• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Twilight of the Past

Twilight spent the entire day reading the tomes Sombra had written and reading his journals. Every little fact was important to her, especially after she learned it had very detailed account of Celestia.

"WHHAAAAATT?!" Twilight screamed as she reread the journal that stated the evil King Sombra and Celestia were once a couple, a happy couple at that.

"For the last time Twi yes what you just read for the fifth time is what it really says." Shining Armor said with annoyence hinted in his voice. "Just read this one. Cadence said it gave her like a vision or something like that."

"A vision? That could help me understand a lot more, may I have that one?" Twilight perked up with her brother's suggestion. The book slid over to the young woman who quickly snatched it and opened it. The moment Twilight opened it the words swirled, within moments the palace changed to an eerie contrast of itself.

Standing before her were three gods. Celestia the goddess of the sun, Luna goddess over the night, and Sombra the god of darkness. They looked as though they had battled over a week, the Crystal Empire was in ruins.

"Sombra this ends today! All you have thrown at us was only distractions, games to you. Those were once living people!" Celestia cried out from the wrecked city.

"I have only begun to fight my dear." Sombra jeered the sisters. "Celestia join me, we can reshape the world as we see fit! Crimes would cease to exist! Be my Queen?"

"Sombra remember who you were! Please for all that you stood for! This isn't you!"
Celestia shouted back to the mad man.

"I remember what I told you the night I left to fight those damned shades. "I shed a tear in the ocean, the moment you find it is the moment I'll stop loving you... it seems you found that tear drop." The sound of weeping could be heard through Sombra's empire, Celestia felt a pang of guilt pierce her heart. Never before she heard such a depressing sound in her life. Luna narrowed her eyes at Sombra as he continued to weep. The lighting bolt struck him and sent his body flying into the crystal wall behind him.

"Luna! Why did you do that?! We could have beckoned him back to the light!" Celestia screamed at her sister's uncaring attitude towards Sombra.

"Luna you will be the first to DIE!" A monstrous roar erupted, shaking the entire world by the voice. In front of the two was now a massive black cloud with the eyes of Sombra.

"There is no choice now, we have to use the elements!" Luna shouted as black tendrils came crashing down. Sombra didn't want those accursed weapons to be put into use during the battle. He used many tricks to unsettle the royal sisters minds playing their weakness and grinding their strengths. Now became a moment of desperation for the god king, if the Elements of Harmony were used against him there would be no telling what they would do to him.

Flames lept on his form as Celestia shot him. They did not affect him as she wished they would.


Twilight could feel every emotion throughout the heat of the lengthy fight. Pain, anger, sorrow, fear, and and pure undiluted hatred. They all swept up into the most grand scene Twilight had ever seen. Words could not describe the battle as it became the last stand of King Sombra, Twilight couldn't help but feel horrible for the tyrant. This whole thing might have been avoided if Luna had just accepted him. From Twilight gathered from the scene before her, Luna was one of the many factors in King Sombra's downfall. With all the journals explaining how Sombra became the beast he was in the battle with the royal sister.

"Twilight! Ya'll alright ya were muttern somethin' crazy." Applejack said with an unusual shake in her voice.

"Applejack? When did you get here?" Twilight asked unsure of her thought process forming words.

"We got here an hour ago you egghead! Cadence said you went out like a light after reading that weird book." Rainbow Dash said.

"How long was I out?" Asked the lavender skinned girl.

"Dear you were out for two whole days, but don't you worry we have been looking after you. We just couldn't let one of our best friends be alone in a hospital, that wouldn't be very best friend like." Rarity answered with grace. "So may I asked what was it like to see the last stand Sombra? Cadence told us that one shows the reader the last stand."

"Sombra wasn't really evil. The pain was just too much for him and his heart to bare when Luna called him a traitor and Celestia did nothing."

"So wait, you're saying Sombra and Celestia used to rut each other? Oh man that's priceless." Rainbow Dash asked through her gasps for air as she laughed.

"Rainbow Dash its the Princess' business who she "ruts" and that is just simply unlady like to asked such a question." Rarity interjected with the intention of defending the Princesses' honor of dating. "Beside I bet Sombra way back was a handsome and dashing colt."

"Well I want to know how things went for Celestia when Sombra became who he was." Twilight said