• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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A Little Piece of Heaven

Cadence sat at the train station waiting with Shining Armor. Today Twilight and Shadow would be here to examine the journals for themselves, within an hour they would arrive.

With great care she slid out the last journal that King Sombra wrote during his last days as king. The pages came to life before her very eyes. There before her was King Sombra and her aunts sharing dangerous looks.

"Sombra It's time for you to pay for your crimes against these once proud and prosperous people." Luna commanded the mad king.

"So high and mighty to the end Luna. You never cease to amaze me. So here we are, at the very gates of either heaven or hell. I do wish you well... in HELL!" Sombra charged the two with murder written in his eyes.

A flash of Sparks showered Luna and Sombra as they locked their blades together. The light glow from Luna's elegantly lit the surrounding area, as Sombra's weapon cloaked him in darkness. Again the blades struck with a loud clang and showers of sparks. Luna's fist struck Sombra's ribs with enough force to break two or three.

The pain was nothing, the dark magic that slithered through his veins quickly healed his broken bones. With his body at full health Sombra unleashed a volly of dark weapons that were trained on Luna. Each one disappeared before they hit their mark. Sombra roared his unholy war cry as he turned to face Celestia.

"YOU! After all I did for you and your kingdom?! You would dare to defend the one who cast me away like trash? Celestia, then it is true. The Celestia I loved died years ago. But you will not take away my EPMIRE!" Sombra summoned his war mace "Celestia's Sorrow" with a vicious smile. His weapon came down with a brutal smash, aiming to cripple one of Celestia's angelic wings. His weapon glanced off Celestia's blade the "Morning Light" as she parried his blow.

"Sombra! Stop this at once. This isn't you Sombra, I know the real you. Please stop this. Just come home with me and we can help you." Celestia pleaded with her once sane loved one. His response was one that surprised the two sisters.

"I will go back and be with you... if you can best me in combat, a little fight up here in my haven." Sombra replied with a somber tone. "Let us begin. Do try to make things interesting for me I want a battle that can be remembered for the ages to come."

With that he was blasted into his throne by Luna's magic, with a force unlike any other. Sombra experienced the full power of an alicorn. Smoke filled the throne room.

"Sister you might have killed him!" Celestia cried out.

"Good the world will never have to know he ever existed." Luna shot back with a scowl.

"Luna... Was that your best?" Sombra chuckled as he stood once again proudly with his mace and sword gripped in his hands. His mace flew to the astonished princess while he charged her, "Soul Ripper" aimed directly for her throat. Luna quickly blocked the mace as it rushed towards her, but Sombra was upon her with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Now DIE!"

Celestia shot his sword away at the last second from striking Luna. She lept between the two with her blade slashing at the mad man. "I will not stand by and let my sister fall before my mistake monster." Again her weapon cut into Sombra, who nearly dropped to the floor laughing. Celestia kicked Sombra squarely in his neck, hoping to end the duel as quickly as possible. Sombra laid with his back on the floor still laughing at both of their attempts to end the fight quickly. His black magic shot his body back upright, his smile dissolved into a frown once he saw both sisters ready for the fight yet to come. He summoned his mace into his hands and took a battle stance. They would be here for awhile.


"Cadence! Shining Armor!" Twilight shouted as Shadow and she stepped off the train. As soon as Twilight got in sight Shining Armor gave her a hug and shook Shadow's hand.

"Sun shine/ Lady bug awake/ Clap your hands and do a little shake." Both Twilight and Cadence sang together then as they finished they shared a laugh.

"So Cadence, I have to ask what did you and my brother find?" Ever curious Twilight asked.

"Well we found... Sombra's journals." Cadence said in a hushed whisper to her sister in law.

"What is so special about Sombra?" Shadow asked loudly. His response was every single crystal pony staring at him as if he committed murder. Each and every one of them had their faces contorted into mixture of horror and anger.

"Sombra was the ruthless tyrant who killed any and all those who were against him. Twilight and her friends beat him when this empire reappeared. And now his journals were found we can study his past." Cadence spoke sharply. "Also it's not a very smart to say his name aloud in public because he did many terrible things to these people. The scars may never heal."

"Oh... Sorry." Shadow replied to the pink alicorn.

"We should show you two the room we found in the palace." Shining Armor chipped in.

"That sounds like a great idea! Wow Cadence, didn't expect you to teach my brother anything." Twilight said with a mischievous smile.

"Yeah she's taught me many- Hey that's not funny!" Shining cried out.