• Published 29th Sep 2013
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Chronicle of Equestria - A Historical Mystery Has Unfold! - Master of Reapers

History a planet in which have been ravaged by a great celestial conflict where ponies are habited

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Chapter 1: Reapers and Seeder

Chapter 1: Reapers and Seeder.

The day hopefully died, the day when those cruel reapers discovered Zimlja and hiding away the Hope, Crystal Heart!

In the beginning, Equestria was wild and barbaric; tribes of ponies divided to play the constant conflicts and disputes to each other. Unicorn clans hate Pegasus clans, Pegasus clans hates Earth clans while Earth clans hate Unicorn clans; so on and on. Dragons were ravaging the lands at that time while Griffons constantly terrorize across the land along with dragons. As you can see in the vision of a reaper, this land is a gold mine of souls for reapers and the constant conflicts between all creatures in the ravaging and unhappy lands. Noted my friends, Discord is not yet known or created.

Hatred and Terror were ruling peacefully without opposition, one of famous reaper organization called The Baneful Scythes. They were the group of reapers who discovered the planet in the system of Tritaris in which they were trying to find a planet as their mine of power and souls. Then they have found a planet called Zemlja and a land also called Equestria was not yet named in it. The civilization of habitants was the horse-like creatures, they are much more primitive than Humans or Remans.

We reapers called them as “paraspronies” because of the primitveness and size to our sights. These reapers residing in the planet of Zemlja, reaping souls of the deceased creatures in this planet but they didn’t have patience to slowly reap every soul by just waiting these creatures and ponies to die of ages , diseases and famine. They started to break the rules of nature by hiding the Hope away, Crystal Heart of the planet. After hiding away the Crystal Heart on the Moon, they began to perform a ritual which unleashing the hatred and terror to swallow the planet into the constant wars and conficts. Creatures and ponies alike fighting each other over everything! Apples, water, playing a game of checker, …. Friendship is only a definition that doesn’t exist on Zemljia. The Baneful Scythes once summoned about concerning the draining of resource of souls in the planet as Reapers just rapidly reap souls as the population of planet dying away. The organization ambitiously broke the rules second time, they faking the souls supposed to deliver to Death in order to get transported. Making the deads can not die, the livings live a life like death to reproduce fruitfully.

There are only wars and hatred on this planet

Eventually the Gorchymyn Council finally investigated the planet of Zimlja, the spirits of Light (angels) found out that the Baneful Scythes has broken the rules. The Gorchymyn Council demanded The Baneful Scythes to surrender all their stolen souls and go the court to face their punishments or else. Those reapers aggressively defending their actions but also violently disagreed with the ultimatum.

The spirits of Light allied with the faithful reapers marching to the system of Tritaris and they have a violent conflict in there in which having destroyed several lifeless planets in the system but luckily no other living forms near the system did suffered from the dispute. The rebellious reapers had created a few dangerous weapons during their colonization of Zimlja like Chaos, a powerful weapon which feeding by using the energy of unhappiness and hatred and it enough to do reality warping and wreak destruction upon its passing. Chaos was the original form of Discord in which Chaos is more destructive and having no emotion nor thought. It was only made to fight and make things out of the structure of order and harmony.

In the end, those lawless reapers surrendered as the casualties resulted in both sides in which 15 spirits of Light had passed away to return after 5000 years (died actually but they are immortal, they will resurrect back in Heaven) along with 50 lawless reapers were reaped and fading away into oblivion among with 20 innocient reapers who allied with the Gorchymyn Council. The surviving leaders of the illegal reaper organization were punished to be eternally imprisoned in the Eternal Void, the trash can of the universe in which corrupted souls or supernatural beings are imprisoned for eternity along with their infinite terror of fighting against themselves ; a fate worse than Hell or any known punishment.

The leaders of the Baneful Scythes were disposed into the large sphere of untapping light with the screams below down the pit. A leader among them staring at the spirits of Light as they prepared to depart to the void of infinite screams. The stare is like the symbolism of no ordinary mean; but it only means about hatred triumphs.

After the dispute, Death didn’t have a word nor a reaction. He wasn’t happy or sad but he just accepting the losses of his reapers, members of his family. He wasn’t vengeful nor sad, he knows that breaking the law against the Maker is worse than anything. He just feeling quite disappointed for the limitation of an ancient being who spending countless aeons in reaping souls. He is the non-exsistential being who is already dead, he is just bored to see the world in which he only contributing by killing mortals then using part of their energy to strengthen himself to reap more souls.

The rebellion of this arrogant reapers made Death realized one thing, life is eternal and he has been tricked by the Maker since He created souls. Death knew that he had already been trapped to this pointless jobs when nothing is actually died in this universe. Death breaths the long breath and an inspired idea crossed his mind. If the Maker can create anything, I am also nearly powerful as him and his spirits do “creating” the planets in the universe; so I might have the ability to create. He takes a soul of an unicorn in his pocket and he sees all the happy memory of the soul; he smiles with a sympathy as well as an enjoyment to see mortals happy. He determined, determined and determined!

He determined that he will create an everlasting creation that will be much perfect than any creation of the Maker by using the souls he reaped then resurrecting them and giving knowledge as well as power than any creation. But before doing that, he need the seeds to grow on the empty field. He realized what he is doing is really hard but I have figured the way out. If he can’t create things but he can seed for the already created creations so in the end he will reap them then using their souls to add for his intended creation. Then Death will have a beautiful planet when souls habited happily as he desired, he immediately teleports to Zimlja.

Author's Note:

If there any confusing parts, feel free to ask me.