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Set in the MLP universe in a past era, To Light Up the Sky tells of the adventures taken by the children of Sharpwing and Cloudfort Skylighter. Neither youth truly knows what will become of them - yet. But, in the vast open skies, little is beyond sight.

(for those of you who've read "The Chronicles of Rainbow Flameborn Dash," Flameborn Skylighter is the same character, although on no accounts are the ideas here in sync with that fanfic.)

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I'd almost forgotten about this story until recently. Are you still working on it? I do want to know what you were planning next.

Comment posted by Redthir Jerdisheim deleted May 6th, 2014

4105805 I am still working on it, although I have slightly confused myself with the project. I'm trying to improve the second part of this chapter.

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