• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Marching to war

1000 years ago

Sombra surveyed the forsaken plains with his legion of men. Each one swore an oath to him as he swore to uphold Equestria. His homeland would be free of these things once and for all. The fields all around were dead, not even a weed grew in the dead soil.

"Men." His voice echoed. "Today we fight for our loved ones, our children and our children's children. These shades think because we are a peaceful race that they will eliminate us from existance with their cowardly tactics of hitting us in the dead of night. I say NAY! We will hunt them down like the animals they are! Where ever they may roam, we will meet them in battle. Where ever they may hide, we will burn their homes. For every shade head that is brought to me I will pay a thousand bits extra. Am I understood?" Ten thousand troops roared approval at the chance to make extra money for themselves and their families. Sombra was always kind to those whom served under him. Many called him a true hero of the people.

"Sir how will we begin to burn these creatures out of their holes?" Shield Bash asked with concern, looking at his commander with some degree of self preservation. "They aren't like the griffons, and they have no honor like dragons. So how do you intend to hunt them?"

"We passed a village not too far back did we not? They will attack it will reckless force, when they do we shall cut into them as a knife into butter." Sombra grunted as his eyes scanned the vast horizon. He noted each rocky outcrop that might hide a cave. All together there were thirteen. His captain stared at him with pure horror clearly visible in his eyes. "Do not worry about those villagers, they are in capable hands. And Shield Bash please get some rest, you look worse than a diamond dog without any gems." Sombra smiled to the wary captain. The joke clearly went over his head. "Everyone set up camp! We aren't leaving until those wretched gas bags are dead!"

With his words having the desired effect upon his soldiers Sombra smiled for he knew the battle would be a victorious one and it would be sung about for ages to come.


All was quiet on the northern front, not a soul crept about the plains. Sombra sat alone on a rock only five meters from camp. His thoughts return to Celestia as he sat.

'What can I do to make her feel even more special?' He mused in his peaceful mind.

"Make her into your queen." The sudden voice cause Sombra to fall over with his heart rate beating well over twice the normal speed. His eyes searched the area surrounding him only to yield nothing. "Give her more than what she already has MY lord."
"Who's there? I demand you to show yourself." Sombra growled knowing he didn't just go insane.

"I am what you would call a shade. But not one of those you seek, no those beasts will be set upon you soon, I suggest you be ready."

"Wait! Who are you?"

"A friend."

Sombra stared out into space. A shade spoke to him? Why would one speak to him? The night would soon be filled by cries of battle and mourning. Sombra steeled himself for what was to come.


The ground was stained with the blood of his soldiers and of the shades. Half of Sombra's men were dead, and many were wounded. In the heat of the battle Sombra and his forces chased the shades to their den, where many more were hiding. Hours of fighting and struggling to stay alive left them drained and exhausted, fatigue set in right after the fight was over. Sombra to a glance back to the hell hole were his men were slaughtered before his eyes. The prince had to give his men food and water, then reality hit, they were lost. No one could make heads or tails of this region. Sombra's greatest achievement quickly became his biggest blunder. His thoughts went to Celestia, would he ever see her again? No he had to push on for her, for he would not become just a long forgotten memory.

He found a dead soldier's bag and rummaged through, finding their spare blank log books Sombra quickly made it into his first journal entry.

"Day one. We have routed the enemy, but with heavy losses. So many dead, our forces now by my estimated guess are at little under half of the number we started with. But we are successful. We burned the shades out of their holes and we made sure none may live to tell the tale. Celestia my dear I hope you can forgive me for rushing into this battle, I love you with more passion than a thousand more of your suns. We will be married I promise this."

The day slowly turned to night. Sombra recovered a couple of his best men who survived the shades' onslaught. Three Spears, Broken Dagger, and Heavy Weapon. The three were instructed to gather all of the ranking officers that could be alive, or any NCOs that led before, to tend to the wounded and bury their dead. Sombra hunched over his new journal.

"So ends the tyranny of of these demons. They voices were silenced, they did not scream in rage, they whispered. It seems only I can hear them for none of my men have reported voices coming from nothing. Celestia forgive me for being a fool for not staying with you my love. How can I see the sun and not feel your warmth? Is it because I am too far away? I wish I was beside you now, I would bask in your beauty and serve you as you deserve. My solar goddess. I swear on my life I will do everything within my power to see you're happy. 8-30-1014AA."

Sombra could feel the fatigue setting into his sore and ridged body and once his eyes shut, Sombra was fast asleep.