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The story of Ignatius and Aquinas continues here. It has been a long three months since Ignatius has been gone, and during that time, things have went from bad to worse. Riots and protests in the streets of Canterlot. The Gryphon Empire's advances on Equestrian interests have become an increasing problem. Not to mention that there has been word of the Zebra Kingdom being engaged in a rebel uprising, and talk of a similar happening will occur on Equestrian soil. The future is not looking bright for Princess Celestia. Little does she know, the two brothers she has taken from another plain of existence have not only dealt with similar problems back home, but also poses the knowledge and skill to overcome them. Together, they can set this un-restful nation back on track.

It's time for the brothers to go to work.

Prequel: Metal Ringing

Chapters (6)
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Wait wait wait. Before I read... Who are you shipping here? if that's not to much to ask:fluttershyouch:

3389311 If you read Metal Ringing, you will already know.

3389374Yeah... That was dumb on my part. Sorry bout that. I'm jus looking for a story to read and I'm skimming through them real fast. I'll check out Metal Ringing.

3389400 Hey, there's no reason to feel dumb. :twilightsmile: You had a question and you asked it. I hope you enjoy the prequel. :raritywink:

Aaaaaaawwwww yyyeeaaahhhh!!!

You done messed up, A. A. Ron!!
~Key & Peele

The new chapter will be up soon!:yay:

I'm glad to see this story update again after so long.

The chapter was great. I'm glad to see this story again.

There's one problem. I'm a South Paw fighter. My dominate hand is forward. Other than that. A flawless victory.

Yaya! More chapters :D

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