• Published 11th Nov 2013
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Worldly Sentinel - Flutter-Sparks

A marine is sent to Equestria by a Russian experiment, but his job to protect then follows him to this new world.

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Enjoying the story so far. I don't know what you are working with but a good spell check can help immensely. Another option is to have a friend or someone else look over your grammar and spelling. A few simple mistakes here and there, missing words or letters, nothing major. Looking over your own work you can miss these very easily as you see what it should look like instead of what it actually is. A minor thing that doesn't detract from the story though, which seems solid and quite intriguing.

4503182 thank you, I love this feedback you give me. This stuff may still happen in other chapters (if I ever get to them). Most of it is because Language Arts and Writing have never really been my best subject. Plus this is just a little side hobby I do for fun. But none the less I appreciate your help. :pinkiehappy:

6558349 Thanks. But I may end up just cancelling the story since I haven't had any real proper time to work on it or fix it up. School has been a hassle. But at the very least if I don't continue it, I'll try to work on one or two other story ideas I have... :applejackunsure:

when will the next chapter come out

6558386 I don't know... Like I said: school has been a hassle lately so I haven't been too focused on my story. I mean; I get up at 4:30 am and don't usually go to bed 'till around 10-11 pm.
I do what I can but writer's block has been hitting me as well as school and friends and family.
I am really grateful that you and a few dozen others like my story, but, as of recently, it's the least of my worries...
:ajsleepy: :fluttershyouch:

Hey do u have xbox live? Y/N?

7296587 No. I have PSN or Steam.

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