would sweet little Cadenza marry that dense moron? Then again, I did only meet him once and it wasn’t on the best of circumstances. Might as well give him the benefit of the doubt, for now. “That sounds like it should be… interesting. I hope you girls have fun.” I stood up, facing away from the girls, and covered myself with a nearby towel. “I do need to get going, though. I still have some repairs to finish at the castle, with luck I should be finished with it soon.”

“That’s great, grandmother. You will see us off tomorrow, though, right?” She looked right at me with those puppy dog eyes of her. So. Much. Cuteness! I nearly squeed from the sight and died of an adorable heart attack. It took all I had to stay amongst the living, but I was able to nod my answer. Fluttershy smiled brightly, squeeing herself, and clapping her hooves with joy. “Yay!” Oh good lord, I can die happy with that being my last sight. I couldn’t do that to her though so…

“Seeyoutomorrowbye!” I said as fast as possible and Wormholed to my castle. It took me a few moments to get my heart rate back down to a manageable level, but I did it. How on earth did my granddaughter become so cute? I need to keep a closer watch on her. Soon enough, she was going to get noticed by the stallions around town and I was going to have to start beating them off her with a stick. That or make them become intimate with the ground instead of my little pony. I smile at the thought of squishing some poor colt that was stupid enough to make a move on my Flutter without permission. Then I blinked. When did I become the overprotective parent? I haven’t even met Flutter’s parents, yet, which made me feel a little hollow inside that I, technically, had more family out there that I hadn’t met. I never really pegged myself for being the one to be overbearing on her children, but I guess missing out on Flitter’s life had made me a little protective of Fluttershy. Well, I guess I need to give her a chance at dating, but one step out of line and Flutters’ date is a pancake!

With those thoughts making me smile, I got back to work at repairing my castle. It was nearing completion, with only a few more rooms and hallways left to fix. After that, I would need to work on the gardening since the place was still covered in vines and weeds and the lawn was a complete mess. This passed the remaining daylight hours, even going a little into the night. I laid down on my bed after all that, smiling as I finally finished all the repairs. It took a little over six months, but it was well worth it to have my old home back in working condition. Now I just needed to worry about aesthetics and it would be completely restored! I thought back on everything that had happened ever since I returned from my imprisonment as well as my goals. Over the past few months, my resolve for attacking the sisters had been faltering. I, honestly, wasn’t really seeing the point to it anymore. Every one makes mistakes, even immortal alicorn goddesses, right? Maybe I should just let them off the hook, like Auric and Gilgamesh had suggested? I really couldn’t be sure, not just yet.

The next morning, I saw Flutters and the girls off, though I kept wondering why Twilight looked so pissed. I tried to ask, but was interrupted by the train whistle blowing. I bid farewell, waving as the train took off down the track. I slumped when it was finally out of sight, immediately feeling the boredom coming on. I really hated when the girls went to Canterlot because, with me being a wanted felon, I could never go along. Nothing exciting ever happened while they were gone, leaving me bored out of my mind. Instead of sulking around town, also because I barely knew anypony outside of my little circle of friends, I went back to my castle. With the repairs finally finished, there wasn’t really much for me to do. Gardening was certainly not one of my specialties, so I knew that was out. I was going to have to hire a professional at some point. This left me with only one thing to do: battle training!

Even though I took Gilgy’s rejection hard, I promised him I would keep up with my training. I knew each lesson he taught me by heart and kept practicing each and every day so my skill would sharpen to their greatest potential. I pulled out my shield and sprung my staff to its full length, getting into a ready position. I took a deep breathe, then swung out my staff, putting a lot of force behind it. I followed up with a push of my shield and a strike with my left foot. I continued my practice for several more hours, only stopping as the sun began to set. I remembered that Flutters had asked me to feed her animals while she was away, so I retracted my staff, placing it into its slot on the innards of my shield, and stowed the shield on my back, causing it to shrink down to a manageable size. With my weapons stashed, I teleported to just outside of Flutters’ cottage and got to work. The animals had been wary of me when I had first started coming around, but they warmed up to me, all but one. I don’t know why Fluttershy keeps the thing around, but it’s a little demon!

“Ow!” I let out as something pointy was chucked into the back of my head. I turn, rubbing the sore spot on my head, to see the little devil now. “Hello, Angel Bunny,” I retort as if I was facing down my archenemy. It wasn’t far off from the truth. I swear that this freakin’ thing is evil! It always knows when and how it can do what it wants and get away with. I have tried more than once to punt him to the moon, but Fluttershy always swoops in at the last second and scolds me for being too harsh with him. I gave up trying to convince her that he’s not as good natured as she thinks long ago. Now, the problem was that he wouldn’t eat what I gave him. I’m quite sure he mimed out that my cooking was god awful, which I know it isn’t! How dare that stupid fuzzball say otherwise! Unfortunately, there was no way Flutters would ever forgive if I hurt the stupid thing, so I gave in to his demands and made him some weird salad dessert for his dinner, most of which he left untouched after filling up on only four bites. Rat bastard, literally!

After all of today’s excitement, I decided to just crash at Flutters. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, plus it means that I’m already here to give them breakfast in the morning. I just flung myself on to her couch and passed into a dreamless sleep less than a minute later.

I awoke hours later to a loud thumping near my ear that eventually started to occur on my head. I shook myself free of the nuisance and sat up with a stretch and a yawn. I looked back over to where my head was laying to see a very disgruntled Angel glaring at me and still thumping his foot. I sighed and groaned at the same time, forcing myself to get up to feed the bastard and his much more cooperative brethren. That took an hour longer than expected because of that stupid spoiled bunny; I swear that I’m gonna end him one of these days. Since I had nothing better to do, I continued to practice my forms for a little while. Around lunch, I settled down outside with the other animals and a nice PB n’ J. I sat and watched as the other animals played around with one another, giggling at a few of their antics. I looked off into the distance at Canterlot, wondering how the girls were doing. Then I saw something weird, for some reason, the capital city seemed to be encased in a massive barrier. What was even more freaky was the strange mass of clouds that hovered right above the bubble.

Something about that cloud just screamed trouble to me. I really couldn’t place it. My musings were interrupted, however, when the animals shrieked in terror. I turned back to them and was surprised to see my dragons touching down not far from me. They ran up to me, worry on their face. “What’s up you guys?”

“Kat! Something is attacking Canterlot!” Garble spat out between his pants. How far did they fly to tell me this? I started to get an uneasy feeling, something about all this feeling familiar.

“What is this ‘something’?”

“Uh, well they look like ponies,” Tiny said.

“But, like, not,” TK supplied. Still not liking the sound of this.

“They’re all black, with holes in them, and they all have strange horns and insect like wings. Also they have these big, blue eyes and wicked fangs.”

I paled. No. No, no, no, no. This cannot be! I destroyed them! I left none… no. I told her. I warned her! I began to feel my fear be destroyed by my anger and fury. How dare she! I gave her another chance, a way to fix her mother’s mistakes and she does this?! Then a sense of dread washed over me, and it wasn’t just mine. I felt a tugging in my chest and I looked deep inside myself. Then I heard it.

Help us, grandmother! Please help us!

My little pony needed me! I instantly remembered that she was in Canterlot… with the changelings! I instantly sprung to my feat. “Hold on Flutters! Granny’s coming! Boys, hold on to me, we are going to Canterlot.” They instantly obeyed and a second later, we were floating above Canterlot which was being laid siege to by an army of the bug-like ponies. I felt white hot fury pouring through me. They dared show their faces like this, now they had to pay. I turned to Garble and the others, my voice darker than ever. “Boys, we got work to do.”


Everything had gone according to plan! More so even! Chrysalis, queen of the changelings, thought this as she looked out at the city of Canterlot below her. She had succeeded in infiltrating the castle, absorbed much love energy from that foolish lovesick stallion, and now her brood were taking what they wanted! To make things even sweeter, she had even defeated the great Princess Celestia and now had the Elements of Harmony themselves held hostage! Yes, this truly was her day!

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” she chuckled to herself. She turned towards her captives all of them glaring at her, save for the few looks of fear from those that knew better. “What do you think Celestia?” she asked the cocooned royalty. “After nearly a millenium of regrouping, my children have succeeded in putting your pathetic ponies in their place.”

Celestia glared through her prison, but was still too weak to fight back. “You will not win, Chrysalis. You will be stopped, just like last time.”

“HA! The only reason we changelings were stopped before was due to your pesky little guard dog. And from what I hear, she’s no longer very loyal to you, now is she?” Chrysalis laughed mockingly, making Celestia wince at the reminder of Kat’s betrayal.

She had hoped for the better of the past months that Kat was simply just fighting the monsters, causing her usual amount of collateral damage. But, her ponies didn’t see it that way. They saw a monster that was no better than the ones already destroying their homes. When the dragons started helping her, as well, Celestia knew her fears were true. Kat had become like the very creatures they used to fight together. It anger her as much as it was saddening. Kat used to be a dear friend and now, she was an enemy, bent on her destruction. But, Celestia still had hope that Kat would come back; she hoped with all her heart for that.

Before Celestia could rebuttal, a changeling drone rushed into the throne room, out of breath from his run. “Queen Mother!” he shouted to her in a desperate tone.

“Yes, my little one? What is wrong?”

“D-d-dragons, your majesty! Dragons are attacking us!” he screamed.

The room went deathly silent as Chrysalis glared down at the bug-like pony. You could feel the tension in the air, save for the relief that was coming off one butter-coated pegasus. “What? Dragons? Why would dragons be attacking?!”

“I do not know, Queen Mother! But they are decimating our ranks! We have already lost a quarter of our strike force!”

“WHAT?!” Chrysalis was livid, with a subtle hint of grief. “Get out there and stop those monster from destroying any more of my children! Right this instant!”

“Yes mother!” the changeling screamed and scrammed at the same time. This left the room silent as Chrysalis stared back out at the city, now noticing the flames in the distance. She snarled at the sight, then fiercely turned to Celestia.

“This is your doing, isn’t it? You had this planned out all along! A final good riddance to my kind, well too bad! Gravity made the mistake of letting me live before, and I shall not squander this chance for the changelings to prove their dominance!”

Celestia wanted to say that she knew nothing about these dragons. She wanted to tell Chrysalis that she never wanted the changelings to be destroyed. She never got the chance to do either.

As soon as those words left Chrysalis’ mouth, a familiar voice rang out through the throne room. “And that is a mistake I will not make again.” Everypony and bug in the room froze in place. Even Celestia felt a twinge of fear from the dark tone the voice had used, immediately noting who had spoken. Suddenly, the ceiling above them was blown apart and a figure floated in through the newly made hole. She was bipedal, with long-flowing hair, and coated in a black and red aura, her eyes glowing with power. It was Kat, and she looked mad.

The room was silent as Kat made her entrance.She floated there, above them all, glaring Chrysalis down. “No,” Chrysalis whispered, her voice giving off tremendous amounts of fear. “No, this can’t be possible.”

“It is very much possible, Chrissie,” Kat spat at her. “I spared your life, all those centuries ago, not so you could follow in your mother’s hoofsteps, but so you and your kind could live. It appears… that was a mistake. This time… there will be no survivors.” Kat’s voice was frighteningly calm, not showing her full fury at the vampire-like creatures below. “I gave you a chance, Chrysalis, and you will pay the price for your insolence.”

Kat raised her left hand, summoning power to it. Around the room, all of the changelings, save for Chrysalis, began to float upward. The screamed in terror as they rose without meaning to. They rose up into the air, then hovered just beneath Kat’s height. With massive force, Kat launched her arm forward, sending the bugs flying out to the city. Chrysalis watched in fear as her children flew off, but let out a breath as she saw them stop above the center of the city. Only for her to gasp again as the rest of her children began to be gathered in the air above the city, many calling out to her through the hive-mind, begging for their mother to help them. She could feel the tears beginning to gather in her eyes as she turned back to creature that had once spared her life.

“No, please,” she begged Kat. “Please do not harm my children!”

Kat’s only response was a glare that frightened Celestia to the core. “You should have thought of that before you decided to attack. This was your decision, Chrysalis, and now you will face the consequences.” Above the changelings, a massive cloud of darkness began to swirl into existence, twinges of red lightning bursting from it. The changelings were screaming in terror of the sight.

Chrysalis instantly remembered what she was seeing. It was the same thing that had destroyed her brothers, sisters, and mother. The greatest power of Gravity: Black Hole! “Please, no! Anything, but that!” Chrysalis screamed at the sight.

“No more chances,” Kat said, eerily calm. “No more mercy.” She flung wrist up, causing Chrysalis to scream in terror as her children were launched into the destructive storm. The screams intensified in her head as they fell to their untimely demise within the black hole. Then suddenly, silence. The hive-mind went deathly quiet. Chrysalis trembled and shook as the hole began to fade, leaving no trace of any changeling behind. This was it, she was, once again, the last of the changelings.

“How could you? How could you do this to me, again?” Chrysalis said through her tears. Then she shrieked as she too was brought into the air, being forced to face Kat. Celestia was beyond frightened at this point. She knew that Kat was going down a dark path, but never did she believe that Kat would purposefully wipe out an entire species. The concept was beyond the sun diarch’s grasp. “Put me down! Let me go!”

“No. This time, I will not make the mistake of letting one of you bugs escape.” Kat threw a hand forward and Chrysalis began to be surrounded by an orb of black-red power.

“What are you doing?!” she screamed in terror.

“What I should have done many, many years ago.” Chrysalis continued screaming and thrashing in place as she was sealed within the sphere. Even though she was out of sight, everypony could still hear her screams. “No more of this. Today, the changelings become nothing, but bad memories. Be gone!” Kat began to clench her fingers into a fist, causing the orb to begin shrinking. Chrysalis screaming intensified as the sphere got smaller and smaller. The ponies began to hear sickening crunching from within, indicating that the changeling queen was literally being crushed to death. Just as the orb got to the size that a normal pony would be able to fit in with some difficulty, Kat yelled out, “Gravity Crush!” Kat instantly enclosed her hand, and the orb immediately followed suit. Chrysalis screamed out once more, before a loud, stomach churning crunch was heard from within. The orb continued to shrink, more crunching following, until it finally collapsed on itself, disappearing from existence.

Celestia held back a gasp and a cry at the brutality of it all. Kat had done it, she had finally caused the extinction of the changeling race. It was harsh, brutal, cruel, and many more things. Celestia didn’t know how she felt about this, but one thing came to mind. That if she didn’t act, and soon, Kat may endanger her ponies. Not even Kat could be allowed to do such a thing. The Gravity Queen had to be stopped.


I did it. The changelings were gone for good, and I will forever curse Auric’s name for being right… again. If I had known this was going to happen, I never would have let the filly Chrysalis live. Hindsight is 20/20 they say. I floated down to the ground, making sure I was still coated in aura. I walked over to where the girls were, lowering down to their height. “Are you all alright?” I received nods from each of them, making me let out a breath of relief. I smiled and ruffled Fluttershy’s mane lovingly. “Thank goodness. I was afraid you had gotten hurt.”

“Well, we wouldn’t even be in this mess if we had believed Twilight in the first place,” Rarity said with a look of regret. She turned to Twilight and hugged her tight. “Please forgive us, darling. We should have listened to you.” The others followed suit, confusing me.

“What are you girls talking about?”

“Twilight noticed that something was off about Cadence the whole time and we didn’t believe her,” Fluttershy explained. “None of us believed her, not even her brother or the Princess.”

That last part made me twinge in anger. Twilight knew the whole time that something was wrong, and Celestia had the gall not to believe her sown student? Putting not only her whole country at risk, but also the six most important ponies in my life?! That is the last straw! Nopony, no anything, puts my little Flutter in danger and gets away with it! “Celestia!” I roared, turning around to face the now freed princess, who was looking at with daggers as well.

“Yes, Gravity Queen?” her voice, dripping with venom. “You have something you wish to say to me?”

“There are many things that need to be said, but time will come for them. Right now, you have angered me. Not only did you wrongfully imprison me for over a thousand years, but you nearly let your own country fall to the changelings of all things! That is the last straw, Tia!” I spat, making her cringe slightly. “No more waiting, you have one week, sun goddess. One week to prepare for my arrival. When I return, all will be settled between you, Luna, and myself. The world will finally see that I am still the most powerful being on the planet, and all will fear my name. Do you accept my challenge, Tia? Are you willing to finally fight me?”

Celestia glared daggers at me. “I never impeded you in anything Kat, if anything, I always hoped that you would come back to me someday. I see that I was wrong. I wish it weren’t so, but you have given me no choice. Your challenge has been accepted, Kat Shifter. In one week’s time, the Princesses of the Night and Day shall put you in your place.”

I was tempted to both smile and cry. I don’t why I would cry, but I just had this strange feeling of heart break. Why is that? I shook myself free of that distraction, never taking my eyes off of Celestia. “Until then, Princess. I eagerly await our battle.” I teleported out of there, missing Celestia’s last, whispered words.

“This all could have been avoided, you know.”

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long, but was dealing with some writer's block, demotivation, and summer time vacations. Back to writing, and it's almost here! That's right, next time is what everyone has been waiting for: the epic showdown between Kat and the Sisters. Who will win? Who will lose? And how will the world change? Stay tuned.