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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 20. Bats!

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Chapter 20. Bats!
Darkness, that’s all Matt could see and feel as he stood.

"Hello, Anyone there?" He called out into the darkness.

"Hello Matt, like what I've done with the place?" A voice asked as the darkness changed to that of the castle located in Canterlot.

He noticed the once beautiful castle now was complete darkness as he could see ponies weren't their normal selves but instead bat like creatures.

"What have you done to them!?" Matt yelled into the darkness.

"It's not what I have done," The voice said moving out of the shadow's only to make Matt's eyes go wide "It is what you will do to them."

Matt eyes snapped open as he sat up in his bed; beads of sweat ran down his face as he took a deep breath. He shook his head getting the nightmare out of his mind as he couldn't believe the dream he had just had "There is no way I could do those things in that dream," He looked out the window as he could see Celestia's sun begin to raise "Could I?" His thoughts were interpreted by a yellow filly came running down the stairs "MORNING MATT!"

He smiled as he saw the filly excited "Morning Apple Bloom."

"Are ya gonna help us load up the wagon?" She asked still excited.

"Yup, But how about we make breakfast for everyone?" He asked getting up off the couch and making his way towards the kitchen with Apple Bloom following him into the kitchen.

"Maybe I'll get my cutie mark in cooking!" She said making Matt roll his eyes knowing full well this was maybe a bad idea in letting her help him cook, Yet, What's the worst that could happen.
Applejack placed the last of the suit cases into the wagon "Alright, Ya all loaded up."

"Are ya sure ya gonna be able ta handle this year’s apple bucking season?" Big Mac asked looking at his sister.

"T-That's this week?" Applejack's mind began to panic as the plan to spend this whole week with Matt was now going down the drain.

"That's this week, Are sure ya can handle it on your own?" He asked.

"Ah have Matt here ta help me; we'll get everything done before ya get back." She said with a smile as her mind went into deep thought on how she would plan to be with Matt without working.

"Alright, Ya know the rules, He stays on the couch and you stay in ya room." He said making sure his sister under stands the rules.

"Ah got ya Big Mac." She said rolling her eyes as she made her way back inside.

Matt came walking out with Granny's rocking chair and placed it into the back of the wagon.

"Alright, Granny has her rocking chair and Apple Bloom is grabbing the last of her things." Matt said noticing Big Mac giving him odd looks.

Ever since his return Big Mac has been keeping a close eye on him and has been everywhere. This bothered Matt; He could never be alone with Applejack without him right around the corner watching them. He understood that's what brother's do for their sister's, God knows how many time's he spied on his sister and making sure each guy she dated was okay for her.

But this week he'll be alone with the mare he love's and he won't have to worry about the family stepping in and making the two love birds sit apart from each other.

"So are ya ready for bucking season?" Big Mac asked making Matt snap out of his thoughts.

"Bucking season?" He asked blinking as he searched through his memories, then it hit him like a bunch of brinks "Oh! Apple bucking season! Oh yea I'm ready for that!" He said "Great, we have to work all this week."

"Yup, Ya make sure ya keep a close eye on Applejack, She can get a bit carried away when it come's ta apple bucking season." He said remembering his sister nearly over worked herself a few years back.

"Don't you worry; I'll make sure she doesn't over work herself." Matt said knowing full well he'll make sure he work's twice has hard so she wouldn't over work herself.

"Ya make sure she doesn't work too hard, Ah don't need her fallin' asleep at the dinner table again."

"I'll make sure I work twice has hard so she won't need to work so hard." He said chuckling as the memory of Applejack trying to kick a tree back in his world came back to his mind.
Celestia's sun began to lower and Luna's moon began to rise and down below Matt was fixing his spot on the couch as he was getting ready for bed when a hoof stopped him from working.

"Why don't ya come sleep in my bed ta night?" Matt's heart raced as he could feel Applejack's breath on his ear as she spoke softly to him.

"As much as I want to, I don't wish to anger your brother." He said looking to his side to see her frowning.

"Come on, Just for tonight." She said again whispering as he felt her hoof's wrap around him pulling him close to her as he fought everything inside not to say yes.

"Aj, As much as I want to, I can't." He said breaking free and turning around to face her "If you want we can sit and watch a movie together." Matt felt a hoof touch his cheek as she kissed his lips.

"Just for ta night, Tomorrow night ya can sleep on the couch again." She said placing her forehead onto his head in hops he'll go for it.

"Alright, just for tonight, Tomorrow I'm sleeping in on the couch."

She smiled "Deal." She kissed his lips again "I'll go get my bed ready, Ya go ahead and put everything back." She made her way up the stairs "Ya think Ah'm gonna let ya ride the couch while mah family is gone? Ya got another thing comin' Matt." A evil grin spread across her face as she made her way into her room.
Matt laid on his side as he wrapped his wings around Applejack's body as he pulled her close as he closed his eyes.

As he began to fall asleep he felt something be placed into his ear as he heard a song begin to play.

"Lyin' here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile."

He opened his eyes to see the mare he loved looking at him with a smile on her face that brought a smile to his face "I see you found my IPod." He said chuckling "I'm surprised you like this song."

He felt Applejack scoot closer towards him as she placed her head into his chest "Ah like all the song's ya have on here." She said closing her eyes.
He chuckled as he placed his chin on top of her head "I take it you listened to them while I was gone?"

"Yeah, Ah had to have something help me not to worry about ya while ya were gone." She said yawning into his chest "Ah've missed you."

"And I've missed you too." He said closing his eyes as the song changed.

As he laid their he could hear the soft snore's come from the mare making him chuckle as he kissed her forehead as he removed the strand of hair from her face as he looked at her in the moonlight as he smiled as he laid his head back on top hers and closed his eyes as his mind slowly began to fade as he fell into a deep sleep.

A shadow moved alongside the bed as a dark figure stood just at the edge of the bed "Awe, They look so cute together." The figure thought as it raised their hoof and moved it across the bed as a blue mist lowered onto the bed "My gift to you my old friend, A gift of dream's with the mare you love." The figure faded away as the two ponies smiles grew.
It was early morning and Matt was the first to awaken with a smile on his face as he looked down at the sleeping mare. He slowly made his way out of bed and down stairs and into the kitchen to make his beautiful girlfriend the most delicious breakfast she has ever had.

As he cooked he kept feeling light headed and he felt something odd as he stood over the warm stove. He shook the feeling off as he figured it was just the heat from the stove messing with him.

Once he finished he carried the tray up the stairs and towards the room.

He chuckled as he saw her spread out on the bed with a hoof on her chest as she continued to snore.

He placed the tray down on the night stand and made his way towards the bed. And Idea popped into his hair as he climbed onto the bed and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He watched as she stopped snoring but still remained asleep. He tried not to chuckle as he moved from her cheek to her ear "Morning sleepy head, rise and shine, I've made you breakfast in bed."
He watched as her eyes slowly fluttered open and she looked at the stallion next to her "Mornin'."

He just gave her a light kiss on the lips making her smile in the kiss as she wrapped her hoofs around his neck and pulled him close deeping the kiss.

He pulled away and looked down at her as she had a goofy grin on her face making him chuckle "That right there is the best way to wake me up in the mornin'." She said.

"I agree." He said as he got off the bed. Applejack sat up in her bed as she watched him pick up a tray and place it down in front of her "I made you breakfast, I hope you enjoy."

"What about you?" She asked.

"I ate mine while I made yours, I'm going to get a shower and when you’re done we'll begin our Apple Bucking season." He said kissing her cheek "Don't eat to fast though; I don't need you crapping up on me." He said making her giggle.
The sun slowly began to rise as the ponies stood on top of a hill as they waited for Celestia's sun to fully rise.

"Ya ready?" She asked looking at the stallion next to her.

"Ready." He said with a smile.

Celestia's sun hit the trees and the rooster let out a crow singling for the two ponies it was morning.

"Yee-haw! It's officially Apple Bucking Day!" She said as the two made their way through the orchard "Look at all those apples! Ripe and juicy, perfect for buckin'!" She made her way towards a tee and gave it a good kick and the apples began to fall and Matt just smiled as he saw the wonder in her eyes as the apples fell from the tree. Just as she was about to catch an apple it we splat in her hoofs and this made the two blink as they fell down onto the ground.

"What is going on?" Matt asked as he noticed something move across the trees.

He then heard her gasp "They're back!" She said as they both strange creatures move through the trees "Quickly! To the barn!" She yelled at Matt as she took off running towards the barn with him close behind.

"What's going on!?" He asked as he followed her.

"Ah tell ya one the other's get here!" She said as she opened the barn door and started pulling a rope "Attention! This is a Sweet Apple Acres code red! I need all hooves – and claws – on deck!" She yelled.

"Calm down, Applejack." Rarity said walking up towards Applejack.

"Calm down?! How can I calm down at a time like this?! Vampire fruit bats are attackin' Sweet Apple Acres!" She said in a panic.

"But I thought the fruit bats usually stayed put in the west orchard?" Twilight asked.

"The fruit bats do, but these aren't just your everyday ordinary fruit bats. They're vampire fruit bats!" Matt blinked as his mind tried to figure out what she was talking about "I'll be darned if they think they're gonna sink their fangs into my blue ribbon apple," She made her way over towards a sheet and pulled it showing the group a giant apple still attached to a tree. Everypony was in awe "This here's our entry into the Appleloosa State Fair's produce competition." She exhaled onto the apple and used her tail to clean the apple "You know how much TLC goes into getting an apple to grow like this?"

Rarity made her way over towards the apple and looked at herself in the apple and was amazed "Applejack! When you go big, you really go big!" She said.

"Them vampire bats want to shrivel it up like a raisin!" Applejack said.

"Oh, I'm sure if we just let them know how special that particular apple is to you, they'll leave it alone." Fluttershy said hovering over towards her.

"Yeah, right. Be my guest." Applejack said not really caring. Fluttershy smiled "Matt, Ya protect our apple while were gone."
Applejack said kissing his cheek as they made their way into the apple orchard.

Matt just looked at the apple and sighed "If only this was possible in my world." He thought as he relaxed as he waited for them to return.

He felt dizzy again as he notices a shadow moving along the tree line. He brushed it off as the bats flying around.

He shook his head getting the feeling the dizziness. He noticed the group coming back from the orchard.

"Matt, were heading ta Twilight's place. Can ya keep an eye on things till we return?" Applejack asked.

"Sure, I'll hold down the fort till you guys return." He said with a smile as he watched them leave once again.

After waiting for about two hours they returned and they made their way out in the apple orchard. Matt watched as each one of them got what they needed to gather these bats.

"Matt, could you be a dear and help me out with gathering these bats?" Rarity asked walking up towards Matt.

"Sure, I think I have something that could help you." Matt summoned his elements and Rarity was engulfed in a bright light. When it faded she smiled.

"I love it! Now I don't have to worry about these bats messing up my mane." She said with a smile as she walked towards a tree as she used her magic to lift a net up.

Matt used his elements to carry three baskets of apples as he walked through the orchard as he made his way towards a tree.

Once each pony got their bats Fluttershy hovered in front of the bats and did her stare on them. Twilight made her way towards the tree and used her magic on the bats.

Matt looked at Fluttershy and noticed something odd as he felt a strange feeling wash over him as he got lost in Fluttershy's eyes.

"You can stop staring now." Twilight said looking at Fluttershy who shook her head.

"Did it work?" Spike asked.

"Only one what to find out for sure." Applejack said looking at Rainbow Dash who flew up towards one of the bats and brought out an apple towards the bat.

It sniffed it then flew away not wanting the apple "Ye-he-head, whoo!"

"My crop is saved! Yee-haw!" Applejack said as everypony cheered.

"We'll be drinking cider all winter long!" Dash said with a smile.

"I wanna thank you for your help. I couldn't have done it without you." She said looking at all her friends.

"Awe, don't mention it, Applejack, It was my pleasure! Really!" Spike said walking pass them.

"Now all we gotta do is sweep these cores so I can start buckin' fresh tomorrow mornin'!" She said when she noticed Matt "Matt! Ya awake?" She asked waving a hoof in front of his face snapping him out of her fog as he shook his head.

"Yeah, sorry I zoned out there for a sec." He said looking at her as he felt very hungry all of a sudden.

"Are ya sure yer alright?" She asked checking him over.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said "Let's get these apple cores picked up."
Matt stood next to Applejack as the two were ready to start Apple Bucking season right.

"Apple Bucking Day, take two." Applejack said as they made their way towards a tree.

Matt gave it a strong kick knocking the apples down and he sighed "Looks like Twilight's spell didn't work." He said looking at her.

"Ah better got gather my friends and see if we can fix this." Applejack said sighing.

After learning the bats weren't eating Applejack s apples Twilight came up with a plan that they would steak out the orchard and see what would be eating Applejack's apples.

"Are ya sure ya want ta stay here and watch the apple? Ya can come with us." Applejack said looking at Matt.

"I'm sure, besides, I've got this headache I'm going to try and get rid of."

"Alright." She said kissing his forehead "That's for the headache." She then kisses his lips.

"Alright you two, break it up." Dash said making the two blush "Let's go find who’s been eating your apples!" Dash said as the group left Matt alone with the giant apple.

For some odd reason he felt strange as the moonlight shinned down on him as he felt his mind slowly fading, his mind fell to darkness.

His eyes closed shut then re-opened as they were no longer their normal shade of brown but a blood red shade as he let out a laugh.
Flutter-bat hovered in the air as she looked in the mirror in front of her as Twilight went to use her magic.

As Flutter-bat continued to stare into the mirror as magic began to wrap around her when Twilight was knocked back breaking her focus on her spell as a figure moved fast across the tree lines.

"W-What was that?" Twilight asked getting up off the ground.

"Oh you are a clever one Twilight Sparkle, finding out a way to change Fluttershy here back to her normal self, too bad you didn't know about me." A voice said making mares shake as the voice spoke.

"Show ya self!" Applejack yelled.

Flutter-bat landed on a tree as a figure moved out of the tree lines as they all gasped as they figure was somepony they all knew "M-Matt? W-What in tarnation are ya doin'?" Applejack asked.

"I'm being who I'm truly am!" He said laughing as Applejack noticed his eyes were glowing red "Now, you'll leave my little Flutter-bat here alone. She'll need her food if she's going to be a part of my new world." He said laughing.

"Applejack! Tie him up and I'll use the spell to change him back!" Twilight yelled as Applejack quickly tied Matt up as Twilight used her magic and the spell began to take hold over Matt.

Twilight's horn turned brighter as the spell engulfed him "Oh Twilight, you can't change me back so easily!" Twilight felt a shock run through her horn making her stop as she rubbed her horn.

The magic around Matt faded as they saw his elements glowing around his neck "Now, I have a plan to set up." His elements shined bright blinding them all as he was gone.

"This isn't good." Twilight said as she noticed Matt and Fluttershy were gone.
Celestia opened the doors to her room as she walked inside and closed the doors behind her.

She sighed as she saw her bed and slowly walked towards her bed when she felt something odd.

"Hello Celestia." A voice said making her turn around only to let out a blood curdling screaming.
To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Hoped you all Enjoy! :pinkiehappy: