• Published 16th Dec 2013
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The Incredible Spike - Geek Crossing

spike has to undergo another experiment for twilight. little known to them it has Incredible effects.

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Baby or Monster?

Baby or Monster

It started out like any other day in Ponyville. Twilight was trying out a new spell she learned from her studies at the library and was using Spike, as usual, as a test subject. But seeing the requirements of the spell Spike was a little skeptical about it and was worried.

“Twilight, are you sure this spell is safe?” Spike asked a bit nervously.

“Spike it will be fine. I’ve done the research and committed a few tests so I am sure this will go smoothly.” Twilight reassured her number one assistant.

“Alright if you’re sure.” Spike said and tensed up for the spell.

“Here goes nothing.” Twilight said and fired the spell. That’s when things went horribly wrong.

Spike grew at least 9’0” and was very built in muscle and possibly weighed between 1040 and 1400 lbs. by Twilights estimate but she couldn’t make some tests because she was paralyzed with fear by Spikes eyes. They were the eyes of a primal rage and were purple in color.

“S-Spike? Is that you?” Twilight stuttered to say as the hulking brute that was her assistant stalked toward her. He stopped just inches from her and leaned down to face her with a questioning gaze.

“Twi..light?” he said in a slow but deep voice.

“Yes Spike its me..Oh Celestia what have I done?” Twilight began to tear up but then the door swung open revealing a royal guard.

“Miss Sparkle the prin-WHAT IN TARTARUS IS THAT?!” the guard began to say but was in shock and fear as he looked to Spike. Then in his fear he attacked Spike to get him away from Twilight. The blast of magic bounced off Spike’s body leaving nothing on his scales as if it just scratched him. But that was the guards downfall as Spike turned and growled at the guard and back clawed him into the wall with great force knocking him out and Spike burst through the door creating a massive hole in the wall. Spike roared a primal roar and leaped in the air bounding towards the Everfree forest wile a second guard called for backup to follow Spike.

“No! please don’t hurt him!” Twilight said to the guard.

“Stay back miss Sparkle that Thing is dangerous.” The guard said holding her back as a group of royal guards flew after Spike.

“No he’s not! He’s just a baby dragon. Spike! Spiiike!!” twilight called after him.

Days without incident: 178

Location: somewhere in Grazeill

It was then that the memory stopped and Spike awoke shaking and sweating. He sighed at the memory and decided to get up and get ready for work that morning. He now worked in a cider making factory and helped doing odd jobs in the plant such as cook the brew using his flame he had developed over the years and packing the shipments into the carts that parked in to deliver the shipments. He was doing the former when a small thin looking pony bumped against him and continued walking. Spike disliked the pony to a great degree but let it slide like he always did in order to keep himself in check so he wouldn’t change into “Him” again. He continued to work the flames when his boss called him up and he went up onto the high platforms and took a look at what his boss was showing him. Apparently a machine was broken and needed some repairs so Spike taking what he knew about mechanics took a look at it and fixed it as best as he could but said to his boss,

“I can make it work for a while but you need a..” he started but snapped his fingers to remember the language and said in Grazeillian,”you need a..a…”

“I need a new factory.” His boss said laughing to which Spike agreed not knowing what he said, “listen you’ve been helping me for years you are too good for minimum wage, let me put you on Payroll.” Then spike accidently cut his thumb on a piece of metal and looked horrified.

“Turn that off! SHUT IT OFF!” he yelled running down the stairs to which his boss told them the same thing and the bottles stopped moving on the conveyer belt and Spike found the smear of blood and cleaned it off and said relieved,” ok.”

His boss gave a look that said alright and told his workers to continue and the bottles moved again. To Spike’s unawareness a bottle had a bit of his blood on the top and when the cider was put into it, the cider and blood mixed together and was still shipped out.

A mare suddenly came into Shining Armors Quarters and handed him a file.

“Here’s something interesting, possible Magic overdose.” The mare said as Shining looked over the file, “apparently a Stallion drank one of those Granny Apple Ciders, had a little more kick than he wanted.”

“Where was it bottled?” Shining asked.

“Porte Verde Grazill.” The Mare said.

“Get out best Stallion’s out there; tell them they are looking for a Purple dragon at that plant. Tell them if he even sees them he’s gone.” Shining said and got up to oversee who was recruited. As he stepped on the landing platform for the chariots to arrive a dark furred stallion stepped up to him and saluted.

“Captian Armor. Good to see you sir.” The Stallion said.

“good to be here. what have you got for me?” Shining asked.

“I got the best I could find. But I also pulled you an Ace.” The stallion said as a chariot landed.

“Private Ace Flyer. Born in Cloudsdale. Raised in Canterlot.” The stallion continued.

“you did Good Kid. You did good.” Shining said and took the recruits to the second chariot on the way to Grazill. after a quick breefing on the situation Flyer asked, " is he a fighter?"

"the suspect is implicated in the harm in a few residents in Ponyville, a fugitive from the Equestrian Government and has stolen Military secrets so dont wait to see if hes a fighter. Track him Trank him and bring him back." Shining said. Ace only nodded and waited to arrive at the drop point to begin the mission.

Author's Note:

i realize this is only 974 words but i wrote this as i watched the film and am continuing to work on it. the picture dosent belong to me it belongs to hermanpriest on deviantart. please no hate on this story.

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Cool, I like stories like this were spike or someone else is the hulk.
Keep up the good work:moustache::twilightsmile:

As a guy that always has way to many ideas for stories, I can say I never thought of this, Kudos! I have to say that it feels rushed and a lot happened so quickly, but that can be helped by a little rewriting. I would suggest using more description of things, such as the feel of Twilight's laboratory, what the machine Spike fixed was like. I really like the idea, thanks for taking the time to write it. /)

Oh, and I would thumb it up, except I keep getting that stupid "incorrect rating code" bull. :/

thank you guys so much!:heart:

3636831 hey stuff happens. :3

I hope Shining Armor isn't planning on trying to destroy Spike:raritydespair:

Great cover, I was planning on doing one but never found the time.
Great crossover hope its different than the others.
Good luck.:pinkiehappy:

Does Shining know that it's Spike?

5611713 no he knows it's something like spike but he's not fully sure. But his orders outweigh his personal thoughts.

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