• Published 30th Apr 2014
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Pinkamina's Past - ShimmerShine

When a new suspicious mare shows up in Ponyville , she is more than anxious to have Pinkie go back to Maretopalis with her. The only problem is, Pinkie has no idea who she is.

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"We need to find her. It has been eight days."

" Yes, I hope, Pinkamina has not done something to her."

"Agreed. We must send out a search party"

No need to do that

" Pinkamina???"

Hello. Have you missed me??

" No.. I mean. Yes!! Where is Sharp Shooter, Pinkamina?"

" Yes. What have you done with her?"

Sharp Shooter got what she deserved when she threatened me

" Oh my Celestia....."

" What have you done!?"

Well I can tell you one thing

" W What might t-that be??"

" Where is she??"

You'll see her soon enough.

" When?"

After I am done planning my new cupcake recipes!!

" Run!!!"


Such a shame. Seeing him writher in pain would've been so much fun.

"Please don't do this."

To bad I don't take pity for ponies who don't take pity on me. Isn't that right, Mother?

"Please.. I'm sorry... So sorry"

It's a bit to late for that now.....

This just in!! Rock farm residents found dead in their home!!! Who could have done this??? What could have done this?? All we have to go on is a letter in red ink saying three words!!

Smile. Smile.Smile

Comments ( 2 )

Wow. Short.
I liked it.
Dat smile reference.

Awesomely creepy! It makes you wonder what else Pinkie did back then...

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