• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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God King

1000 years ago...

The crown Sombra designed fit like a glove. This kingdom has born again in the flames of their new master. His grin clearly predatory, eyes of a griffon watching as his subjects skulk about to the mines. The toil of these unworthy pitiful mongrels brought a sense of pride to the god king. Even with his shades breaking the moral of every citizen in his empire, there were those whom sought his end.

He chuckled at the thought of everyone of them becoming an original work of art hanging from his palace. Fourteen swung from the balcony, all of them forced his hand in such a manner to show every single one of them they are his play things. He proved this many many times during his five weeks as Master of the North. One even went as to go so far to throw dirt in his eyes, only to be slashed by the clawed gauntlets of Sombra in his face, neck, and belly. Hearing the gasps cry out at the brutality they witnessed brought such a warm feeling to the King of Misery.

Today was important though. Today was the day when all of his cattle would bow and pray for forgiveness from Sombra. Every week ended with this ritual, because it broke wills as fast as whipping them. Sombra stepped to the balcony to watch them grovel; his loyal subjects. One by one they filed into view for their master with chains worn around their necks and wrists to keep them orderly. The heavy bindings wearing into their skin causing them to wear hellish bruises.

"I welcome you, my loyal slaves! Bow to me purge your soul of all lies and grovel so I may forgive you of your deeds!" Sombra roared, his eyes flashed a sickly green visible to everyone present. One by one they knelled to him and chanted their misdeeds to the glory that was Sombra's reign. One stood tall and proudly, this enraged Sombra with a fire unlike any other. "Slave I said KNELL!"

"I am no slave! I am free and so are my people!"

"Knell or be killed for treason!"

"I have committed no such act. YOU HAVE COMMITTED THIS CRIME!" The crowd around the boy gasped with shock and worry. Many in the crowd began to quickly form with this single soul who would stand up for them. Many others grovelled even louder to show Sombra they were not with those rebels. "I speak for every single soul here that has suffered your tyranny! Your crimes demand retribution!"

Sombra's shades slowly began to descend closer to this rebel rouser. "NO! Forgive him my lord! My son knows not what he speaks of! You are a kind, merciful, and such a benevolent leader, can't you see it in your heart that he is just a child with such outlandish ideas?"

Within seconds Sombra appeared next to the boy who stood unfazed by the display of magic. With an act so horrendous the crowd had to skip backwards, Sombra held a sword up to the boy. Not with murderous intent but with spark of joy.

A Greatsword, meant to cause as much damage to the opponent as possible. To the boy it was beyond heavy, he mustered all the strength he could to heave the massive weapon into a fighting stance. Only to see Sombra wielding a wicked mace with venom dripping from each jagged edge. The cruel grin etched o Sombra's face gave away his dark intentions.

"Do you like my new toy? I gave it a name, Celestia's Sorrow. Soon you will be the first it shall taste boy. Unless you can best me with your granted blade, do try to make this interesting for me." Sombra mocked the poor boy.

"I do this for the fate of everyone I know and love!" The boy cried as the huge blade came crashing down at Sombra, who just sidestepped the blow.

"Ha, love?! Love is a fool's idea." Sombra replied as his heavy hand caught the child's shoulder. The boy swung again with his weapon, the flat of the blade catching Sombra's elbow. Sombra howled in rage as the pain quickly set in. As soon as the pain set in it faded, one of the many great effects of using dark magic on ones self. The child reeled backwards to escape the mace's wrath. "You have fight, what is your name?"

"Emerald Glass, and this day shall be remembered for ages to come." Emerald spat at the tyrant before him. Only to be pushed back by the monster.

"Emerald, I feel pity for you. Take this blade and prepare for a true fight with a god." Sombra chuckled as he threw a short sword made pure energy. "Take this blade and smite me if you can."

Emerald gazed in wonder at this blade with his precious time given by Sombra. It filled him with hope as blue streaks of light shot away from the blade. Emerald glanced up to his foe, taking note that Sombra had tears in his eyes. What about this sword could have such an effect upon the madman before him.

"With this Sombra I will strike you down and allow your soul peace." Emerald shouted with new found resolve in his voice.

The cold hard ground was unfamiliar to Emerald. Yet here he was, face down in the cold dirt. Above him with a wicked smile as always, Sombra.

"Crocodile tears boy, catch your enemy off guard. Now you were saying something about striking me down with your sword? You want to know a funny story? That weapon is the very same Luna gave me once I joined the guard, and it was the weapon that graced my shoulder when Celestia herself was mine!" The dark king roared with laughter. Emerald moved to stand against the the dark lord, only to be kicked in his ribs. Again he tried to have the same results as before, the kick was savage as it began to break ribs. Emerald's father could do nothing as Sombra continued to bash his son into the dirt, each new kick came down with brutality and swift speed. "And as I said before. YOU. WILL. KNELL."

Emerald felt multiple bones shatter under Sombra's foot as it came down over and over again. The tears flooded his vision as his body became racked in pain. "Please my lord stop!" Emerald's father cried out as he ran to stop this beating.

He never saw the mace coming.

Sombra used his vile magic to grab the mace from the ground, it did it's job. His wicked mace turned into shadow and merged with Sombra's form. He didn't even give a glance to the dead body smashing onto the floor, the crowd gathering around the dead father.

"Weak. Pathetic. Disrespectful. Incomplete. Fool." Each kick served as a new punishment, each broken bone served as a new lesson. "Now Bow to me and I may be merciful."

With no choice left, Emerald began to grovel, beg and pleaded for forgiveness. Every ounce of his body was racked with pain. Doubt slowly clouded his mind, making him question his previous statements. Now his ears were filled by the sound of madness as Sombra began to tie something on his body.

Sombra used even more of his black magic to summon ropes created from this boy's broken will, the rope of finely woven sorrow began to weave around the child's wrist, feet, and neck. With one of the most malicious looks clearly visible on Sombra's face, he finished the spell. Using his own physical strength to pull the rope with his quarry.

Emerald kicked and begged to the mad king, pleading for mercy. Each step up the staircase pounded the knowledge of his death was coming. "My lord! Please forgive me! I was a fool to stand against you! Please spare O' great one! I have a sister to take care of!"

"I said I would be merciful, and I meant it. I shall grant you the mercy of the grave!" Sombra mocked as he now held the boy over the balcony. Sombra's magic moved the rope around the railing and began to tie it down with a sturdy knot. "You need not worry about your family I will see to it they are taken care of personally."

With those words Emerald dropped. The noose caught his neck, but instead of breaking it, it held him fast. The air was robbed from him as he continued to struggle. His vision became cloudy and his body slowed its fight. Within minutes he was dead.

"This is the fate of every single soul who dares to stand against me. Let the boy be a lesson."