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It's been... STALLED.


It all stemmed from an event known as the "Rift". Long-limbed creatures began to emerge by the hundreds from Everfree forest, mysterious, raving, strangely intent on the ponies... especially on a select few of them, among which those wielding the Elements of Harmony. Soon, Twilight left to investigate the cause and never returned. One could almost suspect a dark plot, if not for...

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Absolutely fabulous! I am requesting a sequel: "Shawn of the Shed"

I'm going to rewrite the ending some time, put in some more Celestia-Twilight time n' actually deliver that parcel to Luna for a reaction.
Also, corrected the typoes! HUZZAH! :pinkiegasp:


wait a sec, shouldn't a decent number of the bronies been eaten by the everfree creatures?

Okay, I still feel like I'm missing something (like the entire concept of why Celestia did this in the first place) but this was pretty funny

Celestia was watching over and managing their safe arrival, and she did it all because after a thousand years she dearly needed a vacation, which is what she was doing here- and she thought this would be a good way of rehabilitating Luna to her role as well, gain some confidence and such.

That's how I thought of it, but it's... not stated clearly enough, is it? xD;;

Epilogue added to chapter 3. xP Finally.

A prehistoric dragonfly! Dawwwww!!!

What a cute ending!:yay:

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