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Carl the near dead


This story is a sequel to Manifest Destiny

Equestria is in a state of war, and has been for nearly half a year. One quarter of the country is in the hooves of the enemy, but fighting has ground to a standstill. Hemmed in by the Unicorn Range to the south, and the imposing Canterlot line to the southeast, the enemy turns its eyes east to the the Neighagra River and city of Cloudsdale. If they can cross it and circumvent the Canterlot line, the war may well be theirs...

Protecting the Neighagra and Cloudsdale is the Royal Equestrian Airship Force and Griffon Foreign Air Fleet. Amongst this multitude of ships is Her Majesty's Airship Dawn, the ship that Rainbow Dash serves on as part of the flight team. When the enemy commits its forces to one decisive final attack, Rainbow and the crew of the HMA Dawn find themselves in desperate battle not only for the fate of her hometown, but the entire country.

a parallel story to Manifest Destiny

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Can't wait for the next update. :twilightsmile:

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