• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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The letter

Twilight sat alone in her bath tub, enjoying a day off from doing anything. Shadow Magic was off playing some show at some place, which left Twilight and Spike to have the whole house for themselves. Sighing loudly, Twilight felt some relaxation was a given thing today. Until Spike was knocking on the bathroom door.

"Um Twilight you got a letter." His voice called from behind the locked heavy door.

"Spike you can handle it, can't you?" Twilight groaned trying to hide beneath the water.

"It's from Cadence and your brother." The not so tiny dragon retorted to the lavender unicorn with a smirk. Just as expected the unicorn in question smashed into the hallway, the bathroom door smacked Spike in the face. She snatched up the letter with a ferocious tenacity. Her eyes skimming with renewed energy.

"Cadence says there is something I need to see in the Crystal Empire, she also says it extremely important and cannot be discussed unless we are in the same room." Twilight seemed puzzled by that something that important needed to be this secretive. The questions began to grow in Twilight mind. " What could they have be?"

"Maybe its like that portal thingy they had." Spike rubbing his face finally said. A massive red mark formed on his face. "You know Twi, saying when you're going to rush out of the bathroom could be really important. And you're naked."

Twilight took a moment to realize what Spike was talking about, then she looked down. "WHY ARE YOU STARRING AT ME THEN?! IF YOU JUST SAID IN WAS NAKED WHY WOULD YOU KEEP LOOKING?!"

"My bad it's just I have never seen a girl naked before."

"Spike that is disgusting! I am like your mother!" Twilight shrieked.

"Well when you put it that way yeah that is disgusting."

Twilight was quick to recover by wrapping her towel around herself. Well there went the day relaxing. But this had to be important if Cadence said it had to be discussed in person. So pushing aside her negative emotions, Twilight just went with the flow of things. Heading to her and her husband's room to gather cloths for a trip.

"I should ask the others if they would like to go." Twilight thought aloud. "Maybe I should see Rarity first or Applejack."


Rarity sat with Skull the Microphone, they were an odd couple but they were happy to be with one another. The knock on the door ruined the peaceful atmosphere of their home. Skull was the one to get up to check who was at the door, as he pulled it open Twilight waited.

"Oh hello Twilight, what brings you here today?" Skull asked politely.

"I just wanted to see if you two would like to go to the Crystal Empire with Shadow, Spike, and I. I know you wanted to see it so I came here to ask." Twilight stated calmly. The smile that broke onto Skull's face said it all. "Great everyone will be leaving in two days except for me I'll be leaving as soon as possible, something Cadence found is really important and I need to see what it is."

"I'll be sure to pass the news to Rarity, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to go back." Skull replied with a smile, closing the door once Twilight left. Skull gripped the hand rails as he ascended the stair case. Rarity stepped out of their bedroom with a case of cloths packed, Skull could only stare back with curiosity.

"I overheard everything darling and I took the liberty to pack our bags I am ready to go at any time." Rarity stated calmly with a glint of excitement. She was looking forward going back to the Crystal Empire, especially to see her skin shine with the beauty of a thousand gems.


Pinkie jumped out of the nearest tree to Twilight, effectively scaring the normally calm unicorn. Twilight fell backwards with a heartbeat well over a healthy limit.

"Pinkie would you be so kind to not do that please?" Twilight asked the hyper active pink earth pony.

"The reason I jumped out so suddenly is because I wanted to say yes! I will help with getting them back together! They'll be so happy once they're in each others arms." Pinkie Pie yelled to the heavens with a voice that was sure to wake a sleeping dragon miles away.

"Huh? Who back together? Never mind I wanted to ask you if you would like to go back to the Crystal Empire? Wait you just said yes." Twilight finished her sentence in confusion.

"Yup that's right silly I'd love to and I want to see if they have thrown any really good parties lately." The party girl said while nodding vigorously.

"Well in two days you and the rest of the girls will meet me there, I'm going as soon as possible to find out what Cadence found."

"You'll be really surprised by what you will read." Pinkie whispered as she hid in a bush, her eyes still visible.

"Okay Pinkie uh I'll see you there then..." Twilight began to slowly walk away with uncertainty in her voice. Turning back down the road to Sweet Apple Acres, Twilight continued her journey.

The trees around the farm always grew the best tasting apples around and soon it would be time for the harvest. But that wasn't for another month.

Quickly spotting Applejack, Twilight made a bee line towards her.

"Hey Applejack!"

"Howdy Twi, you look very relaxed ah must say." Applejack waved to her lavender friend.

"Well thank you but I want to ask you if you and your husband would like to go to the Crystal Empire?"

"Well sure ah've been meaning to go and set up a little stand there and see the look on their faces once they take a bite of my family's apples."

"So you're going great! Be sure to tell Lemon Pledge." Twilight said while walking away. Heading to Fluttershy's was next on the list.


"Um excuse me, Heavenly Pencil, could you please take out the trash. I mean if that wouldn't be too much to ask." Fluttershy whispered to her coltfriend.

"Yeah I'll get that for you." Heavenly Pencil said as he stretched. With a swift sweep of his arm he pulled Fluttershy into a tight hug and kissed her. The blush she wore always made him feel better, she was beautiful, kind, and sweet.

Once out the door with trash in hand, he ran into Twilight. The bag of garbage spilling on the ground with them covered by the contents.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"

"No it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm sorry Twilight."

"Here let me help you clean this up." Twilight said as she quickly used her magic to clean the ground of trash. "I was on my way here to ask if you two would like to go to the Crystal Empire soon."

"Well I'd have to clear it with Fluttershy, but I would sure like to visit the empire that vanished for a thousand years. It sounds really interesting." Pencil replied.

"Great I'll meet you guys there then!" Twilight smiled as the final piece of trash was put into the outside can. "Now I'll just need to clear it with Rainbow Dash and we will be set. I'll see you two there when you arrive."

"Goodbye, hey Fluttershy want to visit the Crystal Empire again? You know without the power hungry tyrant part?"


A few hours later.

"Okay everypony will be there I need to talk to Shadow. I'm sure he'd love to." Twilight told herself to boost her own morale. "All I need to do is tell him it's very important and I need to go."

"Hey Twi, are you talking to yourself again?" Shadow asked as Twilight stepped inside the library.

"Yes just- wait never mind that. I need to talk with you."


"Yes? What do you mean yes?"

"Spike told me."

"Oh right I forgot he knew too, so you'll go with me?"


Author's Note:

I just want to say I hate writing the mane six.