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Gravity of the Situation - DJSkywalker

A young girl sealed in stone for over a thousand years has been releaed due to Discord's chaos. After everything that happened can she forgive the alicorn sisters for what they've done? Or will Equestria be destroyed by a great force of the

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Rise Above the Darkness?

*****Canterlot General Hospital*****

“Are you certain of this?” asked Princess Celestia as she hoof wrote a letter to her faithful student. “This seems like a longshot at best.”

“You must have more faith in those willing to help you, Princess,” replied Raven, casually petting her familiar as she looked on. Princess Luna simply watched on in silence, thinking over the deal they made with the shifter. Raven promised a way to capture Kat with ease as well as offering to raise and lower the sun with her powers, all in exchange for being put in charge of the Royal Guard for the mission. She promised to relinquish the position after Kat was captured, but would it really be that easy? The shifter had yet to discuss what her problems involving Kat were, leaving both princesses in the dark on her motives.

“If that had worked out better for us in the past, then we would not even be here, Ms. Masters,” Celestia replied coldly. She was already frustrated at having to remember how to hoof write after over millennia of relying on magic, and having Raven constantly remind her to trust her was not making her mood alter. “There, it is finished. If you would please, sister?”

Luna nodded and lit her horn, dispersing the letter in a wisp of smoke that flew out the window. “On it’s way to your faithful student. But, perhaps you could share more of your plan, Ms. Masters?”

“All you need to know, Princess Luna, is that when all this is over, Kat Shifter will never harm another being ever again. Trust me, I am here to help.” Raven smiled sincerely at the two alicorns, though they still felt the unease in the air. They both had the same thought: Who is this girl?

*****Kat’s POV ~ Castle of the Two Sisters Gravity Manor*****

As I wandered the halls of my castle, all alone, I was given plenty of time to think of everything that had happened. How wrong I had been… about everything. Gilgamesh, Auric, hell even Teridax was right about me. I was blinded my vengeance, vengeance that didn’t even need to happen. Or at least I should have gone about it differently. Celestia...she cared about me. I, I always thought she just tolerated me. That’s what I thought about both of them, but I was wrong. Oh so wrong. They wanted me. Somebody actually wanted me. I could feel the fresh tears beginning to fall from my eyes.

“What have I done?” I cried silently. I heard the girls, I tore apart their friendship! Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie? They all hated me! And I saw that look in Dash’s eyes, she was torn inside. Loyalty between her friends or loyal to the one who gave her back her family. I did that to them. It was all my fault.

“It’s always my fault.”

I just kept wandering, not really even paying attention until I found my way on to one of the balconies of the castle. I looked out at the shining full moon whose light was brightly illuminating the dark forest outside. I would have considered it beautiful if I wasn’t currently dead inside.

“Grandmother?” I turned around at the sound of that familiar quiet voice. Fluttershy was standing there at the balcony door, her worried face easily seen the moonlight.

“Hello Flutters,” I said, my own voice a pained whisper. I really wished she would stop looking at me like that, it only made me feel worse about what I had done.

She trotted up to me, standing at the balcony and staring out at the landscape, and put her forehooves up on the ledge. We silently stood there, saying nothing at all, just watching and listening to the night. After a several minutes, I couldn’t stand being able to see such beauty and began to move away. I didn’t get too far when a hoof grabbed my hand. I looked back to see Flutters holding tightly to my hand with her hoof. Her gaze at me was one of pure compassion and it only broke my heart knowing I didn’t deserve any of it.

“Please let me go, Flutters.”

“I can’t do that, Kat,” she said with a shake of her head. “I won’t leave you alone. You’ve been alone far too long and I’m not going to abandon you when you’re going through this. We’re family.”

“Fluttershy, we’re not really family. There is no blood relation between us. I simply was a guardian for your ancestor, nothing more. I don’t deserve your love. A monster like me only deserves to be either banished or destroyed.”

There was silence between us and I slipped my hand free of her grip. I walked away, not even giving my ‘granddaughter’ a second look.

“Grandmother?” I turned to look at her again, only to suddenly and painfully finding my face flying further sideways. It took me a moment to process what had just happened: Fluttershy just smacked me! I looked at the butter-yellow pegasus, holding a hand to my sore, reddening cheek, to see her glaring at me with eyes that were filling with tears. She then pointed an accusatory hoof at me. “Don’t you ever, EVER, say things like that again! You made a mistake, a horrible mistake yes, but that is not any reason for us to abandon you. I love you, Kat, you are my family.”

I was stunned into silence for a moment, before lowering my head. “Why?” She sounded confused, so I elaborated as I began to cry again. “Why do you stand by me? I have destroyed the livelihoods of thousands, made a race extinct, and destroyed the horn of the goddess of the sun. Why would you possibly still stand by my side and say that you care about me?”

I felt her put a hoof on my shoulder and I looked into her eyes, eyes that held as many tears as my own. “Because Kat, we are family. You have made mistakes, mistakes that we should have tried harder to prevent, but we are here for you. Dusty, Applejack, Rainbow, and me. We will always be here for you, always there to keep you from falling into the darkness. You can be better Kat. You were a hero once, and I believe you could be again. I know you can right your wrongs, because I believe in you.”

“B-but you should hate me! Why? I don’t get it! Why would you stand by me when all I have ever done is cause pain and suffering?!”

“That is not all you have done! You saved Rainbow’s father! You’ve been protecting ponies from the nevi! You taught Spike about his race, keeping him safe during the migration. You help me everyday just by being there, grandmother. I love you for you, nothing more. And that is a fact that will never change. We will help you through this, Kat, I promise.”

She smiled sweetly and sincerely at me, her eyes showing only love. I tried to find any sense of falseness in her eyes, but I couldn’t and immediately felt bad for ever doubting my dear Flutters. I started crying again, a mixture of joy and pure sadness in my heart and I embraced my granddaughter hard, sobbing against her soft coat. I could feel her rubbing my back, telling me that everything was going to be okay.

It felt like hours that we stayed that way, but it was so nice having someone who did love, despite all the horrible things I had done. ...That’s it! “I-I know what I have to do.”

“Hmm?” Fluttershy asked as she pulled away to look me in the eye.

“I need to make this right. I-I need to fix all that I have done. It won’t be easy, but if I have some help…” I looked up at Flutters, a spark of hope in my eyes.

She smiled sweetly. “Of course. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.”

“We all will.”

I turned suddenly, and saw Rainbow, AJ, and Dusty watching the two of us, all smiling compassionately. I blushed a little.

“How long have you all been there?”

“A while,” Rainbow shrugged.

Dusty moved forward, an expression of care on his face. “We all will be by your side, Kat. We care about you and simply want to help. Will you let us?”

I looked at Dusty and then between AJ and RD. They smiled at me, showing that they were sincere. A couple more tears fell from my eyes and I smiled for the first time since I fought Celestia. “Thank you,” I said as I wiped away the tears. “Thank you all so much. I don’t know how, but I will undo all the damage I’ve done. Some way, some how. And then… then I will surrender.”

“Huh?!” they all said instantaneously.

“When I’ve made my reparations, I will surrender myself to Celestia and Luna to face my punishment for everything. I made these mistakes and I need to face the music.”

“B-but they’ll--”

“I know it will separate us Flutters, but I can’t escape punishment. Being a fugitive will only cause more problems. Everything will turn out fine, eventually.” I gave them all a sad smile.

“Well, Ah do believe ya gotta make things right, but are ya sure you should surrender? Equestria does still have the death penalty.” Fluttershy gasped, and I admit, I gulped inwardly.

“That may be, but I need to do this.”

Dusty nodded in understanding. “Alright Kat, while I do not like having to surrender, it is the right thing to do. I’m proud of you, Kitten.” I smiled at his old nickname for me. He hadn’t called me that in a long time, and I enjoyed it very much.

Without warning, a violet flash appeared in front of us, blinding us for a quick moment. When we could see again, standing there was a very miffed-looking Twilight. She glared harshly at all of us, which Fluttershy returned in kind, staying close to me.

“What are you doing here?” Dusty asked, not hiding the anger in his voice.

“I’m not here for the shifter, if that’s what you’re asking, cat,” she snarled back. “If I didn’t have to come here, I wouldn’t have. Celestia wants me to go somewhere called the ‘Crystal Empire’ and I need to take the Elements with me. So, Rainbow, Applejack, Fluttershy? You’re coming with me.”

“Why should we?” asked Fluttershy. “You’re trying to kill a member of my family. Why would I go anywhere with you?”

“Like I said, this isn’t out choice. My brother and Princess Cadance are already there and they need help to restore the empire before its former king returns.”

“...Sombra,” Dusty and I snarled. We both remember that tyrant and the terrible things he had done.

“You know ‘im?”

“Yes, Applejack, we know Sombra. And if he is the one you’re dealing with, then I’m going too.”

“No. Absolutely not. I will not let you accompany us anywhere, you traitor!”

I flinched slightly from her harshness, but I refused to back down. “You are dealing with something above your powers, Sparkle. I am going, whether you like it or not and this time, Sombra is not going to get off Scott Free.”

“This time?”

“Yeah, he got sealed away when he should have been destroyed!” I stood, shakily, but I still got to my feet to stand firm. “That ‘king’ only ever tortured those under his rule, he was a slave driver and an all out evil pony. He will face damnation!”

“No,” Twilight said with firmness. “You have done enough killing, Shifter. We are going to help the crystal ponies rebuild and protect themselves, not to kill this King Sombra. Do we have an understanding? Do. Not. Kill.”

Twilight and I had a stare down at that moment, both of us trying to bend the other to their will. I closed my eyes and sighed, knowing that she was right deep down. I had to stop kidding myself, this wasn’t me. Sure, I was angry, but I kept making the wrong choices. I was not a god, I couldn’t keep making these decisions on who should live or die.

“Alright, Twilight. I won’t kill Sombra, but if he attacks, I will step up to defend everyone.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes at me and then shook her head. “Fine. But you do anything, anything, to obstruct this mission and I will not hesitate to tell Celestia everything.”

“Why haven’t you?” asked Dusty.

“That’s classified by the crown.”

Rainbow crossed her forelegs. “Ya mean you?”

“Again, classified.”

Rainbow and Applejack looked pretty annoyed with the unicorn, but I knew we were wasting time. “Let’s go grab Rarity and Pinkie Pie and I’ll warp us to the Empire.”

Twilight looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “And why should we trust you? You could just get rid of us right then and--”

“Twilight…” Fluttershy growled. My eyes widened at the sight, never seeing my granddaughter so angry that it was actually quite frightening.

“Fine… I’ll go get the others and we’ll meet back here.” She teleported the next instant not even saying goodbye. As the girls got together to discuss what had just occurred, Dusty and I stared out into the distance, far to the north where lay the greatest threat Equestria had ever faced since the Reign of Discord, once again amongst the living.

*****The Crystal Empire ~ 1,101 Years Ago*****

Dusty and I lay await in the shadows of a bakery, waiting for the guards to march by. It sickened me how this monster would enslave the strongest as his personal suicide army. Made the Japanese look like pansies. I watched them move past us, unnoticed completely, a snarl on my face.

We must focus, kitten. The Princesses will be making their move soon, we need to get in place now,” Dusty said through my mind. I knew he was right, but seeing all of this slavery just completely pissed me off. No, have to follow the plan, it’s the only way all of this will be undone. I nodded to him with determination etched into my expression and we moved out.

From shadow to shadow we skulked our way to the massive central palace of the Empire. The castle eerily reminded me of the pictures of the Eiffel Tower in France, from earth. Of course, if you made the steel tower entirely out of crystals and had a cloud of dark magic surrounding the top of the spire. Like I said, creepy.

Dusty and I snuck up behind a pair of guards, neither noticing us approach. I motioned for my guardian to take the right while I took the left. I stealthily moved around to his back, and then bashed him over the head with my shield. He crumpled to the ground, and his partner went limp as well. I smiled at my little cat friend, sitting there on the pony’s back.

“I will never know how you can do that.”

I told you, it’s a little extension of mind over matter. You should pay attention to my teachings more often. Brains will always be better than brawn.

“Uh huh, sure. Let’s just get this war over with. Come on! We got to get the signal to Tia and Luna!” We raced off, well, flew off as I was
not going to deal with this sick pony’s stair fetish. I’d rather not go into how bad it really was. We took care of the few guards on the lower level with relative ease, one strike each taking them down. The entire time, a scowl never left my face and my faithful companion picked up on it.

Kitten? I know you and this is much fiercer than any time you have ever fought. Please, tell me what is wrong.

I was silent for a moment, and not just to avoid the next set of guards that were passing by. “...you’ve seen the reports, Dusty. The images that they painted. He has foals down in those mines. Fillies and colts with their lives ahead of them, dying from the smoke and collapses. As long as I’m alive, I will not tolerate the abuse of children. That bastard’s gonna pay.” I glanced down at the pocket watch I had to mark the time. Only a few minutes left. “Let’s move.”

We raced forward, knocking guards aside with quick bursts of gravity.

The throne room was just up ahead.

Only a few more feet.

*Wham!* I kicked the doors in powerfully, and immediately I saw our target. His pitch black coat, those glowing demonic green eyes, and that sickening curve of his red horn. King Sombra himself.

He snarled as we approached, not looking pleased in the slightest. “If it isn’t Celestia’s little pet, Gravity! What brings you to my kingdom, creature?”

I smirked. “We about to Americanize this bitch!” My words caught him by surprise, going by the bewilderment on his face, giving me my chance. I focused a little bit of my power into my hand and fired it upward. It was a technique that I despised using: the Gravity Bolt. I didn’t know why, but using it made me feel… unclean. Like there was something wrong with it. The blast did make for a great signal flare, though. It blasted right through the ceiling of the castle and into the air above, bursting in a mass of red-black power.

All was still afterwards, and then it happened. It twin flashes of light, one golden and the other a shade of blue, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna appeared. They were garbed in their armor and brandishing their weapons, Mjolnir and Moonlight Strike, a warhammer and rapier, respectively. And they did not look happy.

“King Sombra,” Celestia began with a cold tone of command, “for crimes against Equestria as well as against thine own citizens, we hereby decree that thou shalt perish!”

“Prepare thyself, Sombra,” Luna snarled. “We shall repay thee in kind for Hoofington!”

To his credit, Sombra only smiled wickedly. “Ah, the Princess Sisters. We meet after so long apart. I see you have healed quite nicely since our last encounter, moon butt.” Luna’s expression darkened ever more from his favorite insult for her. Then he turned to me. “Can’t handle me yourself, creature? I thought that the great Gravity always dealt with her foes alone, have you gotten weak in your old age?”

“Stow it creep. Either free your citizens and surrender or be destroyed.” I flared my aura, just to prove that I was being serious.

“Very well,” his horn flashed and a curved blade appeared in his magical grip, “Let’s dance once more!” He charged forth, aiming his sword at me, but Celestia blocked him with her hammer.

“You will not harm her!” She pushed him away and swung her mighty weapon at his barrel. Sombra leaped back, but was quickly put on the defensive again as Luna charged with her rapier. She launched strike after strike, preventing Sombra from having any form of recovery.

Realizing his disadvantage, Sombra flared his magic once again and a massive black crystal shot up from beneath his hooves, taking Luna by surprise. She was able to launch into the air at the last moment, preventing her from becoming a shishkabob.

The I got into the fight, slamming into Sombra’s side with my shield, throwing him against a nearby wall. He grumbled in pain as he slid back down to the floor, shakily standing to his hooves. He lifted his sword once again, but gave a quick twist of my wrist to shift the sword far away from the corrupt unicorn.

Sombra stared at the three of us in fear, truly realizing now that he was outmatched and outgunned.

“Surrender Sombra!” Celestia boomed once again. “Give up now, and we may take pity on thine life.”

Sombra’s glare turned harsher than the sun as his anger rose from being beaten. “You think you have won, you think that I am all done? No, Princesses of the moon and sun! For now you have pushed me too far, and there is no place you can run!”

Okay, creepy rhyming aside, that didn’t sound good. Sombra’s horn glowed even darker, his eyes giving off greenish flames. We felt the entire kingdom begin to shake beneath our feet. “Luna! Kat” I heard Celestia scream as she rushed the two of us. I felt wings wrap around my body and then the familiar feeling of teleportation. There was a flash of golden light, which cleared to reveal that the three of us were staring down at the Crystal Empire from above. We watched in horror as the entire kingdom was swallowed in shadow magic, screams coming from the streets below. Soon, everything was covered in a dome of shadow. As suddenly as it appeared, the massive dome faded away, taking the entire city with it.

There was nothing left, not even a crater. It was just… gone. All those ponies, all those lives. I am not ashamed to admit that a few tears leaked from my eyes at the reminder of all those children being lost forever. Celestia and Luna noticed, though, and we shared a large, feathery hug.

When they pulled away, we simply stared at where the once proud empire formerly stood. I sighed, letting my shoulders slump, which is pretty hard when there’s a cosmic cat on one shoulder. “Tia, Luna?” They looked at me with curiosity. “I think I need to take a vacation.”

*****Crystal Palace Throneroom ~ Present Day*****

I had just finished recounting my memories of the Crystal Empire to the girls, Spike, Shining Armor, and Cadance. Shining Armor and Spike really didn’t like that I had tagged along. Spike considered Celestia like a mother figure as well, being one of his main caretakers when he was a hatchling, and Shining still held some negative feelings from when I showed up him and his guards. Cadance, however, was very happy to see me, only briefly seeing each other at her wedding. She squeed and embraced me tightly, making her husband impersonate a fish for a good few minutes. It really was nice seeing Cady again, but we had a situation on our hands/hooves.

“So, let me get this straight. King Sombra has become a massive shadow that is stalking just outside the massive shield of love magic, that you created and is slowly sapping you dry, trying to break in and once again rule over the Crystal Empire and eventually the whole world?”

“That about sums it up, General Shifter.” Shining Armor was using my rank as a way of keeping himself in check. I’d seen it before; previous ponies under my command would do so outside of duty as a way of keeping themselves calm when around superiors… or those they didn’t like who were above them. “We’re running out of time to think up a strategy, what do you suggest?”

I was a little stunned to see that he was leaving things in my hands, but a look at the disheveled Princess of Love, who was barely standing as it was, put plenty in perspective. He wanted to protect her, even if it meant getting help from Equestria’s Most Wanted. That’s not a hyperbole either, Shining Armor said I was Public Enemy #1 now, by the order of both princesses. It hurt a little, but it would be taken care of in the near future. Back on topic, I tried to sort through my memories to anything pertaining to the Crystal Empire. Then it clicked.

“The Crystal Fair!” I shouted with a snap of my fingers.

“Huh?” they all responded.

“What is the Crystal Fair?”

“Well, Ms. Sparkle, the Crystal Fair was an annual event where the citizens of the Empire would have a massive carnival to spread love and harmony. It was a huge event, but I was only able to attend once, so we need to find something, like a text or manual, on the subject. If I remember right, there was a massive library a few blocks from here.”

“A, a, a library?!” Twilight’s eyes widened and glazed over with glee. She squeed loudly and raced off and out of the room. She peeked her head back in a moment later, crazy happiness etched into her face. “Well? Come on! Knowledge awaits!” And she was off once again. Everyone sighed and shook their heads with smiles, myself included. I may never be able to be her friend again, but at least I could still be around those I called friends.

After finding a written history of the Empire, and dragging Twilight out of the library, we reconvened in a sanctuary to discuss the plans. Shining Armor remained with Cadance to keep her strong as we gathered around. Twilight dealt particular jobs: Fluttershy and Rainbow were to partake in jousting, Rarity would decorate, Applejack would prepare the treats, Pinkie would go around blowing a traditional horn whose name escaped me as she blew it in my face when Twilight said the name, and I was to leave things to everyone and go away. That was a quote from her, one that angered my Flutters to no end. The two nearly got into a slap fight before we could intervene, but I agreed with Twilight. They stared at me in shock, so I expanded that this way I could go and guard the city on the off chance that Caddy’s magic finally gave out. Flutters wasn’t happy with it, but relented in the end. With a plan in place we went our separate ways.

That was a few hours ago, so here I wait for something to happen. I tried to lead any crystal ponies I saw in the direction of the fair, but not many lived this far out. Dusty occupied himself by sitting on a rock not too far away and glaring out at the shield. It was getting rather boring, actually, but I had to remain vigilant. I heard the beating of wings behind me and saw Rainbow Dash coming towards me. As she landed, I asked, “Rainbow, has something happened?”

“No, but… look Kat, we need to talk.”

I nodded and motioned for us to sit on a few rocks not too far away. After taking a seat we sat in silence for a moment. “So, what did you need to talk to me about?”

“Kat… you know I still consider you a friend, right?” I nodded. “Well… OH! Why is this so hard!?”

I sighed as the pegasus began to beat herself up. “Rainbow, I am not going to make you choose between the others and me. I don’t want to be the one who breaks your friendship, I never did. You shouldn’t be paying the price for my mistake.”

“B-but, the others turned on you! I-I’m the Element of Loyalty! I need to be loyal to all my friends, but how can I when they’re at each other’s throats!? Fluttershy looks more than willing to fight Twilight to defend you!”

“I know, but that is not what I ever wanted. I was a fool, a jerk, and a true manipulator. I became the same kind of person I used to fight against, and I hate myself for it. You and the others are right to hate me for what I’ve done, but I promise to fix this. To fix everything.”

“...I don’t know what to say, Kat. You’re basically telling me to turn my back on you, to take the easy way. While that may be my style sometimes, I will never do that to a friend. I’m going to talk to the others, maybe we can fix this. By the way, alicorn horns can heal, right?”

I nodded. “Yes, it will take many years before it will be the length it was before, but Celestia’s should be usable within a month or so.”

“Well, can’t you use those healing crystals that you gave me for my father?”

I blinked at her, then slammed my palm to my face. “DUH!! Why didn’t I think of that!? It’s so simple!” I opened a tear and reached in and pulled out… only three crystals?! “Wha--?” Then I remembered, all those fights had done some massive damage before and I used them to heal. Now I only had a couple left. I looked at Rainbow and then handed her a crystal. She looked at me confused. “Hold on to that for me, Rainbow. Just in case.” She nodded and hid in her saddle bag. “You should probably get back there, Flutters needs a punching bag.” Rainbow laughed out loud, but the stopped.

“You haven’t uh, …?”

I gave her a knowing look. “Her training’s been coming along nicely, let’s say that.”

Rainbow blanched then gulped. “...You’ve changed her ya know? Not int a bad way, but definitely different from the friend I used to know. She’s stronger, more confident in herself. I like it, honestly, but it’s taken some getting used to.”

I nodded again. “I wanted her to be more confident in herself, more secure. I want her to be the best Fluttershy she can be, like any parent would I suppose.”

“You love her Kat, and she loves you. It’s only natural you want what’s best for her. I should go, the others will be wondering what’s taking me so long.” She flapped off, giving me smile before speeding away at her incredible speeds. I shook my head with a smile, knowing that she would be fine, eventually. I got up and walked over to Dusty, though he didn’t move a muscle.

“Something on your mind, Kitten?”

“Just a little question. Why are you speaking aloud now? Before, you would only speak via telepathy, so what’s changed?”

“...I didn’t trust the Princesses back then, Kat. To an extent, I still don’t. I feared what they could do to you, that they would take you away from me. I was right in the end, but they did not do it out of malice, no, it was only a mistake. I have decided to trust them, despite everything that has happened, as well as trust your new friends and family. I only want to protect you, Kitten, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

I smiled happily and scratched my faithful familiar behind the ears. He melted to my touch, purring contently from the scratch. We sat like this for several blissful minutes… before everything went to hell.

The shield all around us fell away, revealing the frozen wasteland beyond. As well as the menacing shadow that was waiting for this very moment. I could see his glowing green and red eyes in the smoky form, glaring down at the Empire from above.

“Crystal ponies!” the shadow bellowed with that familiar deep voice. “Your true king has returned!”

“Not gonna happen, Sombra!” I yelled and charged forward, my shield bearing down on his form. He glanced down just as I barreled right through him, coming out the other side with a sense of dread and shock. I turned as he did, our eyes meeting and narrowing.

“Ah, the great Gravity graces me with her presence once again. Figures that Celestia would send her pet. Too afraid to come after myself, is she?”

“Celestia’s currently recovering from an attack, Sombra. And I’m not her pet, I am the one who defeated her!”

My words had the intended effect, stunning the shadow into speechlessness. Then he began to laugh, laughing loudly and maniacally. “That’s a good one, creature. You? Defeating the solar goddess? As if you could ever be so bold. Do not lie to your masters, girl!” His unicorn head appeared from within the shadow, his horn lighting with dark magic. He fired his bolt at me, to which I met it with my shield, blasting it away. I knew that the girls had to be working on some way to defeat this monster, all I had to do was buy it time.

I snarled at him and charged at his head, which receded into the smoke just as I approached. I went through the smoke and came out the other end. I glared back at his eyes, which showed amusement in return. I called out to Dusty with my thoughts, Dusty!

Yes, Mistress?” I noticed him racing along the ground as I dodged bolt after bolt of dark magic.

Get to the castle! I need you to be my comms for this mission. I need intel!

Of course! Be careful!” He disappeared in a wisp of energy as I struck out at another bolt. I threw out strike after strike, trying not to be blasted by that infernal magic. As long as Sombra was in this form there was no way I could do anything to him. Then it came to me, I did have one energy attack, even if I didn’t like it. As I beat away another blast, I pouted the energy into my staff hand, seeing it flow into my weapon until it was glowing the same as my aura. With a mighty swing, I sent out a wave of gravity energy that struck Sombra right between the eyes, sending the evil spectre backwards and into the ground with his crystal.

As he reformed, he glared harshly at me while I smirked back. I still felt… off about using that attack. I glanced towards the palace, hoping for some new soon. That was a mistake.

I felt a stinging sensation in my arm, before I was bowled over by the shadow. I was slammed down into a nearby building, parts of it collapsing on me. I think I blacked out for a moment, but it didn’t last. I used a stasis field to blast all the debris away, then I noticed the blood in my arm. I look over to see a massive hole in my shoulder, leaking blood down my arm. I grabbed it in shock, sending painful shocks through my body.

Kat! Kat are you okay?

Yes, Dusty. I got a hole in my shoulder, but I’m alive.

WHAT?! He, he, that bastard! Imma claw his fucking eyes out!!

My eyes shot open wide at his use of profanity. Dusty was usually not the one to freak out. Dusty, I’m fine. I have a healing crystal I can spare. What about Sombra? Do we have a plan?

...Yes. Twilight and Spike are looking for the Crystal Heart as we speak. You do remember the Heart, yes?

Yes, it was the source of all power in the Empire. Should have known he would hide it. How close are they to finding it?

It should be any time now… SPIKE!!

I turned towards the castle after pulling myself from the rubble and I gasped at seeing Spike on the very top holding the Heart. What made it worse, however, was that Sombra was heading right for him. I saw red at that moment and charged after that blasted shadow. I saw he was returning to a physical form to catch the Heart, but I was going to let him. I flew right above, powered up to my strongest and swung down hard on his head. I didn’t hear any crack of bone, but he was certainly in pain as he immediately sent flying into the ground below. I look down on his prone form, seeing he was attempting to stand from his crater. I turned back up to see Spike trying to climb down. I tried to fly over to him, but I suddenly felt my waist grabbed by magic and I was whipped down to the ground far away from the castle.

As I picked myself up, I look into the distance to see Sombra, blood trailing from several points on his body, deathly glaring at me. I could feel several bones broken or shattered, possibly even internal bleeding, not to mention the hole in my shoulder. We stared each other down, neither willing to give the other a moment’s peace. I could feel the eyes of hundreds of ponie watching us, but I paid them no mind. My only focus was the evil bastard in front of me.



We continued our battle of the minds, a deathly silence falling over the area.

“You. Cannot. Defeat. the King!” he yelled at me.

“Wrong, Sombra. It is you who cannot defeat the Queen!”

The ponies suddenly gasped, looking up as Spike fell from the top spire. Sombra started rising with a black crystal, but I threw my shield, splitting the crystal apart. I saw Cadance flying at Spike out of the corner of my eye, catching him in mid drop. I raced forward as Sombra fell, watching in horror as Spike and Cadance flew to the middle of the castle.

“Look! It’s the Crystal Princess!” a pony in the crowd cried.

At that moment, I decked Sombra in the face, sending him flying upward. As he passed me, I whispered to his ears, “Never mess with the Gravity Queen!”

I saw a grand light appear from the palace, blasting outward in a massive field of love. It flowed over me and everypony else, basking us in its light. When it hit Sombra, however, he screamed in pain and he was destroyed by the very thing he sought to eradicate. Served him right!

All around me, the Crystal Empire shimmered with a new gleam, just like in my memories. I saw everypony shining like gems. I looked upward, seeing my pony friends and family looking back at me with smiles, even those who hated me. I smiled weakly, before falling to the ground, out cold before I even felt anything.

*****Unknown POV ~ Unknown Location*****

“Hmm, it seems that Kat was able to survive her encounter with King Sombra.” A dark figure watched the scene in front of her with keen interest. Her lips curved into an evil grin. “Good, I was hoping this wouldn’t be to easy. A thousand years in change is a long time to for things to go too easy, after all. Time to bring in the real player!” She laughed into the darkness, her only witness was a starry bird that watched her with keen eye, never once looking away from her.

*****Kat’s POV ~ Crystal Palace*****

I awoke a few hours later, no more pain anywhere on me. I lazily opened my eyes, taking in the room, being a very comfortable guest bedroom. I sat up, cracking my back in doing so. I was getting too old for this.

“Grandmother!” I was once again on my back, but this time something was cuddling me. I look down and smiled at the sight of my granddaughter nuzzling me affectionately. I petted her mane, gently soothing her.

“I’m alright, Flutters. A little disoriented and sore, but alright.”

“Thank goodness,” my little Flutter whispered back. I looked up to see the other ponies around me, all looking at me with differing expressions. I flinched slightly as Twilight approached.

“Kat… thank you.” I blinked at her, not expecting such a response. “I, I may not like what you have done in the past, but you out your life on the line to protect Spike. Thank you for protecting him from Sombra. And for keeping him busy so we could find the Crystal Heart.”

I stared at the violet mare for a minute, before smiling kindly at her. “No, thank you Twilight. For your friendship, as well as your words. You may no longer consider us friends, but I still count you as one of mine. I was wrong about what I wanted, Twilight, and I took that anger out on Celestia. I’m sorry, so, so sorry. I want you to know that I will make reparations soon, and then surrender myself to the Crown.”

The ponies who didn’t know my plan blinked in surprise. “Are, are you sure aunty?” asked Cady. She used to call me that before, considering me family after all these years.

I nodded. “It needs to happen. I’m hoping that if I can fix some of the damages I’ve wrought, I might be able to get some mercy, at least enough to escape the death penalty. By the way, why am I healed? I didn’t have a healing crystal prepared.”

“I pulled it out of your storage.” I looked over to see Dusty nestled by my side. “I learned to access your storage spots, Kitten. I pulled out a healing crystal as well as one of these.” He reached behind the pillows and pulled out a stamina crystal and handed it to me. I smiled at him and shattered the gem, feeling a surge of energy flowing through me. I stood up with fervor, like drinking a Red Bull mixed with a can of Monster and throw in some coffee for flavor! ...Side note: never do that! Not a good idea in any way, shape, or form!

“Woo! That’s some strong stuff! I feel wide awake! Thanks Dusty! Well, let’s get to work!” I began to stroll off, Fluttershy and Dusty following. “There’s probably a fair amount of work that needs to be--.” I stopped dead in my tracks, the same happening with Dusty. As one, we turned towards the direction of something big. Something bad. Something… in Canterlot?!

“Do you feel that Kat? A disturbance, far larger than any previous.”

I nodded, the others watching me with worried looks. “Yes, a massive gravity disturbance has appeared in Canterlot. Either we’re dealing with the largest hoard of nevi yet, or it’s largest one we’ve ever faced.”

“And it’s in Canterlot?!” Twilight screeched, then gasped just as loudly. “The princesses! They have no way to defend themselves in their shape!”

Dusty and I were already in motion. I grabbed my jacket and slipped on my boots. “No one is going to hurt them, Twi. We’ll make sure of that. Ready Dusty?”

“Yes, let’s go save us a princess or two!”

I turned to the girls and smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t let them get hurt anymore. I will protect them and everypony else with my life. I’ll be back to fix the damages soon! See ya!” With my familiar perched on my shoulder, I warped away, leaving the ponies and dragon behind.

When I left, however, the girls all turned to each other and nodded. “Girls,” Twilight began, “We got a friend to help!” As one, they raced off in the direction of the train station. Cadance and Shining Armor waved them off, with Spike running after them.

With that bit of knowledge unknown to me, I warped right on top of Canterlot Castle. I looked out at the city below… and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. What lay before me was certainly not what had I expected, and most certainly was not wanted! A few choice words came to mind at the sight before me and I could keep them in. “Aw, bucking hell!”

Author's Note:

We're getting closer to the spoils of Auric's stories! For those that know, please do not ruin the shock, awe, and feels for others. I believe in the decent people on this site. And there is an amazing surprise next chapter. Let's just say that it's going to be... Epic!