• Published 7th May 2014
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Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker

A young girl sealed in stone for over a thousand years has been releaed due to Discord's chaos. After everything that happened can she forgive the alicorn sisters for what they've done? Or will Equestria be destroyed by a great force of the

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Truth Above All Else

As the portal closed behind me, I laid back on my bed as the tears continued to fall from my eyes. I really bucked up this time and lost another friend in the process. I thought back on all the training the Mighty Gilgamesh put me through. The endless sparring, the musical mayhem, the philosophical lessons. But his rejection of my plans damn near broke my heart just as he shattered my totem. I looked down at the medallion that I was holding tightly in my hands.

“I am so sorry, Gilgy,” I whispered through my tears. “I-I can’t turn away from this. Celestia and Luna have to… they have to pay for all the pain they put me through. I can’t forgive them, not without finishing things.”

I don’t know how long I stayed there, curled up on my bed and soaking my pillow with tears. I couldn’t help it, I can’t stand losing friends and I really thought he and I were. Suddenly, I was awakened from my fetal state by the flapping of large wings and three young drakes flying in through my window.

“Your worship!” Garble greeted happily and then bowed low. “It is good to see you have returned. You have been missing for three weeks.”

Three weeks?! Gilgamesh was right that the worlds had their own times. I kept my face hidden until I had wiped away all of my tears and set my voice stoically. “I was busy. Is there anything to report?”

“There have been two nevi attacks, both of which happened over two weeks ago,” he informed me. “Both of which we destroyed as many nevi as possible, but the storms disappeared after an hour.”

I found that highly confusing. The storms never ceased on their own, at least they hadn’t prior to now. Is it just a coincidence that the nevi stopped attacking while I was gone? I sure hopped so. “Good work, you are…” I hesitated on dismissing them. Could I really continue doing this to them? Keeping them in the dark as I slowly push my way towards an epic fight with the princesses? No. No, I am done being Kat the manipulator. No more lies, no more half-truths, no more hidden agendas. There is only one me and its time I made everyone aware of that.

“Is there something wrong, your worship?” asked Garble, sounding a little concerned.

I sighed and turned towards my three dragons. “It’s time I was honest with you three,” I told them. “After everything you have done for me, it is the least I could do. The reason I have us going around destroying the cities the nevi are attacking is so that Celestia and Luna will be forced to fight me. Based on Celestia’s cowardice last time, I need to convince them that they have to fight me at their full. I was going to keep you in the dark until your usefulness wore out, but I just can’t feel right about doing that anymore. I do still need your help, but I will not force you, nor any others, to follow me down this path.”

The three drakes were surprised by my blunt statement and quickly huddled around each other. I could hear them whispering to each other, but couldn’t hear anything fully. They spoke quietly amongst each other for a good three minutes before breaking and turning back to me.

“Your worship,” Garble began, “thank you for being honest with us. It means a lot that you put so much trust in us. As such, we wish to continue serving you. We can’t very well leave you on your own.”

I smiled, holding back the happy tears. “Very well. Oh, and when we’re alone, you may call me Kat. I prefer casualty when around friends.” They brightened at me calling them friends and I did to. “Was there anything else?”

“Uh… yeah!” TK said while dragging out a large, heavy bag. He threw it to the floor in front of me and I opened it to reveal a collection of new crystals. Half were similar in shape to the gravity crystals, though were skinnier and glowed a faint green color. The others were multi-point star shaped crystals that glowed a light blue. I recognized them as status crystals from the game.

“Where did you get these?” I asked them in amazement.

“Some of the nevi we busted dropped them,” Tiny explained. “We thought you might know what to do with them since they smelled too weird to eat.”

“Yes, these will come in handy. The green ones are health crystals and the blue ones are stamina crystals. You break them and you’re cured of all ailments or feel like you just had eight hours of sleep.” I stretched out a palm and absorbed them all into pocket dimensions. Now I had one for gravity, another for health, and a third for stamina. Just ripping apart time and space right here! “You all have done me proud, now should probably return to your coven before Paco gets upset with me. You don’t have to tell him about this if you don’t want to. That is all up to you three now.”

“Of course, Kat,” they said in unison before taking flight towards the Dragon Lands. I sighed contently, watching them disappear into the rising sun. I then grimaced as turned in the direction of Ponyville. I was honest with those three, but could I bring myself to tell the others? I guess I’ll just have to find out. I started towards the door, but stopped when I remembered I still had Gilgamesh’s medallion in my hand. I was about to put it with the other tokens, but something stopped me. It didn’t feel right to put such a gift with a bunch of other trinkets, so I instead slipped the medallion into the inner pocket of my jacket and I put Auric’s coin in there, too, just for good measure. I really need to apologize to him sometime.

All prepared, I teleported out of my castle and into a special confectionary. I dropped to the floor, but not without the customers within gasping at my sudden appearance. “Kitty!” I heard from behind me and turned just in time to get a massive hug from Pinkie Pie. “Oh! How I missed you so~ much! Where have you been?”

“I was with… a friend, Pinkie. Sorry if I worried you and the others, but it was kinda a spur of the moment vacation.”

“Don’t worry about it Kitty! Oh, are you here for a cupcake? Or maybe some Germane chocolate cake?” Again with the pony puns? I really need to learn not to be surprised by it anymore.

“No, I’m not here for food, Pinkie. I need a favor.”

“Anything! Just name it!”

“I need you to gather Twilight and the others and meet me at Flutters’ cottage. As soon as they can. Can you do that for me, Pinkie?”

Pinkie shook her head and put on a look military seriousness. “Ma’am, yes ma’am!” Then she broke into a fit of giggles. “I’ll go get them and we’ll be there faster than you can say ‘Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness’!” Pinkie then zoomed off, leaving me to wonder exactly how she does what she does. I shook my head, no time to think on that, I needed to go see my granddaughter. I quickly teleported before the other customers could say or do anything and I found myself outside of my favorite mare’s cottage. I knocked on the door just right so that it wouldn’t startle her.

“Coming~!” I heard her sing-song voice from within the house. “Yes?” Fluttershy asked as she opened the door, but then gasped as she saw me. I waved at her, smiling brightly. Then she flung herself at my chest, hugging me tightly. “Oh Kat! You’re back! I’ve missed you so much! We thought something bad happened!”

I wrapped my arms around her comfortingly. “Sorry for worrying you, Flutters, but I kinda got pulled away by a friend. By the way, the girls are coming over soon.”

“Oh? What for?”

“I need to tell you all something, but I feel it would be best to tell you all at once.”

“Oh, okay. Would you like to come in and wait for them?”

“That would be lovely.”

Fluttershy and I had some refreshing tea while we waited for the others to show up. Twilight was the first to arrive, already thinking she was late, but we were able to calm her down. Next came Rarity and Applejack, and a little while later, Pinkie came in dragging Rainbow Dash who was being too lazy to do anything at the moment. They all settled in the living room around Fluttershy and me, who stayed on the couch.

“I found everypony, just like you asked Kitty!” Pinkie said happily. “So what now?”

I sighed and let out a deep breath. “Now, I tell you the truth.”

“Huh?” I got from all six mares.

“Whatever do you mean, dear?” asked Rarity.

“Grandmother?” Flutters muttered while looking at me.

“I haven’t been completely honest with you all. I haven’t given up on revenge against the Princesses.”

“What?!” they shouted in unison.

“Why Kat?” began Applejack. “Why would you lie to us about that?”

“I haven’t lied to you, just as I haven’t said the whole truth. I won’t kill them, that much I can assure you all, but that doesn’t mean they can get off Scott free for what they did to me. I am going to challenge them to duel where I can finally show them that they can’t control me.”

There was silence all around. A few moments later, Twilight spoke up. “So then, are the newspapers true? Are you destroying cities all over the country?”

I sighed. “Yes, me and my team of dragons burn the cities the nevi invade. The thought behind it is that if the citizens of Equestria and the Princesses see me as a villain, Celestia and Luna will actually fight me instead of dodge me like last time. I always make sure that nopony is hurt, though. I will always protect the innocent, no matter what.”

“How could you, Kitty?” I looked over and saw that Pinkie’s mane had deflated and there were fresh tears in her eyes. “How could you do this to us?”

“I wonder, too,” stated Rarity, who seemed to have trouble controlling her emotions. “What did you hope to accomplish in befriending us? A strategic advantage?”

I shook my hung head. “No, what I hoped to gain… was friends. Despite everything you had been told about me and how much of a jerk I was, you still allowed me into your homes and lives without asking for anything in return. And that’s why I can’t keep this from you anymore. I can’t lie to my friends.”

The room fell back into silence and stayed that way as each of my friends debated within themselves over this new knowledge. I knew they would need some time. “I should leave,” I stated as I stood up and began moving to the door. But, I stopped near Rainbow, an idea coming to me. I ripped open a whole in space, reached in, and retrieved a green healing crystal. “Rainbow?” I said to the sulking mare. She looked at me, fury hidden behind her sadness. I put the crystal in her hooves and said, “Take this. I want you to break it above your father the next time you see him. I promise that nothing bad will happen.” I turned around, headed for the door, and teleported back to the castle.


The girls had all gone their separate ways after Kat left. Each had been left with much to think about regarding their human friend. Rainbow Dash especially was hard hit. She had trusted Kat, trusted her with information that only her closest friends knew of. Dash was now starting to believe that it was a mistake to have ever trusted the ‘manipulator’. But something was holding back these thoughts and Rainbow, for the life of her, couldn’t figure it out. She tried to mull it over while flying, during her nap, while eating, but nothing was ever resolved.

Well, there was one thing left she could do: visit her father. It wasn’t because of what Kat said, no, as Rainbow Blaze was always inspirational to her. Rainbow trotted silently through the home where her father was admitted, she was always happy to see him, no matter how much it hurt. She soon found her way to her father’s room and sat down near his bed. Blaze was just as she had last seen him: bandaged and broken, staring blankly into space. Rainbow would never admit this to anypony, but one of her greatest wishes was for her father to hold her in his arms, just one more time. Though she knew it would never happen, it was a happy dream.

“Hey, Dad,” Rainbow started. “I need some advice. I have this friend and she, well, she lied to me and the others. She plans on doing something terrible and she lied to us about it. I trusted her, Dad, to the point where I even told her about you. Her father was in the military back in her home, even said he was a two star general, before he died. I want to be loyal to my friends, heck, I want to be loyal to Kat, but how can I when I don’t even know if she means what she says?”

She knew there would be no answer, but at least it was off her chest. Rainbow then looked at her father, how broken he was, and then to her saddle bags which had that weird crystal. She pulled it out and looked it over. It didn’t look dangerous, despite that ominous glow, so she decided to see what would happen. Rainbow hovered over her father and broke the crystal in two above him. The crystal shattered and released some weird energy that was absorbed into Blaze. Rainbow fluttered back to the ground and watched in silence… for nothing. She sighed, expecting such disappointment.

“I wish you could tell me what I should do, Dad. This eating me up. I want to trust Kat, but how can I?” She turned away preparing to leave. “How could I trust someone like her?”

“Perhaps, you simply need some blind faith for once, squirt.” Rainbow stopped at that voice. Her eyes widened to dinner plates and her mouth dropped. Slowly, Dash turned her head back and saw something she never thought she would see again. Looking at her a few feet away, with that cocky smile that never failed to brighten her day, was Rainbow Blaze, happy tears brimming in his eyes. “Sometimes, that’s all it takes.”

Rainbow couldn’t hold back any more and launched towards him, embracing him tightly. “Dad!!” She held on to Blaze with all her might, daring anypony to take him away from her. “You-you’re better! B-but ho-,” Realization came to Rainbow. It was the crystal Kat had given her. That was the only explanation. “Kat,” Rainbow whispered to herself, “Thank you, my friend.”


Applejack stared blankly into her soup. She simply sat there, staring at her reflection in the delicious broth that she had yet to touch. The events of today had given her a lot to think about, leaving her with very little of an appetite.

“Applejack?” asked Granny Smith, sounding concerned. “Y’all right darlin’?”

Applejack blinked and looked up from her meal. “Uh, yeah. Just peachy.”

Granny Smith frowned. “Now don’t you go lyin’ to yer granny!” Her gaze softened and she put a hoof on her granddaughter’s shoulder. “So what’s gotcha so down?”

Applejack looked around the table and was glad that Big Mac and Apple Bloom had already finished dinner and gone to bed. She sighed. “A friend of mine is about to do somethin’ incredibly stupid and mean. No matter what we do, none of us can seem to talk her out of it. Worse of all, is that she lied to us about it! I… I just don’t know if we can stay friends after all that.”

Granny closed her eyes and nodded. “Yer talkin’ ‘bout that ‘hooman’, Kat, right?” AJ’s surprised expression was all she needed. “Thought so. Fluttershy wasn’t the only one who grew up hearin’ ‘bout ol’ Gravity. Mah pappy told me many different stories about that heroic creature. Ah never believed Ah would ever get to meet the legend, though. She has had a hard life, AJ; harder than anypony could believe.” Granny got up and moved towards the window, looking out at the night. “Ya know, Kat kinda reminds me of some the ol’ minotaurs I met a long time ago.”

Applejack blinked in surprise. “You used to have minotaur friends?”

Granny nodded and smiled with a laugh. “Oh, yes. Bunch of ruffians, they were. Always getting into trouble and fightin’ amongst themselves. Made this peace-lovin’ pony wonder how they could be friends with how much they argued and fought. So, Ah asked them one day an’ you know what they told me?” Applejack shook her head, ensnared in her grandmother’s story. “They said, ‘Those who walk the path of life alone, are bound to greet its darkest territories and perish within. Those who would walk the path with friends by their side, will fight through those territories and come out as better ponies.’ Do ya understand what Ah’m tellin’ ya youngin’?”

“Un, kinda?” Applejack admitted sheepishly.

Granny sighed and rolled her eyes. “What Ah’m sayin’ is that as long as Kat has friends by her side, she won’t go down the dark paths. As long as you and the others stick with her, Kat will always be the good pony we know her to be. While it’s downright plain to see that she is goin’ down one of those paths now, if she has you, Fluttershy, and yer other friends, then she will be able to return to her original path of light. Ah will always believe that Gravity is a hero, even if she is actin’ like a villain, Ah know she has her reasons. But, Ah suppose you would know her better than me, so, AJ, what kind of pony is Kat?”

Applejack was about to retort, but put her hoof down as she truly thought about Granny’s words. Kat wanted revenge, but she just wanted to show the princesses that they were wrong; would she do any different? If somepony had wronged her so, could she forgive them so easily? AJ had known Kat for a much shorter time than the princesses, but she had seen so much in the young girl. Kat had a hard life, that was true, but she was making the best of it. Kat was always smiling around them, always willing to lend a hand, and she was carefree in everything she did. AJ had her answer. “Kat is a good pony who just needs to let out a little anger. Yer right, Granny, I can’t abandon a friend to a life of vengeance. Ah gonna be right there with her, making sure she don’t do somethin’ too stupid.”

Granny smiled and nodded. “That’s what Ah thought y’all was gonna say. Now, why don’t I tell ya a few more stories ‘bout my minotaur buddies?” Granny asked as she led AJ into the living room

“Ya know Granny, that don’t sound like a bad idea at all.” Applejack took a seat on the couch while Granny got in her chair.

“Well, let me tell you about them. There was Brutus, and Steel Fist, and ol’ Iron Side. Bunch o’ fools with big egos, but they were friendly. I learned a lot around them, such as minotaurs fight between each other to gain a proper understanding of who they are. If they have an argument, they believe a good fight will help them understand each other better. Kinda like what Kat’s plannin’ right?”

AJ blinked, noticing the similarities as well. They were strikingly similar. Maybe she needed to bring that up with Twilight? She would know better about such things. “Well, don’t leave me in suspense! Ah wanna hear it all!”

“That’s the spirit, youngin’!” Applejack laid back and listen to her granny ramble about her friends, lulling the orange mare to sleep after about five minutes.


I had been lying in my bed since I arrived back at the castle. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and do anything. Didn’t really matter, though, because I had already repaired nearly three-fourths of the castle, so I had no problem just laying around. Didn’t make me feel any better, unfortunately. I knew that telling them the truth would hurt, but I had no idea how much. I could feel a tear in my heart looking at their heartbroken stares; it was the worst feeling I had in a long time.

It’s been only a little over a day since I told them all the truth, but it felt so much longer. I finally pulled myself from the bed and decided to go for a walk through the castle. As I wandered the halls, I continued thinking on my friends and how much those six ponies had grown on me. Fluttershy, especially, meant a lot to me. She was in all essence, my only family on this planet and I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if she hates me. I really hope she doesn’t hate me. I sighed and looked up to see where I ended up. Seems I found myself in the rebuilt throne room, on the ceiling. I sighed again, this time in frustration. It really gets annoying when you don’t even realize you’re not on the ground anymore. Maybe I should just give up walking and rely on floating all the time? Eh, maybe someday, but not today.

“Kat?” My head shot up from the sound of another’s voice. I looked around frantically, recognizing that voice.

“Uh, down here, partner.”

I stopped moving my head and face-palmed, completely forgetting I was on the ceiling. I looked down and smiled at the group of ponies beneath me. “Girls!” I cried and flew down to them. “You came!”

“Yeah, we did,” Twilight said with a glum look. My good mood melted away and I hung my head.

“You decided then?” I asked, beginning to float away from them.

“We sure did,” Rainbow said. I just continued floating, not even looking at them. That is, until I was suddenly tackled by the cyan pegasus mare. I was spun around from the momentum, but I realized that she was clinging to me with tears in her eyes. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Rainbow was crying into my chest.

“It worked, I take it,” I said with a soft smile.

“Like a charm!” Rainbow said, before hugging me again. “Thank you for giving me back my dad, Kat. It means a lot to me.”

“I had something that could help,” I shrugged. “Why keep such a thing to myself when it can be used to help others?”

“And that’s why we have decided to stick by ya, sugarcube,” Applejack said moving towards me and Rainbow from the group, Fluttershy by her side with a comforting smile. “You may have lied to us, but yer a good pony. Ya just need help in making others see it, that an’ yer dang anger issues.”

I stuck my tongue out at her playfully. “Hey, it’s not like I am doing any permanent damage. And once I’ve shown those two not to do that again, I’m going to put all my focus into destroying the nevi. That’s a promise!”

“And we will certainly hold you to it, darling,” Rarity said with a wink. “Though you must earn my forgiveness.”

“How?” I asked with a little fear of how she was looking at me.

“Well, I just so happen to have a slew of new dresses that I need a model for and…” she looked at me with a glint in her eyes.

I deadpanned. Okay, I know where this story’s going. “Fine,” I huffed and crossed my arms. “But, I won’t like it!” That got a chuckle out of the others.

Twilight walked up to me next, still with a glum look. “I still don’t like that you want to hurt my teacher, Kat. Celestia is like another mother to me and you want to drastically hurt her. I don’t know how I feel about that.” I winced at her confession, not knowing the extent of Twilight’s feelings towards Cellie. I hope that this doesn’t ruin things. “However, you have proven yourself truly capable of handling yourself and protecting others, so I believe a symbol of faith is in order. As long as you promise not to cause any permanent damage, I will respect your decision.”

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “I can agree to that, Twilight. Thank you for staying my friend. Pinkie? Flutters? What about you two?”

“I don’t like that you want to be a meanie pants, Kat, but if this will make everything better, I’m game!” Pinkie announced with a smile. “Then we can throw a big party!”

The others and I chuckled at Pinkie’s enthusiasm and then I turned to Flutters who was still near Applejack. I got down on my knees so I was eye level with her and the others. “Flutters? Will you still be my friend?”

Fluttershy slowly moved closer to me until she was right in my face. Without warning, she pushed forward and wrapped her arms around me. “Of course, Kat. I could never turn my back on you.” She pulled back and I saw a few tears in the corners of her eyes. “We’re family and that is a fact that will never change. I love you, grandmother, I always will.”

I felt the tears in my eyes and down my cheeks. I pulled Fluttershy closer, feeling her warmth. I had family now, a family I could protect. “Thank you, my little Flutters,” I whispered into her ear. “I promise that I will always protect you. As long as I exist, no one will harm you or your friends, or they will pay the price.” I let Fluttershy go and we both wiped the tears from our eyes. Then I had an idea. “Hold on a second girls.” I teleported off to Fluttershy’s cabin and looked around. A few of the animals ran in fear of my sudden appearance and a certain little bunny was glaring at me with his arms crossed and a foot stomping in irritation. “Sorry Angel,” I said while rubbing the back of my head. “Hey, you know where Shy’s diamond is?”

Angel’s eyebrow lifted a little and he pointed towards the lower bedroom. I questioned why it was there, when it was last on her shelf of knickknacks. “Thanks,” I muttered and moved towards the room. I opened the door and found the last thing I was expecting: a shrine, to me! Did not see that coming. There was a little statue of my frozen state in the center surrounded by a few other items. I saw a small book that had definitely seen better days. I picked it up and looked at the first page.

The Personal Journal of Flitterbee, daughter of Gravity

I felt tears coming to my eyes again. I always wondered about how Flitter thought of our relationship and now I knew. She truly thought of me as her mother and I couldn’t be happier that she did. “Thank you Flitter,” I whispered as I put the book back. “I will always remember you, my little pony. And I will do my very best to protect your legacy. My only regret is that I couldn’t see you grow up into the great mare I knew you would become. Rest in peace, my little Flitter.” I wiped the fresh tears from my eyes and I spied my prize near a few framed, ancient news articles. I picked up the black diamond and Wormholed back to the girls.

“You’re back!” Flutters announced happily.

“Yep, had to grab this,” I said while presenting the gem. I bent down and held out the gem for all to see. “Check this out.” I let my hand glow with power as I held the diamond. The crack down the middle began to repair itself immediately and it began to glow softly. With the repairs complete, I whispered into it, just loud enough for the others to hear. “I, Kat Shifter, Queen of Gravity, lend this diamond to my granddaughter, Fluttershy, and her compatriots. As my solemn duty, should she ever call out for me whilst holding this gem, I shall be at her side, post haste. This token of mine will always be with her, never leaving her side, even if it is never seen. I give this to her as a token of my love and pride in her, something that will never change.” I smiled at Fluttershy who had tears in her eyes, happy tears. I grabbed her hoof and placed the gem in the flat. It disappeared in a glimmer of light. “This gem is now a part of your soul, Fluttershy. Whenever you need me, all you need is to call for me and I will be there for you, no matter what.”

“…Thank you, grandmother. I will make you proud,” Fluttershy said after a moment of speechlessness.

I smiled and rubbed her mane affectionately. “You already have, my little pony.” She smiled back and we hugged. I looked at the others, all of them looking at me with various looks of happiness. We broke after a moment. “So my friends, why don’t we go get something to eat at Sugar Cube Corner. My treat!” They all ‘whooped’ in happiness and I teleported us to go get some delicious treats.

Without my knowledge, however, another was in my castle, watching from the shadows. “You seems so happy now,” it said with sinister sincerity. “It will be glorious to take it all away from you. You speak of revenge, but you know nothing of the subject. Soon, very soon, I will destroy you and all you care about. You will pay for everything… Ally.” The figure disappeared in an instant, leaving none the wiser that it had ever been there in the first place.