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I live in the UK, and have been at university in Devon since September 2011. My home is near London, and I first started watching My Little Pony in February 2011.


Rarity invites Applejack and Twilight over to help her taste a new case of wine from Canterlot.

My Little Ponies are, well, little. And alcohol works fast on them.

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Comments ( 94 )

There were only two mistakes I saw, but nothing bad at all. And that was pretty funny, too. And that ending... So much left open to interpretation... Me gusta.

Short... But absolutely wonderful. Five stars!

This is a good story!
Please make more!

A nice, surprisingly innocent story! Well Done!

I... I like it!

nice but a bit short tho i dont know how much you can make out of wine and ponies lol :rainbowlaugh: over all it was ok

Oh wow this was great.
A bit of a different take on the drunk pony theme.
Much more touchy-feely instead of them turning into degenerates.
I have to say I like.

Found a few errors I thought I'd point out for your editing perusal:

“I know as much about what’s going on as you do, Rarity,” Twilight said truthfully. “What is all the secrecy for, Rarity?”
The first "Rarity" should be "Applejack"

She poured out a glass for Twilight, then a glass for Rarity, then a glass for herself.
Again "Rarity" should be "Applejack"

See, this is why I invited you three over.
"Three" should be "two"

I very fun and silly story, definitely a great light-hearted read, though I don't envy them in the morning :twilightblush:

I find the drunken ponies very funny, maybe we need a hungover ponies chapter next?:twilightoops::raritystarry::applejackconfused:

CHEERS :derpytongue2:

Zibb faruant aud lingham. :raritywink:

208242 I does I have hangovers from red wine?

Quite the light weight eh?
great story bro!

Having just finished a bottle of Pinot Noir myself, imagine my surprise when I find a new story about ponies enjoying the pleasures of the vine. Providence, perhaps? As a wine connoisseur however, I have several points of contention. For one, pinot noir is certainly not "deep" red in color; it is more a rose/magenta hue, far lighter than other reds, what I personally liken to a "red" on a stained glass window with the sun's full brilliance shinning behind. Second, I am no expert on pinot, but I can tell you it is not full bodied: they are known for being light and delicate. Finally, there are 12 bottles in a standard case, not 6, the general exception being for extremely high priced/quality wines like First Growth Bordeaux.

Don't take this the wrong way, I do think it was a well written story, I am just very particular about wine in much the same way some individuals obsess about grammar. Keep up the good work!

you sir have made something great, something that should be celebrated... over a glass of wine

Awesome story, i lold

you probably don't like being corrected but since horses are herbivores that live mostly on grasses, they can break down alcohol in their digestive system, meaning it takes even little ponies much more alcohol than the average person to get drunk. Just a fun fact that I thought you would find interesting.

though it has been reported that horses tend to like the taste of wine for some reason.

but that is beside the point. as fas as I'm concerned, ponies in this show are "Equidae Sapien ..." and can differ from "Equidae Equus ..." in any way that is convenient to the writing.

so yeah, funny story. good one.

Applejack: Oh Rarity!
Rarity: Oh Applejack!
Me: Oh dear God. XD

That point alone got you some stars, my man. Keep it up

Have some stars. They really bring out the flavor of the wine.

See? I'm classy! *chugs box of wine*

:pinkiesick: The next morning...

Lol... I'm going to have to start writing some short stories... I keep going for long ones! Gr!!! :pinkiecrazy:

A few minor slips in character, but over all very well done!

Thanks for all the nice comments :rainbowkiss: if anyone's interested I wrote this after a few glasses of a very fine Shiraz Pinotage. Perhaps I should have waited until the next morning before I posted it, to follow Rarity's advice to Twilight - that's why there are a couple of mistakes, and I'll clean them up when I get to my computer.
Thanks for reading, glad people are enjoying!

208315 I respect your advice, sir, and when I get to a computer I will edit accordingly.

A refreshing read after some dark stories.:twilightsmile:
Though I certainly look forward to Twilight writing a letter to Celestia when on a hangover.:pinkiecrazy:

Great and simple story. I've read one about ponies tasting hard cider, this is another funny story.

>:twilightsmile:For science!
Doctor Insano approves this line.

And I just love how >>Bual 's avatar corresponds to his knowledge of wine. It's hughlaurieous. :pinkiehappy:


Applejack, are you chewing gum?[/obscure reference] :raritywink:

Great job on the story; my main criticism is that the piece is Too short to have some fun with the concept (yes, this is possible to do while still keeping it clean!), so I was left a bit underwhelmed at the story's end. But, what I did read, I liked, so kudos for that! :twilightsmile:


Not sure. I've read about 3-4 different versions each of drunk Shy and horny Shy. There's really no consistency.:fluttershyouch:

Lightweights ponies drinking wine?
Yes, just... YES

I look forwards to the squeal... the day after. :scootangel:

i do enjoy fics with drunk ponies
they are SO funny
that is all

I replace this alcohol and substitute with grape pie :pinkiehappy:

Drunken ponies.
Why are drunken ponies so funny? :rainbowlaugh:
Oh, AJ :applejackconfused: Your reactions were pretty much the same as mine when I first tried wine. This is why you are my favorite pony.

And then everypony fucked.

"This is called a Pinot Noir."


"Pinot Noir."

"Right. Pinnochio." :rainbowlaugh:

That's about it.

Loved it

Great start, now how about the menage a trois? Or, OML, that really nice wholesome friendship bonding thing? More drunken humor please.

Drunkenly delightful and Applejack, don't lie to us about your hard cider. I know where you store it and I also know that you sell it to little fillies and colts.

Now, all we need is to have Whine Cooler over, then it will be a party! :raritywink: :ajsmug: :twilightblush: :unsuresweetie:

AppleJack: Forget you! I can drink all this Wine!

It took a little bit for the story to 'grab' me but once it did it was very entertaining.
also: Look out, I’m going to sensate the sensations!” Twilight declared <--I Demand a fan art of that line XD


*head explodes*

Look at what you did to me, man!

this was hilarious :rainbowlaugh: i love these short little funny storys make :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: WE NEED MOAR :pinkiehappy:

Slap "For Science" in-front of anything and it become legal :pinkiehappy:

Nice story ^^

LIGHTWEIGHTS! I'll start by saying I enjoyed this read. Lighthearted, fun, and since I'm a bottle deep in Cabernet Sauvignon myself, I found it especially amusing . However, I must agree with 211053 when he/she says AJ's dialogue seems a bit odd, considering drinking generally makes ones manner of speaking less eloquent, not more so. Twilight also had a few words that didn't sit well, but that's probably just me being nit-picky. Overall I enjoyed it, though my personal headcanon gives applejack a bit of a higher tolerance, because I see her shooting whiskey with Big Mac after a hard day's labor. Other than those minor grievances, I must say as a wino, I enjoyed it. I look forward to more!

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