• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Fire and Ice

The train pulled into the station with the last two cars being nothing but metal wheels, a metal bed, and ash. Sombra still burned with anger, his eyes leaked the dim purple mist. Everyone one the train kept a wide birth from him at all times except Fluttershy and Heavenly Pencil who stayed next to the raging fire known as Sombra. Twilight felt the sheer power radiating off of the dark king, in terms of measuring power; Sombra was a limitless well of power that could easily surpass Celestia and Luna. While Twilight could be measured at the most as a lake at best. She may have been the avatar of magic and given an extraordinary sense to use magic, Sombra had this locked inside of him back then and now. After reading his journals she knew full and well of his capabilities with his magic. That kind of magic was unheard of in this day and age.

"Sombra its okay. It's gonna be OKAY." Heavenly tried to calm the beast before him to no avail.

"Okay? Okay! I'm one thousand years OLD! No to mention Celestia probably thinks I forgot about and moved on! And EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OKAY?! DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOL!?" Sombra roared at the now terrified Heavenly Pencil. Fluttershy now came to his aid as Sombra continued his tirade.

"NO STOP RIGHT THERE MISTER! JUST BECAUSE YOU MADE SOME WRONG CHOICES DOESN'T MEAN YOU TAKE YOU ANGER OUT ON HIM!" Fluttershy said using the STARE on Sombra. Soon a very uncomfortable silence set upon the group as the rest of their friends watched expecting the worst.

"What do you mean "wrong choices"?" Sombra asked dead quite, never breaking eye contact. This was the make it or break it point, Fluttershy tried to form an answer but to tell Sombra he was the monster made her stumble over her thoughts. Fluttershy broke eye contact first, the rest of her friends this was the first time she broke it when using it.

"Like um well, yelling at Heavenly, he was just trying to help you and you snapped at him."

"Heavenly Pencil, I'm sorry I snapped at you how I did that was wrong of me to do and I did it anyway. Please accept my apology." All mouths dropped. No one could have expected Sombra, The King of Evil, to apologize. No one made a sound as Sombra walked with the group. Many a mare caught his eyes and they quickly looked away. Even though he wasn't damning them to a life eternal servitude, his physique intimidated many but his were the most terrifying feature. So cold, calculating, and empty. "Why do they all flee from us?"

"Well you are really intimidating with all that armor on, as well everyone here is easily spooked." Twilight finally said with confidence that Sombra wouldn't burn down all of Ponyvile. "And you do have probably the gruffest voice anyone here has ever heard."

"Well that's... weird." Sombra replied.

"Your the one supposed to be dead, so you tell us." Rainbow Dash muttered under her breath. Sombra didn't hear her but was transfixed by how such a small town did so well. The economy of Ponyvile was a tricky thing to figure out, not for Mayor Mare who had all the links worked out. Soon the group found its way into the library where they figure out how Sombra could fit back into society. Twilight knew she had to have a letter sent to Celestia to inform her of who was still alive.

"Twilight, I don't think that might be such a great idea." Rarity knew what was about to happen.

"But if she knew he was alive maybe some good may come from this."

"But we read the journals, we know he and Luna would tear each other apart!" Rarity's voice became a harsh whisper to Twilight.

"Maybe she is passed it. She has reformed herself a lot with the last three years. So who knows I mean it can't be as bad as he wrote it. Besides we could set up a shield with Celestia's help." Twilight stated confidently with the look of determination that twinkled in her eye.

Sombra turned to the selves of books, since a thousand years passed there must be something about him. His steps drew the attention of Twilight and Rarity, panic set in when she noticed where he headed for. History.

If he knew he was capable of many terrifying and great feats the world could be in danger, as quick as she could think an idea hit her.

"Sombra would you like to see Celestia again?" Those words stopped him cold. Tension hung in the air of the tightly packed room.

"Celestia? I would love to." His reply cut the silence like a knife, everyone could breath easy for now.

"Well I am her personal student so I could get her to come here."

"Well what are you waiting for!? I wish to see my angel again!" Sombra exclaimed with new found joy. How fortunate the personal student of Celestia would be one of the few to find him. His face lit up with glee as the heavens would open up to him again to receive his beloved once again. "This truly is a glorious day to feel life flowing my entire being!"

Heavenly Pencil had to reel his mind back to the train station, how Sombra incinerated two train cars with his very mind. Was now nearly bouncing like a child before their birthday party.

"Okay Spike! I need to write this down and send this to Celestia." Twilight began. "Princess it has come to our attention that you had a significant other before. Now before you over react, it is very important you come to the Ponyvile library immediately! You would not believe me if you didn't see this for yourself. Please hurry I do fear for the safety of every citizen here... Princess allow me to say this when you arrive you'll be shocked to know why. Your faithful student Twilight Sparkle." Twilight finished out of ear shot so Sombra would not know she feared his strength or magical powers. The fact that his life was still in motion was a statement for his deep knowledge of dark magic.

"Okay the letter has been sent off we should get a-" The knocking on the door cut Twilight off as soon as she began. "Well that was quick." Twilight slowly opened the to see Luna standing before the door frame.

"Celestia has sent me to see what this matter of importance was. Celestia is indisposed at this time. Pray tell what is it you found regarding her significant other?" Luna's ears narrowed as she inquired.

"Well it's meant for Celestia but I guess you can see for yourself."