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Sunflower Shine

Hello! I'm Sunflower and sometimes I write about ponies.


When Princess Luna discovers that there is still a pony awake in the night streets of Ponyville, she goes down to investigate, and finds out that her night is not as ignored as she once thought it was.

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I dig it. Only two complaints.

1) Mooooooar D; It left me wanting moar.

2) In the beginning, you say something like "I thought you liked those kind of people". Figured I'd mention it for you so you can fix it. Its a very minor error.


To the nocturnes, and to the night!

Methinks the proper music should be linked:


"Using her magic again, she lifted the needle and set it down, turning on the player."

Link on the word 'player' for maximum effect. :pinkiehappy: It'll be so awesome!:rainbowkiss:

273976 I agree. very nice song, /)


It's nice, but I would recommend taking off the romance tag. Unless you plan on continuing this, there's no reason to have it because there's no romance at all. It's just a little feel-good slice of life story.

274315 Done. It was, like, four o' clock in the morning when I finished it so I have no idea why I put that tag on there, haha.

273943 Also fixed.

Thanks everybody for the comments! :rainbowkiss:

You could probably turn this into something longer. I would recommend a continuation. I kinda want to see a Vinyl x Luna fic. :twilightsmile:

Very good, I could see this being continued as Luna finds out how other ponies enjoy her nights. *followed*

Why did it just lose the romance tag? I haven't read, but I'm still wondering...

274676 Because it's technically not romance, so having that tag at this point is kind of misleading. If I continue it will be (I have a soft spot for this pairing), but I'm not sure if I will.

To be honest, I would track this if you do continue it. It's a new pairing (for me at least), and it seems interesting.

Besides, Rave Luna sounds awesome as buck. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

i like little short fics like this but i agree with marrock u chould make a sequel of this or an alternate ending to make it longer some ppl tracked thinking there was more :moustache:

this needs more and it needs it now

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