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The war between Changelings and Ponies ended in fire and death.

Everypony knew of Celestia's fury. It was her sun that scoured the world, burning anything in its light. It was supposed to kill the Changeling menace, but Celestia just disappeared, leaving the sun too close to Equus.

The sun did not care what it burnt. When the world ended, Ponies sought shelter with the Diamond Dogs. Unfortunately, the Dogs had different ideas.

Dusk Light, a slave to the Diamond Dogs, dreams of revenge. The Dogs betrayed everypony and slaughtered his mother, Twilight Sparkle. Every day, he wishes for the glorious return of Princess Celestia so that he can witness the beasts burn in her fire. However, he's tired of waiting. The hour of judgement is at hand, and he decides that if she won't come by herself, then he will bring her back.

[An entry for The More Most Dangerous Game writing contest]

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A spirit composed of wisps, the most fundamental entity of magic, awakes in a land familiar yet unknown to her. She remembers little, but knows that her destiny is tied with the pony folk.

However, she finds herself isolated and unable to interact with the ponies around her. What is her purpose in this world if she, by all means, does not exist? How can she find happiness in a culture that treats her very life force as a commodity?

How can she survive when even the most feeble pony can destroy her with one errant burst of magic?

Alone and afraid, she quests on.

[**This is my Entry for the 'Outside Insight' Fanfic Contest.**]

[**Oh, and I supoooossseee I should thank Blue_Pancake for his help with the editing. Oh, and for making sure I didn't panic and back out of this competition, because, believe me, I was panicking! Cheers mate!**]

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Death is not the end, but a journey through the Equestrian Gate.

However, the destination is not as it seems. Without any guiding powers of harmony, the land has fallen into chaos. An eternal struggle between the Birdlike creatures called Angels and bestial monsters called demons has ground everything into dust. But the Equestrian gate stands, guiding the recently deceased ponies into the middle of it.

Spirit Aura is a Mediator for the Guild of the Lost, a group of ponies dedicated to guiding the Deceased to their new lives. By the rights of an ancient pact, the guild holds the land that separates the two warring species. They remain a neutral faction and allow all into their cities with a promise of reprieve from the everlasting combat. But one night, Spirit uncovers the plan for a demonic invasion that could tip the balance of the war.

Will she endanger the sanctity of the ancient pact, risk her life and that of a dear friend in order to do what she thinks is right? Can she face the consequences of such actions?

(Entry into the Batpony Writeoff Competition 2013)

Many thanks toHawk9mm on Deviantart for the picture of Canterlot in the cover photo.

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It is the perfect time to strike. The Crystal Empire has fallen to King Sombra's regime and a direct route to Canterlot is now exposed. This is the chance King Sombra has been waiting for. This is the moment he can finally destroy the Royal Alicorn Sisters. All he has to do is cross the frozen tundra...

Red, a soldier in King Sombra's army, is content with the life that has been given to him. He is a Charger: a front line war pony armed with a deadly spear. He has no need to question the motives behind the orders given to him. But as the weather turns ever colder, doubts rise to question the motives behind this war. And, for the first time in his life, Red wonders whether he fights for the wrong side.

But what can he do against a maniacal and sadistic overlord?

Big thanks to cmaggot for the picture.

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