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Chronicle of Equestria - A Historical Mystery Has Unfold! - Master of Reapers

History a planet in which have been ravaged by a great celestial conflict where ponies are habited

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Chapter 4: The Shroud of Greed

Chapter 4: The Shroud of Greed

An intense battle, both sides have a different view of harmony in the torn-apart land of Zimlja which already has been ravaged by constant wars and terror for centuries. Mantra, the enlightened one stood on the left as the aspect of knowledge in which believing that only cooperation and order can bring to true harmony. My father, Dunkel the Lord of Marauders believing in conquest and bloodshed which will truly bring harmony to the land and fill it with tyranny.

Dunkel and Mantra immediately jumped into battle, the Dunkel conjured up his sweet enchanted elemental blade of annihilation in which taking shape like a pick staff. Mantra swiftly held the unrelenting attack of Dunkel by blocking with his staff. Dunkel observed that he couldn’t break through the block so altering himself as a dark cloud flying through the barrier of force field which Mantra created to evade from the attack.

Dunkel reforming himself from the court made of silver and gold; he amusing smiled behind his darkness and giving his curiousity out the shell:

“You are no ordinary pony, don’t you!”

As the darkness reforming his true self from the long distance, Dunkel continued:

“ Using wise words and golden tongue to persuade ponies and calm disharmony with few words. Generating a blast to plunder trees then greatly amused to figure that you use magic without horn like our unicorns. Such a demon can do that!”

Dunkel felt that this was the justification for his action to against Mantra in the thought he was the demon from Tartarus. The Amulet of Greed had taken all his mind and soul; he had been illusive by the tricks of the amulet that Dunkel had been saving the Zimlja who time. Ironically, the amulet turned him into a tyrannical beast who manipulating the force of magic into destroying, plundering and bizzare acts against his own kinds. Mantra could clearly see in the Dunkel’s eyes; redness and madness. The more Dunkel using the amulet; the darker and greedier he possessed. In Mantra’s vision, Dunkel is being effected by the scourge he created by himself. Beyond comprehension!!

Mantra gladly replied with humor:

“ I am the one of the few ponies having gut to stand up against a giant marauder like you! I would give you last chance, turning the amulet now or facing my wrath! I am not an easy person for you to mess with.”

Mantra just wanted to test if Dunkel was fully corrupted by the amulet by saying the few aggressive mocking words. Pride and arrogance were the last phase of being corrupted where the corrupted being will lose the ability to realize the reality and completely lose in the matrix of space-time. Mantra just hoped it would be not too late so he could save Dunkel.

Answering the reply, Dunkel stood up and shovering his dark wings of burning feathers. Oh no! The final transformation of the amulet has completed. It is beyond curable; I feel bad to Valiel if I had to kill Dunkel, his father. Mantra cleared things up in his mind as he was ready to have the new strategy. Mantra sat down in the ground with his scythe staff on his right hand as he absorbing the power near by him to prepare for the upcoming battle. Mantra as Death was trying to limit his power as possible from causing any great destruction to the planet and the land because one touch of Death could destroy a forest in an instance.

As Dunkel clearing up his wings as well as his unforgettable memories out of his mind. All memories about he had fun with his son, Valiel. The day his wife died in one of his plunder for finding foods by stealing from the dragons. Dunkel was so mourned and wrathful over his wife’s death that he couldn’t let it away as his son,Valiel grew up without his father love because Dunkel was focusing all the times to keep unicorns power in the land. Dunkel once day found a strange amulet which immediately tempted to wear it which providing him immersive power. Dunkel even has power to control the minds of dragons to do his plunders and biddings. The council of unicorns growing fearful about the dark power which Dunkel wielding in which banishing him ,Valiel and his followers out of the land for eternity. Throughout the years of banishment, Dunkel becoming more corrupted and powerful as he using the amulet. He was secretly preparing a war to finally conquer the uncivilized Equestria before the coming of Death so he could finally have the true peace which his wife dreamed about. The days Mantra arrived here, it was the day everything had to end; the day of judgement in which who would emerge as victorious to gain the domination of Zimlja.

Dunkel put his hoof which had turned into a sharpest claw on his cheek to clear the dust out as well as testing his horn. Dunkel quickly had a thought in his mind My body had successfully manifested the power of a demon and terror; this Mantra could be a reaper I guessed but doesn’t matter for me who will emerge victory today. Dunkel trickily get a glimpse of Mantra as he observing and finishing his thought the central core of his power rested in his staff so I have to figure away to destroy it so attacked his legs would be ideals.Dunkel quickly expanding his wings then flying toward Mantra is a turbulent speed which no one could dodge and armed his elemental sword of annihilation.

Mantra rushing his eyes to open and kicking his scythe staff. Using tekenesis to manipulate the directions of the staff then rapidly generating a wind blast, a tornado! Repelling Dunkel back but Dunkel didn’t give up that easily so he conjured up a fire out with the dark magic of his horn which effectively put out the tornade out of exsistence. Mantra quickly using substitution of green apparent replacing him as he teleported himself on the top of the golden tower.Mantra absurdly balancing himself on top with his hoof which toying the sight of Dunkel. Mantra temperately replied with some respect:

“ Balance is the way of the universe, the darkness must learn where to stay in the place called the Eternal Void! Violating the law, meaning a certain doom, my childish pony so turning away back from the darkness corrupting your spirit!”

Mantra rationalized this words which had given; the only final warning which he repeatively repeated again as hope asking Death to give this unicorn the final chances. Once again, Dunkel violently answered :

“ NO!”

Then he threw the wave of fire toward the tower which consequentially destroyed the entire tower in which Valiel stood. Valiel fearly stunned; he completely paralyzed as a boulder of gold approaching to fall on him and crush him. Dunkel didn’t care to take a look at him in momentary but luckily like the speed faster than light. Mantra blinked in dashing form so quickly and rapid! He grabbed the paralyzed Valiel and teleport both of them to the shadowy place in the corner of the cave in which out of the sight of madness Dunkel.

Valiel taking his breath violently as he couldn’t understand in his limited comprehension in which he bursted into words:

“WHY? Why did you save me?”

Mantra simply smiled, and answered:

“That is simply what a pony was born to do, save each other.”

Valiel still being shocked and wrathfully desired for the answer:

“ I have attempted to assassinate you many times, don’t ya know? I have followed you everytime and recorded every of your action. I had known that you discovered me so I fled away in that night. Why? No pony ever cares for each other but themselves but why did you care about me? I need to know.”
Flash back a few days before Mantra as the Twillight Shadow in which he was trying to meditate the power of nature in Zimlja in order to limit his growing destructive power inside him. Mantra sat on his levitated rock which he used magic upon.
He released his heavy mortal breath and thinking. It seems that my embodiment of Death trying to grow back as I haven’t destroyed a thing for years since the day I arrived to the planet. The more I tried to calm my destructive embodiment, the more is desired to return back. I have taught these ponies all the philosophies and knowledge which I can possibly provide to them; I just made them to believe that they will obediently follow me when they died. Like a farmer grew his seeds then reaping them as his rewards; but I felt I have been less thinking the reward as I have been so chained with adorableness and pitifulness of these little ponies.I never felt so empathic and joyful in my countless life; I hope when the day of each of them died when I come for their souls. I wish that I will have the ability to speak to them about the truth.

Before even finishing the line of thought, Mantra sensed a drop of water on the lake as he sitting on the levitated rock. As the drop of water impacted the surface which generating a tiny wave explandingradiusly through all the lake. Mantra knew that was an intruder with an ordinary soul of innocient and inexperienced but I don’t know his real identity.

Mantra spotted the moving shadow sprinting to escape him. Mantra quickly jumped out of his levitated rock then altering himself with the hardly visible wings of reaper to chase down the moving shadow. Dued the darkness of the night, Mantra could hardly see with his mortal eyes while he desired not to use his Death’s power. Mantra wished not hurt this one but tried to hibernate this one because the shadow was the one whom Mantra felt following him all the times.Mantra felt uncomfortable of being watched so wishing to chase down the mysterious shadow.

Mantra manifesting the barks of the forest as he passing; but no prevail for the target running too fast. Mantra increased his volume and speaking with voice of persuasion:

“ Don’t worry, I won’t harm you so just ceasing your hooves!”

The target spoke no worse as Mantra running out of his patient. Mantra conjured up a ball of purplish and green energy then throwing at the target. The target had a good sense so dodged it as Mantra repeatively throwing the balls in which infused with sleeping powder of death, actually tranquilize you into a hibernation mode and not killing you. Mantra was getting tired with his mortal strength as the target dodging so good.

Mantra changed his strategy so instead of throwing mimic balls. He created a big wave of sleeping powder then unleashing through out the forest in which effectively tranquilizing all creatures near by as well as some Pegasis, earth ponies and unicorns doing the guard duty of the village. The target observing the direful wrath of Mantra, the target terrified a little but luckily in time his power recharged so he teleported himself out the giant wave devouring the forest. Mantra landing on the safely earth ground as observing the target teleported out of the range of the wave as escaping far far away.

Mantra angrily locking his sight on target as he getting away into the mystical night. Mantra calming his rage by rashfully hit the earth with his scythe staff. He grunted himself for not catching the shadow following him but he felt some suspiscion lately in which nearly reminding him of a familiar pony could be in this shadow. He put his hoof on his chin and convinniently saying :
“ This mysterious shadow must be an unicorn since I have figured the gender of male. He seemed quite talented in espionage but poorly lacking of experience. The thing is intriguing me that he looking so familiar but can’t recall the name.”

So the mystery of Mantra’s shadow continued to live on through months by months. As Mantra starting to discover suspiscious activities of those unicorns who attentionally disrupt or not attend to his lecture days. As some of his unicorn students revealed to him the truth about the cult of excellent unicorns communing to their mysterious deity for power and knowledge. Mantra tried to disprove this so-called “truth” many times but as his unicorn students constantly diminishing in numbers so he tried to investigate in the disguise of Twillight Shadow.
After the few seconds of flash back in his mortal mind, Mantra had understood the reasons. Simply, everything! All pieces of his information had connected to each other; mystery solved! But it didn’t mean that his work finish yet. He had to rip off the Amulet of Greed before the selfishness corrupting the planet of Zimlja. Death as Mantra realized that his long journey might end here as he refusing himself wherever to unleash his true Reaper form or not.

Suddenly, a ice spear coming out of nowhere with unrelenting speed and sharper millions time than any sharp things could find in the planet of Zimlja. With enough recognition, Mantra just simply switched his scythe staff on the left which deflecting the direction of the icy spear. The spear just slowed but still fast so it hit through several mountain of gem and stucked right near the position of Mantra and crumbling Valiel.

Dunkel observed from a far and not even expressing his emotion. He just simply smiled on his cheekbone with a dark ambitious imtimacy. No wonder, Mantra looked at his back and Oh! Crap! The icy spear exploded and release the mass of freezing energy which destructively freezing everything near by it. Mantra luckily summoned his Ice Apparent in time in whom absorbing all the freezing frosty energy of the spear. How can this unicorn able to manipulate all elements to suit his will, the amulet of Greed is certainly a powerful artifact but I never remembered that it can control the five elements. As Mantra secretly had a conversation with himself then quickly seeing that the sign on the amulet had changed from the face of a dragon to a hooded form of a reaper. Can’t this be? Catastrophe has come, reaping can’t happen without my authorization. This is getting worse!
As Valiel lying weakened and powerless with his horn drained by the spell of his father,Dunkel casted from the icy spear. Valiel used all his energy to get a glimpse and observing Mantra from the ground as the Ice Apparent surrounding Mantra and him to protect from his dad’s spell. Valielthinny said with bated breath:

“ My Dad, what happened to him? Why he attacking us both? Answer me.”

Mantra standing feet by feet, watching Dunkel was absorbing more surrounding life forces of his unconscious unicorns and natural energy to transform himself as the reaper. Mantra simply replied without hesitation:

“ Your father is not yours anymore! He had become the giant monstrous unicorn ever exsisted in history, a reaper!”

Valiel still disbelieved in what Mantra replied so he continued to ask with fury:

“ I don’t believe you! What is a reaper? What you didn’t tell me ? HE IS STILL MY FATHER, I don’t believe you, this can not be happening and YOU ARE LYING ; you are a demon of Tartarus.”

Mantra didn’t get shaken by any of Valiel’s words as observing Dunkel was giving his soul away to become a corrupted reaper.But Mantra still had some chance to reply to him:

“ If he was truly your father, how come did he even try to kill you and boast you outside. Even if I am a demon, you would live a life that would be worse than death itself. Listening to me, young one! A father is not worthy of a father is the father who never listens nor cares about his son.”

Those precious and wiseful words just shot an arrow to the heart of the little young unicorn, Valiel. As Valiel’s blood rushing to his brain to revive the memories of him with his father. Those golden days when his mother was still in exsistence and his dad was still a greatest dad he ever dreamed for until that dark day had come when his father forgot completely about him and rushing all his times for power and plunders.Valiel lived the rest of his life to this day in the grief , bane and infinite sorrow. Valiel never knew the definition of friendship nor cooperation in his life as he living the cave to study the magic to steal and kill. Until the day, Mantra came with his golden words had enlightened Valiel’s heart and mind. Valiel was never so fun to communicate the ponies whom he was only commanded to hate. Valiel softly switched his mind from emotional precious memories to rational reasonable thought. What should I do now? Do I have to kill my father or face his corrupted wrath upon this land? Killing my father is immoral against our traditional law but if I sided with him once again; we would be returned back the age of hatred and terror. No! Everything Mantra built has to live; ponies had already had enough of wars and hatred. It is the time for a change.

Valiel silently observing his father absorbing the power surrounding him and devour life forces of his unicorn companions. While Mantra is pretty much weakening from the previous constant attacks of Dunkel; he might able to hold much longer. Valiel slowly tried to offer his help to Mantra then suddenly a dark rusting chain unleashing from his father trying to hook both Mantra and Valiel to its owner. Mantra used all his stamina then swinging a slash which deflecting the hook chain to the left in 90 degrees. That’s not all! Not all!

The hook chain immediately changing its direction and flying around the position of Valiel and Mantra as am anaconda squeezing its prey. The circle was getting shorter, shorter and shorter as it generated a dark tonardo which oblilerating all oxygen of both the Mentor and young prince. Valiel struggling to breath as much as he can, hopelessly replied toward Mantra as he crumbling down:

“We are doomed! Please help my father, I can’t make…it…” As Valiel lost his conscious and on the state of dying because of suffocation.

Mantra replied back ferociously: “Don’t die on me, youngling!”

Mantra holding his breath as the tonardo generating the poisoinous gas called Jikruma, I can’t believe he can even have access to one of the most poisonous substance to nearly all living forms. Dunkel is no ordinary pony, he beyond the other ponies as he going through apotheosis; a god to them! As my ancient memory conjured up, the Amulet of Greed never had so much power and deadly in history! Unless…. As Mantra’s memory conjured back in his mind to remember the one of a year in an aeon in which a war broke up between Reapers and Demons as the Reapers surrounded all the demons in the little planet of 523-XYZ. The Reapers emerged victory as Death observed from a far which the Gorchymyn Council commanded them to destroy these demons.
The memory returns back to Mantra about the small little enjoyable war back in 30 aeons ago. Death was commanded to unleash the small division of 30 Reapers to besiege the planet of 523-XYZ where Jikruma was much in presence where a large group of demons holding up. The small war opened in full-scale as the Reapers launched the rain of blizzare freezing frost energy beams on the forts of the demons. Each fortress teared down one by one, as each Reaper easily slaying demons like cutting grasses with scythes and swords. One of the most powerful reapers which Death favored, his name was 12 but most reapers called him Catastrophe.

Catastrophe swinged and freely let his sword dancing Hula without control; as the river of demons approaching him. Everytime, Catastrophe swinging and slashing the demons approaching him; blood forming into river as their pointless damnable souls absorbed into his body. Blaze dragons unleased from the Fort. Karhozat, the last stronghold of the demons as the victory favoring the reapers.

Catastrophe laughing at the unleashed dragons with blaze aura and vengeful eyes of flame. He pridefully shouted to all survived demons retreating to Fort Karhozat:

“ You called THAT A BATTLE! The more you running, the less mercy I would provide to you! You won’t escape your doom in the end!”

The headmaster of the blaze dragons called Propast, the bane of all the baneful ones simply smiled and replied back:

“ How much do you think that you are that powerful? The arrogant stupid big-mouth one!”

Catastrophe liked of being challenged and even loved when being insulted. So he could release his wrath to cast the final catastrophe on his enemy; when everytime everyone thinks he losing; he always wins. Catastrophe didn’t even say a word then jumping toward Propast with lightning speed but Propast dodged his sword near his neck. Propast then opening the rain of armageddon on him and the fire from the sky felt upon as he crumbled down into the pit of fire.

Propast laughing from a far as observing his opponent was being sank into the pit of flame slowly. He believed that Catastrophe was defeated and no catastrophe would come upon them. In a instance, a slash went through the body of Propast, lord of blaze dragons. Propast touching his chest and observing the fiery yellow blood bleeding from his body on his claws. Propast losing his vision as seeing that his blood on his hand was darkened and freezed then being disintegrated into nothingness as well as his hand being freezed and crumbling down. Just a second, Propast just knew that it was the enchantment of Catastrophe which finally coming down to his head. Propast stumbled down on the infernal ground of the cataclysm.

Watching that Castatrophe standing in front of him; before his entire body felt into the dead by the enchantment of Catastrophe as his soul would lose forever in the Eternal Void. His finally words revealed:

“ I felt a darkened ……… heart…….. and …………a cold soul…….”

Propast the lord of the blaze dragons died by the price of his arrogance as well as his sin. The place he could find the redemption was only to the depth the Eternal Void called Oblivion where suffering a fate worse than Hell.

Catastrophe cleaned his wicked sword with the fearful name of “ Orbe dar Krobar” meaning of the “Worse than Death” in the pit of the lava river where was devouring the body of Propast. Catastrophe leading a group of strongest reapers flying through the indestructible wall of the Fort. Karzohat, meaning of Blazing Bane.

As the group of 10 Reapers approaching to the fortress from the air superiority; the blazing dragons tried to revenge for the dead of their king, Propast. Many of them ferociously attacking the vanguard of Reapers but no prevail. Catastrope just swinging and nine of others kept slashing their weapons and shooting the rain of arrows and bolts. The blazing dragons with infernal auras escaping with all their lives; from the state of vengeance to the state of coward.

Catastrophe hated the cowards so he dashing ahead the vanguard and chasing every blazing dragon. His sword feasting on the blood of the dragons and absorbing the life forces of them; one by one felt by his wrath. One of the blazing dragons successfully managed to retreat back to the fort. He shouted with monstrous volume:

“ PREPARE!! PREPARE! Those Reapers were coming! Closing the window now!”

The fort was designed on the giant volcano had the structure in which nearly looking like sphere; a perfect location to build an impenetrable fortress. As the lesser demons and fiery demons coming as fast as they could to reinforce to closer the Window. The Damons or the great demons who are the strongest type of demons you could ever find; behind their Lords of course! Using their magic and inhuman strength to reinforce the Window to come closer into a close.

Sadly, many of the blazing dragons didn’t make it as they kept feeding to the Orbe dar Korbar with the entire Reaper battalion coming behind Catastrophe as they charging the final charge to break the Window. But the Window was closing too fast so all reapers could be fast enough to go through it. As their normal stamina was being drained away, so many reapers were tired so falling behind other stronger reapers.

Other reapers discussing to each other in worry:

A reaper said: “We might not make it though! It closing too fast!”

Other reaper replied: “What we gonna do?”

After hearing the conversation behind him, he credibly said:

“ I have to be faster!”

So he used his superior stamina to dash him forward out the vanguard which making enough time to break through the Window before its close. After observing that Catastrophe broke through all the demons charged at him with a foolish hope of eliminating him. Damons wasted no chances so they rushing toward him with a fairy tale of killing this monstrousity of battlefield. Some of survived blazing dragons had seen this was the perfect chance since they outnumbered him so wasting no breath to breathe fire upon him.

Catastrophe had seen no thread when even being outnumbered by thousands; he just simply smiled in a slow motion which we could clear see that he said:

“ You can’t stop an inevitable catastrophe!” With full of arrogance and profoundness.

Catastrophe released a great power in the form of a darkening, cold and emptiness sphere of energy in his two armored fingered hands. The energy of suffering, destruction, terror and pain awaits for his command to be released. The annoying and knowingless demons and dragons approaching fast then finally said:

“ Doom!”

The sphere was released as from his two hands as the dark energy traveled quickly than anything in their comprehension. It spreading faster than a disease but it suffocated anything it touches with extreme terror , suffering and agony before facing the death of its target. The first ignorant Damon striked by the energy and screaming in agony and terror then finally turning to ashes. A greatest scenery of catastrophe! The barrier of energy kept expanding to killing all its enemies then finally exploding to disappear.

The remaining demons and dragons were terrified by the death of their friends so chaotic running without control. Leaving Catastrophe to open the Window to let the army of Reapers came into to reap the souls of lawless demons. As Catastrophe walking toward the throne room of the Fort Karzohat; a dire scenery! Reapers freely slaughtering poor demons on the street and alleyways. Death, death everywhere!

Catastrophe walking without opposition and catastrophe spreading as he walked. When reaching the throne room, then he kicked the giant door with super strength in which shattering the door into pieces. He approaching the demon sitting on his fiery throne, his name was Gier, Lord of Greed and Devourer of Matters. Catastrophe relentlessly approaching toward the demon and gruntly said:

“ There is a catastrophe on your head! Surrender to be in Eternal Void or get killed to wander in Oblivion.”

Gier patiently replied to the one of the reapers who robbed his home and destroyed all his property. He kept all his anger down below his body:

“ Such harshful words! Don’t you have some manner to knock the door before entering someone’s house.”

Catastrophe quickly replied:

“That is all I need to hear!”

Catastrophe rapidly dashing toward Gier and opening his sword. With his most violent stamina, he slashed then safely landing on the back of the fiery throne. Gier didn’t die but he just quickly escaped out of his old shell to form his new shell. In the new form, he revealed the Amulet of Greed ; one of the most powerful dark magic and demonic artifacts in the universe. It grants the wielder the source to near limitess power if you feed the energy or souls to the artifact. Catastrophe greatly amused by it so he spoke in his mind This amulet could be one of the best in my arsenals; getting rid of him won’t be easy nor hard.

Gier replied with fury:

“ You destroyed all treasured things and slain my minions. Ransacking my fortress and plundering our properties. I remembered reapers don’t act without honor and rules!”

Catastrope stood up again to prepare for his charge again then replying:

“ We are here to destroy you and your minions! I am the embodiment of catastrophe, and I will pour the water of doom on you as I had done to many subjects in the past and most of them are demonic.”

Gier ferociously replied with zeal:

“ You have to cross over my body first !”

So they charged into an endless battle for 3 day. Slashing, fire throwing, summoning, hitting,…. None of them had drained their strength and mana yet! But the superiority rested in the hand of Catastrophe. To the third day, Gier’s strength started to wane away and Catastrophe quickly grabbed the chance then slashing a great slash from his neck down to his chest. Gier was wounded fatally and might no make it.

Gier’s power fading away as his life force crumbling down. He lied on the rumble of his fortress and gazing in front of Catastrophe. Gier tried to use his powerless hand to grab the Amulet of Greed which was teared away from the body of Gier by Orbe dar Krobar, a sword bring the catastrophe worse than death. Catastrophe closely approarching toward the Gier, Lord of Pathetic Greed! He took away the amulet as gazing at its beauty and power. Gier coughing out of blood and dust as he is near the death; he replied toward Catastrophe:

“ The Amulet would never be yours!..........*Coughing*……. You wouldn’t able to use it without meeeee!

Catastrophe simply smiled:

“ I know so I would have to take your soul to use it!”

Gier angrily replied:

“You, bastard!!!” Catastrophe using his sword slashed him on his head as the final words of Gier spoken from his mouth.

“ Nooooooo…….Death took me to Oblivion!”

Catastrophe softly spoke: “No, Death won’t take you but I”

So Catastrophe quickly grabbed Gier’s demonic soul into the amulet to imprision its there so he could be able to use the amulet. As Catastrophe walking outside as the cheer of reapers shattered the atmosphere of the planet, the song of victory over a worthy foe in which 12 Reapers died or faded to Oblivion. Catastrophe also named as the legend among the reapers as also as the leader of the Baneful Scythes! Death observed the battle from space and felt a little worry about the hubris of Catastrophe which he believing that Catastrophe was trying to do something out of his authority. Death just standing there, feeling relief about the mission accomplished and feeling nothing over a victory. But at that time, Death or Mantra didn’t know about the existence about the Amulet of Greed in the possession of Catastrophe until now.
After reviving the little flashback from his memories, Mantra now had understood something about the amulet. Did Gier somehow returned back to life through the amulet? Impossible! Catastrophe had handed the soul of Gier so that wretched demon could be eternally wandering in Oblivion. These ponies are lucky to lure me into this planet because the amulet made me hugely interested. While he was thinking for a strategy then an apparent of his second self appeared to tell him: Using Reaper Form now! You can’t defeat a powerful demon without the embodiment of Death. Mantra quickly protested that I can’t ! It may destroy everything I have built. The second self replied: If the planet felt into hatred and terror again under a hand of a powerful demonic unicorn could be worse than Death so you have to finish their misery. Mantra angrily demanded: No! No! There are always another ways, so why don’t get your wretched face out of my sight! The second self vanished into the air in his mind.
While Mantra was thinking, Valiel shouted:

“Above you!!!”

Mantra quickly looking above him but fast enough to see that Dunkel using a mystical demonic armor in the fiery darkest aura with his already corrupted body and his horn now made of the shard of the corrupted crystal from the depth of oblivion. Dunkel aimed his mystical punch summoned by his horn; Mantra had enough time to push Valiel aside from being affected by the punch.

Valiel shouted:


As Mantra being hit by the punch by Dunkel, his body faced on the ground as the ground shattered generated an earthquake making all buildings in the cave felt into the ground. Mantra was pretty wounded by the impact in which his face facing the earthly ground. Then Dunkel picking up his body with his magical mystical hand in the tought stalwart body that he had been earned from his corruption. Dunkel laughing manically and shouted :

“ Time for you to face your eternal consequence, DEATH!!!”

Mantra replied back:

“ You can not kill Death itself, my child!”

Dunkel was pretty shocked by Mantra’s words and pretty much shaken before even trying to use his magical sword to impale Mantra. Dunkel shouted at his face:

“ What is the meaning of this? What are you really?”

Mantra covered his hood out with his two hooves and said:

“ I am the only redemption, you can find!”

Dunkel didn’t even have time to summon out a word, then Mantra smashed his head into the amulet which generating a great light energy that covering both of them in side the whiteness sphere of nothingness. Mantra was attempted to destroy the amulet dued that he was disable to reach his staff or magic.

While Mantra and Dunkel was being imprisioned into the white globe than shattering with a blast of shockwave to all directions. Valiel used his hoof to cover his face from the overpowered shockwave.

When the wave of shockwave was over, Valiel could only a see white globe that trapped both opponents inside. Valiel felt down to his knees and cried:

“ What have you done, Mantra?”

As the silent began to arose and dominated the cave. No sound ever heard. Unconcious unicorns were still dreaming the sweet dreams. Only Valiel standing there with a hope.

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