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Chronicle of Equestria - A Historical Mystery Has Unfold! - Master of Reapers

History a planet in which have been ravaged by a great celestial conflict where ponies are habited

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Chapter 3: An Uneasy Quest

Chapter 3: An Uneasy Quest Of Enlightenment

This so-called enlightened man was really a savior to us, the ponies. He taught us different things about the world where Order was the one who running everything. He revealed us the unknown and teaching us the importance of cooperation between Earth ponies, Pegasis and Unicorns for survival. After ages of unrelenting conflicts, now all of us are all together again in harmony again!

Death or Mantra walks through the crowd as they started to cease apologizing each other. In their mind, they only feel respective and fearful toward the unexpected mysterious visitor. The visitor with the tounge of reason and ordered had pacified an entire tribe with just few words. Ponies started to drag each other into the flood of debates; Pegasis claimed him who is the dragon or griffon who disguising into locating their locations but then Earth ponies with knowingless and naïve minds thinking that he is a god from High Heaven so the Unicorns boasted the arguments then claiming that the mysterious hooded pony clearly a reaper who was here to destroy us. Mantra heard the claim of unicorns with a little worry of the exposure of his identity but his pride destroys that worry in an instance before the worry sparking into fear.

Mantra walking toward the court as well as other leaders of different groups of ponies make waves for him to come. Then one of the leaders asking his name; Death reveals his name as Mantra, the enlightened thinker sent to enlighten you toward the light of reason and power. The leaders drew in amazement and surprised but they still doubting him because he was here to enlighten them with filthy philosophies and gospels of darkness and corruption. Mantra stopped the unstoppable argument between the leaders by standing on the stage. Mantra gave his speech,a strong voice of the true leader and the charming elegance in the art of words; his speech was fully reasonable quickly explaining why you ponies need to be united to live in the code of honor and reason. Mantra believed that the soft-hearted emotions would lead to the distractions that will only make ponies vulnerable to be tempted by chaotic spirits and demons whom Death despised the most; Death as Mantra believing the true harmony could only lead by using the reasons and following the patterns of natural order.

A confusion starting to spark among the crowds, different questions rises like the flame of mount Holodor which Death had seen on this planet. Unicorns some questioned themselves what good will this mysterious guy bring beside he is somewhat unquestionable clever. Earth ponies questioned that how could this "god" would grant us a boon; those Earth ponies were pretty close in guessing. The Pegasis questioned themselves will this "so-called all knowing pony" help them to quell the monstrousity in this land. Mantra just simply smiled on his cheek, which catching the attention of the unicorn leader of the council; that leader asked what was so funny. Mantra just simply replied about how childish these ponies really were, bashing each other so naively and arguing each other with no pattern of reason. You should know Death is alike as Order who is very strict in working standard and he always follow the laws of conducts when his reapings.

The leaders were amazed about his golden words filled with rationality and obsoletion. They looking each other with disharmonious memories of what they have done to each other. Years of pointless fightings and non-compelling insultive arguments, they realized that their actions were so childish and unevolved. The leaders standing in silence as being hypnotized by their own dreams while their fellow ponies were debating in an intense battle of question. Mantra finally shouted a big word of silence which waking the leaders of each pony tribe up. The lesser ponies hiding behind the trees as they were so terrified of his shout full of impotence and wither blasting some of leaves of the trees near by. All ponies were so terrified even the grown up ponies; the leaders hid themselves behind their primitive tables foolishly. But only three of them stood near him, unshaken and in fortitude. These three leaders named Valiel the unicorn , Kovuer the pegasis and Tirana the earth pony who would be the future greatest leaders in the ancient Equestria. Mantra was now finally calmed himself from his rage cause of their childish acts and the three leader stepped with amazement of Mantra's power.

Valiel the unicorn who would later lead the greatest expedition that will change Equestria forever, he was the first one who bounding down to Mantra as the token of respect to their new Mentor. Tirana following with him then Koveur was the third then the rest of all ponies hailed down to Mantra. Mantra never had observed such a thing in his life; he was respected while in the past he was cursed for reaping souls to stabilize the universe by mortals. Mantra was emotional filling with a tear of greeny dust out of his mortal eye. The tear dropped on the group and it instantly vaporized the a part of the wood on the court's ground. No one ever noticed that tear but they only concentrating their attentions to the mysterious hooded wise pony. Mantra requested everypony to stand up and he had seen enough manner of them; Valiel stood up and asking Mantra what they should do now while all leaders had agreed to ally and behold in his command.

Mantra grew some of his supremely creative ideas in his great mind; he looked at the sky a while and observing that a dark cloud coming. Mantra requesting any of the ponies can clear these dark clouds away so he can see the greeny beautiful sun so he can give them lectures. Immediately, the five male pegasis stepping out with arrogance who would stop these dark clouds while other five female pegasis also challanging them to a competition. Before both sides engaging a long-wided complain, Mantra took a voice in demanding for peace. He lectured them the importance of unification or partnership; both sides ceased their rage voice then immediately assisting each other to blast these dark menancing clouds away in which the sky became brighter and shinnier as the result. Mantra smiled as seeing his humble partnership or friendship burning on these ten souls of pegasis; a hope of better future in cooperation is fruifully rising upon the ponies who were cheering as well as.

Mantra just solved the dispute which seeming to unite the pegasis together but it was just the first step for the true unification we later know. Mantra with the ponies went around for a walk in the apple forest; Mantra lecturing them how to seed and grow apples without gathering apples like what they did in the past. Mantra also teaching the importance of cooperation between three races in survivalism. Earth ponies receiving the knowledge of how Mantra seeding the apple trees; they were so interested and amused to see all his actions in harmony. After Mantra completed a perfect example of crop rotation and seeding then every earth pony followed his method and knowledge. When Earth pony finished her seeding of apple seeds extracted from apples then drop them on the ground; finally asking a pegasi for some water from the cloud. Not just only pegasi didn't provide the water then that pegasi also assauted the earth pony with brutal words; the earth pony was nearly bursting her anger out but she couldn't do anything for she was powerless. But hatred once again delayed the coming because pegasis believed that they shouldn't help the underlings so that sparking nearly into a fight between earth ponies and pegasis over nothing. Mantra once again calming them again with his staff in the shape of scythe which he summoned earlier hit the groud; generating a strong quake in the earth making all on the stage of falling even that abusive pegasi felt apart in terror. Mantra once again intimidated the entire two rivals with a reason, without cooperation so you all will doom in winter and only death will seek and rot you away. A few words helped to enlighten them a little bit; Earth ponies realized that they should have no fear to be put down by pegasis or unicorn anymore because they have rights to stand up for themselves; and power to shape destiny while pegasis learned the big lesson of self-control because they weren't truly that having power to judge other ponies.The two rivals once again apologized themselves to each other and everyone for causing this unecessary dispute.

After few days, Mantra stood above a high rock with his scythe or staff of enlightenment which his students refered to. Mantra believed that his ideas and methods had gone really effective and now every pony lived with each other with cooperation and order ; such a true perfect ordered society. The location in which the first pony civilization stood on today is known as Canterlot; the ancient capital city of Equestria which already established in the First Era in which the time Death as Mantra enlightened these little ponies.Yet, his work wasn't finished yet because the last obstacle for his enlightenment was the unicorns. Mantra wondered that how come didn't these unicorns come to evolve and civilize their friends because they have the capability of magic and knowledge far beyond other ponies. Mantra wished to find out this mystery because the unicorns were all so quiet during the time of his lectures; so Mantra disguised as an unicorn known in a fake name as Twillight Shadow. Twillight Shadow walked among the group of unicorns and under covering himself as a new blood of a society in which this group leading him to. Those unicorns had naive minds to even know the concealed idenity of Mantra. Twillight Shadow with his companions walking into the dark cave; the cave was so dark in which Death even hard to see in his mortal eyes then sudden a spark in the dark. Twillight Shadow stunned with terror or surprised; he pretended to do it so these mortals could believe him. His companions laughed at him and confirmed that there was nothing to be feared because that spark is just the light to light up all the candles. The light had been lighted up then Twillight Shadow stunned and paralyzed which couldn't believe in his mortal eyes; mountains of gems, river of milks, castle of food stocks and statues of gold. His companions quickly explained to him like a friend; they said that all this wonderous wealth which they stole from all tribes around this land of Zimlja through deceptions and conquests.

Twillight Shadow put a big what out his mouth in which had caused a suspicion among the ranks; so Twillight Shadow quickly changed his mood and tones in happy to ask where to sign up. That was what they like to hear. Then they put Twillight Shadow to meet into a big concentrate meeting in the square. Where most of unicorns from the united tribes concentrated on; Mantra as Twillight Shadow feeling quite aware of what was going on and he predicted there could be no good from it. A great unicorn walking out full of jewels and glory, that must be the leader then coming out with his closer aqquaintance, Valiel which Mantra realized earlier.

The great unicorn gave his speech full of anger, wrath and selfishness when he glorified the unicorn dirty devilish works of stealing and selfishly destroy things. All the unicorns agreed with him in cheers, Mantra felt there was a strong influence of evil in here from the body of the leader unicorn from a particularly powerful amulet. Mantra quickly realized that was the Amulet of Greed, the possession of the one his reaper who was the leader of the Baneful Scythe named Catastrophe or number 12 which seemly confirmed fading away to oblivion during the Celestial Dispute of Trytaris; the amulet which Catastrophe reaped off from an extreme powerful demon (Dark knight). Mantra as Twillight Shadow realized that this amulet couldn't get into the hand of these innocient ponies. At the same time, the leader pony revealed his name as Dunkel who would lead the army to destroy all ponies once and for all as well as the so-called savior Mantra..

Twillight Shadow bursted into rage in saying to disagree the plan and boast the wrongful plan. Dunkel smiled and simply commanded the guards to arrest the strange Twillight Shadow. Before even the unicorn guards reaching him; Twillight Shadow revealed himself as Mantra with the holy scythe staff which blasting all nearby unicorns near by. Almighty push! The unicorns shattered through out the square ; they pushed away in all directions but luckily no one was hurted. Dunkel simply smiled and congrated that he was the man who had been looking for to challange for a duel; Valiel stood behind in terror to observe two great ponies engaging in a battle. Mantra noticed Valiel cowardly hiding then he persuaded him to come out and side with him for Mantra seeing this innocient one would be the true leader in the future; he had the potential for this.

Dunkel immediately intimidated Valiel not to be sided with this so-called mentor; Valiel didn't make a choice yet!

Dunkel in his glorifed horn with the dark amulet confronted with Mantra the Mentor with a scythe staff. Dunkel mocking Mantra to dispove all Mantra's philosophies which are false and demonic. Mantra didn't notice that and warn Dunkel to take the dark amulet of for it was corrupting you. Dunkel immediately enraged then throwing a great fireball toward Mantra but then Mantra easily deflected the fire ball with his scythe which subsquentially destroyed a mountain of gem near by. All the guards and unicorn members were unconcious because Mantra's blast which putting them to the sleep of death in which not killing them but momentary hibernating them for a small amount of time.

Dunkel and Mantra then jumping into the duel as both no side listen to each other's word. The battle of philosophies and words was over and now the true duel to determine the victor in here. Valiel hiding behind the pillar of gems in terror awaiting to see the victor as the next chapter would tell us!

Author's Note:

This time, Death as Mantra has the quest to persuade these primitive ponies to the path of enlightenment where only cooperation and knowledge are the keys to survive.
During the quest to enlighten these poor ponies, Mantra had encountered many different disputes of hatred as well as terror.
Many lessons have been given.
Yet, Mantra as Twillight Shadow had discovered a powerful source of evil still remained after the Great Celestial Dispute in chapter 1 which need to be purged by Death only.