• Published 9th Sep 2013
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Redemption of a Monster - Raven Shadow

Sombra: evil incarnate. Now has amnesia. With no idea who he is may have a chance at a normal life... until Twilight and the gang learn who he is...

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Paths Down Either Road

Luna stopped dead as her beautiful cyan eyes met the cold red of Sombra's. Time seemed to stand still before Luna took a moment to collect herself.

The library shook as Luna used an powerful spell to push Sombra through the western wall. Luna quickly flew through the newly formed hole, only to have a cold metal hand wrap around her neck. With a flick of the wrist Luna was out the front door. Sombra stepped out of the wrecked library with purest disdain written on his face. Luna used her angelic wings to keep herself steady.

"King Sombra! Why hast thou disgraced these lands with thine presence?" Luna used her Canterlot voice in full effect, the entire town was soon drawn outside by the commotion.

"King? I am but a Prince! When have I claimed to be higher than the two goddesses? More importantly, why did you attack me with ill intent?!" Sombra roared back his voice equally as loud. Now the whole population of Ponyvile stood like statutes waiting for the next building to be crushed underneath these Titans.

Luna answered with a powerful blast of lighting aimed at Sombra. He ran to the right quickly, avoiding the violent spell.

"Yield for your crimes!"

"What crimes have I committed?! I have served your sister with only the utmost loyalty!"

"Lies!" Again the lighting struck, hitting it's mark. Sombra flew wildly, his arms and legs flailing about as he smashed into a lone bench. The entire crowd gasped in shock of the brutality being displayed for all to see. Sombra laid upon the dirt, visibly his body looked to be ready to fall to pieces. Twilight had already taken cover for she knew Sombra's power would more than likely hold his body together, her thoughts were interrupted by a deep malicious chuckle.

Sombra walked now unfazed by the blast Luna shot at him, his eyes began to leak the mist that Twilight knew well by now. The loud boom deafend all who stood by, within seconds Sombra was on top of the night princess. His elbow caught her shoulder with a sickening CRACK as they began their plummet towards the hard ground. Luna froze when she saw no way out of this crash to come, the pain made it nearly impossible for her to teleport away from her opponent. She closed her eyes awaiting the embrace the earth promised.

Sombra smashed into the dirt, anger overtook his mind once again as his hands formed a spell beyond horrifying. His enemy would suffer the worst pain to ever befall them once this spell hit, hours of immense pain and then death to be reborn and suffer more. His eyes scanned for Luna everywhere. When the mad king turned his head up his eyes widened with shock and awe. Celestia. The sun goddess could not see him yet as she tended to the wounds of her sister. A chill ran down Sombra's spine.

"Sister who did this to you?" The concern in Celestia's voice nearly made the ruthless tyrant cry.

"Sombra! He's down there! We have to stop him sister!" Luna cried frantically pointing down.

"Sombra did this how I thought he was dead?! He's down there? Oh no!" Celestia feared the worst would happen in Ponyvile. With the speed of light Celestia landed before the man in question. Her eyes widened as his did as well. "Sombra? Is it really you?"

"Yes, my love, it is me. And I can explain, if you would grant me that." Sombra spoke barely above a whisper. Celestia reached out, pulling Sombra into a loving embrace. As quick as the hug began it ended with Celestia slapping Sombra. "I deserved that. Now I will explain what happened and I have a few whom witnessed the attack on my being. Your student uh Twinkle Sparkled said she could get you to meet me here. We waited for maybe ten seconds before a knock came from that library door, Luna had answered instead of you as I would assume she expected. When Luna saw me she attacked me with a spell that sent me through your student's wall over there. She rambled on about me being a king and a criminal. I just gained the upper hand when you arrived."

Celestia turned to Twilight who nodded, that was all the truth here. Luna landed beside Celestia with a pleading look etched across her features.

"Please sister, He is a demon! Something incapable of remorse for his crimes! He needs to be hung for each one! You remember how HE was." Luna laced her words enough venom to kill a hydra by this point as she regarded Sombra.

"I know not of this Impostor who claims to be me! Whatever are his crimes should not be placed upon my head for things I didn't do." Sombra replied with a cool tone, completely unaware of his last few years of evil deeds. Celestia stood with a mixture of emotions brewing. One was anger about the fight between Sombra and Luna, two was happiness that he was alive after all these years, and three was confusion because the last time she had seen Sombra he was on the brink of declaring war on all nations to expand his own, yet here he was claiming not to remember his deeds. The whole situation caused her head to spin, so much so that she fell.


When Celestia opened her eyes she could see Sombra holding her close to his body but looking at something. Turning her eyes in the direction Celestia witnessed Twilight Sparkle in full panic at the sight of her mentor so weak.

"Ugrrh Sombra? Where am I?"

"Safe." He replied with a small smile. "Celestia I said I would always be there for you and I am. I would never allow you to be harmed. I love you."

"I love you too, my sweet prince." With that Celestia slipped back into her peaceful slumber. Sombra ran his gauntlet hand though her ever beautiful hair, she still looked as amazing as she did the first day he met her. Here was an angel that dazzled his dreams sleeping soundly now. Each of the mane six giggled, before being silenced by Sombra's glare. Every single one but Skull got the message.

"Rarity you don't have to be quite if you don't want to be."

"Silence insolent child!" Sombra's voice answered with the promise of deadly consequences. Luna and Twilight pulled Skull into the kitchen.

"Woohoo! Three way!"

"You have no idea just how strong he is do you?" Luna asked quietly.

"Some random freak?"

"That is the Tyrant of the North! He was responsible for the deaths of at least a million innocent lives! Just because he felt they were going to rebel against him! He fought both Celestia and myself on equal ground... He is not to be taken lightly."