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Spike and Twilight have yet another experiment to conduct from Twilight's studies. but do to the after effects of the experiment, Spike is on the run from the royal guard and has to stop them from making what hes become into a weapon for them. little does he know that an Abomination to their ranks will cause havoc to both of them.

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Cool, I like stories like this were spike or someone else is the hulk.
Keep up the good work:moustache::twilightsmile:

As a guy that always has way to many ideas for stories, I can say I never thought of this, Kudos! I have to say that it feels rushed and a lot happened so quickly, but that can be helped by a little rewriting. I would suggest using more description of things, such as the feel of Twilight's laboratory, what the machine Spike fixed was like. I really like the idea, thanks for taking the time to write it. /)

Oh, and I would thumb it up, except I keep getting that stupid "incorrect rating code" bull. :/

thank you guys so much!:heart:

3636831 hey stuff happens. :3

I hope Shining Armor isn't planning on trying to destroy Spike:raritydespair:

Great cover, I was planning on doing one but never found the time.
Great crossover hope its different than the others.
Good luck.:pinkiehappy:

Does Shining know that it's Spike?

5611713 no he knows it's something like spike but he's not fully sure. But his orders outweigh his personal thoughts.

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