• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Uncertain Future

In the mind of the most evil being to ever exist in Equestria was a blank slate, other than the thoughts that would pronouce themselves.

"Where am I? I feel my body moving, but to where? I can hear someone talking, could it be her? Please by whatever divine being that exists let it be Celestia."

Sombra could hear the voices that sounded both shocked and intrigued, but he could not tell who was speak. In a massive effort Sombra tried to open his eyes but to no avail.

"So you two found Sombra? Just laying out in the snow? Okay then."

"I say we just dump him back in the snow!" Sombra sneered at this voice's owner. He safeguarded Equestria from the shades bent on annihilation of their entire race. Sombra dived back into his memories.

"Okay there were shades trying to destroy our kind and after I- I can't remember what happened after that. Is Celestia worried about me?! I need to move! I need to get back to her!" Sombra's mind raced. With his will alone Sombra groaned, his arm stretched out.


The mane six and their colt friends all looked to Sombra's form as it moved and spoke. Twilight watched in awe as the figure who was meant to be long dead still held on to life and his love. 'He won't let her go, how did he survive being destroyed last time?' Her thoughts were interrupted by a scream from Fluttershy.

"He's awake!" Fluttershy trembled as Sombra began to will himself awake.

Twilight still in awe that for four years he slept in snow and didn't die by hypothermia. Four years in the cold, yet here he was waking up.

"Everypony just calm down! We don't need to startle him and cause an accident on this train." Twilight said with a hint of terror as the God of Darkness woke.

"Where am I? Who are you? Where is Celestia!? I must go to her and inform her we routed the enemy!" His words sounded confused to where he was.

"Easy there big fella, you need ta get some rest. Y'all just woke up from... being trapped so take it easy." Applejack stepped in to defuse the situation before it got out of hand. Heavenly Pencil couldn't help but stare at the figure who not only an hour ago was out like a light, but was still alive. Fluttershy was just about hide herself from the monster before them until he spoke again.

"Who pulled me out of that trap then?"

"Well it was Heavenly and Fluttershy." Rainbow Dash pointed to the two in question.

Sombra gave them a look with a kind smile. "I thank you for saving me from that ice then. And you have my deepest gratitude."

"You are very welcome Sombra. We couldn't just let you stay there it wasn't the right thing to do." Heavenly Pencil replied to the beast before him.

"May I ask if this is Fluttershy? I am in your debt my dear. Once I return to Canterlot I will repay you with bountiful gold, I remembered my account still had some bags inside I'm sure."

"Oh that won't be necessary, just helping was enough, sir."

"Wait! Where are my soldiers! Did they make it back? Are you the reinforcements?" Sombra asked the girls and their lovers. Back in Sombra's time women were accepted into the army because they proved to be masters of stealth and strategy. While men were the bulk of every military force women were usually the one guiding the forces with grace of a thousand little whispers focused on the goal. Sombra wasn't one of the many who had a handler guiding his actions. No Sombra lead his men many a time to victory, his will alone proved to be sturdy enough to stand to the Grim Reaper and laugh in his face.

"No we aren't reinforcements for whatever happened we just stumbled upon you so to speak." Rarity spoke up with a little confusion about what Sombra spoke of.

"What is this contraption we are in?" Sombra asked now regarding the train.

"Oh this is a train Sombra! Its a marvel of modern day technology." Twilight exclaimed.

"Its not that great its just a bunch of metal on wheels." Shadow deadpanned.

"It is a wonder of technology. How did they make it so fast? It has to be only a few months since I must have fell to that horrid trap!"

"Uh what was the date of that battle?" Twilight asked, unsure how to tell the villain who haunted many.

"8-30-1014 why do you ask?"
"That battle happened over a thousands years ago..." Before she continue Sombra exploded with his legendary anger.