• Published 7th May 2014
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Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker

A young girl sealed in stone for over a thousand years has been releaed due to Discord's chaos. After everything that happened can she forgive the alicorn sisters for what they've done? Or will Equestria be destroyed by a great force of the

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Gravity Falls, part two

The hours ticked by in the darkness before me. It was practically silent all through the night, only the occasional sound of dripping water from the dank ceiling giving me company. The guards had come by a couple hours previously to deliver a small meal of water, bread, and celery. I recognized it as the meal we used to give to prisoners of war, save for celery instead of hay. It felt demeaning to eat it, but I was so hungry that I didn’t really care.

It was roughly midnight, if I was reading what little moonlight I could from the cell window. When I was finally able to crawl up to the small window, I was able to see that it faced the center of the guard arena. It had taken me a moment, but I had realized why. That’s where it was going to happen. Where our executions would take place and I was gonna have a front row seat.

“How are you enjoying your accommodations?”

I jumped at the sound of another being, but my expression instantly turned cold and harsh at the one speaking. Standing in front of my cage was none other than Raven Masters herself. The cold hearted bitch who put me in here. She was smiling oh so sweetly at me, as if she truly cared. I had a tough time believing she actually cared about anything other than herself.

“As a matter of fact, I’m not,” I said strongly, trying to hide my hopelessness. “Why are you here, Raven?”

Her smile increased slightly. “Why to see you, of course. Kat Shifter, the Gravity Queen. The stuff of legends and myths the world round. You’ve been busy, haven’t you?”

I simply glared at her as she paced in front of my cell, just watching me. “Why?” I asked after a moment of silence. “Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you?”

“Oh, that’s the question, now isn’t it? What did you do to me? What did you do to little old me?” She laughs slightly, before slamming her face right to mine through the bars. “You ruined my life is what you did, you little prick!”

She pulled back, leaving me to rub my face. “What are you talking about? I don’t even know you!”

Raven’s glare was harsher than anything I had ever seen from her. “Oh, maybe you don’t now, but you will. But I most certainly know you. Ever since I came to this world I’ve been haunted by your image. The legends and tales of Gravity destroyed me. When I came to this world, was a I greeted with love and understanding? No! No, I was treated like a monster by those who you tried to stop. I ended up in some of the most crime-ridden areas in this country. The areas the profited the most off the wars you stopped. They all thought I was you!!”

I started to back away from her ranting, her face contorting in anger. I felt my palms hit the back wall before my back did and I pressed as tightly as I could against it. “I-I’m sorry that happened. I didn’t kn--,”

“You didn’t what?! You didn’t know?! Of course not! How could you have? All you have ever cared about is yourself! Never the ones who actually bothered to give a damn about you!”

Okay, now I was seriously wondering who this girl was. “Who are you?” I asked as curiosity took over. “Who are you, really?”

Raven began to laugh, like full on evil laugh. “Oh, you really don’t remember me, do you? That’s really heartbreaking. And to think, we used to be so close you and I.” She leaned against the back wall, smirking slightly.

“I don’t even know you! How could we have been close?!”

Raven snarled slightly, getting irritated with me. “Now you’re just being mean. We used to be as close as sisters. Remember all those sleep overs, the camp outs, the dances? We were practically inseparable back then. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me, Ally?”

My eyes had slowly started to grow in fear as she continued to speak, but then she said my name. My real name. Very few knew that name, and Raven most definitely wouldn’t, unless… “Dear god, you can’t be. Y-you just can’t be her.”

Her smirk was one of true evil. “Oh, but I am, dear little Allison. I’m one of the few who actually gave a damn about you on Earth. One of the few who bothered to by your friend. I was the one who treated and saw you as family. Do you remember me now? Do you remember your own sister?!” she yelled, banging her fist on the bars of the cell.

“I never forgot,” I responded. It was true. No matter how much time had passed, I could never forget her. “Rita...it’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it has,” she said with a sneer.

“But how are you here?” I asked. “How did you of all people get to Equestria?”

“Same as you, I’d wager. But to understand that, you’d have to now how much so you ruined my life.”

“Wh-what do you mean? Please, Rita, tell me what happened.”

“It all started the day you disappeared,” she began, putting her back against the bars. “Do you remember that day? All those years ago? You just vanished without a trace, and I was so frantically worried. I searched up and down the convention center, looking for any sign. I thought you had been kidnapped, dragged off to a slave ring or some shit like that. I went to the police of course, but they never really tried. Small town girl goes missing in the big city? Ha, like they’d give a damn. That’s what we get for going to Lincoln, I suppose.”

I saw her tighten her grip on her arms, shaking slightly, out of anger or sadness I didn’t know. “That’s where everything went wrong. Your little disappearing act had more effects than you could ever believe. The whole town was in mourning as the weeks drew on into month. Small town America, we look out for our own, only to lose one so suddenly and without warning. Our family took it the worst, being as close to you as we were. Mom cried for weeks, sitting by the phone waiting for any kind of call. Dad...dad went into a deep depression. He’d felt like he failed you. After a year of drowning himself in alcohol, he killed himself.”

I couldn’t have held back that gasp even if I’d wanted to. Rita’s dad was as close to a father I’d had before coming here. I always saw him more like an uncle, but he’d considered me a daughter, I know. We spent a lot of time together, what with him being my therapist. I saw him almost weekly, even when it wasn’t court mandated, which it usually was. But it was so hard to believe that he’d actually fallen that far...all because of me. Was I really that important to the town? I was just an orphan, how could have coming here had done all this damage?

Rita ignored my gasp and continued speaking. “Me? I almost did the same, was even considering ending my life. Then dad beat me to the punch and I knew I had to keep living, if only to keep mom from going insane from grief. We tried to move on, for ten years we tried to go on with our lives. I went to college and even got my doctorate in psychology. I had planned on following in my old man’s footsteps. Then I made the stupidest mistake of my life. Another convention was held that year and I couldn’t resist going in your honor, even dressing up like Raven. I was only recognized by true PlayStation fans, though, what with Sony going under back in ‘15. Tsunami nearly wiped them out.” Well….that sucks. One of the great gaming companies, destroyed by Mother Nature. Figures, just like a mother to hate gaming.

“While I was there, I found this small little vendor with all kinds of props and what not.” Uh oh, him again. “Along the shelves, what did I spy? Why a certain little star speckled bird, of course. Raven’s raven. The strange man that ran the shop noticed me eyeing the plus little doll and offered it to me for a decent price. Only a few bucks. I’m sure you know what happened after I bought it. Probably the same that happened with your little cat. When I awoke, I was outside some dinky little town in south Equestria, my plush bird now real and speaking to me in my head. I tried to get some help from the natives, but what did they do?” She turned around and stared at me with pure hatred. “They tried to kill me! Why? Because they thought I was you! It was the same wherever I tried to flee. I would either be shunned or hunted. After a while, I figured enough was enough and hid out in the mountains. There I trained and trained and trained, trying to master these powers of mine.”

She lit her hand with that blue/black aura of hers. “Took me a few decades, but I finally learned something useful out there.” She slowly moved her hand out to her side and a little portal appeared that let out a simple little minion. “I learned how to create my own nevi. I sent them out into the world to bring me back as much information as they could. It was through them that I learned of you. Oh, I recognized you in a flash. I remember crying when I saw that little newspaper clipping. But something else grew in me that day, a pure burning hatred for you. You, the girl that ruined my life, the reason I was living in cave while she was living it up in a castle, would pay. It’s taken years of careful planning and patience, but it’s all been worth it to see you behind these bars.” She tapped the metal bar with a smile. “I should thank you, Ally, for you acted just as I predicted you would. Your every action, every reaction, all of it I knew it would end like this. With you at my complete mercy. Poetic, isn’t it?”

“No! It’s not poetic, it’s sick!” I yelled out as tears streamed from my eyes. They were tears of both anger and sorrow from her story. “I didn’t intend to come here! I was sent here against my will, just like you. I had to make choices here and it just happened to turn out in my favor. None of this was supposed to happen. Surely you must understand that, Rita!”

She powered up in a sudden burst that threw me back against the wall, slumping down to my rump. I looked up at her amazing powered form in awe and fear. “Do not call me ‘Rita’. I am Raven Masters, Master of Gravity. And I will not accept excuses from you! You always got everything; all the sympathy, all the goodness of others’ hearts. You lived in the life of luxury for years, while I was forced into hiding and survived off scraps! No more, one way or another, everyone will bow before their master. You were a destroyer and I will be their salvation.”

I was left speechless as Rit--Raven, made her way to the exit. She stopped at the door, though, and turned slightly towards me. “You’re just like him, you know?” She then bore her eyes right into mine with that glare. “You’re just like that drunkard that killed your parents. Thinking that your actions didn’t have consequences and, in the end, just hurt yourself and others. Farewell Allison, I’ll see you on the execution block.” And with that scarring remark, she left me to the fading moonlight.

I curled up on that spot, crying into my knees as Raven’s final words shook me to the core. Deep down, I knew she was right. I had become the very monster that I had sworn never to become. I had gotten drunk, not on alcohol, but on power, and went on a joyride with it. I’ve already crashed into the innocents and now I’m just slowly burning alive. “Dear god, what have I done? What have I done?”


I stayed in that spot for several hours, the moonlight slowly fading into sunlight as the time ticked on. I had eventually cried myself to sleep, only to be awoken by the sounds of trumpets. I was thinking to myself on what kind of alarm clock uses trumpets when it hit me. I froze solid upon my realization and slowly turned and looked up at the lone window in the room. With hesitation of the greatest extent, I climbed up the wall, getting on the tips of my toes as I stared out the small, barred, opening. The light blinded me slightly, but when it cleared….oh how I wish my vision had never cleared. Upon the massive stand, in the middle of a massive crowd, stood Raven over a single lone pony. This pony, whose arms were tied to parallel post at her side, had her head hung, allowing her long, pink mane to drape over her face. Her butter-yellow coat was matted and covered in dirt and grime. When she finally lifted her head, I choked back a sob as I saw her sunken, cyan eyes.

I put a hand to my mouth as tears already started to fill my eyes. That was Fluttershy, my own granddaughter, up on the execution stand. Raven looked in my direction and smiled slightly, looking ever-so-pleased. It broke my heart seeing my little Flutters looking so tarnished. What nearly shattered it was remembering that it was because of me she was there. And then, it began.

“Ladies and gentlestallions,” Raven boomed out to the crowd. “We gather here today in ceremony to start the beginning of the end in one of Equestria’s darkest chapters.” Claps and cheers followed her words, sickening me to the core. “Here in the binds before you,” she indicated to Fluttershy, “is one of the traitors who assisted the Gravity Queen in her acts of destruction against Equestria. You may know her as Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness, but there is another truth you may not be aware of. That this pony considers herself family to that loathsome heathen!”

Boos and yelling hailed from the crowd, even a metal can being thrown directly at Flutters, striking her in the head. She yelped in pain, only feeding the crowds hunger for blood. Raven continued her rant over the crowd. “For these treasonous acts, this poor excuse for a pegasus has been sentenced to death! The worst of punishments for the worst kind of criminal. Do you have any last words?”

Fluttershy was quiet for a few tense moments. The tension was thick, the entire crowd had gone silent, expecting to hear her last words.

“Well then--”

“You won’t get away with this,” she said almost too quietly. She tried to turn her head to look at Raven, but her bindings only allowed so much. I could feel the power of her stare bearing down on Raven, but she was far too strong for such a technique, no matter how fierce it was. “You will fail in the end and it will be Kat that stands over you.”

I could only weep as she spoke those words, much to Raven’s ire. No doubt she was hoping for pleads of mercy or begging for her life. “Fluttershy,” I whispered. Even now, she still had faith in me...but it was too late, there was absolutely nothing I could do.

Raven sneered darkly at Fluttershy, almost ready to glare. “How dare you.” She stepped forward and backhanded my granddaughter across the face. “You will not speak as such, traitor!!” My anger spiked at seeing her do that to Flutters, so much so that even in my weakened state, I was pulling on the bars to get to her.

Fluttershy may have cried out, much to the pleasure of the crowd, but she only returned a glare of defiance. “She will defeat you! My death will only be another nail in your coffin!” Oh my dear sweet Fluttershy, how much you’ve grown in such a short time. “You will lose!”

“Enough of this!” Raven yelled. “Your time has come Miss Fluttershy! Your execution is at hand!” Raven stepped back and reached out her hand, it glowing with her aura. Wait...no, no, no, no!!! Not that!!

“No, Raven!!” I cried from my cell, but it was drowned out by the crowd. “Please!! Anything, but that!!”

But it was to no avail. Fluttershy started to groan and shake as particles of energy began to drift from her body and into Raven. The next second, she was screaming, writhing in pain as her bindings kept her still.

“Kat!” I saw her mouth even though her voice was too small.

“Fluttershy!” I shouted back.

Another huge ripple ran through her body and her screams could have been heard from outside the stadium, I’m sure. “Grandmother!!”

“Flutters!!” I reached out through the bars, so desperate to stop this. I would have given anything for her to be saved. For anything to happen. “Please,” I whispered as the tears flowed like rivers of sadness from my eyes. “Please, someone, anyone, please stop this!! Save her! I’m sorry, please just don’t let her suffer!! PLEASE!! SOMEONE SAVE HER!!”

But no one heard me.

Anyone who could were to busy cheering for the execution. I could see her form begin to shimmer and fade. No, it was happening far too quickly for me. An eternity would have been too fast for this. I knew she felt it too, as she let out a loud scream and the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard in my life was shouted to the heavens.

“Kat! Never stop fighting! I know you can beat her!!” She paused as tears of pain fell from her eyes. Then she screamed it: “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, GRANDMOTHER!!!” There was one more scream of pain and then...silence.

Everyone went quiet as Fluttershy’s body broke into the tiniest of particles, little wisps of energy finishing flowing into Raven. Then as one, the crowd roared with applause. I could hear screams of sadness coming from the other side of the area and I knew that the others were watching too.

My body was wracked with despair at seeing that.

I could barely keep my balance.

My tears wouldn’t stop.

My breathing was ragged at best.

And, most of all, my heart was shattered.

Then I saw Celestia land with such ferocity and speed, I thought for sure she was going to kill Raven. She certainly looked angry enough. The ponies had gone silent, but Celestia didn’t speak to them. She walked right up to Raven and spoke directly to her. I couldn’t hear them, but I could definitely read lips.

“You. Me. Throne room. Now.”

Celestia took flight, heading back the way she came, leaving Raven behind to smirk like she just one the lottery. She turned to the crowd and said, “Apologies my little ponies, but I have to meet with our dear Princesses. You may see yourselves out. Raven levitated off the ground and flew after Celestia.

As the ponies filed out of the arena, I finally got down from the window, putting my back against the cold stone of the wall. I slowly sunk down the wall and curled up into the fetal position and wept.

*****Celestia’s POV*****

I landed quietly in the throne room, barely able to control my anger. How could someone be so cruel? So purely...evil? Murdering Fluttershy of all ponies was crossing a line and I intended to show her how much so.

I turned around as I heard Raven fly into the room. Luna was standing off in the back of the room, my only backup just in case. I glared right at the human, a burning hatred in my heart. “Miss Masters,” I growled out.

She appeared unfazed, though, responding simply with a neutral face. “Princess. You wished to speak with me?”

“What you did out there was completely uncalled for! You made poor Fluttershy out to be a monster!”

Raven sneered at me in response. “She was. Siding with that despicable excuse for a human. That particular pegasus deserved the death she got, being absorbed into me!”

I was taken aback by that statement. “W-what? What do you mean absorbed?”

“Oh, you don’t know about it? Of course Kat would keep such a power secret from the ponies. Extinguish is the greatest technique in a shifter’s arsenal. It allows us to not only kill our enemy, but also make their greatest strengths our own. I know she could use it too, I could feel its power when I took her abilities.”

I felt sick, truly, truly sick. “I-I can’t believe you would do such a thing. No moral being would willingly do that to another! That is sick and inhumane!!”

“You could have stopped it, remember?” she said with a tone of mockery. “Why didn’t you? Did you think I wouldn’t go through with it? Oh trust me, I will. I have seven days of execution all planned out. Maybe they’ll make a national holiday out of it. Execution Week, or something. I don’t know; was never good at naming things.”

I felt truly guilty now at sleeping in. She was right, I could have saved her, but I didn’t. There was no way I could let that happen again. Despite my anger, I couldn’t risk Twilight’ life, nor those of her friends. I lowered my head in shame. “Alright Raven, you win. Equestria is yours.”

“Sister, no!” Luna shouted. “You cannot do this! We cannot allow this heathe to control our ponies!”

“Silence, Luna!” I shouted at her as tears began to fall. She stopped and stared at me in shock. “We have no other option. Both of us are still too weak to fight her.” Even if we could, I fear she is far too powerful now, I added thoughtfully to myself. “It is the only way to save the other Elements. It may not save Kat, but if I can save just one, that would ease my soul.”


“Equestria is yours, Raven. Now release Twilight and the others!”

“Nuh uh,” she said wagging a finger at me. “You have to make a public announcement of putting me in charge. Tonight.” I was about to protest before she added, “Or Twilight is up on that stand tomorrow morning.”

I held back a gasp, not wanting to give her more satisfaction than she probably already had. “Fine. I will set up a press conference for later this evening. Will that be sufficient?”

“Most. Do not dally, Celestia. I do not like waiting. I’ve done enough of that.”


Later that evening, Luna and I stood side by side in front of a large gathering of our little ponies. I had released to the press there would be a grand announcement at this time and they showed up in droves. Despite the reconstruction, hundreds of ponies showed up to hear what their princesses had to say. I only wished that it had truly been a happy reason to gather.

I walked up to the podium and spoke with as much authority as I could muster. “Greetings, my little ponies.” There were murmurs of greetings in return. “I have asked you all today for a special announcement. Unfortunately, due to my injuries, I will be stepping down as your princess as will Princess Luna.”

I had expected some resistance to such an announcement, but I never foresaw the uproar that was in front of me. There was screaming and shouting the likes of which I hadn’t seen since Discord had betrayed us. Luna, though, was always good at silencing a crowd.

Silence!!” she bellowed in the Royal Canterlot Voice. One word was enough to bring the ponies back to attention.

“I know this must be upsetting, but we do it for your own best interests. Our replacement has assured us that Equestria will prosper under her rule. Would you please come forward, Miss Masters?”

Raven stepped forward as I relinquished the podium. When she got up there, the ponies applauded just as they had more me. I was disheartening to see and hear, especially since I knew nothing good would come from her leadership.

“Thank you, thank you!” she cried out to them, fanning away false tears. “Oh it is an honor to lead you all. I am most grateful Princess Celestia for bestowing this position upon me.” There was only more cheering. “Now, I do not plan to simply replace your princesses. As such, nopony is allowed to call me Princess Raven. No, you will all know me by another name.” She paused as the crowd silenced itself, but I noticed a change in Raven, a darker sense over her.

“You all will call me...MASTER!!” She threw out her arms and countless nevi appeared at her side. The ponie all gasped and some ran screaming in fear. “Nevi! I want those ponies in their homes. I will decide what to do with them later.” The monsters obeyed and started to chase off the ponies.

I stared in horror at what was happening, but my dread was not complete. Raven turned back to us, smiling both evilly and victoriously. “Now then,” she summoned to more large nevi by our sides, blocking any means of escape. “I have a new position you two. I think it’ll be just perfect.” Luna and I both feared what she meant by that.

*****Kat’s POV*****

I awoke from my weeping sleep by the screams of ponies from outside. I got up slowly from my fetal position and once again looked through the barred window. What I saw was nearly incomprehensible to my disheveled state. I could see ponies running for their lives as hundreds of nevi chased them through the streets.

“What the hell?” I asked aloud, not expecting to be answered.

“Truly does look like hell out there, doesn’t it?”

I jumped slightly, turning around in a flash to see Raven smiling at me. I frowned at her, lacking the proper energy to scowl. “What do you want?”

“Oh, so harsh,” she teased. “And to think I had some good news to share. I guess you’ll just have to keep wondering.” She started to leave, but had to know.

“Wait!” And she did. “What good news?”

She turned back to me. “Your friends? I’ve decided not to execute them.”

“W-what?!” I was surprised beyond words I was so happy.

“Instead, they’ll just serve life sentences. Not the ideal punishment for the crime, but I am a woman of my word.”

“Huh?” I asked in confusion.

“Oh yeah, I made a deal with Celestia. Equestria for the Element Bearers. She made the deal of course. Who wouldn’t, right? That’s good news for me on two levels. For one, now I have all of Equestria under my thumb, there to do anything I please. And two, I get to kill you sooner!”

I blinked as fear gripped my heart. “W-what?!”

“That’s right, Ally. Since the others are off the hook, or noose I suppose, it means yours has been moved up.” She turned to leave, this time for real. “See you first thing tomorrow morning Ally.”

And she was gone, leaving me to hear the screams of ponies outside. I curled up once again on the floor as everything came crashing down around me. I had lost everything. My family, my friends, and everything else I cared for. I was all alone. The one thing I never, ever wanted to be. My worst fear come to life. I was alone, forever alone.

As I cried, I whispered to myself, “I don’t want to be alone.”

Little did I know, a certain little coin in my pocket was about to help me deal with that.