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I live in the UK, and have been at university in Devon since September 2011. My home is near London, and I first started watching My Little Pony in February 2011.


When Applebloom is sick in bed, she asks Applejack to read her a story. Not having any books to hand, Applejack decides to invent a story for her, in the style of Just So Stories.

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Comments ( 11 )

Such a nice story. Will you be adding more to it? Tracking if you are.

Well done. Origin stories are always a bit of a gamble, but this one worked out very well.


only thing is that I felt a little lack of flow at the beginning of the story.

Well done.

I wish I could write applejack's accent :raritycry:

I approve of this

THis was pretty good:pinkiehappy:

Ponyfiction + Rudyard Kipling stories?
In my opinion, this should be featured.
But the best layed plans....
Ah well. Next I'm half expecting the Pasture Book or Gelding Din!

that was really good :heart:

I really liked this! I didn't expect the whole 'fell in love with a cloud' thing at all. Plus, Granny Smith at the end made me smile :heart:

240843 Glad you liked it. Yes, I will, when I think of more stories for Applejack to tell :scootangel:

I'd love to see sequels where AJ tells her version of Equestria's history.:ajsmug:

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