• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Fluttershy and Heavenly Pencil waited outside the room full of mares, Fluttershy couldn't help but look a little worried. Heavenly Pencil drew in close to his girl with a warm embrace.

"It will be okay I bet she'll be fine. I mean it's Twilight. She single handedly pointed out at the royal wedding that Cadence was a fake and fixed every one of your guys' cutie marks. So relax, come here and give me a hug." Heavenly Pencil smiled to his beloved. Fluttershy fell into his strong arms and stayed there until the unmistakable sound of Twilight's voice.

"All I am saying is I want to know what happened that the journals didn't cover and the only way is to talk with Celestia herself." Twilight said for the fifth time. "So every one of you read Sombra's journals?"

"Not the one YOU did though. We had to find some way to pass the time." Shadow joked with his dear Twilight.

"Ha ha. Well then what's the plan?"

"Well sugar cube ah would suggest we go on home. We've packed up them journals all nice like so we could take'em with us." Applejack responded. "So don't you worry that pretty little head of yours Twi, we got ya covered."


In Canterlot, the daily mess began in the palace. Many were seeking an audience with Celestia. But the avatar of the sun couldn't bare to go out of her room. For on this day, one thousand and four years on the dot, was the day Celestia watched the beam tear Sombra asunder. Every emotion he could have shown was written on his face: Shock, confusion, pain, regret, sorrow, and betrayal. All those emotions were burned into Celestia's memory as she wept into her pillows to muffle her sadness. The only one to know what was happening was Luna. One thousand years to see what a fool she had been. Sombra only used dark magic to keep alive to see her sister, yet Luna shunned him for the practice. If their was a way to correct her mistakes then maybe Sombra wouldn't have gone down his path laced in darkness. Luna felt a chill run up her spine when her memory brought up the battle with the once kind man.

"Sombra yield you have lost!"

"I will never yield to you!"

"Then pay for your crimes!"

"I feel the anger in your soul, I can see your jealousy towards Celestia. The love of your subjects are devoted to her. And my love for her made you into something like me."


"Drown in Darkness Luna!"

Then his words didn't mean anything until she became Nightmare Moon. His words so cryptic at the time. But he saw what she couldn't, her own jealousy of him created her own darkness to sink in. In a small way Sombra let her become a monster herself. The revelation came down hard on the princess. He was right.


Twilight felt the need to speak with her mentor, Celestia must have the answers to this mystery. Everyone gathered at the train station to take a little trip to Canterlot. One by one they boarded with Twilight and Shadow going on first. Then Applejack and Lemon Pledge, along with Rarity and Skull. Pinkie Pie was already aboard. Heavenly Pencil and Fluttershy were the only ones yet to board, Heavenly Pencil looked down to Fluttershy. Her eyes were off to the side, straining to focus on something beyond the train.

"Baby what are you looking at?" Heavenly asked, concern clearly written on his face.

"There's something in the snow, right there. It could be a hurt animal!" Fluttershy screamed as she ran to the shape partially sticking out of the white surface. She ran as fast as she could to help whatever poor animal laid out in the white surface.

As soon as she stopped Fluttershy filled with dread as she looked upon the form before her. "Sssssooooommmmbbbrrraaa!"

Heavenly Pencil rushed to Fluttershy's side as she screamed. There laying half covered in snow was the unmistakable form of King Sombra.

"Is- is he dead?" The trembling pegasus uttered.

"No, he's breathing but just barely, we need to get him out of this cold. Fluttershy, please help me!"

"I wouldn't let anyone freeze, I couldn't!" Fluttershy responded as they both pulled Sombra's body from the misleading snow burial ground. "One more pull! And pull!"

Sombra's body was massive compared to the two pulling, his armor just gave off the sense royalty. Here was the unholy tyrant, the thing that haunted dreams, lay broken here in the snow. Heavenly Pencil and Fluttershy began to shake as they remembered the details from each journal entry, and the very image that they painted was here, alive and well. With a audible gulp Heavenly Pencil finally spoke.

"We should take him with us."

Author's Note:

And so ends the first story arch!