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It is the perfect time to strike. The Crystal Empire has fallen to King Sombra's regime and a direct route to Canterlot is now exposed. This is the chance King Sombra has been waiting for. This is the moment he can finally destroy the Royal Alicorn Sisters. All he has to do is cross the frozen tundra...

Red, a soldier in King Sombra's army, is content with the life that has been given to him. He is a Charger: a front line war pony armed with a deadly spear. He has no need to question the motives behind the orders given to him. But as the weather turns ever colder, doubts rise to question the motives behind this war. And, for the first time in his life, Red wonders whether he fights for the wrong side.

But what can he do against a maniacal and sadistic overlord?

Big thanks to cmaggot for the picture.

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