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Death is not the end, but a journey through the Equestrian Gate.

However, the destination is not as it seems. Without any guiding powers of harmony, the land has fallen into chaos. An eternal struggle between the Birdlike creatures called Angels and bestial monsters called demons has ground everything into dust. But the Equestrian gate stands, guiding the recently deceased ponies into the middle of it.

Spirit Aura is a Mediator for the Guild of the Lost, a group of ponies dedicated to guiding the Deceased to their new lives. By the rights of an ancient pact, the guild holds the land that separates the two warring species. They remain a neutral faction and allow all into their cities with a promise of reprieve from the everlasting combat. But one night, Spirit uncovers the plan for a demonic invasion that could tip the balance of the war.

Will she endanger the sanctity of the ancient pact, risk her life and that of a dear friend in order to do what she thinks is right? Can she face the consequences of such actions?

(Entry into the Batpony Writeoff Competition 2013)

Many thanks toHawk9mm on Deviantart for the picture of Canterlot in the cover photo.

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This is a very interesting piece of world building. It certainly deserves more than 9 upvotes and one comment.

haha, thanks.

I, however, feel that this one was a "bit off more than I can chew" sort of thing.

I'm surprised that I kept this one up. I guess it was because there was a plan at one stage to completely redo this and give it the love and attention it deserves (and the added benefit of having read a "how to write fiction" book a couple of times).

...Huh, I don't even remember what happens in this.

This was...strange. It had some interesting concepts, but yes - I feel the world needed more building in the author's mind before set to metaphorical paper. Right now there are many ideas that, nurtured, would work, but aren't yet grown enough in here to bear fruit.

A fascinating glimpse of a most intriguing underworld, and a wonderfully novel origin for bat ponies. Thank you for this.

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