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The Desk of Infinite Destiny

The Welcome Mat of Many Greetings

Hello fellow traveler!

It's nice to see someone else wandering the endless grassland of pony country.

Who am I? I am rockyrobben! Lord of the Flies and a Master of Puppets. Well...not really. I am but an insignificant voice in the vast ocean of the internet. But, dear traveler, read on with caution, for no barrier can inhibit the magnitude of my diction!

Why am I here? Hmmm good question. I like ponies. I like writing. Ponies like writing, and writing likes being written. So, when I found out that there was a place where ponies could share their writing, I realised that this was lush, fertile land and I thought I could make my home here.

And now I am king. Here, in my tiny, insignificant speck of space in the corner of Celestia-knows-where, I rule over my hovel of one with an iron hoof. No-pony may sit by the writing desk of infinite destiny -- it's that desk by the bed, over there. And the contents within that fridge by the door is mine! So don't even think about it.

But please, enter. Would you like to sip water from the chalice of plastic? Okay, great.

Now, It would please me greatly if you would relax upon the wooden sofa of many crossbeams...

No, it is not a picnic table! And no, I did not steal it from Canterlot Park!

I'm not made of bits, you know.

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last one...phew.

*completely straight faced* I don't get it. xD

Thanks for the support. It's much appreciated.

Now, distraction time is over because I...really...need...to...work.

(Oh god, I can up and downvote comments.)

Well, you are definitely someone to watch.

Get it!? Cos I just followed you! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry. Couldn't resist that one once I thought of it. :twilightblush:

Thanks for taking the time to read "A new Life in Darkness" and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Also welcome aboard Fimfic :twilightsmile:

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