• Published 7th May 2014
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Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker

A young girl sealed in stone for over a thousand years has been releaed due to Discord's chaos. After everything that happened can she forgive the alicorn sisters for what they've done? Or will Equestria be destroyed by a great force of the

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Pulled Back to Reality

Darkness. Darkness was all around me. How long? How long have I been in this eternal void? I cannot move, cannot breathe, and I can only barely think. The darkness, no, emptiness was my only companion for all these long times. I didn’t used to be alone. He was right by my side from the very beginning. Always there to keep my spirits high and my mind focused. Why? Why was he taken from me? He was the only one I could really call a friend.

Then in front of me, there was a spot. Light, a point of light. I stared at it for what felt like eons and then it started to grow. It grew and grew until it loomed over me and drew me forward into its awaiting embrace. I was blinded by the whiteness, but that gave way to weariness.

I collapsed where I once stood. I coughed as I took in fresh air for the first time in who knows how long. Wait, I can breathe? I fluttered my eyes open to find myself laying on a large block of stone and a familiar figure looming over my disgruntled form.

“Welcome back to the world of the living, my dear Kat!” said my old “friend”. I looked to the figure, a draconequus, a mismatched being that just screamed chaotic. Discord was his name and whenever he was around, things got messy. “It’s been far too long since we chatted, but I cannot stay long. I have a Princess to annoy and some Elements to steal. Ta ta!” With a snap his talon hand, good ol’ Dissy poofed away.

I tried to stand, my legs were weak from being in one place for too long. It was shaky trying to stand, but I got there eventually. I took in my surroundings, I was in some form of a garden that was decorated with several stone statues, but my guess is that they were just carved from stone and not turned into it like me. I hoped so at least. I took a look down at myself, yep still in that same old costume from that stupid convention. My skin tight outfit was still black in color with gold linings and depictions. My legs still had gold bands wrapped around them going down to my black high heels. My wrist bands, again black with gold trimming, were still in place. And my matching scarf and headband were still with me as well. I brushed my blonde hair from my eyes and slowly got myself down from the stone slab I was on.

Once I got off, I realized the stone was my pedestal as there was a golden plague on it. Carved into the gold was one word only: “Gravity”. That was all that it said, the only thing that I would be remembered by was as Gravity. I don’t know how long I stared at the plaque, but it must have been pretty long as the sun was slowly starting to sink into the sky. Had I paid attention earlier, I would have noticed that the sun and moon had been switching places all day. Then, I was brought out of my thoughts by blinding dome of white. It engulfed me and everything else as it blew on by. Then I remembered. I remembered everything. From the day that I bought that little stuffed cat at the convention and then suddenly appeared here in Equestria, to that day. Where those two alicorns took the one thing I needed most.

I felt hot tears stain my cheeks as I remembered what they did. It all came crashing around me. The loneliness, the despair, the heartbreak, the anger, the rage! Yes, the rage!! I could feel myself powering up. The energy inside me wanted to break free. I wanted to let it. To let this world crumble before me for what they did. No, no he wouldn’t want that. He taught me better, it was not the citizens’ fault for what happened. No, it was their fault! Celestia and Luna were the problem, they took him from me.

The anger roared inside me and I let it all go!

***Inside Canterlot Castle (Third P.O.V.)***

Princess Celestia felt relieved that her faithful student and her friends were able to once again seal Discord away in stone. “You all did very well, my little ponies. I am proud of you all.”

“Wasn’t nothin’!” boasted the one and only Rainbow Dash. “We kicked that guys’ sorry flank no problem!”

“Of course it was something, dear Rainbow,” admonished the beautiful Rarity. “Our friendships were nearly destroyed by that brute!”

“But we all pulled together in the end!” said the ever-bubbly Pinkie Pie.

“It was all thanks to Twilight and her quick thinkin’. She truly saved us, ain’t that right sugar cube?” dear, honest Applejack praised.

“Hmm,” said the studious Twilight Sparkle while blinking. “Oh sorry, Applejack, didn’t hear what you said. I was just thinking…”

“Tell us something we don’t know,” Rainbow quipped.

“Something on your mind, my faithful student?” Celestia asked with concern.

“It’s just what Discord said before we sealed him away. He said that another force of chaos has been released and soon the Princesses will pay for their past mistakes. What did he mean by that Princess?”

Celestia racked her mind, trying to decode the riddle as well, but she didn’t have time to make an answer as a loud screamed came from the outside the castle. This was not a scream of terror, but one of agony and anger. Without warning, the wall behind the ponies was suddenly pulled apart revealing a lone figure standing in the dust. This creature was bipedal in stance, her blonde hair billowing in the breeze, and her eyes screamed with burning anger.

“Hello again, Celestia,” the figure spoke with a light, yet menacing voice. “Remember me?” Her claws then began to glow in a reddish, black aura that made the petite thing ever so much more menacing.

Celestia stared at the figure in horror. The memories of their last encounter running amok inside her mind. One word only stood out amongst the running thoughts. One word that the immortal Princess of the sun spoke aloud in terror. “Kat.”

Author's Note:

So here is my spot in the Humans acting villainous/heroic buzz. I hope you enjoy it!