Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres

by Phantom Writer

First published

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past? Can Twilight fix this mess?

If you haven't read Welcome To Apple Paradise Please go read before reading this.

Chapter 1. Another Door Opens.

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Chapter 1. Another Door Opens.
Matt slowly awoke to to see he was still in the room. He looked around to see the pony gone.

"H-how did i manged to get into the past?" Matt asked himself as he got out of bed. He looked in the mirror and notice his coat was brown and his hair was jet black as he notice he didn't have one of those marks on his flank "Wonder how someone get's those markings on there flank?" He thought to himself. He heard the door open and the girl came walking into the room.

"Good. Ya up." She said with a smile. "We got breakfast ready, When ya good an ready ya can come down and eat." She notice him staring at her. "Oh, Ah where are my manner's? Names Honey Blossom." She brought out her hoof.

"Names Matthew." Matt said shaking her hoof.

"Matt? That's a strange name for a pony. But ah think it fits you just nice." She said with a bright smile "Ya lucky ya wings didn't get injured out there." She said.

Matt looked at his wings then back to her. "Yeah... I'm lucky." She made a strange face as she felt the little one inside her kick again. "Ah swear, Every time i'm around ya she get's kicky."

Matt blushed. "She might not like me."

She giggled. "She likes ya if she's kicking like this." She said "Well, If ya follow me down stairs we can get ya fed."

"Okay." He followed Honey Blossom out of the room and down stairs.

Matt notice a young colt sitting at the table eating his pancakes. "This here is Big Macintosh." Honey said with a smile.

He smiled at his mother as he ate his food.

"Big Mac. This is Matt." Honey said.

"Hi Matt." He said with a smile.

"Hi." He waved his hoof.

"My husband is out in the field doing some work." She said as she placed some pancakes in front of him.

"Thank you... For everything." Matt said looking at the pancakes.

"Ya welcome." She said with a smile.

"Let me repay you." He said looking at her.

"Ya don't need ta repay us. We were just helping out." She said as she felt her little one kick.

"Please, It would mean a lot to me if i did something to repay you all."

She went to say something when a light lime green pony came walking in. "This here youngin want's ta repay us. Why not let him?" Said the old pony.

"Granny, He doesn't need to do anything to repay us." She said looking at the old pony.

"Just let him repay ya. After all. It's not every day ya get a helping hoof." She said chuckling.

"Just let me repay you for letting me stay here for the night."

"Alright, I'll talk with Yellow Gala about it. But for now enjoy your pancakes." She said taking a sip of her apple juice.
Applejack sat on the porch looking out onto the farm.

Apple Bloom was sitting next to her looking the rings hanging around her neck. "What's with the rings?"

Applejack snapped out of her daydreaming and looked at her sister "Huh? What did you say?"

"What's with the rings?" She asked pointing at them.

She looked down and had smile on her face "They belonged to some pony i knew."

"Ya mean Matt? I over heard ya telling Big Mac about him." She said.

"Ya heard that?" She asked.

"Yeah, Ya sounded really upset... Did he do somethin' ta hurt ya?" She asked.

"No, He didn't hurt me, He just went missin'." Applejack looked back out onto the farm. "Please be alright Matt."
Matt sat on the porch waiting for Honey Blossom and Yellow Gala to finish talking.

Big Mac sat next to him as he was looking at his hat "Ah like ya hat." He said.

Matt looked down at him and smiled "Thanks. It belonged to somepony i knew."

"So a mare gave ya that hat?" He asked.

Matt looked back down at him with a shocked look on his face "Yeah, A mare gave it to me. How did you know that?"

"My mom bought my dad a hat like that. So i figured a mare did the same for you." He said with a smile.

Matt chuckled "Well, She didn't buy it for me, She gave it to me as a gift, It belonged to a she cared about before he...Um... Left for a very long trip." Matt looked back out at the farm "Good save Matt."

The door behind them opened and the couple walked out. "We talked it over and we will let ya repay us, We have some chores ya can do." Yellow Gala said "I can also use a helping hoof out in the orchard."

Matt smiled at the two "Thank you."

"Do you have some place to stay?" Honey asked.

"Um... No, I'm just a drifter." Matt said.

"Well ya can stay in the guest bedroom till ya ready ta leave." Yellow Gala said to Matt "And i won't take a no for an awsure." He said to Matt.

"Thank you."

"Well, If ya follow me i'll take ya ta what needs to be done." Yellow said. Matt followed him.

"I'll need to come up with a game plan. I'm stuck in the past as a ... Pegasus and my future girlfriend isn't even born yet... What am i going to do?" Matt thought as Yellow Gala showed him the chores.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 2. Helping Out A Mare. School.

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Chapter 2. Helping Out A Mare. School.
A week had gone by and Matt found himself in town with Honey Blossom.

She had her bags almost full with yummy food. Matt was carrying them for her since Yellow Gala was busy fixing up the foals crib.

"So, How are ya liking Ponyville so far?" She asked as they made there way through the market place.

"I'm liking it so far." Matt said trying to keep up with the pregnant mare.

"I'm glad." She said with a smile "I'm sorry that ah dragged ya off on ya day off."

Matt chuckled "You don't need to be sorry. If you didn't drag me out i wouldn't be seeing ponyville." He said with a bright smile.

"Good! Now i just need to grab a few more things and we can head home."

They walked up to a cart. They waited in line "Well, This is going to be a long wait." Matt thought as he looked at the long line for what he could only tell was some kind of spice.

Matt felt something pulling his tail and he looked behind him to see a stroller with a little foal inside pulling his tail. "Now Fluttershy. Don't pull on his tail." Matt looked up to see an earth pony with light pink hair and her coat was a very light yellow. Her cutie mark was of three flowers with hearts in them. "I'm so sorry about that." She said as she gave the little one her bottle.

"It's aright, No harm done." He said with a smile "How hold is she?" He asked looking at Fluttershy.

"She's one week old." She said with a smile.

"She such a cutie." Matt notice the little Fluttershy smile. "She has your hair that's for sure." Matt said looking back at the mother. She giggled "Names Matt."

"I'm Petalblush." She said blushing a little "Nice to meet you Matt."

"It's nice to meet you too Petalblush." The little Fluttershy let burp.

"Well, I must be going. I only stop to make her a bottle. It was nice speaking with you Matt. Hope to see you around." She said with a smile as she trotted along.

"Ya sure have a way with mares." Honey said to Matt.

Matt blushed "I was only being nice."

Matt felt somepony dived behind him. He looked to his side to see a purple earth pony with a Pale, light grayish rose mane. It was all frizzled. "Okay... When did i enter the 80's?" Matt asked himself looking at her.

"You got to hide me!" She said staying very low to the ground.

I looked to see a big stallion with short blue hair and his coat was orange which did not match his hair style but if he likes it then go for it. He looked like he was looking for somepony.

"Are you hiding from him?" He asked looking back at her.

"Yes! He's my ex." She seemed scared. I looked back at the stallion.

"Did you color his mane?" Honey asked.

"I-I might have... I mean he did cheat on me." She said as she ducked as the stallion looked at us.

"Well it still doesn't give you the right to color his mane." Honey said "But... If he's this mad because you colored his hair then you can stay hidden behind Matt."

"Thank you!" She said as we watched the stallion came walking up to them.

"Have you seen a mare come running over here?" He asked.

"Yeah, I saw her run down that ally." Matt said pointing towards the ally.

"Thank you." He took off running towards the ally.

She smiled "He'll be back." Matt said looking at Honey.

"Oh Blossom!" Honey looked towards the sound of the voice to see her husband Yellow Gala walking towards them.

"What are ya doing here honey?" She asked as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I got finished early and came to finish the shopping with you." Matt was happy to hear that. His back was hurting from carrying these bags.

Yellow took the bags from Matt's back and stood next to his wife.

"Well since your free... Do you think you could walk me home... Just in case my ex returns?" The mare asked.

"Well, Alright." Matt said "I'll see you two back at the farm."

"See ya Matt, Don't worry! If ya make it home late we'll leave the light on for ya!" Yellow said chuckling. Matt blushed and so did the mare.

"Which way is your house?" Matt asked as he followed the mare.

"It's up this way." She said as she walked beside Matt. "So, How do you know the apple's?"

"They found me outside of there farm. I was flying and fell asleep and crashed landed on there farm." Matt said "Wow. That was a quick lie. New record." Matt thought.

"You fell asleep while flying? You must have been really tired if you just fall asleep while flying." She said.

"I was." He looked at the mare "I'm Matthew by the way."

"My name is Cheerilee." She said with a smile. Matt notice she had braces on.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Both their heads turn to see the stallion that was hunting down Cheerilee early found them. "You're going to pay for coloring my hair!" He yelled as he trotted over.

Before Matt could say anything he saw Cheerilee fall to the ground as the stallion had just smacked her with his hoof. Now normally Matt isn't one to get angry but when a girl or in this case a mare is hurt by a guy or stallion, Matt goes someplace even he doesn't like to go.

Before the stallion could react Matt had nailed the stallion in the face sending him to the ground and Matt stood right on top of punching him with his hoofs.

Cheerilee looked up to see Matt waling on her ex "YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO HURT A MARE!? WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT!? IF I EVER SEE YOU HURT A MARE AGAIN I'LL MAKE SURE YOUR IN A HOSPITAL BED!" He yelled as he punching one last time. Matt got off the stallion who took off running for his life with fear in his eyes.

Matt watched as he ran. His anger slowly retreating as he tried his hardest to get control over his darker side.

Cheerilee was in shock. She couldn't believe Matt did that.

Matt looked at Cheerilee "You okay?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah..." She was still in shock.

"Are you sure? He hit you pretty hard."

"Yeah... I'm sure." She was starting to come out of her shock as she looked at him "W-Why did you hurt him like that?"

"When i saw him hit you, I went into a dark place and lost control. A stallion should never lay a hoof on a mare." Matt said as he looked away.

She got close to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek "Thank you."

Matt blushed "Y-Your welcome."

She had a blush on her cheek "The mare that has your heart is lucky to have you."

Matt looked at her with a shocked look "How do you know i have a mare?"

"You just confirmed it." She said with a smile.

Matt chuckled "Well, I'm more of the lucky one to have her."

"Tell me about her." She asked wanting to know more.

Matt mind began to race. "Okay Matt. You have to make up a story and fast." Matt thought.

Matt took a deep breath as he found the right story. "I was just a colt and she was just a filly. We met one day during school and couldn't take our eyes off each other. We talked, played and just hung out with each other everyday. Then the day came when she didn't show up and school, I learned her family moved. I've been searching for her for a few years now trying to find her." He looked at Cheerilee. "I would buy that." Matt thought.

Cheerilee had a tear in her eye "That's so sad! I hope you find her."

They both heard a voice and they both looked to see a mare with a pink coat and blue hair.

"There you are Cheerilee! I've been looking for you!" She said walking up to Cheerilee "Dinner is ready and i have been waiting for you to get home!"

"Sorry sis, The ex was chasing after me." She said to her sister.

Her sister notice Matt "My, Whose this handsome stallion?" She asked as she looked at Matt like eye candy.

"His name is Matt. He was helping me get home." Cheerilee said to her sister.

"Well Matt, I'm Cindy, But you can call me Cin." She said as she got closer to Matt.

Matt blushed "Um.. Nice to meet you Cin... Well Cheerilee, Your in safe han- I mean hoofs now i'll see you around." Matt took off running.

"You scared him away! Why do you always have to do that?" Cheerilee asked with a huff.

"I was only messing with him sis." She notice the mark on her sister's face "What happened to your face? Did Woody do this to you?" She asked looking at the mark.

"Yes. But Woody's face looks worst."

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked puzzled.

"Woody hit me in front of Matt and Matt just waled on Woody, He took off running with his tail between his legs." Cheerilee said giggling.

"Matt made Woody run away like a dog? My... I'll have to get to know him better." Cindy said with a smile.

"No you don't! He's looking for a mare he knew when he was a colt!" Cheerilee said poking her sister's chest with her hoof.

"Don't worry sis, I won't date him. I just want to thank him for helping my little sis out." She said with a smile.
Matt stopped running as he took tried to catch his breath.

"Why did you run?"

"Because i'm messing with time! I could have changed something i shouldn't have!"

"Well if you didn't stop that stallion from hurting Cheerilee she might have been seriously hurt." The voice in his head said.

"Still. Everything i do here affects the future." He said to the voice "Cheerilee should be fine... Wait... Cheerilee... Why do i know that name?" Matt closed his eyes trying to remember where he heard that name. "She's the school teacher!"

"THERE HE IS!" Matt looked to see that stallion again, But this time he brought some friends.

Matt looked at the two other stallions that were with the ex "Oh... This isn't going to end well"
Cheerilee and Cindy were searching for Matt.

They turned the corner to see Matt slowly limping. He had cuts and Bruises all over his body.

"MATT!" Both girls yelled as they rushed towards him. "W-What happened to you?" Cheerilee asked.

"Y-Your ex brought back up." Matt said before he fell hard to the ground.

Both the girls got scared.
Matt slowly awoke to find himself in a room.

Matt slowly laid forwards in the bed as he felt his body hurt "Man, Those stallions had some strong punches." Matt thought "Wait... Where am i?" He looked around the room as he notice the pink bed sheets and the poster's of what he could only tell was a pony version of the 80's pop groups.

"Your awake!" Said a female voice. Matt looked to see Cheerilee in the door way to the room.

She rushed over to him "Are you alright?" She asked worried.

Matt blinked "Yeah, I'm fine. H-How did i get here?" Matt asked.

"Me and Cindy went looking for you and we saw you limping. When we asked what happened you said my ex brought friends, Then you passed out." Cheerilee moved to the nightstand and handed Matt a glass of water "Here."

Matt took the glass and gulped it down. "I'll get Woody and his friends for what they did to you!"

Matt shook his head "No need, I made sure they won't be messing with me ever again."

"B-But they beat you up!"

Matt chuckled "No, I beat them up. I sent them running home to there mothers." Matt said looking at Cheerilee "Your ex and his little friends saw what i can do when i'm out numbered."

She was shocked "You took them all on at once?"

"Yeah, They look way worst then i do." Matt got out of bed as he stretched his wings.

Cheerilee notice the long scar that ran down his leg. Matt notice her staring at his scar "I got that from crashing into some trees a few years back."

She shook her head as she blushed. "I-I came to wake you and tell you we have breakfast."

"Oh.. Thanks..."

"You won't have to worry about my parents. They left for there second honey moon a few days ago."

Matt followed Cheerilee down the stairs to see Cindy sitting at the table eating her food. "Morning Matt!" She said with a bright smile "I made pancakes!"

Matt notice how good they look "Thanks." Matt sat down and ate.

After they ate there breakfast. Matt went to leave when Cindy came running towards Matt with a camera in her hoofs "Before you leave can we take a picture?"

"Say no! Say no!" Matt mind screamed "Sure."

Cindy set up the camera and stood next to him while Cheerilee stood on the other side of him as they all smiled for the camera.

After he got his picture taken he told the girls goodbye and made his way back home.

"Why did you want a picture with him?" Cheerilee asked puzzled.

"I want to add him to my scrap book of memory's." She said with a smile. "Don't worry, I'll make a copy just for you."

Cheerilee blushed.
Applejack had just gotten out of the shower from a long day of working. She walked over to the couch to find Apple Bloom going thought Matt's bag.

"Why are ya goin' through Matt's bag?" Applejack asked a little mad.

"Sorry sis. Ah saw this weird picture of some strange creatures on the front. Ah wanted to see what they were."

Applejack looked on the screen to see what she was talking about. "Those creatures are humans. Now before you how ah know that, I was one not long ago." Applejack said sitting down next to her sister. "The show you are watchin' is called Psych. This is Matt's favorite show." Applejack smiled at the memory of them watching it together after a long day of working. She saw the opening theme play's.

"So you watched this before?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Ya, I like it." She said as she saw Shawn and Gust watching the spelling bee contest.

"Oh, Before ah forget!" She dug into her little bag and pulled out a piece of paper "My teacher wants us ta bring a one of are brother's or sister's ta school tomorrow and ah wanted ta bring ya." She said with a smile.

Applejack looked over the piece of paper "Mac can handle the north field tomorrow."

Apple Bloom face lit up "Thank you sis!" She said hugging her sister "Oh! I've gotta go! Ah forgot ah have homework!" She took off running leaving her sister to look at the tv.

She cracked a smile as she saw Shawn and Gust speaking with the contestants.
Applejack waited downstairs for Apple Bloom.

"We're gonna be late if ya don't hurry up!" Applejack yelled up the stairs.

She heard her sister's foot steps as she ran down the stairs "Ready!" She yelled as she had her bag on her back as she rushed out the door with Applejack close behind.
At School.

Cheerilee sat behind her desk as she looked at all the little colts and filly's with there brother's or sister's. "Alright class." Cheerilee said as she stood up from her desk "I know most of your brother's or sister's couldn't make it or you don't have any. Like I've told you all a picture of them will do and if you do not have a brother or sister it is alright. You won't fail this class." Cheerilee said to those who didn't have brother's or sister's.

"Now, Before we begin, I would like you all to meet my sister." Cheerilee pulled down a chart that showed a picture of Cheerilee, Cindy and a Stallion.

Some of kids chuckled seeing Cheerilee look weird "This is my sister Cindy." She said using a stick to point to Cindy "She has always been there for me since i was just a foal and i wouldn't be who i am if it wasn't for her."

A colt raised his hoof.

She pointed to the colt "Yes?"

"Whose the stallion?" The colt asked.

She smiled "He's a friend of mine."

"Was he your boyfriend?" Diamond Tiara asked with a giggle.

Cheerilee blushed "No, He wasn't my boyfriend. He was just a friend."

"What's your friends name?" Diamond Tiara asked.

"His name was Matthew." Cheerilee said

Applejack's eyes went wide "D-Did she say his name was Matthew?" She shook her head "That can't be Matt, Matt would be a human." She just shook it off. She looked at the picture and notice the scar on his leg... "That scar kinda looks likes Matt's scar... Maybe it is him... I'll ask her when class is out more about him"
When school ended Applejack waited for everypony to leave.

When they left she walked up to Cheerilee's desk "Miss Cheerilee?"

Cheerilee looked up from her desk to see Applejack "Applejack? What brings you by?"

"Ah wanted to know more about this Matt fella ya talked about earlier today." Applejack said.

"Funny you would ask about him." Cheerilee said as she pulled out a picture from her desk "He was friends with your parents when i met him."

Applejack looked at the picture then back to Cheerilee "He knew my parents?"

"Yeah, I was hiding from an ex boyfriend and Matt and your mother kept me hidden." She said giggling a little "I believe she was pregnant with you at the time. If my memory serves me right."

"So this Matt... What did ya know about him?" Applejack asked.

"Well, I remember him being nice and brave. I had a small crush on him after he fought off my ex, But i knew he was taken by the way he acted around me. He told me about the mare, He met her when he was just a colt and how he was looking for her, I thought that was romantic, Anyways, All i really knew was he was staying with your parents because they took him in after he fell asleep while flying." Cheerilee said trying to recover those old memory's.

"Was that all ya knew about him?" Applejack asked.

"Well, We did hang out a lot after he took on my ex and his two stupid friends. Then one day he just was gone." Cheerilee said a little sad.

Applejack took the information Cheerilee told and made sure to research this some more. "Just one more thing. You said he was stayin' with my parents. Was Big Mac still a foal or a colt?"

Cheerilee placed a hoof to her chin again trying to think "I believe he was a colt."

"Thank you Cheerilee. For everything." Applejack took off running leaving Cheerilee with her thoughts.

"Maybe i should have told her he died trying to protect her mother... Nah, I think she'll find that out when she talks with Big Mac or Granny Smith." Cheerilee said as she packed up her things.
Matt walked down the path to Sweet Apple Acres.

He saw Yellow Gala sitting on the porch with a grin on his face "When ah said we'll leave a light on for ya. I didn't think ya would take that offer." He said chuckling.

Matt chuckled "Trust me, I didn't want to stay out all night."

Yellow notice the black eyes and the cuts and bruises on his body "Ya get into a fight now?"

"Yeah, Her ex hit her, I lost it and knocked him to the ground and i let my anger go on his face, I got control of my anger stopped, He ran away with his tail between his tail and i got attacked two minutes later by his friends. Showed them who was boss and passed out when Cheerilee and her sister showed up." Matt said sitting down on the porch.

Yellow looked at him with a shocked look on his face "You took on three stallions and you manged to take on all three?"

"Yup." Matt said with a grin.

"To be young again." He said taking a sip of his coffee. "You should get cleaned up before we start work."

Matt nodded as he made his way inside.

Yellow Gala notice Big Mac hiding on the side of the house "Big Mac? What are you doing hiding on the side of the house?"

"I-I wanted to hear Matt's story." Big Mac said to his father.

"What have i told you about ease drooping?" He asked his son.

"It's wrong to do." He said lowering his head.

"Next time, Don't hide, Okay?" He said looking at his son.

"Okay, Pa." Big Mac said.

"No, Go get ready for school."

Big Mac did as he was told and ran into the house to go get ready for school. "He reminds me of me when i was a colt." Yellow thought as he took a sip of his coffee.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 3. Letter's. A Talk With Big Mac.

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Chapter 3. Letter's. A Talk With Big Mac.
Matt placed his saddle bag on his back "Alright, That should be everything." Matt said out loud as he made his way out of the room and downstairs.

He came to a halt to see Granny Smith standing there. "And where do ya think your goin'?" She asked.

"I'm going to Canterlot for a few days. I've told Honey Blossom and Yellow Gala about this." Matt said to the old mare.

"Well ya should at least say goodbye." She said as she got close to Matt "A kiss would be nice."

"WHAT! Wait... SHE HAS BEEN HITTING ON ME SINCE I'VE BEEN HERE! I KNEW IT!" Matt yelled inside his head. "Listen, I have a mare i love very much."

"Oh ah know, I heard the story from Yellow." She said getting closer.

"Well... You can see i'm not one to chea-" He was cut off my the old mares lips.

"Ewwwwwww, I can feel her fake teeth!" Matt thought feeling sick. She pulled away and slowly made her way towards her chair "See ya when ya get back."

Matt had a face full of horror as he took off running.

"MOM! You are down right cruel!" Honey said to her mother as she walked down the stairs.

"Ah was only messing with him. He knows it was a joke." Granny said with a chuckled.

Honey rolled her eyes as she made her way into the kitchen.
Matt sat at the train station.

"Okay, I need to do some research. I'll need to visit the royal library then see if i can find this mirror Aj told me about and see if it could be used to open a door way to my world." He saw the train coming into view. "Then i need to write a letter to Princess Luna. I know she won't be here so i'll need to pull a back to the future letter. Now i just need to figure out when to send it."

He boarded the train and got ready for a long train ride.

As he sat there his mind wondered to Applejack. "I wonder how she's holding up?" He saw the rain come down hitting the train as he closed his eyes to take a nap.

Matt felt somepony give him a light shake "Wake up sir. Your in Canterlot now."

Matt eyes shot open and he looked to to see a mare "T-Thanks."

"No problem." He notice something odd. The mare turned and on her side was a little foal. She was light gray and her eyes were... Crossed "Awe, She's so cute." Matt thought as she saw the mare walked away.

He grabbed his bag and made his way off the train. He was in awe as he saw the buildings and all the castle all in view "Wow, This place looks amazing." He walked the streets of Canterlot looking for a hotel to stay at. "If i was a hotel where would i be?" He wasn't watching where he was going and slammed hard into somepony. Matt fell back "Watch where you are going!" The mare yelled.

"Sorry, It won't happen again." He watched as the mare got up off the ground as she brushed off her mane.

He notice a stroll next to her and he notice the little foal inside. Her mane was light pink and her coat was a pure white "Are you okay Fleur Dis Lee?" The little foal just smiled "You are lucky you didn't hurt my baby." She glared at Matt as Matt rubbed his neck.

"I'm sorry... I was trying to find and hotel and i didn't see where i was going." Matt said scared for his life.

"Your forgiven for now, There is hotel called The Sleepy Pony INN just up the road here." She said as she started to walked pass him "Be more careful in the future." She said to Matt as she left him.

"Well, Off i go!" Matt made his way down the street and he found the INN "Nice looking place."

He watched as all the mares and stallions walked in and out "I wonder how many bits it's going to cost for me to stay here?" He thought to himself as he walked into the INN.

"Hello, Welcome to The Sleepy Pony INN, How may i help you?" The mare asked with a bright smile.

"Hello, I would like one room for two nights?" He asked.

"Okay..." She dug through her paper's and found a room "Here we are, I have a one bedroom if you want it, The total cost for two nights will be... 100 Bits." She said.

Matt dug into his bag and pulled out the bits and placed them on the counter. She took the bits and gave him his key "Room 203 is your room, Its on the third floor. If you need anything come down here and one of us will help you with anything you need, Enjoy your stay." She said.

Matt thanked her for the room and made his way to his room.

He opened the door to his room to see the one bed in the room. "Well, This place looks a lot cleaner then the hotels in my world." He walked over to the window and pulled them open to see the castle behind the hotel "Talk about a great view." He walked away from the window and placed his bag on the bed as he walked into the bathroom to get a quick shower and to get the smell of train off his fur.

After his shower he made his way over to the bag to get his bag when he notice a letter sitting neatly on the bed. "Okay... That's just freaky." Matt thought as he picked up the letter. It fell back onto the bed "I'm never going to understand how they pick things up with there hoofs!" Matt yelled in his head as he manged to open the letter.

"Dear Matthew.

It is I, Princess Luna. Before you asked how i manged to give you a letter when i am clearly not here in this time period, I used a spell that allowed me to send you a letter through time. I'm here to give you what you need as in instructed in your letter you have sent me, And thanks for the date and time to send you this letter. The book you seek is in the north wing. Look under portal spells. And as for where the mirror is, It's located in the west wings. I hope this helps you return to your time line and i will wait for you to return so i may met such a brave stallion.

Sign Princess Luna.

P.S. Oh, And remember to remain hidden at all times while in the west wing, My sister likes to take walked through there through the day. Oh and one last thing, The doors will have a sun on the front of them. Be safe my friend in time."

Matt blinked a few times. "Okay, That was weird." Matt placed the letter on the night stand for later as he made his way out of the room and to the castle.

Matt sat in the north wing looking through books that said 'Portals' "Okay, This is boring! How do i know what spell i'm loo- Oh here it is!" Matt looked at the spell "This spell allows the user to pull out somepony who has been lost or sent to another world. This spell only works when the user knows the pony that is missing, If he/she doesn't know the pony, The pony might be sent through time. Please use carefully." Matt ripped out the spell and placed it inside his bag as he closed the book "Alright, Now i know how i got here in this time line, So i have to make sure this happens." Matt made his way out of the North wing and snuck through the castle and found himself in the west wing looking for a door with a sun on it.

He found the door he was looking for as he snuck inside. What he saw put him in awe.

Inside the room was a whole room with mirrors all standing in rows accept one, This one mirror stood in the middle of the room.

He walked up to the mirror and looked at his reflection "I still can't believe i look like a pony." His pony form changed and there stood his human self, Matt took a step back in shock "I-I think i found the mirror!"

"This room is off limits to the public." Said a female voice. Matt turned his head to see none other then the Princess herself "Explain yourself."

Matt mind was racing "I-I was looking for the bathroom and got lost." Matt said trying to make it sound believable.

She stood there looking at him "The bathroom would be down the hall to the right." She said to him.

"T-Thank you Princess Celestia!" Matt bowed and made his way pass her and towards the door.

"Wait." Matt froze, His mind racing as she walked up next to him "You must be wondering what this room is." She said.

Matt turned her and looked at her "This is where you keep the spare mirror's... Right?"

Celestia was kind surprise that he was going with her lie "Y-yes, That's what this room is."

"I figured as much." Matt said "Well, I better be off before i make a mess in here." He raced out of the room and down the hall.

Celestia stood there for a moment before she looked at the mirror in the middle of the room "He must have saw himself as a human." She saw herself in the mirror as a human. "If only ponies knew about these world." She walked out of the room.
Matt got back to his hotel room as he began his work writing his letter's to Princess Luna and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

After awhile of trying to write with his mouth he manged to write readable letter's "I can read that, Now to figure out a way to send them." Matt placed the letter's in his bag as he notice the sun slowly going down and the moon being to raise. He notice the face on the moon "The mare in the moon, Sounds kinda like the man on the moon." Matt chuckled to himself as he got ready for bed. "Tomorrow i'll find a way to mail these letter's and then i'll explore Canterlot some more."
Applejack rushed home.

She found Big Mac out in the fields doing his apple bucking.

"BIG MAC!" Applejack yelled as she ran up towards him.

She stopped in front of him huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath.

"Ya okay sis?" Mac asked.

She went to speak but couldn't. "Take it easy sis, Take deep and slow breaths." Mac said.

Applejack began to breath normally as she looked at her brother "Did ya know a Matt before ya heard about my Matt?"

Big Mac brought a hoof to his chin as he went through his memory's "Yeah, I did." He said looking at his sister "But it was a long time ago. I was just a colt then."

"What do ya remember about him?" She asked.

"Well." He search through his memory's "Ah remember Ma and Pa bring him home because he fell asleep while flyin', Mom would always talk with him after he got done working and they would talk about random things. I remember he came home once with cuts and bruises on his body and something about taking on three stallions. And ma kept going on about how ya kicked when he was around and it made him blush for some strange reason." Mac said trying to go over some of the memory's for his child hood.

"Was there anything else?"

"Well, Ah don't really remember much about him." Mac said. He notice the sad look on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Ah don't know, Ah can't make heads or tails of what's going on." Applejack said to her brother "Matt's missing and all of a sudden this Matt from the past is hunting me." She said "Ah don't know if this Matt in the past is my Matt or just some random pony."

"Granny Smith should have know more then me. After all, She did kiss him." Mac said with a chuckled.

Applejack's eyes went wide. "What do ya mean she kissed him!?"

"He was leavin' for Canterlot for a few days and Granny cornered him and kissed him. The look on his face was hilarious!" Mac said recalling the memory.

"Thank you Big Mac." She said giving her brother a hug then running back towards the house.

"Ah swear i'm missing something important... But i can't place my hoof on it. Maybe it will come ta me later." Mac thought as he went back to work.
Matt sat in the post office as he placed the letter's into a big envelope. "Okay, I have placed the dates and times and i have made sure i addressed it to Princess Luna. Now to play the waiting game." Matt thought as he sat in line.

"Next!" Shouted the stallion as he let whoever was next to walk up. "How can i help you?"

Matt placed the envelope onto the counter "I need this sent out" Matt pulled out a piece of paper "On this day at this time." He then dug into his bag and pull out a small bag and placed it on the counter "This should cover the cost of holding it."

The stallion use his magic to pick up the piece of paper and read the date and time then he looked at Matt, Then he opened the bag and saw the bits inside "Alright, We can do that, Your mail will be sent on." He said putting the envelope into a box and putting do not open till and the date "Have a nice day sir."

Matt walked away and outside as he looked around. "Now, What can a stallion do for fun around here?" He asked out loud to know pony as he walked down the streets of Canterlot.

There was a screeching noise as the ponies around didn't notice as a brown earth pony wearing a blue suit stepped out from the ally way "Here we are Twilight! Canterlot! Told you the TRADIS could get us to Canterlot faster then the train." He said with a smile.

"You were right, You did get us to Canterlot a lot faster then the train." The young unicorn said with a smile "Let's go get those books i ordered!" She said as she trotted along the road.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 4. TARDIS. Granny's Journal.

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Chapter 4. TARDIS. Granny's Journal.
Matt entered a book store and went through books.

"Twilight." Matt looked at the cover picture. It showed two pale hoofs holding an apple. "For the love of all things that is holy! I thought once i came here i could get away from this stupid book!." Matt remembered Amber talking about Twilight. It drove him nuts. "Well, Maybe it's better then our version." Matt picked up the book and read through some of the pages "Okay... This is worst then ours." Matt placed the book back on the shelf and moved on.

The door to the store jiggled as two ponies made there way inside. Matt sat going through some books seeing if there is one he wants to buy.

"Hello! How can i help you?" The stallion asked from behind his desk.

"Hello, I ordered some books from here and i came to pick them up." Matt head slowly slide to the side of the bookshelf so he could see who the ponies were.

"Sure, Name?"

"Twilight Sparkle." Twilight said with a smile.

The stallion went through his book looking for her name.

"DID SHE JUST SAY HER NAME WAS TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" Matt was in shocked. Then he notice one thing off about her "Wait... Where are her wings? Oh... Maybe this is past Twilight... But she would be a foal... My brain hurts." Matt notice the stallion next to her and he notice his cutie mark "Is that an hourglass?... Maybe he's a time traveler? That would make sense since she wouldn't be this old this fast." Matt thought as he snuck closer to the two ponies to hear them better.

"I'm sorry Miss Sparkle but i have no record of you ordering books from here." He said to Twilight.

"No, I know i'm right, I've order books from her for years." She said.

The stallion just looked at her "I'm sorry, But i've only been in business for two months now. I think you might have the wrong book shop." The stallion said.

Matt notice the stallion Twilight cut in "We must have gotten the wrong store, We are sorry we have wasted your time." He said pulling Twilight out of the store. Matt followed the two as they ducked behind the side of the building.

"How could he only be in business for a few months!? I've been ordering books from that store for years!" She said mad.

"Twilight, I think i might have put us in the past." The stallion said.

"Oh i knew it! I knew it was to good to be true!" Said said angry "This is why i said we should have taken the train!"

"I'm sorry Twilight, Really i am." He said "I knew i hit the wrong switch, Well, Onwards and Upwards." He said

Matt quickly ducked behind a cart as he watched the two walk out of the ally and made there way out of the area.

He watched as the two walked down the street. He made sure to keep low and not be seen by the two "If this Twilight is from the past i'll need to keep clear of her, I don't need to destroy space and time in one after noon. But her friend, If i could figure out how he goes through time maybe i could us it to get back home and back... To Applejack."

They walked into an ally way as he watched the stallion go inside the police call box, He notice Twilight outside waiting for her friend to return "Well, I think i might have done something bad."

"What did you do now?"

"I may have burnt out some wires that need to be replaced." He said stepping out of box "It will take awhile for me fix it. Why don't you go explore while i work."

"Alright, I'll see if i can find a new book." She said trotting off.

Once she was gone The stallion walked out of the ally and looked at the cart "Mind telling me why your following us?"

Matt raised his head up "Are you talking to me?"

"Yes, I notice you watching us in that book store and you following us back here. Mind telling me why."

"I can't tell you, If i told you i would destroy time and space." Matt said rubbing the back of his neck with his hoof.

"Let me guess, Your from the future and your in the past on a mission. Right?" He asked

"Kind of... It's a very long story." Matt said walking out from behind the cart.

"Well, I know every story known to ma- I mean pony." The Doctor said with a smile.

Matt notice the slip "You wouldn't happen to have been a human once?"

The Doctor blinked "Well, I did have a human like body... Wait, How do you know about humans?"

"Believe it or not i was once a human."

"How did you get here? Did a rip in the universe bring you here?" He asked as he pulled out a strange stick and it lit up green as he pointed it at him.

"Well, It was more like a portal opened up and brought me here."

He looked at the stick then looked back at him "Wow, Your not lying you were once a human."

"I wouldn't lie to you."

"Can you at least tell me where you found this portal?"

"It was under a waterfall in a cliff, Me and my girlfriend found it and it brought us here, She's not with me she's in a different time line and i'm in the past." He said trying to not tell him the whole truth.

"This waterfall, It wasn't near some mines was it?" He asked.

"Yeah, It is... How would you kn-" Matt eyes grew "Wait... Were you the guy that i met inside that space ship?"

He shook his head "I was indeed that man you met, It's a small universe." He said with a chuckle.

"Great, I ran into the man that didn't really help."

"I helped!"

"You helped open the door! That was it, Me and Aj did the real work!" Matt said glaring at the pony.

"I did more then that, I made sure her system was online so she could leave the planet!" He shot back at Matt.

"I'll give you that." Matt said.

"Anyways, I'll take you to the right time and you can be with your girlfriend." The Doctor said walking back towards his box.

Matt felt something tug at his heart as he looked back at the busy street of Canterlot. "I-I can't leave, I'm still needed here."

The Doctor gave Matt a strange look "What do you mean? This is your chance to be with your girlfriend."

Matt looked back at The Doctor "Something deep down in my heart is telling me if i go with you now she won't be there and i'll never see her again."

The Doctor closed the door "This is your only chance to leave now, If you chose to stay i won't be able to come back and get you."

Matt looked back out onto the city and the ponies walking around and he looked back at the Doctor "Then, I'll be stuck here."

"If that's your choice then so be it."

"Doctor. Promise me you'll keep Twilight safe, She's got a bright future in front of her."

The Doctor smiled "I know she has a bright future in front of her, You keep yourself safe now."

Matt smiled "I can't promise that but i can say i'll try."

Matt walked away as The Doctor watched him leave. "He made the right choice in staying." He walked back into the TARDIS and pulled up something onto the screen that shown Honey Blossom time of date she died change "Knew there was a reason why we came here."
Applejack came running into the house as she looked high and low for Granny Smith.

"Whatcha lookin' for Applejack?" Apple Bloom asked from the couch.

Applejack notice she was watching one of Matt's show's. She watched as the opening theme play for an old cartoon show Matt used to watch as a kid called Digimon "Did ya go digging through Matt's bag again?" She asked as she saw Sweetie Bell head pop up.

"That was me! Sorry!" Sweetie Bell said.

Scootaloo head popped up "Your boyfriend has some strange shows."

Applejack rolled her eyes "Have you girls seen Granny Smith?"

"Ya, She said she had ta go to Canterlot to go visit a friend." Apple Bloom said.

"How long did she say she's stayin'?" Applejack asked.

Apple Bloom placed her hoof to her chin "Mmm, She said she's stayin' a week down there."

Applejack heart stopped for a second as she couldn't believe it.

"Are ya okay sis?"

Applejack walked over to her sister and her friends as she sat down next to her sister and looked at the tv "I'm okay Bloom, I just need some times to think."

Apple Bloom notice the sad face on her sister's face "Ah wish ah could help her."
Later That Night.

Apple Bloom was going through some boxes in the attic.

"No, No, No, No." She tore through the boxes looking for anything to cheer up her little sister when she came across a journal. "Oh, What's this?" She opened the book and read through the pages as she saw a name she heard her sister keep saying "Maybe this is Matt?"

She took the book ran to her room as closed the door and hid under the cover's, She pulled out her flashlight and opened the book as she read through it.
Applejack sat on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate as she watched the tv.

She chuckled as she watched Shawn and Gust running away from the sound of gun shots.

"Ya still up?" Big Mac asked walking down the stairs.

"Ah couldn't sleep." She said looking at her brother.

"Ya know ya gotta get some sleep." He said switching off the tv "Go get in bed."

She stood as she looked at her brother "Mac, Are ya sure ya don't remember anything else about that pony Matt that was here?"

"Ah was young but i do remember him coming back from Canterlot with a smile on his face, Ma was happy to have him back, Something about Pa needing help working on the barn. I'll keep trying to dig up what ah can about him when the memory's come back ta me." He said to his sister "Now, Go get in bed."

"Alright, Night Mac."

"Night Aj." He watched as his sister left and he notice the picture on the couch. He walked over and picked it up. He placed it into the bag and walked out of the room as he went to get a goodnight sleep.

Once she knew her brother she quickly and quietly made her way downstairs and outside.

She sat at her favorite spot as she watched the stars shinned in the night sky.

She sat down by her tree as she saw two shooting stars shine bright in the sky.

"Mom, Dad." She thought as she saw the stars "Please keep Matt safe."
Matt walked down the path that lead him to Sweet Apple Acres.

He smiled as he saw Yellow Gala and Honey Blossom sitting outside with Big Mac as they played with the little colt.

"It's good to be back." Matt thought as he made his way towards the house.

To Be Continued.

Chapter 5. Party. Surprise.

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Chapter 5. Party. Surprise.
Apple Bloom walked down the stairs as she saw her sister on the couch sound asleep with the tv on.

She walked up and tapped her sister on the side. Her eyes slowly opened, Apple Bloom could see the red in her eyes "She must have been cryin' again." She thought.

"A-Apple Bloom? What are ya doin' in my room?" She asked still sleepy.

"You feel asleep in the livin' room." Apple Bloom said as she watched her sister blinked a few times as she looked around the room "Oh... Ah did." She rubbed her eyes with her hoofs as she got up and stretched "What time is it?"

"It's 7:43."

She slowly got off the couch "Ah better go get a shower and get ready to start my day." She said walking pass her sister. Apple Bloom looked at the tv and saw she was watching Psych again "She's been watching this a lot lately." She switched off the tv and made her way out side. She saw Rainbow Dash talking with Bug Mac.

"She slept on the couch again?" Dash asked.

"That's right, She's been sleeping on the couch a lot."

"Do you think you can handle things around here? I'm going to take her out and get her mind in a better mood."

"Ah can handle it." Dash smiled as she raced off towards the house leaving Apple Bloom to made her way to her club house.

When she was inside her club house she pulled out the journal she found and placed it on the floor as she began to read.

Rainbow Dash landed on the couch as she switched on the tv to wait for Applejack to finish her shower.

Dash notice a bag on the ground and she notice a picture that was calling her "What's this?" She dug into the bag and pulled out the DVD case "Digimon? Must be her boyfriends show." She placed the DVD into the DVD player and watched the first episode.

Applejack walked down the stairs as she was happy to be clean.

She heard the sound of the tv as she saw her friend in awe as she watched the battle between Greymon and Shellmon fighting.

"What are you doing?" She asked walking up to her friend.

"This show is... SO AWESOME!"

Applejack rolled her eyes "Whatever you say Dash." She walked into the kitchen to make herself something to eat.

Dash quickly shut off the tv as she rushed into the kitchen to see Applejack making herself a daisy sandwich "I was thinking when your done eating me and you can go do something fun."

"Ah got some work ta do today, Maybe some other time." Applejack said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Big Mac is going to handle things today so you can go with me, And i won't take no as an answer." Dash said as she stood her ground.

Applejack looked at her friend "Alright, But i'm not in the mood ta help ya do tricks."

"That's fine with me." Dash said with a smile "I've got something better planed for us."

Applejack rolled her eyes "Whatever ya say Dash." She took a bit of her sandwich.

Applejack followed Dash through Ponyville the busy little town.

Dash opened the door to the sugarcube corner and she saw all her friends there.

Pinkie Pie pulled Applejack into a hug "We threw this big party for you!" She said as she jumped around the room.

"Why throw me a party?" She asked.

"We figured since you have been working so hard we would give you a party!" Pinkie said as she pulled out her party cannon and fired it.

"Ya didn't have ta throw me a party." She said.

"Pinkie thought it would be better. I on the other hoof just thought a nice day at the spa would be better." Rarity said taking a sip of her drink.

"Besides, You need a day off." Rainbow Dash said with a smile. "Take a break relax."

Applejack sat down as she had some fun with her friends.

Applejack found herself sitting with Twilight "Did you find anything on Matt?"

"So far i haven't. I've been through so many books my heads spinning." She said looking at Applejack "Have you found anything?"

"Just an old story about a pony named Matt how was stayin' with my folks but that's all ah know right now." She said taking a sip of her drink "Where's Spike?"

"Scootaloo came by and dragged him off some where." Twilight said taking a bit of her cupcake.

"Ah wonder what they are up too?" She thought as she took a sip of her drink.
Spike looked at the book in front of him as the three little fillies.

"You want me to go through this book and see if Applejack's boyfriend is the guy in this book?" Spike asked.

"Yes, Ah gotta help!" Apple Bloom said "I'm tired of seein' my sister on the couch with blood shot eyes from cryin'."

Spike looked at her. She looked very worried for her sister "I can see what i can find but i can't promise anything." Spike said.

Apple Bloom pulled him into a hug "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOU!" She said making Spike blush. She let go of him and gave him a kiss on the cheek making Spike's cheek turn even redder.

"I-I better get back to the library and search through this book." Spike said trying to find the door handle keeping his back to the three fillies.

He found the door and handle and took off for the hills.

Apple Bloom looked back at her friends who were snickering.

"What's so funny?" Apple Bloom asked annoyed.

"Nothing." They both said as they pulled out some paper and began to do something nice to help Applejack.
Applejack sat near the punch bowel as she watched her friends.

Her mind was going back to Matt. She was worried about him.

"You okay?" Dash asked sitting next to her friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Applejack said looking at her friend.

"Your not fine." Dash said "You keep finding your way back to the punch bowel."

"It's because i'm thirsty." She said taking a sip of her drink.

"Well, If you want something harder maybe you should just get into your hard cider." Dash said with a grin.

"Ah don't need ta get hammered now." She said rolling her eyes.

"Who said get hammered? Have a few hard ciders and loosen up! This is a party thrown for you and your over here moping."

Applejack looked at her friend "I'm not moping!"

"Yeah you are! Your sitting in the corner! Matt wouldn't want you moping around while were partying the night away."

She looked at her friends who where dancing "Matt wouldn't want me moping around... He would want me to enjoy myself."

She looked at her friend "Ya right, I shouldn't be moping around." She got onto her hoofs "Let's get this party started!"
It's been three days since Matt returned from Canterlot.

Matt was by himself as he bucked some trees.

His mind was on his work as everything else around him was a blur.

Matt didn't see that he was being watched by a mare "My, He's even hotter when working." Cindy thought as she watched him buck the apple tree making the apples fall into the buckets.

She watched as he moved to the next tree as he kicked it making every last apple fall.

Matt finally came out of his day dream as he notice Cindy watching him "Has anyone told you it's rude to stare?" Matt asked as he collected the baskets and placed them in the wagon.

Cindy blushed "Sorry, I didn't want to bother you."

"Well, I'm about done." He said placing a basket in the wagon "So, What brings you to my neck of the woods?"

"Me and my sis are planing on going camping with a group of friends and thought you might like to come join us." She said.

"Sorry, I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks, I gotta help out with the zap apple harvest." Matt placed the last basket into the wagon.

"That's too bad. Cheerilee really wanted you to come."

Matt looked back at Cindy "As much as i would like to camping, I'm needed here. Cheerilee will understand."

"Are you sure you can't get out of it?" She asked trying her best to give him the puppy dog eyes "He'll never turn down these eyes!"

Matt chuckled to himself "Applejack tried that and she failed." May closed the wagon up and began hooking himself up "Sorry, I've never fallen for those kind of tricks."

Cindy huffed "Fine, I'll just go." She trotted down the path as Matt chuckled to himself as he brought his load back to the farm "Ever since I've saved Cheerilee from her ex, Her sister keeps coming by and hitting on me." Matt saw Big Mac run right passed him as he trotted passed him. "He's out of school already? Man, I really lost track of time."

He walked up to the barn and unloaded the wagon.

After he unloaded the wagon he made his way into the house to see Honey Blossom cooking as Big Mac was sitting at the table doing his homework.

"Ya done already? Well dinner will be done shortly." Honey said.

"Okay, I'm going to go clean up." He made his way upstairs.

Honey felt the little one kicking again "She's always kicking when ever she hears his voice." She said out loud as she pulled some spices out from the cupboard.

"What do ya mean mom?" Big Mac asked.

"When ever Matt's around she get's kicky, But once he's gone she calm as can be."

She winched in pain as she dropped the spice.

"Are you okay mom?" Big Mac asked.

"G-Go get Matt." She said feeling the pain getting worst.

Big Mac took off and up the stairs.

Matt was was looking for a towel when he heard somepony running up the stairs "MATT!" Big Mac yelled as he ran up to him out of breath.

"What's wrong little guy?" Matt asked placing the towel on his back.

"M-Mom needs you... S-She's in pain." Mac said worried.

Matt quickly rushed down the stairs and found Honey Blossom eyes closed shut as she was trying to work though the pain, Matt just barley got to her when he slipped on something wet on the floor as he saw stars.

"A-Are you alright?" Honey asked.

Matt got up "I think her water broke." Matt shook the gross feeling of being covered in water that wasn't from a hose "Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"M-My water broke... I need to get to the hospital." She said being very calm.

"Where's Yellow?"

"H-He ran into town to get some milk." She said.

"Alright, Let's get you to the hospital." He said helping her walk outside.

He quickly pulled the wagon over as he he helped her into it "I'll stay here and watch Big Mac for ya." Granny Smith said walking out with Big Mac by her side.

"Don't worry about a thing. I'll make sure she get's to the hospital safe and sound." Matt said hooking himself up to the wagon as he quickly pulled the wagon down the road as fast and safely as he could.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 6. Dream. Pain, Lots of Pain.

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Chapter 6. Dream. Pain, Lots of Pain.
Applejack walked down the stairs. Her mane a mess as she saw the tv on "Ah thought ah told Apple Bloom to go to bed?" She walked over to the couch to see Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash sound asleep. She looked at the tv to see Digimon playing. "How did they manged to find it!?" She turned off the tv and placed a blanket over them as she made her way back up stairs.

She made her way over to her bed as she pulled the covers over her as she laid down for a peaceful sleep.

Just as her mind was going into a deep sleep two shooting stars flew over head.

Applejack found herself in complete darkness.

"It's been to long since I've seen you." Applejack knew that voice.

"Mom?" Applejack eyes went wide as she saw her mother standing there with a smile on her face.

"It's me sweetie." She said walking up to her and pulling her into a hug "Ah have missed you!"

"Ah have missed you too mom!" She hugged back. She pulled back and looked at her mother "W-What are ya doing here?"

"I've came to talk with you. Ah can't take seein' ya cryin'." She ran her hoof on the side of her face.

Applejack smiled a she felt her mothers hoof on her cheek "Ah just miss Matt is all."

"Ah know how much Matt means to you and ah want you ta know you'll be seeing him again."

"How do ya know?" She asked.

"Ah just know you and Matt will be together again." Applejack notice her mother slowly fading.

"W-What's happenin'?" Applejack asked getting worried.

"You're wakin' up. Do not be sad, I'll be watchin' over you all. Take care. Oh and your father says hi." She watched as he mother faded as she felt her mind waking up.

Her eyes opened up as she saw two shooting stars flying over.

"Mom... Dad." A tear slowly made it's way down her cheek.

Matt rushed through the town with Honey breathing.

"We're almost there!" Matt yelled as he saw the hospital not to far.
Yellow Gala walked out of the store with a gallon of milk.

As he stepped out he was knocked over as he saw a wagon with his wife in the back holding her stomach "HONEY!" He quickly took off running after the wagon.

Matt pulled right up to the hospital.

"What's going on?" Asked a nurse.

"S-She's having a b-baby!" Matt said trying to catch his breath. The nurse rushed inside and some doctors and other nurses as they helped Honey down as Matt collapsed on the ground.

"Aren't you coming father?"

Matt eyes went wide "I-I'm not the father! I'm just a friend."

Before the nurse or Matt could say anything Yellow Gala came running up to the two "W-Where's my wife?"

"Come with me." The nurse said having Yellow follow her.

Matt remained on the ground "Oh there you are!" Matt looked up to see Cheerilee standing there.

"Oh... Hey." Matt said looked at her.

"Why are you on the ground?" She asked.

"I had to run for my life to bring Honey Blossom to her hospital, She went into labor."

"So that's why your on the ground?"

Matt nodded.

"Do you need me to get you some water?"

"If you wouldn't mind?"

"Be right back." She walked away leaving Matt alone.

Matt went to try and get up when he felt shooting pain go through his legs as he fell back down to the ground "I think i might have pull something." Matt thought as he laid there.

Matt found the will power to get up "Just work through the pain."

Cheerilee came walking back with some water "Here you go."

Matt took the water and gulped it down "Thank you."

"Cindy told me she came by to ask you to come camping with us and i told her not to bother since i already knew you were busy this week."

"It's fine, She didn't bother me."

"I take it you'll be busy helping out more since Honey is going to be busy with the new little one."

"Yeah, But i'll still be able to make time to hang out with you." He said with a smile that made Cheerilee blush.

Yellow came running out of the building.

"Matt! There you are! I thought you were inside?" He said walking up to him.

"I was trying to catch my breath before going inside."

"Ah owe you for bring Honey here."

"You don't owe me anything, I was helping out a friend."

Yellow smiled as he notice Cheerilee standing there "Oh, Ah see you were talking, I'll let you two be." He made his way back inside letting the two be alone.

"Well, I better be off. Gotta go meet up with my friends if i'm going to make it to go camping."

"Alright, Have fun."

Matt watched as she walked away. Matt made his way inside and took a seat with Yellow.

"How is she doing?"

"Doctor's say you were lucky to get her here on time." Yellow said.

"That's good." Matt said.

The doors opened and a nurse came walking out "Yellow Gala?"

"That's me!" Yellow said getting up "Is my wife okay?"

"Your wife is fine. She's recovering very nicely. You're baby girl is also alright."

Matt smiled as Yellow was jumping for joy "If you will come with me you can go see your wife and you little girl."

He followed her as Matt remained outside.

After awhile of waiting Yellow came walking out with his little bundle of joy.

"I want you to say hello to Applejack." Matt looked at the little baby Applejack. Yellow placed Applejack into his arms as Matt held her "Isn't she the cuties thing you have ever seen?"

Matt looked at the little orange foal in his arms as she had a small smile on her faces as she looked up at Matt "She is."

Matt made a silly face that made her giggled "She likes you."

He gave the little foal back to Yellow "She's lucky to have parents like you."

He smiled as Matt began to yawn "Go ahead and go home and get some rest."

"Thanks. Don't worry about coming home early, I can handle things for you."


Matt said goodbye to Yellow and Applejack and made his way home.
After getting a shower Matt felt alot better and laid down in his bed as she closed his eyes and got a goodnight sleep.

Morning came to soon for Matt as he made his way down stairs as he saw Granny Smith helping Big Mac get ready for school.

"Ah see ya got home late last night." Granny said placing some oat meal down for Big Mac to eat.

"Yeah, Don't worry about making breakfast, I'll eat something when i'm done with the chores." Matt said slowly making his way outside.

He saw all the things he had to do and sighed "This going to be a very long day."
To Be Continued.

Chapter 7. Bed Time Story. Pinkie Promise.

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Chapter 7. Bed Time Story. Pinkie Promise.
Matt made his way into the house just as the sun was beginning to fall.

"I've got dinner ready for you." Granny said setting down some hay fires and some soup.

"Thanks." Matt said as he sat down at the table "Big Mac already eat?"

"Yup, He's up stairs getting ready for bed." Granny sat down and notice Matt slowly eating his food. "What's wrong?"

"Just tired is all." Matt said looking at Granny.

"Ah would be tired too if i did all the farm work."

Matt took a sip his soup as he tried to stay awake and not fall asleep in his soup.

After he was done eating he told Granny he was going to go get a shower then go to bed.

Matt walked out of the shower feeling a lot better being clean. He made his way to his room when he heard tiny hoof sounds making his way towards him.

He looked to see Big Mac holding his blanket as he came walking out of his parents room. Matt could see he had a nightmare from the way he was holding his blanket and the fact he was in his parents room.

"You okay Big Mac?" Matt asked making Big Mac jump.

"Y-Yeah... I'm fine!" He said.

"Are you sure?"

Matt saw a tear roll down his eyes as he looked back into the room "I had a nightmare."

"Everypony has nightmares." Matt said walking up to him "How about we get you back to your room and i'll read you a story?"

Big Mac nodded as Matt helped Big Mac back to his room and back to bed.

"Alright, Now before i read you a story how about you tell me about this nightmare of yours?" Matt asked taking a seat next to Big Mac's bed.

"Well, Ah was outside in the field helping Dad and something big came out of the woods and chased after us and it got him! It dragged him down into the woods as it came after me, Ah ran and Ah ran but it got me." Matt could see the fear in his eyes.

"The nightmare you saw was only a dream, Next time remember your in control. You can make the nightmare go away with one thought." Matt said as Big Mac looked at Matt "I use to have nightmares all the time till i learned i can control them and make them go away."

"How did ya fight them off?"

"I would thinking of me as a hero and would save the world. That's how i fight my nightmares."

"Mind if ah borrow that?"

"You can." Matt said as he walked over to the bookshelf as he looked for a good book for them to read.

"Can ya read me the story Beauty and the Beast?"

Matt looked back at Mac kinda surprise he would want to hear that story but then it reminded him how he watched Beauty and the Beast when he was a kid. "Alright."

He took the book out of the shelf and made his way back to the bed as he began to read him the story.
Granny Smith walked through the halls as the morning sun slowly began to rise as she made her way towards Big Mac room.

She looked inside to see Matt sound asleep with a book on his chest as Big Mac was sound asleep.

"Awe. He read Mac a book." She walked over to Matt and tapping him "Wakie wakie."

Matt eyes slowly opened and he saw Granny Smith looking at him "Huh? Oh Granny... What are you doing in my room?"

"Ya fell asleep in Big Mac's room."

Matt looked around as he notice he wasn't in his room "Oh, I must have fallen asleep while reading to Big Mac." Matt took the book off his chest as he placed it on the night stand "Well, I better go get my day started."

He made his way out of the room as Granny Smith made her way down stairs.
Three Day's Later.

Matt was fixing the fence as he heard a wagon.

He looked to see Yellow Gala pulling the wagon as he saw Honey Blossom holding her little bundle of joy.

"Hey Matt!" Yellow said as they stopped right in next to him.

"Hey, You guys are back early."

"Yeah, Honey really wanted to come home."

"Ah was getting tired of eating hospital food."

Matt chuckled "Things never change." Matt thought about the time he was in the hospital and nearly died from eating there nasty food.

Yellow told Matt he would be right back to help him out, He just need to help the miss's back to the house.
Applejack slowly made her way into town as she watched everypony go about there business.

She made her way into sugarcube corner as she sat at a table waiting for Pinkie Pie to finish up with her orders so she could help her put together her new bed she bought.

She notice a couple sitting at a table as they both shared a milkshake.

She looked away "Ah gotta get my mind on something else." She watched as Pinkie Pie came running down the stairs "Oh there you are!"

"Morning to you too Pinkie." She said as she watched Pinkie Pie bounced towards her.

"Are you ya ready to help me put together my new bed!?"

"Yup." She said as she followed Pinkie Pie up the stairs.
Matt brought back the tools he was using back to the barn.

He saw Yellow walking out if the barn with Big Mac by his side.

"Oh, Ya done already?"

"I just finished putting the last board up and now i just have to put the tools away." Matt said as he walked up to the two.

"Oh, Well ah was going to come and help ya out but since ya done ah can take Big Mac to the park."

"You two have fun!' Matt said as he watched the two make there way into town.

Matt placed the last of the tools away.

"Matt?" Matt looked behind him to see Cheerilee "Oh, There you are!"

"Hey Cheerilee, What brings you by?" Matt asked.

"I came by to see if you were busy?" She said.

"Your in luck, I just finished my chores for today."

Cheerilee smiled "That's good, Me and Cindy are going to go swimming. Want to join us?"

"I could use a good swim."

Matt followed Cheerilee.

Matt took off running and jumped as he flew down into the water splashing Cheerilee and Cindy.

"I give that a ten!" Cheerilee said.

"You got my mane all wet." Cindy wined.

"Sorry, I didn't think it would have been that big of a splash." Matt said floating in the water.

"It's alright." Cindy said as she sat in her chair trying to soak up the sun.

Cheerilee ran into the water and splashed Matt "Bet i can hold my breath longer then you!"

"I'd like to see you try!" Matt said diving under the water.

Cheerilee dived under the water as they both tried to hold there breath.

Matt couldn't hold on any longer as he made his way back to the surface.

"I won!" Cheerilee said.

Matt rolled his eyes as they both notice a sleeping Cindy "I see Cindy is a sleep."

"She was up late last night talking with some of her friends about boys again." Cheerilee said sounding a little annoyed.

"Sounds like you don't like it when she talks about boys."

"I don't mind it... It's just she's always talking about boys!'

Matt chuckled "I would have thought you would be thinking about boys too?"

She blushed "I'm not the type that likes to talk about boys all the time."

"But you do think about them."

"Some times yes..." She lowered her head.

"What's wrong?"

"I-It's you... I think about."

Matt eyes went wide "Y-You have been thinking about me?"

"Y-yes... Ever since you've helped me with my ex you have been on my mind."

"I'm flattered that you like me but i don't feel the same way."

"I-I know i you don't like me like that but i thought you should know so... Things don't get weird or i scare you off."

Matt placed a hoof under her chin making her look at him "I don't mind you having a crush on me and i wouldn't let that get between us. I'm your friend and your mine." He said with a smile.

"You would still be my friend even though you know i have a crush on you?"

"Yes, Believe it or not i had a friend who had a huge crush on me, I turned her down and she thought i was never going to want to speak with her again but i told her no matter what i would still be there for her. I've kept that promise and i promise you that i won't stop being your friend."

She smiled "Thank you Matt."

"Wait. I gotta make the Pinkie Promise."

"Pinkie Promise?"

"You'll find out someday but for now just let me do this." Matt took a deep breath "I cross my heart hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye." Matt made the promise.
Pinkie Pie stood straight up.

"Are ya okay Pinkie?"

"Somepony just made a Pinkie Promise!" Pinkie said rushing over to her table and pulling out a book as she wrote down in a piece of paper.

"Who made the Pinkie Promise?"

"I don't know! I just know the promise was made to Cheerilee!" Pinkie Pie closed her book as she looked at Applejack "Let's finish making this bed!"
Matt walked down the path back to his home as he saw the sun slowly fading as the moon was slowly making it's way up to the sky.

Matt smiled as he saw Yellow and Big Mac still outside playing while Honey sat in a chair rocking back and forth holding baby Applejack "It's nice to be home."

He sat down next to Honey as she rocked back and forth "How was your day Matt?"

"It was good." He said looking at her with a smile "How was your day?"

"We took these two to the park and had a nice picnic. And we also saw you swimming with Cheerilee and Cindy, Well mostly Cheerilee."

Matt blushed "They wanted me to go swimming with them and Cindy wanted to work on a tan." Matt said "I don't even know how a pony can tan when they have fur." Matt thought to himself.

"So you and Cheerilee must be getting a long just nicely."

"We are, She's a very nice pony."

"Thinking about courting her?" Honey asked with a sly smile. Little Applejack kicked a little making honey look down at her child.

"N-No, I have a mare that i'm courting."

"Oh? What's her name?"

"I don't really remember what her name was, I was just a little colt when we met and we were very close till she moved. I've been searching for her." Matt said making sure his story was right as the one he told Cheerilee.

"Oh, Well i hope you find this mare, She's a very lucky one."

Matt looked at the little Applejack as she smiled at Matt "I'm the lucky one."
To Be Continued.

Chapter 8. Hoodie. Cooking. Twilight.

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Chapter 8. Hoodie. Cooking. Twilight.
Applejack slowly walked into her room. Her mane wet as the rain outside poured down.

"Remember ta kill Rainbow Dash for not tellin' me about this storm!" She made her way into her bathroom and went to get a nice relaxing bath after a hard day work out in the field.

She filled the tub up with nice warm water as she slowly climbed into the tub. She let out a sigh as she let the warm water relax her acing muscles.

"This is wonderful." She said out loud as she closed her eyes and let the water work it's magic.

After her relaxing bath she made her way out of the bath room and made her way to her dresser as she looked for her brush.

She found her brush and began to brush her mane as she looked into the mirror and notice Matt's bag sitting near her bed. She placed her brush down and made her way over to it as she opened it up and looked inside. She dug around till she found Matt's black hoodie sitting at the bottom of the bag. She pulled the hoodie out.

She chuckled as she saw the three apples printed on the side of the sleeve. "Ah remember when he found this at a flee market. He bought it and wore it when it got cold out." She flipped the hoodie around as she crawled inside as place the hoodie onto her pony body. She looked back into the mirror and chuckled as she notice the hoodie was a little baggy on her.

She stood and felt something fall out of the front pocket and saw his Ipod with his headphones hooked to it.

She picked it up in her hoofs as she crawled into bed and placed the ear pieces into her ears and tried her hardest to use her hoofs to work the Ipod. Once she manged to get to the music she went through Matt's play list and came across a play list called Applejack's Songs.

She clicked on it and notice there was only one song in the play list. She clicked on the song and it began to play.

"You know I'd fall apart without you

I don't know how you do what you do

'Cause everything that don't make sense about me

Makes sense when I'm with you

Like everything that's green, girl, I need you

But it's more than one and one makes two

Put aside the math and the logic of it

You gotta know you're wanted too

'Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted

Anyone can tell you you're pretty, yeah

And you get that all the time, I know you do

But your beauty's deeper than the make-up

And I wanna show you what I see tonight...

When I wrap you up

When I kiss your lips.

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

'Cause, baby, I, I wanna make you feel wanted

As good as you make me feel

I wanna make you feel better

Better than your fairy tales

Better than your best dreams

You're more than everything I need

You're all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

And I just wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted

Baby, I wanna make you feel wanted

You'll always be wanted"

When the song ended Applejack had tears slowly going down her cheeks.
Matt placed the pancakes and oat meal down at the table. Big Mac and Matt were the only two up making breakfast for everypony since Honey was still recovering from her stay at the hospital.

"Do you think they will like this?" Big Mac asked as he looked at Matt who was flipping another pancake.

"Of course they will like it. It's breakfast in bed." Matt placed the pancake onto the plate "Who doesn't want to be served breakfast in bed?"

"Ponies who hate breakfast?"

Matt chuckled "Are you sure you don't want me to help you carry the trays up?"

"Ah can handle it!" Mac said.

"Alright, But if you change your mind i'll be happy to help." Matt said as he placed the two trays onto Big Mac's back.

"Ah won't be needing it." He said as she made his way out of the kitchen and up the stair's.

Once Matt knew Big Mac was at the top of stair's he could go back to the kitchen and clean up the big mess Big Mac made before Matt woke up early and found out he was trying to make breakfast for his parents.

"Ah see you are up early." Matt looked to see Granny Smith standing in the door way "Ah see ya made a mess in the kitchen."

"I didn't make the mess. Big Mac made the mess and i kinda just made a little bit more to the mess, But do not worry, I'm cleaning it up." Matt said placing the dishes into the sink as he started washing "There is some Pancakes and oat meal if you want some."

Granny smiled as she sat down "Ah didn't know ya could cook."

"You never asked." Matt said with a smile.

Granny took a bite of her pancake and smiled "Mmm, This is good!"

"I added a little apple to the mix to give it some flavor." He said with a smile.

Granny took another bite "Ya really did a great job making these. This could pass for an Apple Family recipe."

Matt just smiled as she he remembered Applejack telling him that when he made apple pancakes.
Spike watched as Twilight sat going through books looking for a way to bring Aj's boyfriend Matt home.

Spike placed the journal Apple Bloom gave him and placed it in front of her.

"What's this Spike?" Twilight asked as she used her magic to lift the book up.

"Apple Bloom found this journal in some of Granny Smiths things and notice the name Matt kept popping up."

Twilight opened the book as she read the first page "Well, I can tell you this wasn't written by Granny Smith."

"What do you mean?"

"I've read Granny's books before and this doesn't match her writing." Twilight said looking at Spike "This must have belonged to somepony else." Twilight flipped through some of the pages trying to figure out who hoof writing this was "You said Apple Bloom found this in one of Granny Smiths things?"

Spike nodded.

"I'll have to talk with her then if i wish to know who wrote this." She looked out her window to see rain pouring down "It will have to wait till tomorrow." She looked down at Spike who was rubbing his eye "How about we get some sleep?"

Spike yawned "Let's get to bed sleepy head." She said as she turned off her light and the two made there way to their beds.

Spike was sound sleep within minutes and Twilight hid under her cover's as she read through the journal.

"Dear Journal.

You won't believe what has happened to me today. Ah was out with my pa going over the new plot of land we will be using to plant some new apple trees when there came a bright red light as a pony came flying out of the woods. Now, He wasn't alone. Three timber wolfs came out of the woods as well as they surrounded him. Ah quickly rushed to the house and banged a pot that scared them back into the forest, My pa looked at the pony and we both notice he was a Pegasus and he was hurt pretty badly. Well, Ah gotta go and check on our guest. I'll talk to ya later."

Twilight scratched her head "This kinda sounds like Granny Smith story of how she found that zap apple tree... Maybe this does belong to Granny Smith." Twilight continued to read.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 9. Foalsitting, Poker, Dream.

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Chapter 9. Foalsitting, Poker, Dream.
Matt couldn't believe it, Here he was in the living room with a baby Applejack babysitting or as Honey told him, Foal sitting.

It was strange for Matt watching over his future girlfriend.

He held Applejack in his arms as he looked down at her, She was wide awake and was just staring at him.

Matt notice a strange and awful smell "Oh, That smell is coming from you."

She giggled "You think this is funny do you?" Matt placed her on the changing table "Won't this be a funny story to tell you when i finally get back to my right time line."

He pulled out a diaper and placed it on the side of Applejack and looked at her "I'll never understand how ponies change a diaper's with out magic." Matt was dreading changing her and having to use his mouth to remove the diaper "Why couldn't i have been a unicorn?"

Again this made Applejack giggle "Your enjoying my misery aren't you?" Matt said as he began to change her.

After he changed her he placed her in her play pen and made his way into the kitchen to go make something to eat.

Applejack played with her toy's as Matt was making a daisy sandwich.

He came back out and sat next to the play pen as he took a bite of his sandwich.

She giggled as she played with a teddy bear. Matt looked down at her and his hat fell off his head and landed on her little head.

She giggled as she looked up at Matt. Matt chuckled "You look so cute."

Matt took the hat off Aj's head and placed it back onto his head.

She started to cry "Don't cry." Matt placed his sandwich down and picked her up "I know you want to have this hat but i can't let ya keep it." He said a she held her in his arms.

She slowly calmed down as he held her in his arms "Alright, Can i put you back in your play pen so i can finish eating?"

He slowly lowered her back inside and she went back to playing with her teddy bear.

"Thank you." Matt picked back up his sandwich.

Matt finished his sandwich.

Matt took his plate into the kitchen and placed it in the sink and made his way back out into the living room. He made sure Aj had what she needed as he got his book and began to read.

"Just as the Dragon was about to strike the brave knight a bright light shinned from the sky just as a beautiful mar-." Matt heard a knock at the door "And it was getting to the good part!" He placed his book mark on his chapter as he placed his book down and made his way towards the door.

When he opened it he wished he hadn't "Hey Matt! I heard you got stuck foalsitting! So i figured i would stop by and help!" Cindy said as she walked passed Matt.

"Note to self, Remember to tell Honey not to tell CINDY! i'm foalsitting." Matt thought as he went to close the door when he saw Cheerilee standing in front of him "Before you get angry at me, I didn't tell her and i tried to keep her way." Cheerilee said trying not to get on his bad side.

"I thought you two would be at the school play?" Matt asked letting Cheerilee in.

"I didn't feel like watching a bunch of kid's act." Cindy said looking around the home "So, What were you doing before we showed up?"

"I was reading a book Cheerilee gave me." Matt said walking over to Aj who was sound asleep in her play pen.

"You were just reading? That's not fun! How about we do something fun?" Cindy said walking up to Matt.

"And what kind of fun are we talking about?" Matt asked taking a seat on the couch.

Cindy gave Matt a wicked smiled that made Matt wish Applejack would start crying so he could get out of whatever fun Cindy had in mind.

"I was thinking, Poker! Been awhile since I've played that game." She said as she pulled out some cards out of her bag.

"Don't you need five more pe-ponies to play?" Matt asked.

"Yes, But we don't need to play by the rules." Cindy said as she shuffled the cards.

"What's the harm in playing Poker. It's not like we're going to play strip poker... We're already naked." Matt thought as he took a seat.

"So, Have you played poker before Cheerilee?" Matt asked as Cindy dealt the cards out.

"Yeah, Cindy is training me for Las Pegasus." Cheerilee said as she held her cards "Have you played poker before?"

"Once, Lost to a mare with green eyes." Matt said as he remember the time Applejack made him play poker and he lost eighty bucks to her.

"She must have made some kind of impression on you since you remember her eyes." Cindy said with a sly smile.

"She did." Matt said as he looked at his cards.

"I bet 1 bit." Cindy said tossing a bit into the middle of the table.

"I see your bit and raise you two." Matt said as he put down two bit's.

"And i fold." Cheerilee said folding her cards.

"Already?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, I have a crappy hoof any ways." She said sitting back on the couch as she watched Matt and Cindy play.

An hour went by and Matt and Cindy were still locked in battle. Matt placed a bit into the pile "I raise you three bit's."

"How about we make a little wager" Cindy said with a smile.

"Alright." Matt said figured she wouldn't do anything stupid with her sister in the room.

Cindy smiled "Who ever wins, He or she will have to do what the other want's for one week." Matt looked at his cards.

"Alright. You have yourself a deal." He lowered his cards "Straight."

"Looks like i won." She lowered her cards.

Matt's eyes went wide as he saw that Cindy had a Royal Flush "I-I lost."

"Cheerilee, He's yours for a week." Cindy said as she took the bit's on the table and placed them in to her bag "Well, I've gotta go, I've got a date with this very hot stallion and i don't want to be late." Cindy made her way towards the door "You two have fun now." She closed the door.

"I'm going to kill her." Cheerilee said as a blush came across her face "I'm sorry about her."

"It's cool." Matt said as he looked at her "Well, When do i start?"

"W-What do you mean?" Cheerilee asked.

"Well, Your sister won the bet and my bit's so, I'm yours for a whole week." He said taking a seat next to her "Now before you say that i don't owe you a week of my time, Yes i do, If you don't your sister will take it and make me her slave."

"You have a point." Cheerilee said "You don't have to go through it, I'll just say you did stuff for me with out you really did anything for me."

"No, If you did that i wouldn't feel right." He said "I lost, Might as well take it like a stallion."

"Well, You can start tomorrow. I need help moving old boxes from the attic."

"Sound's like a plan. What time tomorrow?"

"By eight."

They sat there for a moment both feeling the awkwardness in the air "W-Well... I better get going." She said grabbing her bag "I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow." Matt watched as Cheerilee left. He looked back at the play pen to see Applejack still sound asleep "Good, She's still asleep."

Matt grabbed his book and went back to reading.
Yellow opened the door to his home.

He froze when he saw Matt sound asleep on the couch with a book covering his face as a sleeping Aj was in his arm's sound asleep.

"Awe, He must have read her a bed time story and he must have fallen asleep." Yellow said as Honey smiled.

"I'm goin' ta bed." Big Mac said walking passed his parents as Granny Smith chuckled.

"I'll take her, And you can wake Matt up." Honey said as she took her foal and Yellow gave Matt a little shake.

Matt's eyes slowly opened and he saw words "I either turned into a book or i feel asleep while reading." Matt removed the book and saw Yellow looking down at him "Hey, You guys are back. How was the play?"

"It was good. Big Mac had fun."

"He did not, They made him be the tree." Granny said as she made her way up the stairs.

"I thought he was the lead role?"

"They changed it at the last minute. So, Was Applejack good while we were gone?" Yellow asked.

"She was just fine." Matt said sitting up.

"Well, I've gotta go get some sleep." Yellow said walking towards the stairs "Night Matt."

"Night Yellow." Matt said grabbing his book as he made his way up the stairs and to his room.
Smoke filled the air as fired burned through buildings as ponies ran screaming.

Matt stood in the middle of the town as he watched a giant creature covered in black roared as fire flew out if it's mouth.

Just as quick as the creature had came it was gone within minutes. Matt saw nothing but ashes as the land was charred.

"Hello." Matt jumped as he saw this pure white mare standing next to him.

"W-Who are you?" Matt asked backing up.

"I'm a ghost from the past." She said as the landscape changed to a beautiful field of flower's.

"A-A ghost from the past? Why are you here?"

"To give you a warning, The creature you just saw will be awaken again." She said as she walked up to Matt "An element is about to die, It is up to you to protect them and make sure no harm comes to them."

"Does this mean i had to come and protect Applejack?"

"No, Somepony else. When the time is right call upon your elements and use them to protect her from the evil minion known as DarkFire." She slowly started to fade "I must go, Be safe Matthew."

"WAIT! Who is it!? Please tell me!" Matt asked scared.

She plucked a pink blossom and looked at Matt "Blossom." Was all she said as she disappeared.
Matt eyes popped open as he looked out the window to see the sun slowly raising.

"That had to be a dream." Matt thought as he looked at the mirror to see a pink blossom sitting on the dresser "Maybe it wasn't a dream."
Just outside the farm in the woods there stood a dark figure.

"Soon, I will kill the mother of the Element of Light." His red eyes glowing in the dark as green eyes started to pop up around the dark figure "Don't worry my pets. You'll soon be fed."
Honey Blossom sat in her kitchen with a cup of coffee as she read through the morning paper as she enjoyed this beautiful morning.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 10, Hair Clip, Feather, Granny Smith.

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Chapter 10, Hair Clip, Feather, Granny.
Celestia's sun was beginning to set as Matt waved goodbye to Cheerilee as he made his way through the market place. As he walked through he notice somepony selling hair clips.

Matt walked over and looked at each one of the hair clips that had a red apple "How much do you want for these?"

"Two bits." The mare said. Matt pulled the bits out of his bag and paid the mare and took the clips.

Matt walked into the home of the Apple family as he looked around to see the lights were out.

"They must be asleep." Matt made his way up the stairs as he figured he would take a shower in the morning. He pulled the blankets down off his bed as he climbed in to get some sleep.
The Next Day.

Matt followed Honey Blossom out into the apple orchard. Honey Blossom had Applejack on her side as they were picking apple's for an apple pie Honey Blossom wanted to make for everypony.

"Oh, Before i forget." Matt placed his saddle bag down and went through it till he found the hair clips "I saw these and thought they would look cute on her."

Blossom looked at them and smiled "Ya have good taste."

"Thanks." Honey took the clips and placed little Applejack down as she placed them in her hair "Don't you look cute." Matt smiled as she placed her back in her side pouch and they both continued to pick apples.

Matt took notice green eyes moving along the tree lines.

Before Matt knew it they came running out of the woods.

"RUN!" Honey yelled as she took off running making Applejack start crying.

Matt took off running along side Honey Blossom. Matt looked behind them to see wood chasing after them "W-What are these things!?"

"They are Timber Wolves!" Hone Blossom said as she notice them getting closer to them.

Timber wolves cut them off surrounding them.

"We're trapped!" Blossom yelled as she stopped in the tracks.

Matt stopped in his tracks as he watched the Timber wolves surround them.

"What do we do?" Blossom asked scared.

Matt looked around and notice the cliff side. He spread his wings as he flapped them and began to hover, He picked up Blossom and used all of his strength to pick her up and get to the top of the cliff.

Matt lowered her as they took off running.

The Timber wolves manged to get up the cliff side and continued to chase after them.

"They must really want pony meat!" Matt said as he could see the house just up ahead.

Before both of their eyes a trail of fire flew high in front of them making them quickly slam there hoofs to the ground to stop.

Matt looked at the wall of fire "W-Where did this come from!?"

"From me!" Matt looked to see a black dragon standing there as the timber wolves came up to his side.

"What do you want from us!?" Blossom asked.

"I want you dead!" He roared making Applejack cry even harder.

Matt stepped in front of Honey Blossom and Applejack as he spread his wings "You'll have to go through me!" Matt glared at the black dragon making him laugh.

"You think you'll be able to stop me?" He said as he brought out his hand and showed off his razor sharp claws "One swipe from these and your dead."

Matt flapped his wings as hard as he could making a whole in the fire allow Blossom to jump through it as she took off running.

"You'll pay for that!" The dragon yelled as he sent his timber wolves towards Matt.

Matt kicked and bucked each one that came near him. One manged to bite down onto his wing making Matt yelled in pain as he slammed his hoofs onto it's head breaking it into thousands of twigs.

"I didn't travel back in time to be stopped by a pegasus!" The dragon yelled as he sent more Timber wolves towards Matt.

Matt continued to fight off each one as they tried to bite him.

Matt bucked them right and left, He could feel his strength running low as he felt the pain in his wing get even worst.

The dragon let out a roar as he rushed towards Matt grabbing him by the throat and slamming him into the ground "I WILL END THIS!"

Matt couldn't breath as the claws around his throat got tighter and tighter "Don't give up Matt, If you wish to see Applejack again, You must fight." Matt heard the female voice from his dream speak to him "Use your elements. Allow them to help you."

Matt closed his eyes as he tried to focus on his elements. The dragon began to laugh as he saw his eyes close.

There came a light from around Matt's two front hoofs.

The dragon notice the lights as his hand began to burn. He roared in pain as he grabbed his hand as he saw the glowing light around Matt's neck.

"I-It can't be! The elements of Love, Courage, Hope!"

Matt got back onto his hoofs as he looked at the dragon, His eyes glowing pure white "Let's end this!" Matt rushed towards the dragon as the dragon's hand began to glow.

"Not today!" He sliced his hand in the air as a portal opened "If i can't kill her in this time! I'll kill a different one!" He jumped through. Matt grabbed his tail as the Timber wolves be sucked in as well.

The dragon tried to kick Matt off his tail but it was no use as he felt Matt's elements stinging his scales.

"LET GO OF ME!" He yelled.

"NEVER!" Matt yelled as he climb the dragon's tail.

The dragon kicked Matt right in the face making him hit a few Timber wolves as they fell out of the time vortex.

"With him out of the picture i shall kill two birds with one stone!" He laughed as he flew through time.
Honey Blossom, Yellow Gala and Granny Smith stood where the fire once was as they looked at the battle ground.

Hone Blossom notice a few of Matt's feather's on the ground.

"He's gone." Blossom said as she held the feather in her hoof.

"He died protecting you." Yellow said "We'll give him a apple send off."
That night Cheerilee and Cindy stood at the edge of the apple orchard.

Cheerilee couldn't believe it, The stallion she had a crush on was dead.

Cindy looked at her little sister as she gave her a tissue "I know he meant a lot to you." Cindy said as she pulled her sister into a hug.

Honey watched as he husband buried two of the three feather's they found into the ground.

"Goodbye Matt, May you rest." Yellow said as he shoveled the last of the dirt onto the box.

Honey walked up to Cheerilee "Here." Cheerilee looked at Honey as she notice her holding a brown feather.

Cheerilee took the feather in her hoof as she looked at Honey "T-Thanks."
Matt slowly felt himself waking up as he felt the pain of his body. He slowly opened his eyes to see he was in a room he has never seen before. He slowly went to move when he felt a jolt of pain run through his body "Don't ya try ta move." Matt looked to see a cute mare next to him as she placed a hoof on his chest "Now relax and just rest."

"W-Where am i?" He asked.

"Ya on our farm." The mare said as she removed the old rag off his forehead and placed a new one wet rag onto his "Ya don't need ta worry, We're friendly."

"Wait... She looks familiar." Matt thought as he tried to figure out who she was.

"My name is Granny Smith. What's yours."

"Granny! No way! I've traveled back even farther back in time! I need to come up with a fake name! and fast!" Matt mind was rushing as he tried to figure out a good fake pony name.

"N-Names Star, Star Lander." Matt said "That's a good name... Right?"

"Nice ta meet ya Star Lander, Mind if ah call ya Star?"


"Well, Ah'll let ya get some sleep, If ya need anything i'll be right over there." Granny Smith pointed to a small coat that was sitting off near a wall "If ya need anything just call for me."

"Will do." Matt watched as Granny made her way over to the coat and got ready for bed.


"Night." Matt closed his eyes as his mind was racing.
Matt found himself standing back in the field of pink blossoms again as he saw the white mare.

"Hello Matt, Or should i say Star Lander." She said while chuckling at the last part.

"I didn't want to use my real name since later one she'll meet me again." Matt said as he watched her sit down next to him "Mind telling me why i'm further in the past?"

"Darkfire opened a rift in time, And you were sent back here." She said.

"Did Honey and Applejack make it okay?"

"They are safe and sound, For now." She said looking down at Matt "Granny Smith is now in danger."

"You mean... He'll come after her?"

"Yes, And it's up to you to protect her."

"Last time i tried to protect somepony i nearly died!" Matt yelled.

"Yet, Here you are alive."

"How am i suppose to protect her if i don't know how to use my elements?"

"Easy, I will train you, Every night you go to sleep, I shall show you what you need to learn in order to use them." She said with a smile "Then, When the time is right you'll know how to use them."

"And you didn't want to show me how to use them before i fought Darkfire?" Matt asked a little mad.

"You were needed to come here." She said as she stood "I better be off, Your waking up, Remember to keep an eye on Granny Smith."

"I will." Matt said as he felt his body pull him out of his dream world.
Matt slowly opened his eyes as he saw the morning sun shine through the window.

"I hope Applejack is alright." Matt thought as he looked over to see Granny Smith still sleeping.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 11. Storm, Hospital, Darkness.

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Chapter 11. Storm, Hospitals, Darkness.
Fluttershy hid under her cover's as the raging storm outside her home raged on.

"Why do we have to have a storm tonight?" Fluttershy asked herself as she squeeze tighter to her pillow.

There came a loud bang then a crashing noise within her home.

Fluttershy grabbed her flashlight next to her night stand and made her way through her home.

Fluttershy saw a hole through her roof "D-Did a tree fall?" She said out loud as she got closer to the broken pile of boards.

There came a moan as the boards moved. Fluttershy took a step back as a black shadow came flying out. It hovered over the pile of wood as it's red eyes staring at Fluttershy "Dinner!" It went to attack Fluttershy when a bright light came from the bile of wood as a hand reached out and grabbed the shadow "I DON'T THINK SO!"

The shadow burst into light as Fluttershy looked at the figure standing in front of her. His cloths wore ripped as blood was leaking from his forehead and arms.

The strange creature looked at Fluttershy. He went to say something but fell to the ground. There came a light around his body as it began to change into a pony.

Fluttershy rushed over to the body as she looked down at him. She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. The pony in front of her had a black mane and his coat was a dark brown "I-I need to get you to the hospital."
Twilight yawned as she made her way down the stairs. The sun was slowly beginning to rise.

She made her way into the kitchen as she began to brew herself some coffee as she placed the journal in front of her.

She went to open it when a knock came to the door.

"Who could that be this early in the morning?" Twilight made her way to the door.

She opened it and saw Fluttershy standing there "I-I hope i didn't wake you?"

"I was just brewing some coffee. What brings you over?" Twilight asked letting Fluttershy into her home.

"W-Well... Last night during the thunderstorm something strange happened, I was in my room trying to sleep when there came a crash. I grabbed my flashlight and saw my roof caved in."

"I hope none if your animals got hurt." Twilight said as they made their way into the kitchen.

"None of them were hurt. Anyways, I made my way closer to the bile of wood when I heard a moan then I saw this shadow creature come out of the bile, It hovered over the the bile of wood as it looked at me, It said 'Dinner' And came flying towards me. Before I knew it there came a hand and it grabbed the shadow and said it said 'I don't think so!' and it burst into a bright light."

Twilight blinked a few times trying to believe what her friend just told her "And that's not the strange part. The strange part is, The creature that stopped the shadow stood, He was bleeding and he went to speak when he fell, A bright light covered his body and he changed into a pony."

Twilight eyes went wide "H-He changed into a pony!?"

Fluttershy nodded "Y-Yes.."

"Where is he now?"

"I-I took him to the hospital."

"You go get Applejack. Tell her to meet me at the hospital." Twilight grabbed the journal off the table as she made her way to the door.

"O-Okay." Fluttershy said as she watched Twilight rushed out of her home.
Twilight slowly opened the door to see the pony Fluttershy told her about.

She walked inside and looked at the pony "A shadow creature, Then you show up and changed into a pony. Something isn't right... And you know it." Twilight thought as she looked at the machines hooked up to him "He won't be able to tell me anything, He's in a coma and he has no sign of waking up."

Twilight notice the hat next to the bed stand. She picked it up and looked at it "This looks a lot like Aj's hat... It is!"
Applejack was in the barn working. Her mind wasn't really into work, Her mind was on Matt, She was still worried about him.

Applejack heard a noise and turned around to see Fluttershy out of breath "Ya okay Shy?"

"J-J-Just g-give m-me a m-moment." She said trying to catch her breath. Once she caught her breath she told Applejack about what had happened to her last night and that Twilight wanted her down at the hospital.

Before Fluttershy knew it Applejack was out of the barn and half way down the path way "More running." Fluttershy thought as she took off after Applejack.
Twilight had granny smith's journal open as she read through the pages.

The door slowly opened "Twi? Ya in here?"

Twilight looked towards the door and saw Applejack's head sticking through the door.

"I'm here." She as she watched Applejack walk into the room.

"Fluttershy told me what happened." She said as she looked at the pony in the bed. A strange feeling came over Applejack as she stepped into the room.

"I'm glad you came." Twilight used her magic to pick up the hat from the night stand "Does this hat look familiar to you?"

Applejack looked at the hat and her eyes went wide "T-This is my hat!"

"So i was right." Twilight said as she looked at the pony in the bed.

Applejack made her way towards the bed as she looked at him "W-Will he be alright?" She asked looking back at Twilight.

"Doctor say's he's in a coma and doesn't know when he'll awake." She said "All we can do is wait."

Applejack looked back at Matt "You'll pull through. I know you will."
Darkness, That's all he Matt could see or feel.

"Give up. You can't win." Said a dark voice.

"Funny, That's what I said to Darkfire right before i sent him back to your dimension." Matt said.

"Unlike him, Your elements can't stop me."

"No, But they can keep you from escaping your prison."

"You only have three elements. You need the other four to truly keep me imprisoned."

"True. But that doesn't mean i can't find them."

"You'll never find the other four. You will fall and i shall return and shroud this land in darkness."

"If i fail, The elements will find another host and he or she will defeat you."

"Not if i swallow this world into darkness."

"Where there is darkness, There will always be light to fight back."

Matt heard the voice laugh "The light will soon burn out."

"And darkness fades." Matt said "Oh, And Night Fire say's hi."

The voice let out a roar "Did i hit a nerve?" Matt said with a chuckle.
Twilight flipped through a few more pages as she searched for any clue on what was going on.

There came a knock on the door "Now what!?" Twilight made her way towards the door.


"Morning, I have a package for you." The stallion said pulling out a small box.

Twilight took the box "To Twilight Sparkle. From Matthew." Twilight eyes went wide.

"That package has been sitting in our building since Ponyville was first founded. We had a few bets running saying you wouldn't be here, Looks like I've lost that bet."

"T-Thanks... Bye." Twilight shut the door as she ripped open the box.

Inside was a journal "Another journal?"

Twilight opened the book.

"Dear Twilight.

As you may now know. I'm in the past, How i got here is a very long story, So get comfy and hope you have plenty of coffee on hoof.

A danger is coming and will soon destroy Ponyville and the world as we know it. A great evil has awoken and started pouring into this world, I am the bearer of three elements, Love, Hope and Courage These elements once belonged to Night Fire, She has been teaching me how to use them. A minion of this great evil known as Darkfire has traveled into the past twice trying to kill Applejack and Apple Bloom. I have stopped him once and now i'm trying to stop him again. This journal you have will hold everything i do and will inform you if something happened to me so you may tell Applejack.

Please, Do not tell her about this journal until you have finished it."

Twilight placed the journal onto the table "I'm going to need coffee... Lots of coffee." Twilight said as she made her way into the kitchen and began to brew herself some coffee.

Twilight flipped to the next page and began to read. As she read the elements in the glass case began to glow and she found herself being sucked into the book.
Twilight looked around at the surrounding area as she notice she was in a blossom field.

"Now, Let's begin our training." The white mare said "I want you to call your elements to you."

"Okay." Matt closed his eyes as he called out for his elements.

Once the three lights appeared in front of him he looked back at the mare "Now what?"

"Now, Focus the power to change your form."

"Change my form? What am i turning into?"

"Your human self."

Matt was glad to hear he could still turn into his human self. Matt closed his eyes and his form began to change. The light faded and Matt looked at his hands "How i missed having finger's."

The white mare chuckled "Now that you have changed, We may begin your real training."

"Real training? So what i just learned wasn't my real training?"

"Not really, I figured it would be easier for you to use weapons since you don't really aren't use to your pony body."

"Smart." Matt said.

"Now, I want you to think of a weapon, Make sure this weapon is strong and can hold up in battle."

Matt thought long and hard "So, I just think of the weapon i want and it will appear?"

"Yes, As long as you believe in this weapon you can use it."

Matt smiled "I have the perfect weapon." Matt brought out his hand and focused on the weapon.

A light started to glow around Matt's hand.

"W-What kind of weapon is that?"

Matt chuckled "In my world there is a video game i use to play, This was the weapon the hero used to fight off heartless."

"What is it?"

"It's called a keyblade." Matt said as he looked at the mare "This little beauty can use magic so i chose an amazing weapon."

"Since it can use magic, I guess it is an amazing weapon."

Matt looked at the keyblade and chuckled "When i first played Kingdom Hearts i wanted to own a keyblade, Now, I get to use one."

"What was this keyblade used for?"

"Well, It's used to fight off heartless, Heartless steal hearts from people because they do not have a heart of their own, This helped release the heart from them, And this was used to seal a key hole in the world to keep the heartless from distorting it." Matt said.

"These heartless sound like the creature's i use to fight, But they didn't steal hearts, They stole a body's mind." She said "That's what you'll be facing."

"Good thing i chose this then." Matt said swinging the keyblade.

"Let us begin." The mare waved her hoof and shadow creature appeared in front of Matt "Use what you know about this keyblade and defeat all of these."

"Alright." Matt said as he held the keyblade. He took off running as he jumped into the air and swung his keblade.

After awhile Matt sliced through the last shadow creature.

Matt huffed as he stood. The keyblade disappeared as Matt formed changed back to his pony form.

"W-What happened?" Matt asked.

"Your energy has ran out. Do not worry, We will work on a way to focus your energy so you won't get tired so quickly."

"Good to know." Matt sat down as he looked around "You never did tell me your name."

"My name is Night Fire."

"Night Fire, Nice name. Better then Star Lander."

She chuckled "I think Star Lander is a good name."
Matt sat in the darkness as he just floated.

"Keeping me from waking up isn't going to help you." Matt said.

"Keeping you asleep will indeed help me." the voice said.

"Well, I figured you would do something like this, So I planed ahead." Matt said as he floated.

"What do you mean, You planned ahead?"

"Well, I wrote down everything i did in a journal and made sure it was sent off to none other then Princess Twilight Sparkle... One of the elements of harmony."

"Doesn't matter, By the time she finishes that journal, I will have what i need."

Matt started laughing making the voice grow worried.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Well, While you were busy doing whatever, I had a little time to mess with the elements of harmony."

The voice remained silence.

"Right about now Twilight will have absorbed the information. She'll be on her way to protect Apple Bloom."

The voice roared "I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

"Go ahead, My elements will just find a new host and you'll have to deal with him or her."

The voice roared again.
Applejack was sitting next to Matt's bed as she looked at the machines hooked up to him.

"I don't know if you can hear me, But i'm glad you manged to get back to me." Applejack said as she placed a hoof on Matt's hoof "When you wake up and get back on your hoofs, I'll take you to my favorite spot and we'll watch the sun set."

Applejack notice Matt's lips move into a smile. This made her smile.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 12. Darkfire, Awaken.

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Chapter 12. Darkfire, Awaken.
Twilight watched Matt sat with his legs cross and his arms out.

"And why do I have to remain a pony to do this?" Matt asked looking at Night Fire.

"When you learn how to focuses your energy, Then you can change into your human self." She said as she sat next to Matt "Now, I want you to close your eyes and try and find your center."

Matt closed his eyes and tried to find his center.

"Your center will hold your energy." She said "When you feel the energy, I want you to slowly release that energy. Allow it to flow through your body."

Matt sighed "I can't find my center." He said opening his eyes.

"How about we try something different." She said "I want you to close your eyes and focus on Applejack."

Matt closed his eyes again as he thought of Applejack.

Night Fire could feel the energy starting to flow through his body "I believe we found your center."

Matt felt the energy within him grow as he focused on Applejack.

"Now that you have found you're center, We can work on recharging your energy."

"And how do we do that?" He asked looking at her.

"It's not hard to recharge your energy, Like before focus on your center but instead of releasing that energy, You will build that energy up." She closed her eyes as her heart began to glow "As you can see the energy within me is starting to build. Allow it to build till you can't hold it anymore."

Matt closed his eyes and focus his energy. Her could feel it building.

"I wounder if this could work with my element." Twilight thought as she watched the two.

Matt felt his energy build up to the point where he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Now, Change!"

Matt eyes opened up and his form changed into his human self as he sat there "I feel so much energy."

"With this energy you may be able to handle yourself in a fight now." She said standing onto her hoofs "But your training isn't done just yet, You still have much to learn."

"I figured at much." Matt said.

"But for now, We can take a break." She said as the world changed into a small forest.

"There has been something on my mind since I first met you."

"And what is that?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"How come you won't tell me who the other elements are?" He asked.

"I can not tell you because they must figure out who they are in order for them to wield their elements." She said.

"I know Apple Bloom is the one i'm trying to protect. She's one of the elements i'm meant to protect."

"Yes, It is true she is a bearer of an element. But you must not tell her." She said "If you were to tell her the element will turn away from her and chose somepony else."

"Why would the element turned away from her?"

"That, I do not know." She said "All I know it will turn away from her." Night Fire looked out into the forest as she walked.

Matt followed her.

"How is everything going with Granny Smith?" Night asked as they walked.

"It's hard to lie to them, I know what's the future holds for them and it's hard not to tell them." Matt said as they walked "And I think Granny Smith has a crush on me... She keeps hitting at me."

Night chuckled "A stallion lands just outside the forest and his sweet and kind... Who wouldn't have a crush." She said with a grin.

Matt rolled his eyes "Well, I have a girlfriend. She's in the future worried sick about me."

"Do not worry, Soon you shall be with her." Night said.

"Why can't you just teach me a spell and I can use my elements to go home?" He thought as they walked.

"If Apple Bloom is a bearer of an element they are speaking of... Then she shall need protecting." Twilight thought as she contuied to watch them.

"You are correct Twilight." The female voice said making Twilight jump.

"W-Who said that!?" She asked looking around.

"I would have thought you would have know by now." She said stepping out from behind a tree.

Twilight notice it was Night Fire "H-How are you speaking with me?"

"Matt's elements are allowing me to speak with while he is in his coma. You have seen what needed to be seen, You must protect Apple Bloom while Matt is in his coma." She said walking up towards Twilight "If you need help, This journal shall fill you in on what you need to know."

"Wait... I thought Matt was meant to protect Apple Bloom?" She asked.

"He is, But right now you are needed to protect her. The darkness is keeping Matt from waking up." She said standing in front of her "You will need her in this coming fight. I shall find away to wake Matt while you protect her from the darkness."

"And what if I can't handle this darkness alone?"

"Call abound your friend to help." She said "If you need Matt, Call abound his elements and they shall protect you."

"Will Matt be okay?"

"I can not say." Night Fire said looking back at the memory of Matt standing there with a smile on his face.
Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were hanging out in their club house trying to think of new ways to get their cutie marks.

Just outside a dark figure moved along the tree lines "Time to attack my pets."

Green eyes started to pop up all around the tree lines.

Twilight stood just outside of the tree house with her element placed on top of her head as she stood there waiting for this enemy to attack.

She notice green eyes starting to pop "Timber wolfs? That's their plan?"

Twilight element began to glow as a shield was placed around the club house "If you wish to harm these girls you'll have to go through me." She said stepping in front of the shadow figure.

"You think I'm afraid of you? The elements of harmony are just a child play thing compared to my master's power." The figure said stepping forwards to revile a black dragon.

Twilight stood her ground "My element will protect these girls while I take you down."

The dragon chuckled "That shield will fall and so will you!" Fire came flying out of his mouth as Twilight used her magic to shield herself from the fire.

When the fire cleared Twilight shield broke as she felt the dragon's claws wrap around her as she felt a dark magic wrap around her horn.

"Try as you will Twilight, With out the other elements to help you, Your element is useless!" The dark voice said inside Twilight's mind.

"Who said I came with out the other elements?" Twilight said with a smirk as the dragon notice Twilight's element glowing even brighter.

The dragon notice the other elements standing around him "NO! I WILL NOT FAIL MY MASTER AGAIN!" He roared as he threw Twilight towards the club house.

Lucky for her Rainbow Dash caught her in mid air.

The dragon let out another roar as his Timber wolfs attacked.
Inside Matt's mind.

"Soon, The elements of harmony shall fall and all that will stand in my way is you dear boy." The voice said.

"That's not what I've heard." Matt said just relaxing in the darkness.

"You will be powerless when my shadow creatures combine with the Timber wolfs and create a new creature!" The voice said laughing.

Matt knew they couldn't handle the power of the darkness when they combined with the Timber wolfs "I fought those things and I barley made it out alive... There going to need my help."

"Once the elements fall I shall rule over this world for all time!"

Matt closed his eyes and brought out his hand. He felt his elements call out as a keyblade formed in his hand "Not if I join them!" Matt yelled as he raised the keyblade high and used his elements to unlock his mind from his deep slumber.

The room was shinning bright as Sam slowly stood back from the bed.

Matt stood in his human form with a keyblade in his hand as he looked around the room "I-I did! I should have done that sooner."

"M-Matt? I-Is that you?"

Matt turned his head to see the pony "Um... I am Matt... Do I know you?"

"I-It's me! Sam!" She said with a smile.

"S-Sam? My horse from my world? So you did get suck in!" He jumped down off the bed and pulled her into a hug "I'm so happy to see you!"

Sam hugged back 'I'm happy to see you too Matt."

Matt pulled away "Wait... Where am I?"

"You're in a hospital. You have been a coma."

"Okay. Where are the other's?"

"Twilight came and said she need Applejack's help in something, So they left to Sweet Apple Acre's"

Matt looked out the window to see the dark clouds moving in "Whatever you do, Stay inside and don't go outside." Matt opened the window "Stay hidden and don't be afraid." He jumped out the window and landed onto the ground and took off running towards the farm.

Sam watched as the storm clouds moved in "A storm in brewing... Stay safe Matt."

Applejack laid there under the dragon's claws as it laughed.

"If this all the elements of harmony can do. My master will have no problem!" He roared as the shadows moved along side the ground and combined with the timber wolfs "Say hello to the shadow wolves!" The dragon roared.

Twilight and her friends couldn't hold on much longer and soon they would lose.

"W-What can I do!? There has to be something I can do!" Twilight yelled in her mind trying to figure out how to stop this dragon.


Darkfire looked and was sent flying my a giant fire ball.

"Why don't we have they rematch!?" He said standing with the keyblade in his hand "Or are you to chicken to face me again?"

Darkfire roared "I WILL DESTROY YOU!" He rushed towards Matt only to be sent flying again by another fire ball.

"Applejack, Regroup with your friends and get ready to use your elements." He said as Darkfire tried to slice through him with his claws.

Applejack couldn't believe what she was seeing, Her boyfriend was awake and he's in his human form fighting off a dragon.

Matt sent Darkfire flying towards the tree line as the shadow wolves surrounded Matt "Dinner time my pets." Darkfire said getting back onto his feet "Once I kill you, I shall kill the other elements."

"Not today Darkfire, I defeated you once, I can do it again." He said getting ready to fight off the pack of shadow wolves.

Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack stood together as they all powered up their elements.

Matt slice through the last shadow wolves as he quickly jumped in front of the girls and turned back into his pony form. He then called his elements and gave the elements of harmony all of his energy to destroy the shadow wolves and send Darkfire back to his master.

The girls felt the power Matt had given them as a bright light was all anypony could see for miles.

When the light cleared they saw Darkfire gone along with the shadow wolves.

Matt collapsed to the ground as his mind went back to darkness.

"MATT!" Applejack yelled rushing over towards him as she held him in her hoofs.
Matt slowly opened his eyes as he saw the love of his life sound asleep on a hospital cot.

He slowly got out of bed. He walked over towards Applejack and pulled the cover's over her body as he gave her a light kiss on the forehead "You had a tough day, But tomorrow is a new day and I'll be there to enjoy it with you."

This made the sleeping Applejack smile.
Applejack felt the morning sun shinning through the window making her turn away from the light.

"Five more minutes." She said as she pulled the blankets over her body.

"Alright, But if you kick me in five minutes i'm going to wonder why I try to get you up in the morning." The voice said.

Applejack eyes snapped open as she saw Matt sitting up in bed with a book in his hoofs as he had a smile on his face.

Before Matt could say good morning to her she jumped out of bed and tackled Matt to the floor and pulled him into a very passionate kiss.

Matt kissed back as he felt Applejack hoofs wrapped around his neck.

She pulled away from the kiss making Matt open his eyes. He could see she had tears in her eyes as she tried to keep herself from breaking down. Matt ran a hoof across her face "It's good to have ya home."

"It's good to be home." He said as he gave her a light kiss on the lips "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too."

She pulled Matt back into another kiss.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 13. A Darkness Within.

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Chapter 13. A Darkness Within.
The voice roared in anger as Darkfire hid behind a boulder.

"Master, I did the best I coul-" Darkfire's words were cut off as he was slammed into rocks.
"YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH!" The voice yelled "You have failed me yet again!"

"I-I'm sorry master!" Darkfire said getting onto his knees "Let me make it up to you! I will do anything!"
"Fine, one last chance." The voice said as the bolder broke into a thousand pieces "This job will be easy for you. Get me a strand of hair from each one of the elements of harmony and bring them to me. And do not get caught!"

"Y-Yes sir!" Darkfire jumped into the hole the bolder kept hidden.
Celestia's sun slowly began to rise. The ponies below were beginning to awaken from their slumber's.
But one couple kept the curtains closed and didn't wish to be disturbed.

Applejack slowly cracked her eye open to see if Matt was awake "Good, He's still asleep." She thought as she cuddled closer into him.

The door burst open and a pink blur came flying into the room "MORNING!" Applejack's eyes went wide as she was scared out of bed. Matt didn't know how but he found himself hanging from the ceiling fan "Talk about a wake up call." Matt said out loud as he slowly rotated around.

"Sorry! I thought you two would be up!" Matt looked down to see a pink mare smiling up at him.
"Let me guess, Pinkie Pie right?" He asked.
"Yup! That's me!" She said with a smile.

Applejack dust herself off as she looked at her Pink hyper friend "What brings ya by this morning?" She asked a she tried to help Matt off the fan.

"Well, My Pinkie sense told me Matt was awake from his coma so I thought I would come but and give him a Pinkie Pie welcome!" She said pulling out a tray full of cupcakes pancakes and anything else that had the word cake in it was on the tray.

"Talk about a sugar overload." Matt thought as he was glad to be back on the ground "You didn't have to do that Pinkie Pie." He said.

Matt notice her ears hang low as the smile on her face faded "But, I think we could use some breakfast."
Before Matt could blink he found himself sitting and had food piled on as she smile "Glad to hear it!" She said with a smile "I'll leave you two to eat! Then later I'll throw you a Welcome To Ponyville PARTY!" She said bouncing out of the room.

"Okay, When Aj told me about Pinkie Pie I thought she was just joking about the whole she loves party's thing... Guess there's no turning back from that party now." He thought as he looked at Applejack who had a grin on her face. Matt was curious why she had a grin but was cut off as he felt something smack into his face.

Matt could hear her laughing "Really? You threw a cupcake at me?" He wiped the frosting from his face as he picked up a cupcake and threw it at her nailing her right between the eyes "Two can play this game!"
Pinkie stopped dead in her tracks as something popped into her mind.
"I forgot to give Matt his gift!" She quickly took off running back towards Matt's room.
Matt stood over Applejack as he held a cupcake in his hoofs "Do you surrender?"
"Yes, You win!" She said trying to keep herself from laughing.

Matt shoved the cupcake into her face as he started laughing.

Matt just leaned in a licked the frosting off her nose "Because you look so darn cute when you're angry."
Applejack felt her cheeks heat up. Matt slowly lowered closer towards her and pulled her into a kiss.

The door burst open again and the two froze. Pinkie Pie just stood there in the door way as she saw the two covered in frosting and were on the floor kissing "I-I'm just going to leave this here for you Matt." She said placing the box on the bed and leaving the couple to continue what they were doing.

"I think we should lock that door." He said looking down at Aj.
"Or, Ya could get off me so Ah can go get cleaned up and then we can get ya out of this hospital and Ah can take ya home," She said with a smile.

"Or," He kissed her lips again. "We could just stay like this for a few minutes."
Before Matt could kiss her again he on his back as she stood over him, "Or, We do as Ah say."
"You're evil." He said as she walked way from him.
"I'll be back."
Matt just laid there on the floor, "I've got to get better at pinning her down."
Celestia's sun was high in the sky an the ponies below were basking in the sunlight.
Matt walked along side Aj as they made their way through the bust street's of Ponyville.
As they walked Aj heard the school bell "Look's like schools out."

Matt looked towards the school and notice the little filly's and colt's exiting the school "Ya gonna have ta go see her ya know."

"Who?" Matt asked.
"You know, Cheerilee."
"And why should I go see her?"
"Don't tell me ya forgot about the picture ya took with her and her sister?"
"And how do you know that?" He asked surprise.

She chuckled "Ah went with Apple Bloom to school and she showed the class a picture of her and her sister and you were in it."
"I knew taking that picture was a bad idea." He said "I'll speak with her later, Right now we have to keep an eye out for Darkfire, He'll return and try to take us out."
"Alright." She said as they continued to walk down the path.
As they walked she felt a little of her hair get pulled "Ouch!"
"You okay?"

"Somepony pulled my hair." She said looking around only to see no pony near them. "Ah think my mind is playing ticks on me."
"If you say so."
The two continued to walk down the path.
Just off by a tree, a dark figure stood with a smile, "One down, five more to go."
Darkfire moved along the tree lines, quickly and quietly, as he went to find the other elements.

Rarity was relaxing outside enjoying Celestia's sun.
"Such a beautiful day!" She said with a smile.
She felt a little pluck and jumped into the air "WHO DARE'S PULLS A HAIR OFF M-," She stood looking around only to see no pony there, "That was weird."

Pinkie Pie felt somepony pulled at her hair as she bounced down the path way. She looked around only to see nothing.

Fluttershy was feeding her animals. She felt a pluck and she looked around only to see her Angle bunny standing there looking at her, "If you need me you don't need to pull on my tail."

Rainbow Dash was sound asleep on a cloud. A hair was pluck and she continued to remain asleep "Talk about a deep sleeper," Darkfire thought as he flew away.

Twilight was in her library searching through books. She felt a somepony pull a hair and it made her jump "W-Who's there!?"
She saw just her empty room, "Okay... That was weird." She went back to searching through her books.
Darkfire placed the hairs in front of his master, this made his master smile.

"Now, Let's begin!" The hairs started to hover in the air.
The hairs took form of the ones they used to belong to as each one stood in front of Darkfire "I want you to meet the Elements of Darkness!"

Darkfire slowly stepped back as each one had a shadow element around their necks. Their glowing red eyes put the fear of darkness into him.
"You will take them to the elements of harmony and you will use them to destroy them once and for all!"
He got down onto his knee's, "As you wish Master."
Matt smiled as he saw Sweet Apple Acres just down the road.
"I have to say, I'm so glad to be back here," Matt said with a smile.

"I'm glad ya could come back too," She said rubbing up on Matt's side "I'm just glad ya come back ta me."
"I'm glad Ah came back to you too," He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Am Ah really that sappy?"

The two turned to see a pony that looked just like Applejack but with blood red eyes.
"It's a shame we have to kill him, He's cute," They turned their head's to see Rarity standing there and they notice her eye's were blood red.

"I just want to play a game," Matt and Aj slowly started to move backward's as blood red eye Pinkie Pie came walking up towards them with the creepiest smile on her face.
"I wouldn't mind going a few round's with him myself!" A black blur rushed pass them and behind them stood a blood red eye Rainbow Dash.

"My animal's would love to have a little snack when your finished with him," They looked to see a hovering blood red eye Flutthershy.

"I wouldn't mind seeing what make's him tick," Matt was sent flying by a black magic and slammed into a tree. Aj quickly rushed over toward's Matt and helped him up. The both saw a blood red eyed Twilight Sparkle standing there with a grin.

The other's walked over toward's her and they all smiled,"I want you to say hi to the Element's of Darkness, Darkfire said with a smile."This isn't going to end well for you Matthew."
To Be Continued.

Chapter 14. Element Of Light.

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Chapter 14. Element Of Light.
Matt was kicked and bucked from place to place as Aj was held by evil Twilight's magic.
Matt tried to get to his hooves but he was still weak after his last fight with Darkfire.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Aj yelled, tears in her eyes as she watched the love of her life beaten by her evil self.
"Don't worry my dear, you'll be next," Darkfire said, picking Matt up by his head. "You see, my master wants Matt here out of the picture... And that's what I plan on doing."

Matt was thrown hard onto the ground, and let out a yell of pain as he felt something break.
Applejack couldn't watch this any longer.

"Ya'll leave him alone!" Applejack's eyes went wide as she saw her sister standing there with a stick in her hooves.
"Just the pony I was looking for," Darkfire said as he grinned.

"L-Leave h-her alone," Matt said trying to get onto his hooves, and collapsing back onto the ground.
"Applejack, deal with him," Darkfire said, walking toward the filly.

"S-Stay back! A-Ah'm warning ya!" Apple Bloom said, slowly backing up as the dragon got closer to her.
"Good one," he said smoke coming from his mouth as fire began to build up.

Applejack watched in horror, The man she loved was on the ground getting kicked by her evil self and her sister was about to die in front of her eye's.

The fire flew out of Darkfire's mouth and engulfed Apple Bloom.
"NO!" Applejack yelled as she watched the fire fly around her sister.

Darkfire was flung back as a bright light came from the filly, "NO! She's found her element!"
Apple Bloom didn't know what was going on but she saw a glowing light around her neck and she smiled, "Ya scared of a little light?" she asked, taking a step toward Darkfire.

Applejack fell to the ground as the other elements of darkness slowly backed away from Apple Bloom, "Darkfire! We must go before she uses her element on us," Evil Twilight said.

"Fine! We'll be back!"

Before their eye's darkness surround them and they were gone.
Matt vision was going as he saw Applejack in tears as she quickly rushed over to him.
"I-I have the worst luck," was his last thought's before he lost consciousness.
Matt found himself back in the field of blossoms.

"If you're going to yell at me about not using my elements, please make it quick." Matt said just laying in the grass.
"I'm not going to yell at you," Night Fire said, "I know your energy wasn't fully recharged," She said laying down next to him. "The Darkness has made its own elements. But fate is on our side."

"I hope you're talking about Apple Bloom getting her element because I'm not in the mood to know there's a fifth element I need to find."

Night Fire giggled softly "It is indeed about Apple Bloom. With her now wielding the element of Light, the other three will follow soon."

"And how will they follow?" Matt asked.
"Apple Bloom's element of Light will signal the other elements to find their hosts in order to fight off this new evil."
"Good, Because I think I broke a few ribs and I think my right leg is broken from that fight with Darkfire."
"Your still needed in this fight Matt."

"Tell that to my broken leg," Matt said sitting up. "All I can do is help them the best I can."
"That's all I ask of you," she said. "Oh, you're about to wake up."
Matt blinked as he felt his body fling upward.
Matt heard the sound's of beeping. He slowly opened his eyes to see he was back in a hospital room, "Great, I'm back here again."

He turned his head to see Applejack talking with Twilight who had a stack of books in the room "Please tell me I'm not going back to school," He said with a smile. Before he could say anything more his lips were attacked by an orange mare he loved.
When she pulled away he saw her eye's were bloodshot, "H-How are ya feelin'?"
"I'm feeling just fine," he said trying to make her feel better.

"Good," SMACK. Aj smacked Matt across the face, "DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT!"
Matt rubbed his jaw with his good hoof, "I didn't mean to scare you."
"Why didn't you fight back!?" she asked, angry.

"I was still weak from the last battle, my energy needed to recharge before I could even think about fighting," he said. "I think she might have chipped a tooth," he thought as he felt something off about a tooth. He took notice of the guilty look on her face, "But, I should be able to recharge a lot faster now that Apple Bloom has her element."

"What!?" both Applejack and Twilight yelled making Matt jump in his bed, making his rib's sting as he let out a groan, "She's as an element of Light now."
"H-How?" Applejack asked.

"The element chose her for a reason," he said noticing Twilight staring at the two. "You didn't tell her?" he asked Twilight.
"YOU KNEW!?" Applejack asked, surprised.

"Matt's journal told me about Apple Bloom being an element, but I didn't think she'd be able to use it this soon," Twilight said, making sure the exit was in reach.

"Don't blame her for not telling you," Matt said, "I wasn't even supposed to tell you, but I was going to tell you when we were on our way back home but, you know how that went."

"Why Apple Bloom? Why is she the element of Light?"
"The element saw something inside her that drew it to her," he said, trying to remember what Night Fire told him of why his element's chose him. "There are still three more elements that need to be found and only Apple Bloom's element will find them."

"Can't ya just take the element?" Aj asked.
"No, I don't have what the element is looking for," he said looking at her. "Your sister will be safe, her element shields her from Darkfire and his new friends."
"How do you know that?" Aj asked.

"Her element is Light, It keeps the darkness at bay."
"You said there are three more?" Twilight asked.
"Yes, Apple Bloom's element will find them."
"And how do ya know this?" Applejack asked, curious as to how he knew all of this.
"Night Fire told me."

"She's the last one to wield my elements."
"And you spoke with her? And you didn't tell me?" Matt noticed a fire burning in Applejack's eyes which made Matt wish he was facing the evil Applejack right now.

"I was going to explain everything to you when we got home," he said, "And before you ask me if we did anything, we didn't, all she did was teach how to use my elements."
"Is that it?" Applejack asked.

Matt chuckled, "No, there is a lot more."
"Well, Ah have all night," she said, taking a seat next to his bed, "Spill."
"I'm just going to leave you two alone," Twilight said, sneaking out the door.

"Well," Matt placed his good hoof under his chin, trying to recall everything that happened to him.
Matt slowly opened eyes to see the love of his life sound asleep in his arm.

"If only my right hoof wasn't broken, I would move that strand of hair from her face." Then it hit him "You have wing's!" he stretched out his right wing and used it to move the strand of hair from her sleeping face, "I've missed this."
Matt noticed the sun slowly beginning to rise, "Go back down! I want to enjoy this!" his mind yelled at the sun.


Matt sighed as he knew she was awake, "Morning," he said, looking down at her and he noticed the big smile on her face. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," she said cuddling in close. "Doctor said ya get ta leave ta day."
"Maybe this time I can get home without something trying to kill me," he said as he felt Aj's lip's touch his cheek.
"Don't ya worry, Twilight and the rest of the girls will help take ya home."
"Great, My bodyguards are girls."

"Do ya want me ta hurt ya?" she said, glaring.
"I'm just saying you don't need them all to walk me home."
"Ah just want ta get ya home safe, please, do it for me," Matt watched as she pulled the puppy dog eyes out on him.
How could he say no to her? "Alright, you win."

"Good," she smiled as she cuddled up closer to him. "We have an hour so let's get some sleep."
Matt was happy to hear those words.

But sadly the door to his room burst open, "Matt! What happened to you?"
Matt blinked seeing the strange blue mare standing in the door way, "Sam, yer late."
Matt looked over at Aj who seemed to know who this mare was.

"I see you did more damage than what you sent in your letter, Aj." she said, walking over towards Matt, "I know I look different from how I used to, but I can tell you it's me, Sam," she said with a big, bright smile.
"Sam... Sam... Wait." Matt blinked as he couldn't believe it "Sam? My horse Sam?"

"Yup! That's me!" she said with a smile, "I would have thought you would have remained human?"
"I thought so too, but," he flapped his wings, "I'll take these over a human body."
Sam giggled, "Have you learned how to use them?"

"Not really, I can take off and glide, still trying to learn how to use them."
"Well ya need ta talk with Rainbow, she's the best flier in all of Equestria," Aj said, cutting in.
"From what you have told me about her... Yeah, I think I'll just go a head and just stay grounded," he said chuckling.
Aj just rolled her eyes, "Whatever ya say, it would have been nice ta have gone flyin'."
Matt rolled his eyes, "Anyways, how did you find out I was in the hospital?"

"Aj sent me a letter telling me you were in the hospital in a coma. I got on the first train from the Crystal Empire and headed here."

"Well, when I woke from my coma, some evil ponies attacked and I was sent back here with a few broken ribs and a broken leg," he said, filling in the gaps.

"Is this about a dark evil? Because that mare named Night Fire told me about it."
Matt's eyes went wide and so did Aj's, "Y-You've talked with Night Fire?"
"Yeah, she came to me in a dream last night and told me about this great evil and that I'm here to help you find the other elements."

"Remind me to yell at Night Fire the next time I see her," Matt thought. "What else did she tell you?"
"That's really it."

Matt sighed, "She needs to warn me when she does this."
It was around noon when Matt was discharged from the hospital.

He sat in a wheel chair as Aj pushed as they walked down the dirt path heading back home.
"So we finally get to meet this Matthew you've been talking about," Rainbow Dash said hovering over the wheel chair looking down at Matt, "You couldn't write?"

"Leave him alone, Rainbow, he has reasons why he didn't write, don't you darling?" Rarity asked.
"I do," Matt said trying to keep a smile on his face, "I could have walked but noooo, I had to leave in a wheel chair... I feel like a child," Matt thought as he watched the road in front of him.

"What was the reason? You could have told her you were okay," Rainbow said.
"I couldn't write to her because I was told not to," he said looking up at her, "if I wrote to her I would have altered the time line more than it should have been."

"I-I'm just glad you're back... I didn't like seeing Aj so sad," Flutthershy said, hiding her face behind her hair to avoid looking at Matt.

"You better make it up to her," Rainbow said glaring at Matt.
"I plan on it," He said looking at Aj. "So, I'll make dinner tonight."
"No, yer gonna take it easy till yer all healed," Aj said with a stern tone.
"I think making dinner is taking it easy, besides, I hate being waited on," he said hoping she would budge.
"No, Ya can sit and watch yer shows while ya get better, and don't ya dare try and do anything or ye'll go right back to the hospital."

Matt noticed the fire in her eyes, "Yup... She's not going to budge on this."
He looked back at the road in front of him as he noticed Granny Smith sitting outside in her rocking chair, "Hopefully she doesn't remember me."
To Be Continued.

Chapter 15. Granny Smith, Couch, Tree?

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Chapter 15. Granny Smith, Couch, Tree?
Matt watched as he was wheeled towards the house. His mind was racing as they got closer.

"Please don't remember me! Please! I can't be trapped in a house with her if she does remember me!" his mind was praying and hoping she wouldn't remember him.

"Howdy there youngin's... Why are ya'll surrounding that poor stallion?" Granny asked as she noticed the ponies all around him.
"Long story Granny," Applejack said as she stepped out from behind Matt's wheelchair.

"Well, since nothing happened, I'm going home," Rainbow said, taking off and leaving the group.
"I have to go too, I have some orders to take care of," Rarity said, also leaving. "See you around Matt, If you ever need clothes you know where to find me."

"I've gotta go too, I have a lot of research to do," Twilight said as she used her magic to teleport herself home.
"Me and Fluttershy are going to get some lunch!" Pinkie Pie said, bouncing down the road, "Good luck talking with Granny Smith, Matt!" She said with a smile.

"H-How did she know what I was thinking?!" Matt thought with wide eyes as he watched the pink mare jump down the path.
"B-Bye Matt, See you around," Fluttershy said as she walked down the path.

"I'm gonna go get us somethin' ta eat."

Matt watched as Aj placed him next to Granny Smith, who just gave him a warm smile, "Ya'll just sit here next ta Granny Smith while Ah get us some grub."

Granny watched as her grand-daughter left the two alone, "Ya know it's been so long since the last time ah saw ya," Matt looked at Granny Smith, who had a grin on her face, "Ya don't write, ya never visited except that one time when my daughter was pregnant with Applejack, then ya just go off and now Ah see ya here with my grand-daughter."

Matt just stared at her, "Um... I think you have the wrong Matt."

"Nope! Ah know yer the Matt Ah knew when Ah was just a young filly, yer scar gave ya away," she said as she scooted her chair closer to him, "Ya just pop in and out with out sayin' goodbye and now Ah see ya and yer courtin' my grand-daughter! Ya wanna tell me why?"

Matt blinked as his brain was trying to process everything she just said.

"Ah'm just kiddin' with ya!" she said cracking up laughing, "Ya don't need ta tell this old mare a thing. Somethin' tells me ya dated my grand-daughter long before ya met me."

Matt nodded. "Well, ya ain't gonna have ta worry about a thing as long as ya take good care of her," Granny said sitting back in her chair, "Just take good care of her."

"I will."

This brought a smile to the old mare's face as she rocked back and forth in her chair, "So, did ya enjoy yer time with me?"

"Yes, I did enjoy my time with you... Except the times you tried to hit on me," he said looking at her, "I even told you I had a girlfriend, and you still kept throwing yourself at me."

"Ah was young and thought Ah was in love," she said, remembering making him run back to the house when she tried to kiss him, "Ah finally did get what Ah wanted, though."

"Wait... You mean the day you kissed me when I was leaving for Canterlot?" Matt asked.

"Yup, got mah kiss after all those years," She chuckled. "Ya don't have ta worry about me kissin' ya again, Ah got what Ah wanted all those years ago."

"Well, as long as you're not going to attack me in my sleep then I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight," he said, chuckling making Granny Smith giggle.

"Ah remember when ya foalsat for Honey and Yellow when Big Mac had his play," she said, noticing Big Mac walking down the path way with a wagon full of apples behind him.

Matt cracked a smile, "Yeah, watching Applejack was fun but when it came to changing her diaper, that was the worst."
Applejack sat by the door listening to the two as they talked, she had a blush on her face as they talked.

"Then when we got back we found ya asleep on the couch with Aj fast asleep on yer chest with a book on yer face."

"She got fussy and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I picked her up and read her the book I was reading... Can't really remember the name of the book, but I think it was called Time Keeper, or something like that, She seemed to enjoy it and fell asleep," Matt's smile faded as the memory of that night came flooding into his head and the bet Cindy made when they played poker.

"Ya okay?"

"Yeah, just remembering a bet I made that I need to finish when I'm out of this wheel chair."
"Ya never did tell me why ya left all those years ago," she said, looking at Matt.

"I didn't leave of my own will. An evil dragon named Darkfire came to kill you, but I held him at bay, he went to travel back further in time to end the Apple family once and for all, but I managed to defeat him and put him back in his prison. Unfortunately one of his little dark minions got the jump on me and I was sent falling through the sky and landed a bit North of here," he said, looking at Granny Smith, "I would have said goodbye if I knew I was leaving that night."

"Mmm... That look's good," Applejack turned her head to see Sam standing there looking at the tray of food. "Sorry I'm late getting up, but when I get in a bed, I never want to get up." She said, yawning.

"It's alright, yer up now," She said turning her head back towards Matt who had a smile on his face "Lunch!" She said walking out from behind the door making Sam wish she knew how to cook.

"Your back!" Sam rushed passed Applejack as she pulled Matt into a hug.
"Hey Sam." He said giving her a one hoof hug "It's good to see you again."

She pulled away and smiled "It's funny, You got my coat color and I got this blue color."
"I always said you would be cool in a different color." He said chuckling.

"Well, Ah've got lunch." Aj said cutting in as she placed the tray in front of Matt.

Matt looked at the food "Oat's, Hay and... A daisy sandwich... What I wouldn't give for a steak," he thought as he looked at Aj, "Thanks."

He noticed she didn't have anything, "Are you going to eat?"

"I ate while making ya yer lunch," She said with a smile. "Ya'll go ahead and eat."
Matt took a bite of his daisy sandwich and noticed two things: One, it didn't taste like a daisy. And Two, it tasted like bacon, "Please tell me I didn't just eat a pig."

Applejack cracked a smile, "Wanna know why yer food tastes different?"
Matt nodded as swallowed, "Yes."

"Ah had Twilight make a potion that allows ya ta taste what ya want ta taste. Ah know yer not really use ta our food so Ah thought ya would enjoy it," she said with a smile.

"You didn't have to do that, I've been eating this stuff for a while now," he said with a smile, "but thank you anyway."

Applejack just smiled as she noticed her sister running down the pathway with her friends close behind. She frowned as she noticed they had sleeping bags on their backs, "Ah completely forgot about their sleepover," she sighed, "Ah'll have ta tell them we'll have their sleepover another time."

"Why?" Matt asked.

"You're here, and yer gonna need some rest."
"And how do three little fillies keep me from resting?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
"APPLEJACK!" Apple Bloom yelled, "We're ready for our sleepover!"

Matt leaned close to Applejack and whispered, "Just let them have their sleepover. What's the harm?"
She sighed as she saw how happy her sister looked, "Alright, ya'll know the rules," she said as she watched her sister and her friends take off running onto the house.

"Ah better make sure they don't trash the house. If ya need anything, just yell," she said, walking off leaving Matt with Granny Smith and Sam.
Matt watched as Applejack placed the sheets on the couch.

"I still don't understand why I can't sleep upstairs, I can still walk," he said as he watched her.
"Ah know ya want ta sleep upstairs but yer gonna have ta sleep down here," she put the pillow down and walked over towards him. "As much as Ah would love for ya ta sleep up stairs... Ah don't need Big Mac hurtin' ya more then ya already are," She said, the last part in a quieter voice.

Matt looked at her in confusion, "What do you mean?"
"If Big Mac saw ya sleepin' in the same bed as me... He'd hurt ya."

"Um... Why? It's not like I'm going to do anything with you having a broken leg and ribs and all," he said.
"Still, Big Mac's old fashion like that," she said, kissing him on the side of the cheek, "Ah know it will be tough for ya, but it will be worth it in the end," She gave him a warm smile which made him smile.

"Alright, but I want to be able to help since I'm sleeping on a lumpy couch," he said, making Applejack sigh.
"No, yer gonna do as Ah say or you'll sleep in the barn," she said, giving him a glare.

"Oh, come on! You have to let me do something! I'll go crazy just sitting here!" he said, sighing as he watched her make his bed.
"Ya won't go crazy, Ah'll give ya somethin' ta do," she said walking past him as she made her way towards the kitchen, "Ah gotta go cook, if ya want, ya can watch whatever ya want on the TV."

"Why couldn't my elements have healing abilities?" he thought as he looked at the TV and sighed.
The evil mane six were standing around a dark, shadowy figure as Darkfire was on the ground in pain.

"YOU HAVE FAILED ME!" the shadow yelled slamming Darkfire into the wall.

"I-I'm sorry master, I-I did not know the element of Light would show itsself so soon," he said, grabbing his side as he felt a few ribs
were cracked.

"I would kill you," the shadow walked over towards Darkfire, "but I need you alive in order to keep these other elements at bay and to protect my elements of darkness," the shadow walked towards the the evil six. "They will need more power in order to destroy the elements of harmony and the elements of light," a picture of a tree came in front of them and he smiled. "This tree will yield the power we need. Find it and drain it, my old friend's work will do the rest," he looked at Darkfire and the girls. "You'll find this tree in the Everfree Forest. Drain it, of all it's magic... Then leave it for the darkness."

"As you wish master," Darkfire said. getting back to his feet.

"Night Fire won't be able to stop me now," he said, laughing.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 16. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1

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Chapter 16. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
Two weeks passed, Matt enjoying every minute of it as he finally got the cast taken off his leg freeing him to walk again. Sadly, Applejack fought him on walking so soon and had been hounding him over how fast he should walk or to take it easy. Matt knew she was worried and didn't wish upset her.

In the two weeks he was bed ridden he helped Apple Bloom master her element, and soon enough she too was able to fight back the dark. Sadly, her element hadn't yet located the other elements needed to help fight the Darkness.

With Matt no longer strapped to a wheel chair or a cast he tried to help Applejack out with this year's Summer Sun Celebration but was shooed away by Applejack. He didn't fight with her as he knew once her mind was made up, There was no changing it.

It was a Monday morning when he found himself on a train set for Canterlot as Twilight had asked her friends an along with Matt to come to Canterlot. Matt wondered why Twilight would ask them all to go to Canterlot when she was at the library here in Ponyville. Applejack had informed him that she went to Canterlot a week ago and has been there

So here Matt sat on a train sitting next to Applejack as her friends chatted with each other. Then Matt noticed something off, "Where's Rainbow Dash?"

"She went ta Canterlot a week ago," Applejack said.
"Why?" Matt asked.

"With Twilight being busy searching for Applejack, her duties have been put off along with some.. Training," Rarity said cutting in, "and Rainbow Dash was training her until Applejack disappeared on us."

Matt raised an eyebrow, "Why is Rainbow Dash training her?"

"She can't fly yet," Pinkie Pie said, cutting in, "Rainbow Dash is teaching her!" then Pinkie got right up close and personal making Matt wish he could scoot back, "Can you fly?"

Matt blinked and thought back on his journey, "If falling out of the sky or gliding count," he said, rubbing the back of his neck, "otherwise, no."

"Then Rainbow will teach you!" Pinkie said, bouncing away.

"I'm good," he said, "I would rather stay grounded, thank you very much."

Applejack chuckled, "Yer just afraid ta fly since yer scared of heights," she whispered to him, making him glare at her. "Don't ya glare at me," she warned.

He glared a little longer, then looked out the window, "Rainbow is the best flyer in all of Equestria!" Pinkie said.
"S-she is," Fluttershy said. Matt noticed she was hiding in the corner of the train.

The train came to a halt as Matt checked who he was with again to make sure he didn't misplace one, "Rarity.. Check. Pinkie Pie... Check. Applejack... Check. Fluttershy... Check. Okay, So Rainbow Dash is with Twilight... Strange, wonder why she didn't just have us go with her?" He thought as he followed Applejack and her friends through Canterlot.

"You're going to enjoy Canterlot darling," Rarity said, smiling. "So many places to shop!"

"I've been here before. If memory serves, there's a book shop just around this corner," he said as they turned to see a book store right where Matt said there would be.

"H-How did you kno-," Rarity was cut off by Matt.
"I was here in the past, saw a lot of this city when I got a break from research," he said as they continued to walk.

They walked into the castle grounds and noticed Twilight slowly taking off as Rainbow Dash floated in the air, "You gotta really flap 'em hard," she said.

Twilight grunted as she flapped her wings hard and she went flying into a tree.
"Uh, maybe not that hard," she said.

Twilight nodded and went to try it again, ending with her falling.

Applejack walked over towards Twilight and helped her up, "Lookin' good up there, Princess Twilight," she said.
"Applejack, you know you don't have to call me that," Twilight said, dusting herself off.

Rarity walked up, "Why do you protest so? You've already given up wearing your crown all the time. The least you can do is embrace your new title," she said.

Twilight just looked at her friends, "If other ponies want to address me that way, I suppose it's fine, but... not my friends. It just doesn't feel right," she sighed. "And neither does all this flying business. The Summer Sun Celebration is only two days away, and I'm never gonna be ready to perform my part," she moaned as Rainbow Dash landed next to her.

"Not if you spend all your time down here, you won't! Now get up there and show everypony the big finish!" Rainbow said.

Twilight nodded and took off as the group cheered. Matt watched, noticing that she looked to have the hang of flying, up until she flew right into some clouds and started free falling. She twisted and caught the wind in her wings and flew again as they all ducked down when she flew over them, did a few spins and crashed.

They all rushed over and looked into the hole she made, "Wow! That was a big finish!" Pinkie Pie said, her head popping up.
Twilight groaned as she flopped her head back into the dirt.

They helped her out of the hole as she dusted herself off once again.

"Your flying is getting better," Fluttershy said.

"That was flying? I thought that was more 'falling with style'." Matt said. Applejack jabbed him in the ribs. Matt felt the pain of the bruise she hit rush through his body, making his eyes water and reminding him that his ribs were still bruised from the fight with Darkfire and the evil mane six.

"She was flyin'!" Applejack said glaring at Matt. She noticed the pained look and the tears in, "Oh! I'm sorry! Ah hit yer ribs, didn't Ah?" she asked.

"Y-Yes." He wheezed, calmly.

"He's right, that wasn't flying," Twilight said, looking at the pair.
"He didn't mean that," Applejack said glaring again.

"I did," he said, "but only to help you."

He looked at her as he felt the pain in his ribs slowly fade, "I may not be able to fly like Rainbow Dash here, but I know that not everyone is the same. It may take you months or even years before you can master flying."

"The Summer Sun Celebration is three days away! I need to learn how to fly before then!" She said, panicking.
"Then practice," he said, "don't stop till you master it or, at least learn the basics."
Twilight blinked, "I-I think I will."

"And, if you need help, I'm here for you!" Rainbow said with a smile, making Twilight smile.
One Day Before The Summer Sun Celebration

Matt waited at the train station for Applejack and the others to show up after they said their goodbyes to Twilight.
He didn't know why he was told to wait by the train but he figured it was for the best.

He just sat there, bored out of his mind, and waited.

"I hope you haven't been here long," he heard a female voice.

"No, I just got her-" his eyes went wide as he saw Princess Celestia standing there with her royal guards keeping a close eye on her, "P-Princess... W-What are you doing here?"

She smiled and walked up to him, "I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to thank you for protecting Applejack and the others," she said.

"I-It's nothing. Anypony would have done the same thing if they were in my shoes," he said.
This made her chuckle, "Not many would, you're one of a kind Matthew. I saw it when I first saw you."
Matt blinked, "Um... W-We've just met." He said.

She started to walk away, "You may just have met me, but I met you a long time ago," she looked back at him and saw his face full of confusion, "Our path's will cross again, and this time, you won't be breaking into my castle to search for a room full of mirrors," she turned and left, leaving him with wide eyes as he mulled over what she meant.

He then heard giggling, turned to look at it and saw the girls walking toward the train. This brought a smile to his face as he saw how happy Applejack was with her friends.
Matt yawned and fell off the couch with a painful thud.

"I hate the couch!" he screamed in his mind as he got up off the hard cold floor. Looking out the window, he noticed something odd, "Is this part of The Summer Sun Celebration?" he asked himself as he walked to the window and saw the sun and the moon in the sky together. He then spotted the strange vines emerging from the ground and the forest, "Something tells me I should have stayed asleep today."

"Matt? You up?" He turned his head to see Applejack walking down the stairs.

"Yeah... Um... Please tell me this is part of the Summer Sun Celebration," He said pointing out the window. Applejack walked towards the window and her eyes went wide "I take you're shocked look as a no." He said with a sigh "I really wish I stayed in bed today."
Matt walked alongside Applejack as they made their way into town.

"Something very strange is going on, and- EEK! I for one would appreciate an explanation!" Rarity said.

Rainbow Dash lowered and looked at Rarity, "All I know is the sky's split in two, and these clouds moving in sure aren't from around here," she said.

Applejack tried to pull one of those vines again to see if she could get rid of it but it was no use "Neither are all these crazy plants! They're comin' from the Everfree Forest! And try as we might, us Earth ponies can't do anythin' to get rid of 'em! Don't suppose you know any magic that might stop 'em from spreadin'?" She asked walking up towards Rarity.

Rarity's horn gave a light blue spark and faded, "Alas, this whole raging forest situation seems to have left my horn on the fritz!" she said, frowning.

"We have to figure out something! I don't know how much more of this Ponyville can take!" A vine wrapped around Fluttershy's leg and she yelped as Rainbow Dash sliced through it, "I don't know how much more I can take!"

"The forest is expandin' y'all, and judgin' by how fast it's movin', it doesn't seem content just takin' over Ponyville... Ah reckon before long, it'll cover half of Equestria!" Applejack said as they all looked to see the vines moving out of the Everfree forest.

"Can't you do something Matt?" Rarity asked, "You do have three elements."
Matt looked out at the forest, "I'll try, But I don't think my elements can do a thing."

Matt walked up towards the vines as he closed his eyes as he summoned his elements. His body started to glow as he let loose a shock wave. When he opened his eyes as he saw the plants still there, "I tried," he said, walking back toward the group, "Any other idea's?"

"Let's go to the library!" Applejack said, "We might find somethin' there!"

The all rushed off to the library.
Matt sighed and rubbed his hooves to his head as a headache built from all the books, "I don't know how she does it," he said blinking trying to the tiredness from his eyes.

A pink light and a purple mare came flying through the door and that was the last thing Matt saw or heard before slamming into a stack of books.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Rarity said, glad to see Twilight was unharmed.

"Oh, I hope you know we wouldn't normally go through your books without permission," Fluttershy said.

Matt's head popped out of the stack of books as he spit out a book. He went to speak when the door burst open, "Sweet ground!" Spike said kissing the floor, "Sweet, sweet, wonderful ground!"

The door slowly closed as Matt sat there feeling pain in new places, "Today is going to be a bad day," he thought as he fell backwards.

"Okay, I get it! I need to work on my flying!" Twilight said, getting out of the stack of books.

"I dunno if you've noticed, but the Everfree Forest is just a teeny-tiny bit out of control," Pinkie said as her tail began to twitch. She quickly moved out of the way just as a vine erupted in, knocking Rarity over.

Matt finally sat up, just in time to see Rarity before he was reunited with the ground with a thud.
She got back up and dusted herself back off as she walked back over to her friends.

Applejack stood at the window the vine burst through, "Guess it turned out you were missin' something here in Ponyville after all," she said, slamming the window and cutting the vine.

"But perhaps you already know what's causing all of this calamity. Has Princess Celestia sent you to dispel it posthaste?" Rarity asked.

"Not exactly. You see, Princess Celestia is, well... she and Princess Luna are both..." Twilight was cut off by Spike, "GONE MISSING!" he yelled, jumping into the air.

Matt removed a book from his head as he heard them all gasp, "Great, the princesses have gone missing," Matt sighed. "Next we're going to find out that Twilight is really a queen."

"I don't know who has taken them, but I've got a hunch we're going to need the Elements of Harmony to get them back," Twilight said, using her magic to give the girls their elements.

"Oh, Yeah! Just like old times!" Rainbow Dash said.

"A-BOO-YAH!" Pinkie said, giving Twilight a bro-hoof.

"I told ya we'd always be connected by the Elements," Applejack sighed. "Now we just gotta figure out who to aim these bad boys at so we can get Celestia and Luna back and keep the rest of Equestria from becoming plant food!" she smashed a vine sneaking up on her, "Any ideas?" she asked.

Twilight placed hoof to her chin as she thought about it "Hmm."

"I haven't found squat in any of the books I've been looking through!" they all looked at Pinkie Pie who had a coloring book, "Oopsies! Missed a spot!" she picked up a crayon with her mouth up and colored the spot she missed.

Matt sighed, "I knew she wasn't helping!" he walked over to the girls as Applejack looked at him, "Ya alright?" she said.

"Fine. You?"
"Me too."

Twilight walked over to the window as she looked at the sun and moon in the sky, "Half day, half night... strange weather patterns... out of control plants. I think I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of who we're up against," she said.
They all walked to the outskirts of town and arranged themselves in a circle.

Matt watched their elements begin to shine bright as a rainbow connected them together and the elements of Harmony grew brighter, blinding Matt.

When the light faded Matt blinked to see... Well he didn't know what he was looking at.

"Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap-ooh!" the thing sang, getting out of the bath tub as he looked at the girls, wrapping a towel around his waist, "Now, Twilight, you know Princess Celestia said that you were to give me a heads-up before you summon me with that little spell she gave you," he said as the bath tub disappeared. "In case you haven't noticed, I was in the middle of a particularly invigorating shower," he said, moving back and forth his towel.

Twilight used her front hoofs as she pushed him back, "Enough! Release Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and stop the Everfree Forest from invading!" she yelled.

A vine wrapped around Twilight then turned into that thing again as he spoke, "Why," he chuckled "whatever are you talking about?"
Applejack stepped close to Twilight and this thing, "Don't you play dumb with us, Discord! We know you're the one behind all of this!" she said.

"That's Discord? Thought he would be... Taller?" Matt thought as he watched the three.

Discord removed himself from Twilight and poofed to a building, "Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what you've done with the place," he said taking pictures. He then appeared right next to Fluttershy. "But I couldn't possibly take responsibility. I'm reformed, don't you remember?" he said nudging Fluttershy's side.

Rainbow Dash flew up right to his face and glared at him, "Yeah, right! This has got your cloven hoofprints all over it!"

"I'll have you know that I have only one cloven hoof," he said as a hoof came walking up his body and kicked Rainbow Dash in the flank as he as he vanished and poofed back, walked away. "Such accusations! And here I thought we were friends," he said, looking at them with puppy dog eyes.

"Drop the act, buster!" Pinkie said glaring and pointing her hoof at him, "We're onto you!"

Discord placed a finger on her lips, "Ladies, ladies," he brought his hands to his chest, "I'm innocent. Would I lie to you?"
"Yes!" they all yelled.

"Um.. Maybe?" Fluttershy said.

Discord floated in the air, "Well then, it seems we've reached an impasse. I'm telling the truth, but you think I'm lying," he drew himself close to Twilight. "What do friends like us do in a situation like this, Princess Twilight?" he put an arm over her shoulder, "Congrats, by the way, on the promotion. You totally deserve it."

Rainbow glared, "I say we blast him to stone!"
"Works for me!" Applejack said.
"Hear, Hear!" Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash hovered in the air as they triggered their elements.

"Hey! We can't do that! What if he really is telling the truth?" Fluttershy said cutting in stopping the three. Discord smiled as a halo hovered over his head.

"Well finally!" Discords said, the halo disappearing, "Somepony willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. The rest of you could learn a lot about friendship from my dear friend," he pulled Rainbow Dash towards him, "Shutterfly here."

"Um, it's Fluttershy," Fluttershy said, hovering next to him. He tossed Rainbow away and hugged Fluttershy to his side.
"Oh, right, whatever," he said.

"If you're not the one responsible, then help us figure out who is!" Twilight said.

"I suppose I could, but after all the hoof pointing and besmirching of my good name, I just don't know if I'm up to it," he said and started knitting the vines.

Twilight grew angry at Discord. "Why don't you ask your zebra friend if she knows anything?" he said as the group turned to see Zecora walking out of the forest will all her belongings.

"Zecora!" Twilight yelled as they all ran towards her.

Matt was held back by Discord, "So, you're one of the elements of light?" he asked.
"Yes, so?" He said looking at Discord.

"Oh, Just wondering," Discord shrugged, continuing his knitting. "Oh, you might want to stay close to them, it might help find out why this is happening," he said.

"What do you mean?" Matt asked, staring at Discord.

"Let's just say, an enemy you know might have had a hand in this," he replied.
Matt quickly rushed to the group as he just caught the tail end of the conversation.

"Princess Twilight, you can turn the potion from purple to white," Zecora said. "After a sip, you may see why the sky is day and night."

Twilight's horn began to glow a dark purple and green as it hit the glass bottle and slowly turned the liquid inside from purple to white.

"Oooh!" Pinkie said.

Twilight used her magic to pick the bottle up as she took a sip. She placed the bottle down as she stared at them, "Doesn't seem to be worki-" her eyes began to glow bright white.

Matt noticed his elements glowing as a strange surge of magic washed over him. His eyes began to glow, drawing the group's attention to him, "Uh... Why is he glowing too?" Applejack asked, looking at Zecora.

"This is strange," Zecora said, puzzled as to why Matt was seeing what Twilight was seeing.
Twilight shook her head as she looked around the room.
"Where am I?"
"I would like to know that too," Matt said, looking at her.
"M-Matt! W-What are you doing here?" she asked.
"I-I don't know!?" he said.

"Not... another step!" they both heard. They turned their heads to look at the source of the voice.

Standing there was Princess Luna, glaring at them. "Princess Luna! I don't understand. Where are we? Why did you and Celestia disappear?" Twilight asked as she walked toward the stairs Luna stood on. Matt noticed she looked scared.

"Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all basked in your precious light?" Luna said, glaring still.
"Precious light?" Twilight asked, confused.

"Twilight, something tells me we're in trouble," Matt said looking at her.

Luna walked over to a balcony as she continued to glare at them, "There can only be one princess in Equestria! And that princess... will be ME!" her eyes began to glow. She reared up and slammed her hooves down, shattering the stone. The wall cracked as a shadow enveloped it, then exploded inward, allowing sunlight into the room.

Twilight and Matt flinched as the wood and glass rushed passed them.

As Luna raised her moon into an eclipse, darkness engulfed the room, surrounding her, changing her into the very thing everypony once feared.

Evil laughter was all that could be heard as Nightmare Moon set her hooves on the stone, cackling at the banished sun and dominant moon.

"What did I just get myself into?" Matt thought as he slowly backed up.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 17. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2.

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Chapter 17. Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2.
Nightmare Moon laughed as she blasted the walls and ceiling.

Matt quickly pushed Twilight out of the way just as the ceiling came falling down.

Matt and Twilight looked up to see Princess Celestia standing there as she looked at her sister.

Celestia then took to her air as Nightmare Moon fired her magic at her as it missed her and hit the ceiling. Celestia landed back down to the ground as she stared at her sister.

Twilight got in front of Celestia as she looked at Nightmare "Luna! Think of how long you were banished to the moon! You'll give us no choice but to send you back there if you don't stop!" She said.

"Luna, I will not fight you!" Celestai said "You must lower the moon! It is your duty!" Celestia said hoping her sister would stop.

"Luna? I am... Nightmare Moon!" Twilight's eyes went wide "I have but one royal duty now," She said glaring at her sister "To destroy you!" She fired her magic towards her sister.

Celestia took off to the hole in the ceiling "And where do you think you're going?" Nightmare said taking off after her.

Twilight took off after them as she took to the sky "And I can't fly."

"Guess I won't have to turn Luna to the dark after all." He heard a voice making him turn around to see a shadow shaped like a human "It's a pity; I was looking forwards to seeing what made her tick."

"You won't lay a hand on her or anypony else Dark!"

Matt looked behind the shadow human and saw Night Fire standing there. He notices she was a lot older and she had other ponies with her. Each one was a dark figure as he couldn't make out who they were but knew they were the other elements. He notice a dragon standing next to Night Fire as his eyes went wide.

"Night Fire, Traveling through time? Didn't you say that was forbidden?" Dark said turning towards the group.

"That's before we learned you plan on turning every pony in the future into darkness!" She yelled.

"Tell me, how much energy did you use coming through the time rift?" He asked as he raised his hands and sent them flying "A lot I see."

They all got back to their feet as their elements began to go "Today it end's Dark!" There came a bright light that engulf him. When the light faded Dark still stood.

He held his side as some of the darkness leaked out through his body "You may have wounded me, But I have wounded you as well!" He ripped open a portal in time and jumped through it as the other's chased after him.

The portal closed leaving a very confused Matt behind to wonder what he just saw when he heard a scream and a thud behind him as he turned to see Celestia on the ground as Twilight quickly landed to the ground.

A rage grew inside Matt as he heard Nightmare Moon laugh.

Twilight had tears in her eyes "No... Why would Luna do this? Why now?" She said as tears ran down her face. She closed her eyes. Then Celestia stood onto her hoofs "You're all right! Princess Celestia?" Twilight notice how sadden she looked.

"Oh, Dear sister. I am sorry, but you have given me no choice but to use these." She looked behind her and used her magic on the floor as rumbling and clanking could be heard.

Then there sitting on the stone stand was the elements of harmony "Are those the Elements of Harmony? But that's how they looked in... The past." Twilight watched as Celestia flew towards the elements and used her magic to lift them up "This is the night you banished her."

Celestia flew up into the sky as she used the elements to send her sister to the moon.

Matt saw the mare shape face on the moon as he knew this was the darkness doing.
Matt's eyes stopped glowing as he shook his head as he looked over at Twilight who shook her head "Why are you all looking at me like that?" She asked.

"It's just... you were mumblin' to yourself..." Applejack said looking towards Matt.

Pinkie Pie jumped in "Ooh! And don't forget the uncontrollable sobbing!" She said.

"We were really worried about you." Fluttershy said.

Discord came out nowhere as he sat on a vine "I for one found it delightful. Sort of a one-pony theater piece, if you will." He then pulled out a piece of paper as he held a picture of Twilight crying like a baby "You should really consider taking it on the road." He said.

"Did you find out whose rump we need to kick and where we can find them?" Rainbow Dash asked hovering in the air.

"I saw something from a long time ago. But it didn't explain what's happening now." Twilight said.

"I saw the same thing." Matt said looking at her "It may not have helped you, But it helped me."

They all looked at him "What do ya mean?" Applejack asked.

"Towards the end of the memory, I saw Night Fire and the other elements of Light injurer a figure called Dark." He said "As to why I saw this is a mystery."

"Perhaps farther back still are the answers you seek. Another sip of the potion will give you a peek." Zecora said.

"Great, Other trip to the past, At least this time I know I'm coming back." Matt said.

"You sure about this?" Spike asked.

Twilight looked at her friends as she knew what she needed to do "Just one thing." She looked at Matt "How are you even seeing these?"

Matt blinked then felt something take control over his body "The elements of Light are connected to Alicorns, Whatever you see Matt will see as well." Matt then shook his head "Okay... That was weird."

"W-What happened?" Twilight asked.

"I think Night Fire took control there and spoke." He said shaking off the feeling of being used.

Twilight used her magic to pick up the bottle and gulped down some more of the potion.

Discord popped in front of the other's with a video camera as he stated filming "Oh, I do hope they breaks into a song this time!" He said.

Matt and Twilight's eyes began to glow.
Matt looked around as he notice fish floating through the air "Okay, Talk about fly fishing." He said as he looked towards Twilight who was walking towards Discord who sat on his thorn eating whatever as the two sister's Princess made their way towards him.

Matt walked over towards Twilight as they watched the show.

"Oh, this is so much fun. How about a game of 'Pin the Tail on the Pony'?" He asked as he held a rainbow tail that sparkled.

Matt chuckled "What's so funny?" Twilight asked looking at Matt.

"It's funny seeing Celestia with one rainbow mane." He said. Twilight rolled her eyes as Celestia's eyes went wide as she notice her tail missing.

"Play time is over for you, Discord." Celestia said standing tall with her sister by her side.

"Oh, I doubt that." He said munching on whatever he was sacking on "Hungry?" He asked as the black little things fell down to the ground as the sister's just stared at him "Suit yourselves.” He continued to eat as Celestia used her magic to open her saddle bag up and pull out some gems as Luna did the same.

Discord saw this "Oh! What have you got there?" He asked.

"The Elements of Harmony." Celestia said as they began to spin.

"With them, we shall defeat you." Luna said as the created a shield around them as they spun around them as Discord started laughing.

"This must be when they turned Discord into stone." Twilight said as she watched.

"Oh, I remember Applejack telling me about this." Matt said "They used the elements to imprison him in stone."

"You should see yourselves right now!" He said laughing "The expressions on your face. So intense. So sure of yourselves" He said laughing as Luna and Celestia placed their horns together as they used their magic to power the elements of Harmony "Hilarious!" Was the last words he said as he turned to stone.

"Well, that was anticlimactic." Matt said "I would have thought he would have put up more of a fight." Matt said as they soon were taken somewhere else.

"Wow." Matt said looking at the tree in front of him.

"The Tree of Harmony." Luna said in awe as her and Celestia walked towards the tree.

"The Tree of Harmony?" Twilight looked at the tree and noticed the markings on it and her eyes went wide "My cutie mark."
Celestia flew up towards the tree and used her magic to open the star.

"Are you sure?" Luna asked flying up towards her sister.

"We have managed to discover the only means by which we can defeat Discord and free the citizens of Equestria." She said using her magic to remove the gems from the tree "Even without these elements, the Tree of Harmony will possess a powerful magic."
She said as the gems surround them "As long as that magic remains, it will continue to control and contain all that grows here." They turned as the gems continued you float around them.

Twilight's eyes began to glow as Matt noticed her disappear.

"Twilight? Please tell me you're still here with me." He said looking at the spot she was at before she disappeared.

Matt notice a portal open as he saw a brown figure flew out making him wonder what just happen when he was sucked back into reality.
He blinked as he shook his head. He notice them all staring at him "Do I have something on my face?" He asked.

"No, Ya just took longer ta come back then Twilight?" Applejack said worried.

"Oh, Well, I guess it was a delay or something, I really didn't see anything important." Matt said knowing the portal he saw open must have been one of the elements being sent to the sister's to help them.

"Are ya sure?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, No need to worry." He said looking at them all.

"So what did you find out?" Spike asked looking at Twilight.

"I still don't know what's happened to Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, but I think I know why the Everfree Forest is acting this way." She as she looked at her friends "Something's happened to the Tree of Harmony."

They all looked at each other confused then back at Twilight "The tree of what now?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"It's where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna found the Elements. I think it's in danger." She said worried.

"Well, all right then! Let's go save a... tree. Uh... where is it exactly?" Applejack asked.

"I think it's in... there." Twilight said pointing towards the forest.

"Ooh-hoo! I'm going to need more popcorn!" Discord said waving his popcorn box.

Matt walked over towards the forest "Well, Might as well just go through and get this over with."

"Ah don't think so!" Applejack said pulling Matt back towards the town "Ya still injured."

Matt broke free from Applejack grip as he stood his ground "My ribs may still be healing but I can still go into a dark creepy forest with vines coming out of it!" He said "Besides! You're going to need me to help you out if Darkfire decided to attack."

Applejack stared at him as she hated when he was right "Ya stayin and that's final!" She said slamming her hoof down.

"I'm going! If you want to stop me you might as well lock me in a jail cell! I'm not going to allow you or your friends go in there without me! I'm the only one here who can make sure you're safe from Darkfire!"

Applejack sighed 'Fine, but ya stayin' close ta me the whole time."

Matt smiled "Deal."
They all stood at the entry way to the forest as they watched the vines move about the trees.

"Seems like only yesterday we were heading into these woods to find the Elements of Harmony." Rarity said looking at her friends.

"Seems like only yesterday I was foolish enough to think I should go after them on my own." She said walking into the forest with her friends close behind "I don't know what we're going to face in there. But whatever it is, I know we need to face it together." They all nodded.

"Well, I hate to ruin this moment but I'm the only one that didn't go on this first journey." He said making them all chuckle.

As they walked they came to a swamp pond with rocks leading to the other side.

"We can use those to cross." She said jumping on the rocks only to have them move and soon it moved up as she noticed what she was standing on. It sent Twilight towards the group as it roared.

Matt blinked as he couldn't believe what he was looking at.

"A cragadile! Run for your lives!" Rarity said as she took off running as the rest did the same.

Spike and Twilight ran towards a stump and was stuck as the cragadile came towards her.

Twilight tried to fly as she jumped only to fall back down to the ground as it got ready to bite her when it was pulled back.

She opened her eyes to see her friends pulling it back with the vines. They all tied the cragadile to some trees as they all looked at Twilight "That was close." Twilight said.

Applejack sighed "A little too close, if you ask me." She said walking up towards Twilight "You sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine." She said "I just can't seem to get these new wings to do what I want them to do when I want them to do it." She said looking at her wings.

"Aw, you'll figure it out eventually." Rainbow Dash said with a smile.

"Eventually isn't soon enough." Twilight said walking back towards the path.

"You have been having an awful lot of trouble with those things." Applejack said as they walked down the path "And, well, who knows what else is gonna to come after us?" They all stopped behind Applejack as she continued to talk "You know maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Twilight to go back to Ponyville and let us look for the Tree of Harmony without her." She said.

"What?" She asked glaring at Applejack "Why?"

"For starters," She pointed at Twilight "You just about got eaten by a cragadilly".

"We all did. He wasn't after just me." She said looking away.

"Sure, but... Well, the rest of us aren't princesses.“ Applejack said making Twilight look at them.

"What's that got to do with anything?" She asked a little mad.

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are gone." She said worried "If something happened to you, A-Ah just don't think Equestria can risk losing another princess."

"Applejack does make a valid point." Rarity said cutting in "Even if we manage to save the Tree of Harmony, it won't necessarily mean Princess Celestia and Princess Luna will return." She made her way next to Applejack "Equestria will need somepony to lead in their absence."

"But the Tree of Harmony! I'm the only one who has seen it and knows what it looks like." Twilight said looking at her friends.

Matt slowly stepped back hoping they would forget about him seeing it as well "Huge tree, cutie marks on the trunk, probably being attacked by something hideously awful? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we'll know it when we see it." Rainbow said.

Twilight felt tears well up in her eyes "All of you feel this way? Feel like I shouldn't be here?"

"It is probably for the best." Fluttershy said.

Twilight felt sadden as she walked pass her friends and back down the path towards town. Spike caught up with her as the left.

Matt just stared at them and couldn't believe they made their friend go back to town "Alright, Let's go find this tree!" Rainbow said as they walked back down the path.
Matt followed the group down the path as he notice Rainbow Dash looked tired.

"Anypony else starting to think this is a lost cause? We're almost at Celestia and Luna's old castle. Maybe whatever Twilight saw when she took that crazy potion wasn't real. Maybe there is no Tree of Harmony. Maybe–" She was cut off by Applejack who stopped in her tracks as she pointed.

"Maybe it's right down there." She said as they walked towards the edge of the cliff to see the vines going inside the cave.

"It can't be!" Rainbow Dash said.

"How are we supposed to get to it?" Rarity asked.

"Whoa! Oof! Ugh!" They all looked down to see Pinkie Pie lying on the ground near the stairs "Take the stairs, Silly!"

The all walked down the stairs and into the cave as they came to the tree.

"Yup, That's it." Matt said as he notice the vines wrapped around it.

"I think it's dying!" Fluttershy said worried.

"So let's save it already!" She said attacking the vines.

It sent her flying back onto her flank "Nice try." She took off towards her tree only to be sent flying "Heh- Whoa! Oof!" She landed hard onto the ground.

"A valiant effort on both your parts, but the tree remains in jeopardy." Rarity said walking up towards Applejack.

"And I suppose you've got a better idea?" Applejack asked looking at her, Rarity thought about then looked back as she had no idea what to do "That's what Ah thought."

"I know who would know what to do." Fluttershy said lowering her head "But we sent her home." They all looked sad as they stood there.

"It was your idea, Applejack!" Rainbow yelled out of know where at Applejack.

"We all agreed it was the best thing, Rainbow Dash! We were tryin' to protect her." She said getting into Rainbow's face.

They heard some noises and they all saw Spike landing onto the ground.

They all rushed over towards him as he looked at them "Twilight! Trouble! Help!" He said as he closed his eyes.

"You girls go save her; I'll see what I can do about these vines." He said transforming into his human self. He held his keyblade in his hand.

They rushed out of there as he rushed towards the vines "Say goodbye!" He yelled as he jumped into the air only to be sent flying backwards, He landed onto his feet as he huffed "Strong aren't we? Well then." He fired some fire at the vines but they were no good as he stood there "Great, Not even fire hur-" Matt notice the fines were shaking where the fire once was and he smiled "Alright, Let's do this agai-" He was cut off as vines wrapped around his body holding him in place "I should have really stayed in bed today."

Matt sat there for a little while as he notice the girls walking back.

"Hey, Mind helping me down?" He asked making them all look up at him.

"Ah take it, it didn't work?" She asked.

"Yeah, But fire does seem to harm it." He said as he felt the vines loosen their grip on him as he fell to the ground "Okay, Maybe they were just warning me."

Twilight flew up to the tree as she looked at the tree and saw how grey it looked. She went to touch it when the vines reached out and grabbed her. She quickly pulled away blasting it with magic cutting the vines as she heard a voice "Even without these elements, the Tree of Harmony will possess a powerful magic. As long as that magic remains, it will continue to control and contain all that grows here." As she heard Celestia's voice.

She flew back towards her friends as she looked at them I know how we can save the tree. We have to give it the Elements of Harmony." She said to them.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, heh. How are we supposed to protect Equestria?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"How are we meant to rein Discord in if we can't use the Elements to turn him back to stone?" Rarity asked.

Applejack walked up towards Twilight "Twilight... The Elements of Harmony... They're what keep us connected no matter what." She said.

"You're right about one thing, Applejack. The Elements of Harmony did bring us together. But it isn't the Elements that will keep us connected. It's our friendship. And it's more important and more powerful than any magic. My new role in Equestria may mean I have to take on new responsibilities, and our friendships may be tested, but it will never, ever be broken. There's no time to lose.

Everypony ready?" She asked as she noticed her friends line up with smiles on their faces.

She took off into the air as she floated.

"Ready!" They all yelled.

Twilight used her magic to pull each one of the elements out of the necklaces and bring them towards her they began to spin around her.

The vines around the tree flew at her wrapping around her trapping her.

One of the vines went to wrap around her element when she used her magic to pull it away sending them all towards the tree as the vine continued to wrap around her.

Each element began to glow as the tree's life began to return.

There came a bright light that blinked them for a moment as the vines were destroyed as the tree shined bright.

Twilight landed onto the ground with her friends as she smiled as she knew they had just saved the day.

The vines under the tree were destroyed and Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were standing where the vines were.

They walked towards the group with smiles on their faces. Twilight ran up towards the two and pulled them into a hug and they hugged back "We know how difficult it must have been for you to give up the Elements. It took great courage to relinquish them."

They all smiled as the stood "Um.. Guys, I hate to ruin this moment but the tree is acting funny." Matt said as he notice Twilight's eyes sparkle which made him blinked.

Twilight walked towards the tree as the two princesses’ looked at Twilight as she walked towards the tree.

The lights from each element ran through the tree hitting the sun and the moon as it ran through the roots as a flower grew out of it.
Twilight touches the closed flower and it opened shining blinding her as it opened. When it fully opened they all saw a box inside the flower with six key slots "What's inside it?" Twilight asked looking at Celestia "How am I supposed to open it?" She looked towards Luna.
"Six locks, six keys." Luna said.
"I do not know where they are. But I do know that it is a mystery you will not be solving alone." Celestia said walking away.

Matt walked towards the box as he held his key blade towards it "Let's see if this wou-" The box sent him flying backwards "Okay, Bad idea." He said getting off the ground.

Matt changed back to his pony form as they giggled "Ya better not have broken something." Applejack said walking over towards Matt.

"Just my pride." He said chuckling as he walked up to Applejack side.

"Let's get out of here." Rainbow said.

They all nodded as they walked up the stairs.
Matt was glad to be out of that forest as he saw town just ahead.

Party horns went off as Discord popped out of know where "Bravo, ladies, bravo! How ever did you save the day this time? Blast the beastie with your magic necklaces, I presume?" Discord turned into a cowboy and sat on Applejack's back as he lifted her mane as he looked for the elements "Where are those little trinkets of yours? You know, the ones you use to send me back to my extremely uncomfortable stone prison?" He asked.

"Gone." Applejack said sighing.

Matt used his tail to flick Discord as he poofed into a new spot "Gone? Gone?" He now had a look of evil on his face as he was ready to plot his new plan.

"But our friendship remains" She got right into Discords face giving him the stare "And if you want to remain friends," He slowly began to shrink as she spoke "You'll stop thinking whatever it is you're thinking and help us clean up."

He poofed into a French maids outfit "Fine. But I don't do windows." He said.

"One thing Ah don’t get." Applejack said as they walked "Why did all this happen now?"

"I have no idea. Those seeds I planted should have sprouted up ages ago." Discord said puzzled.

"What did you say!?" Twilight asked angry.

"Oh, why should I try to explain it when you can see for yourself?" He said turning around and bring back the potion Zecora had.

Twilight used her magic to gulp down as her eyes began to glow.

Matt's eyes began to glow "Here we go again." He sighed.
"Play time is over for you, Discord!" Celestia said.

"Oh, I doubt that." He said munching his food "Hungry?"

Discord began to speak as the two over heard what he had to say "Well, obviously things didn't go according to my original plan. My plunder seeds should have stolen the magic from the Tree of Harmony and captured Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thousands of moons ago. Alas, it seems the tree had enough magic to keep the seeds from growing up big and strong. Until now, that is."
Their eyes turned back to normal as Matt rubbed his eyes.

"You realize this is information we could have used hours ago?!" She said angry at Discord.

"And rob you of a valuable lesson about being princess? What kind of friend do you think I am?" He said pulling her cheek.

"Well, At least he helped... Somewhat." Matt said as they walked down the path.
Matt stood next to Applejack as she leaned on him as they watched as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna came walking on stage "Citizens of Equestria, it is no longer with a heavy heart but with great joy that I raise the summer sun. For this celebration now represents not the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but the return of my sister, Princess Luna." Everypony cheered.

"Go Luna!" Matt yelled making some of the ponies look at him as Applejack chuckled.

Luna flew up as she floated as he used her magic to lower the moon as Celestia raised the moon.

Just as the two were slowly side by side, Twilight took off towards the sky as she used her magic to create her cutie mare as it lite the whole sky.

Everypony were in awe as they saw this.

The two sister's landed next to each other as Twilight landed and the two smiled as they looked towards and they smiled making Twilight smile.
Matt stood in front of the tree as he looked at the box in front of him.

"Whatever is in this box... I hope it's something to protect this world." He transformed into his human self as he brought back out his keyblade "So, You going to come out of hiding?"

There was a chuckled as a dark figure came walking out and Matt knew it was Darkfire.

"My master has a message for you." He said "He is stopping this battle for a while."

"Why? Is he chicken to fight me?"

"No, He wants a fair fight." He said walking towards Matt "With the elements stuck here, My master doesn't want to fight just yet, He wants the battle to last."

"And you're just going to back off?"

"No, We will still interfere, Only when our master says so." He said walking back towards the stairs "Oh, One last thing." Darkfire said looking towards him "You might want to watch you're back, I'm still out for blood." He then faded away.

Matt looked back at the tree and sighed "Guess I’m out of the woods... For now."

Matt noticed a light pop up next to him making him look to see a small little gem "A gift?" He said out loud as he picked it up.

"Time gem." He heard a voice making him blink "Time gem?"

He placed the gem into his pocket "Thanks." He said as he left.
The darkness watched as his six girls were sleeping as Darkfire relaxed on a stone.

"So, we wait now?" Darkfire asked.

"You all will wait, but I will be working." The darkness said.


"That box, I want it and I will have it." He said "The magic within that box is powerful. We will interfere once in a while to keep Matt on his toes as we help them find these keys and unlock the box." Darkfire looked at the evil ponies as they slept "When the time is right, I will use them to take the places of their counter parts and open the box and get my prize that will help me bring darkness to their realm!" The voice laughed.
Matt laid on the lumpy couch as he his mind went back to what had happened.

"You know what you'll have to do." He heard Night Fire say in his head.

"I know, but... How? They have to find six keys in order to unlock this box." He said as he sighed.

"The Darkness is planning something and you know you're needed to stop it." She said.

"I know, which means I'm going to be dragged into a journey I wish was done with already." He said as he closed his eyes.

"At least you'll be with Applejack." She said.

Matt smiled as he was glad to know that.

"Ya still awake?" He heard Applejack's voice which made him sit up to see her standing at the edge if the couch.

"Yeah." He said with a smile "I thought you would be in bed?"

Then he heard the thunder and saw her flitch "Oh." He pulled his blanket allowing her to crawl in with him.

He felt her wrap his hoofs around his waist as he closed his eyes as he held her.

"Keep me safe." She said as she squeezed him tight as she heard the thunder.

"I'll always keep you safe." He said kissing her forehead.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 18. Cheerilee, I Really Hate Portals.

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Chapter 18. Cheerilee, I Really Hate Portals.
Matt rolled his eyes as her watched as Applejack and Rainbow Dash stare each other down as they were covered in bee's.

"And she wants me to remain out of danger." Matt thought as he watched the two.

"I'm not gonna move. You move." Rainbow Dash said.

"Uh-uh. There is no way I'm movin'." Applejack said.

"This is the most daring dare anypony ever dared dare another pony to dare!" Pinkie said from a table.

They all looked at her "Huh?" They said.

"It's exciting!" She said waving her hoofs into the air.

"Uh, whatcha'll doing?" A stallion in a bee suit asked.

Pinkie got closed to the stallion "Rainbow Dash and Applejack are competing for the title of "Most Daring Pony"! This is the final test: the Bee Stare! Last pony to blink wins!"

He just stared at the three "I'm gonna need my bees back."

"But then we'll never find out who the Most Daring Pony is!" Rainbow said.

"Eh, sorry about that." He said as he whistled and the bees flew off the two.

"Trained bee's to come to a whistle... Gotta learn that." Matt said looking back at his girlfriend.

"Well, what do we do now?" Applejack asked removing her bee hat.

"Don't worry, ladies, I've been keeping excellent score all day!" She said walking over towards the table as she looked over he notes "Hmm, move the decimal, carry the 2, and," She looked at the two and smiled "Congratulations! You're tied!"

"Tied?" Applejack said.

"You can't be tied for the Most Daring Pony!" Rainbow Dash said as the two glared at her.

"I dunno! Numbers don't lie!" She said as Matt looked at the paper and scratched his head.

"I think she missed a number somewhere down the line." He thought as he looked back at Pinkie.

"I'd love to stay and keep keeping score, but I promised to help test the new school bell. I get to ring it all week, nonstop! And I don't even have to take turns, because no one else volunteered!" She said giggling as she bounced down the path way.

"I would love to stay and watch you two do... Whatever it is you're doing but I'm going to head into town." He said.

"Why?" Applejack asked.

"I'm going to go see Cheerilee." He said "I'll be back later."

"Why do you need to go see her?" Rainbow Dash asked as she removed her bee hat.

"A long story." He said as he placed a kiss Applejack's cheek "I'll be back soon."

"Don't ya get into any trouble."

"Same to you."
He walked down the path Pinkie Pie had jumped as he heard Rainbow Dash "Okay, no problem. We just have to come up with another daring dare." Matt rolled his eyes.

"Something tells me I should stay far away from this dare." He thought as he walked down the path.
Matt made his way into town as he saw Pinkie Pie up in the school's bell tower... And he scratched his head as he tried to figure out why Pinkie Pie was inside the bell ringing it.

"Okay, Pinkie! That's good." Cheerilee said.

Pinkie stepped out from under the bell and looked down "Are you sure? I can ring this bell all week!" She said cheerful.

"No Pinkie, I just needed you to just ring it a few times." She said.

Pinkie frowned as she notice Matt staring at them "Oh! Hey Matt! Did you come by to see me ring the bell!?" She asked.

Matt notice Cheerilee frozen as Matt looked to see anger and sadness washed over her face as she stared into his eyes "H-Hey." He said not knowing what to say.

"Hey!? That's all you can say!?" She yelled. Her eyes burning with fire as Matt slowly backed up with Her moving closer and closer towards him "You've been alive this whole time and never once sent me a letter!?"

"I-I can explain... B-But you need to calm down." Matt said as he backed into a wall and knew he was trapped.
She stopped right in front of him and stared "You have five seconds to explain."

"It will take longer the-" Cheerilee cut him off "Four seconds."

"I never died, I was sent through time to two different time period... As I said, it’s a long story." Matt said noticing the confused look on her face "If you have time... We can go get coffee."

She shook her head "Alright, Coffee."
It took Matt a long time to explain to her everything that happened.

She blinked as she stared at him "S-So... You’re a human who's trapped in a pony body and to top it off your fighting a force that wishes to destroy the world... I-It's kind of hard to believe that, But I trust you."

"I know, I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't living it." He said chuckling.

"It's good to know you aren't dead... I guess Cindy is going to get a kick knowing your alive." She said chuckling "This time you won't have to worry about her hitting on you, She's married and has two wonderful kids."

"Good to know, Don't need Applejack freaking out."

"It's really good to see you again." She said with a smile.

"It's good to see you again too, at least this time you get to know more about me." He said.

"Yeah, maybe you'll be around for the Equestria games."

"Yeah, unless I'm thrown back in time again." He said chuckling.

-------------------------------The Next Day-----------------------------------------

Matt walked through the halls of the old castle as he helped the six ponies fix up the old castle.

"Looking good, everypony! Let's keep this magical makeover moving!" Twilight said as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy took a cloth away.

"Good old Spike is here, ready to do his part!" He said.

Matt placed a painting on the wall as Pinkie Pie came by scrubbing the floors "A little more to the left!" Applejack turned the painting "No, the other left!" She said quickly as she went by, Applejack turned it "Awesome! That's perfect right where it is! On to the next painting!" She said going by.

"You sure you don't need any help?" Spike asked walking up towards the two.

"Nah, That's okay." Applejack said as Pinkie was sliding across the walls.

"We have everything under control!" Pinkie said.

"Hey Matt, Why don't ya go get the other picture's from the wagon." Applejack said.

"On it!" He said taking off towards the exit.

"I can't believe Matt painted these." Dash said looking at the picture's Applejack hung on the walls.

"Ya should have seen the gift he made me for our first date." Applejack said hanging another picture onto the wall "He rebuilt Ponyville and even painted my farm from just from the stories I've told him." She said as she looked back at her friend.

"I think we should all take a break? I'm for one could use some tea and biscuits." Rarity said.

"That sounds like a good Idea." Twilight said, that’s when Twilight noticed somepony missing "Wonder where Spike ran off too."

Matt placed the paintings down "Let's go find Spike so we can have our tea and biscuits." Rarity said.

The group made their way through the hall's as they began their search for Spike.

"Spike! Where are ya, Spike?" Applejack called out.

"We're breaking for tea and biscuits!" Rarity called out.

"Spike!" Dash called out as they made their way towards the library.

They walked towards the opening and they saw a light shining from it making them all look in shock "Spike! What are you—" Spike was being sucked into the book and was calling for help.

Twilight quickly rushed over and tried to pull him out but got stuck as she was being sucked in as well, Dash quickly rushed over and pulled Twilight out but she too was being sucked in Applejack grabbed Dash's tail as she tried to pull her but she began to be sucked in as well, Matt quickly rushed over as he wrapped his hoof's around her waist as she tried to use his wing's to pull them out, Fluttershy quickly rushed over and bit down on Matt's tail as she tried to help pull them out, Rarity quickly rushed over and tried to pull but sadly they were being sucked in and in one split second Pinkie jumped into the book and giggled as they were all sucked into the book.

"I really hate portals." Was the last thought that went through Matt's mind as he was being sucked into the book.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 19. The Power Ponies!

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Chapter 19. The Power Ponies!
Matt slowly opened his eyes as his head was pounding.

"I've got to stop going through portals." He thought as he sat up. His eyes went wide as he noticed he was no longer in his pony form but instead he was in his human froam "Holy new personas, ponies!" He couldn't believe what he was seeing "You're the... Masked Matter-Horn!" Twilight looked at her costume "Fili-Second!" Pinkie was jogging in place with a smile on her face "Zapp!" Dash was looking at her costume "R-Radiance!" Rarity was happy with her costume "Mistress Mare-velous!" Applejack was enjoying being in her costume as well, Fluttershy walked out from Applejack's side as she tried to make sense of what was going on "Saddle Rager!" Spike was in shock as he couldn't believe his friend were "You're the... Power Ponies!" There came a boom from behind them making the group look down.

They could see Ponies running away from the building as they saw a pony with a green mane come walking out using her mane to walk "Power Ponies!" She said laughing evilly "How kind of you to join us!"

"Huh?" They all said.

She started laughing evilly as she held an orb in her hoof's.

"Did she just call us... Power Ponies?" Applejack asked.

"You're the... the superheroes from my comic book! It somehow zapped us all in here!" Spike said.

"So somepony zap us back out!" Dash said wanting to go back home.

"My comic book! It said the way to get back to where we started was to defeat the Mane-iac! Your arch-nemesis!" Spike pointed towards Mane-iac.

"Time for the mane event!" The Mane-iac said as she grabbed a pretzel cart and tossed it at them.

She then picked up a mail box and tossed it at Pinkie as she gasped as it hit.

"Pinkie! Where'd she go?!" Dash asked as she couldn't see her friend any more.

"WHEEEE!" They heard as they saw a pink blur going everywhere.

"She could be miles away from here by now! Pinkie is Fili-Second, the fastest pony in all of Maretropolis!" Spike said.

"Um... If you guys are the Power Ponies... Then what the heck am I?" They all turned their head's to look, What they saw mad their eyes go wide.

"Y-You're Captain Equestria!" Spike said in shock.

The group looked at him in awe as his suit matched that of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's colors, He also had a shield that had the two sister's on the front "Captain Equestria? So... What powers do I have?"

"Super strength, that’s really it." Spike said.

Matt rolled his eyes "Great, I just have super strength."

"Also, You're shield is made out of the toughest metal making it the most powerful weapon you have!" Spike said making Matt smile.

Applejack pulled out her lasso and went to use it on the Mane-iac but it wrapped around a light pole, She tried to break free from the rope but couldn't.

"Twilight! Freeze her mane!" Spike said looking at Twilight.

"Do what?" She asked.

"You're the Masked Matter-Horn! You can shoot all kinds of crazy power beams from your horn!" He said.

Twilight looked up at her horn. She closed her eyes and spread her wing's as her horn began to glow and a little of snowflakes came out "You know, I'm beginning to enjoy this!" She chuckled as she tossed a fire hydrant at them.

"Dash! Quick! You're Zapp, and your superpower is controlling the mighty forces of nature! Unholster the lightning bolt!" He said.
Dash flew up towards the sky as she used her Lightning bolt to bring forth a storm only to have a tornado come down and suck them into it "Lightning, not a tornado!"

Matt jumped off the building and landed onto the ground "Put down the orb or you’re going to taste my shield."

"I wold like to see you try Captain!" Mane-iac said sending her mane's towards him.

Spike slammed into the wall as shook his and noticed the orb right in front of him "The Electro-Orb!" Spike reached out and took it from the Mane-iac's mane as he slowly walked away with it.

Matt was sent into a wall "Is that all you got?" Matt asked grinning as he tossed his shield towards her sending her back knocking Spike over and dropping the orb.

The Mane-iac picked the orb up "Why, thank you, Hum Drum!" She said laughing evilly as she took off running.

Matt went to chase after her when something hard hit the back of his head knocking him out.
Matt rubbed the back of his head as he felt the bruise on his head "Did anyone catch the number of that car?" He asked looking around as he noticed he wasn't on the streets anymore, But instead inside a steel cage.

"Good work boys! With Captain Equestria locked away we can used his shield to help power my machine!" Matt rolled his eyes as he looked at the ponies around him and saw the Mane-iac laughing.

"Let me guess, you’re going to hold me as a hostage?" He asked getting up and walking towards the lock.

"No, she’s going to give you me to take back and kill." Matt knew that voice and turned to see none other than Darkfire himself standing there with a grin on his scaly face.

"Great, Now I have to deal with you." Matt sighed knowing this day just got worst.

"Now Captain," The dragon jumped down to the ground and walked towards the cage "Once I've killed you I shall be forever known as the dragon who killed the Captain." He ran his claw across the cage "And to think, all those time's I've tried to kill you and the Mane-iac managed to capture you."

"Listen Darkfire, As much as I enjoy kicking your scaly butt, I'm not in the mood." He said tried to summon his elements.

"Darkfire?" He started laughing "You must have hit him a little too hard Mane-iac!"

"What's so funny?" Matt asked glaring at the dragon.

"Let me refresh that memory of yours cap, Names Redfire! And you'll remember that name when I kill you." Smoke began to build within the dragon's nostrils.

"So this isn't Darkfire then... Oh I get it! He's like the Red Skull!... Then why isn't he red?" Matt then got an Idea "Oh Redfire! I didn't recognize you without your red scales!"

The dragon blinked as the smoke faded, the dragon looked down at his scales and noticed he still had on his black scales "Oh, I see I forgot to take off my disguise!" The dragon ripped off the black scales and tossed them aside "Now, I'm back to normal." With his black scales gone his red scales showed Matt his true form.

"Much better." Matt stood next to the dragon as he snacked on a doughnut "So, as you were."

"Yes! Now watch as you die!" The dragon blew his fire into the cage as fire engulfed the cage.

Matt clapped his hands as the cage melted "Bravo! You managed to kill Captain Equestria! What are you going to do now?"

"First I'm going gather my army and take this land an-" The dragon blinked as he saw the Captain standing there and his eyes filled with rage "RAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Matt jumped back as the dragon slammed his claws down cracking the ground.

"Watch it! You'll bring down the place!" The Mane-iac yelled feeling the ground shake.

The dragon was enraged as he rushed towards Matt as his claws tried to slice through him.

Matt dodged each attack as he grabbed a pipe sitting off in the corner and used it to attack the dragon head on.

Matt jumped over the dragon and onto his back as he used the pipe and smashed it over the dragon's head knocking him out and Matt smiled "One down," Matt looked at the Mane-iac "And one to g-" His words were cut off as he felt a mist cover his body and froze "Okay, W-Why can't I move?"

"I used The Hairspray Ray of Doom on you." She laughed.

"Come on out, Mane-iac! Or the Power Ponies are comin' in!" Matt knew that was Rainbow Dash. He wished he could smile as he knew the six mares would kick her but.

"Looks like your time is u-" She sprayed him again shutting him up.

"Take him and place him in the cage!" She yelled walking away.

He could her laughing as the doors to her factory opened up.

"Time to Power Pony up!" Matt smiled as he knew that voice belonged to his love.

"If only I could watch them fight!" He hated being stuck as a stallion next to him spraying him with the hairspray every few minute's didn't help either.

He could hear the fighting and could hear them winning "If only I could use my element's to their fullest!" He roared in his mind.

Then the sound of defeat entered his ear's as he could hear the hairspray being used on them.

"Dang it!" He cursed as he saw the six mare's being dragged in "Well, Let's hope Spike can help us, Or else were doomed." He sighed.

He heard the cage door open and saw the six be placed within the cage.

"Matt!? Thank Celestia ya'll right!" Applejack said as she was placed next to him.

"I'm glad you’re alright too." Matt chuckled as he was glad he could speak again.

"Congratulations, Power Ponies!" She said laughing "You shall live just long enough to see me fire... the instrument of your destruction!" She chuckled as she placed the orb into the slot and it began to power it "Once the Electro-Orb has powered it up completely, this cannon will amplify the power of my mane one million times, expelling an energy blast that will cause everypony in Maretropolis's mane to grow wild!" She laughed again as she slide down the ray "You will be my weapon's first victims, and there is nopony who can save you from this fate!" She laughed evilly as the ray pointed at them.

"Ahem. I don't mean to interrupt, but aren't you forgetting about somepony?" Fluttershy asked.

"Hum Drum? Little guy? No superpowers whatsoever?" She laughed "He's utterly useless!"

"Um, I have a question, I have short hair, Will it still affect me?" Matt asked raising his hand.

A timer went off and the stallion reading a newspaper walked over towards the hairspray and sprayed it freezing them in place.

"Puh-lease. Everypony knows you just keep him around because you She said in a condescending tone "feel sowwy for him. Wah. Wah." She rolled her eyes "And yes, Your hair will be affected by it."

Matt felt his element's at work as they slowly cutting through the chains above them.

"Maybe in your world. But in our world, Spike— uh, Hum Drum always comes through when we need him! Always!" Twilight said knowing full well Spike would save the day.

Everypony agreed.

The Mane-iac laughed "I see dementia must be a side-effect of prolonged exposure to the Hairspray Ray of Doom." She turned towards the other stallion's in the room "Tonight, we stand upon the brink of immortality, for we collectively – though, mostly me – have finally defeated our most hated nemeses! We have hurled the brush of badness into the now fearful face of, “She laughed “Goodness, and have struck a blow for freedom in the name of oppression! And nothing will stop us!" She laughed as she made her way towards the controls.

"You say it's like it's a bad thing." Matt said "Do you think we like fighting you all the time, Day after day?"

This made the Mane-iac looked towards the Captain "What do you mean?"

"I mean, you want to control the world because, Hey! it’s fun but whenever we try to stop you, You call us the bad guy because we're just trying to protect those who can't fight." He could feel the chain's cutting "But then, would it still be fun ruling the world with no one to fight you?"

"Yes!" Then a noise could be heard from below and she watched as her stallion's swept away.

The timer went off and the stallion went to hit the hairspray when Spike flew in and kicked him in the face knocking him over in which knocked him into it knocking it down and freezing the stallion's below.

"Way to go Spike!" Twilight held as she felt herself become free.

Matt stopped cutting the chain's above and was glad plan B had worked.

Rarity cut a hole in the cage allowed them to exit.

One by one they jumped out of the cage.

"Rematch!" Matt heard the voice and sighed as Redfire stood in front of him.

"That’s Redfire! He's the toughest dragon in the world!" Spike said his eyes going wide.

"Says who? I hit him over the head with a steel pipe and he fell." Matt said pulling his shield out from the machine.

The dragon roared and Matt jumped back as the claw's smashed into the ground.

"I will not fall for another one of your trick's Captain!" He yelled rushing towards him.

Matt tossed his shield nailing the dragon in the face sending him flyin backwards. Matt jumped into the air and caught his shield as he landed on his feet as the dragon rubbed his jaw as he got back to his feet "I would stay down If I was you."

"You hurt a teensy, little, harmless firefly?! Really?! Well you're just a great, big, meanie!" Matt and Redfire both looked to see Fluttershy becoming very angry as her voice began to become deeper "There! I said it! What makes you think you're so special?! Like the rules of common courtesy don't apply to you?!" Her voice got even deeper as she began to change making both Matt and Redfire eyes go even wider "Why don't you pick on somepony your own size?!" She let out a powerful roar making everypony in the room froze in place.

The Mane-iac began to panic as she started up her ray and fired it at Fluttershy only to have it shot back at her sending her flying off her ray and onto the ground as Fluttershy jumped onto the ray and began to smash it.

"You still wish to fight me?" He asked looking at Redfire who looked back at Matt and took off running with his tail between his legs.

Matt heard the Mane-iac laughed as her mane wrapped around her.

"Talk about your bad hair day." Matt said feeling sorry for the mare.

"Once again, the day is saved by—" Spike's words were cut off as they were sucked through another portal.

"Here we go again!" Matt yelled as they were sucked through.
They all flew out of the book and they all cheered as they were glad to be back home and to be able to have some fun in the comic book.

"Did you see how I was raining down a storm of justice at the end there?!" Dash said still excited.

"You catch how I was wieldin' that lasso?" Applejack said.

"Cupcakes’?" Pinkie Pie asked holding up a tray of yummy cupcakes.

"How did yo-" Rarity's words were cut off as Pinkie Spoke.

"Eh, we had a good half second before we got sucked back out of the comic, and the Maretropolis bakery was only sixty-five blocks away!" She said grinning.

"I'm just glad to be back." Spike said sitting down on a pillow.

"We wouldn't have made it without you, Spike. And I hope you realize that just because we don't always need your help, it doesn't mean that we don't think you're helpful." Twilight said with a smile.

"And that you don't have to have superpowers to be a super friend." Spike said smiling.

Everypony agreed.

"But I do have one question. Where exactly did you get that comic book?" Twilight asked.

"This one I got in Canterlot at the House of Enchanted Comics." They all looked at each other then back at Spike "Well, I didn't know it meant they were literally enchanted!"

They all giggled and chuckled as they walked away from Spike.

"I thought it just meant, like, the comics they sold there had really enchanting storylines!" Spike said as he watched them walk away "Hey, wait up! I'm an important part of this team, remember?!" Spike said chasing after them.

The book opened up and Matt was flung out of the book as he landed on his flank as he was still wearing his Captain Equestria suit along with another costume next to him and the gear from them "Where did they go?" Matt thought as he turned his head to see the comic book disappeared in a flash of light "Please tell me they didn't just get taken away!?"

"Matt! Are ya all right!?" He heard the voice and was glad to hear it.

"Yeah! Coming!" He yelled taking off to find his girlfriend.
----------------------------------------------Later That Night-------------------------------
Applejack giggled as she looked at the costume in the mirror.

"I like it, Make's you look cute." She heard the voice making her jump.

"Matt! Ah thought Ah told ya ta wait outside?" She said tapping her hoof on the ground as she glared at the stallion in front of her.

"I was, the door just magically opened on its own." He said stepping into the room. Applejack blushed as he was wearing his Captain Equestria costume as he walked over towards her "Mistress Mare-velous, its funny running into you here." He said walking towards her "I thought you would be saving the world?"

Applejack's blush deepened as he got closer "The world is already saved; But Ah heard ya needed help in protecting Ponyville?"

"Nah, I just said that to get you here." He said as he was inch's from her face "Have I ever told you how beautiful you look."

"Why, Mister Equestira, But wouldn't this be ageist the rules for two superhero's to date?" She asked feeling his warm breath just inches from ear.

"There's nothing in the rule book that says we can't hang out." He said in a whisper.

She could feel his cheek nuzzles hers as his lips found their way towards hers as she felt his lips touch's hers and the firework's went off.

"APPLEJACK! ARE YA WAKE!?" Applejack's eyes snapped open as she saw her sister standing on her bed.

She sighed as she couldn't believe her sister had just awoken her from the most amazing dream "Ah am now." She said kicking the cover's off her body.

"Good! Are ya ready ta help us load the wagon?" Apple Bloom asked jumping off the bed.

The orange mare blinked a few time's as she remembered what day it was.

"Right, Ah'm ready ta help ya load the wagon."

Today her family was heading down to Appleloosa for their State Fair's produce competition.

This was the first time in a long time that she would be left alone with Matt and her for one had plan's as to what they could do while the family is out of the house.

"A couple of weeks with Matt, This week is gonna be great." She quickly rushed down the stairs as she went to help them pack the wagon.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 20. Bats!

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Chapter 20. Bats!
Darkness, that’s all Matt could see and feel as he stood.

"Hello, Anyone there?" He called out into the darkness.

"Hello Matt, like what I've done with the place?" A voice asked as the darkness changed to that of the castle located in Canterlot.

He noticed the once beautiful castle now was complete darkness as he could see ponies weren't their normal selves but instead bat like creatures.

"What have you done to them!?" Matt yelled into the darkness.

"It's not what I have done," The voice said moving out of the shadow's only to make Matt's eyes go wide "It is what you will do to them."

Matt eyes snapped open as he sat up in his bed; beads of sweat ran down his face as he took a deep breath. He shook his head getting the nightmare out of his mind as he couldn't believe the dream he had just had "There is no way I could do those things in that dream," He looked out the window as he could see Celestia's sun begin to raise "Could I?" His thoughts were interpreted by a yellow filly came running down the stairs "MORNING MATT!"

He smiled as he saw the filly excited "Morning Apple Bloom."

"Are ya gonna help us load up the wagon?" She asked still excited.

"Yup, But how about we make breakfast for everyone?" He asked getting up off the couch and making his way towards the kitchen with Apple Bloom following him into the kitchen.

"Maybe I'll get my cutie mark in cooking!" She said making Matt roll his eyes knowing full well this was maybe a bad idea in letting her help him cook, Yet, What's the worst that could happen.
Applejack placed the last of the suit cases into the wagon "Alright, Ya all loaded up."

"Are ya sure ya gonna be able ta handle this year’s apple bucking season?" Big Mac asked looking at his sister.

"T-That's this week?" Applejack's mind began to panic as the plan to spend this whole week with Matt was now going down the drain.

"That's this week, Are sure ya can handle it on your own?" He asked.

"Ah have Matt here ta help me; we'll get everything done before ya get back." She said with a smile as her mind went into deep thought on how she would plan to be with Matt without working.

"Alright, Ya know the rules, He stays on the couch and you stay in ya room." He said making sure his sister under stands the rules.

"Ah got ya Big Mac." She said rolling her eyes as she made her way back inside.

Matt came walking out with Granny's rocking chair and placed it into the back of the wagon.

"Alright, Granny has her rocking chair and Apple Bloom is grabbing the last of her things." Matt said noticing Big Mac giving him odd looks.

Ever since his return Big Mac has been keeping a close eye on him and has been everywhere. This bothered Matt; He could never be alone with Applejack without him right around the corner watching them. He understood that's what brother's do for their sister's, God knows how many time's he spied on his sister and making sure each guy she dated was okay for her.

But this week he'll be alone with the mare he love's and he won't have to worry about the family stepping in and making the two love birds sit apart from each other.

"So are ya ready for bucking season?" Big Mac asked making Matt snap out of his thoughts.

"Bucking season?" He asked blinking as he searched through his memories, then it hit him like a bunch of brinks "Oh! Apple bucking season! Oh yea I'm ready for that!" He said "Great, we have to work all this week."

"Yup, Ya make sure ya keep a close eye on Applejack, She can get a bit carried away when it come's ta apple bucking season." He said remembering his sister nearly over worked herself a few years back.

"Don't you worry; I'll make sure she doesn't over work herself." Matt said knowing full well he'll make sure he work's twice has hard so she wouldn't over work herself.

"Ya make sure she doesn't work too hard, Ah don't need her fallin' asleep at the dinner table again."

"I'll make sure I work twice has hard so she won't need to work so hard." He said chuckling as the memory of Applejack trying to kick a tree back in his world came back to his mind.
Celestia's sun began to lower and Luna's moon began to rise and down below Matt was fixing his spot on the couch as he was getting ready for bed when a hoof stopped him from working.

"Why don't ya come sleep in my bed ta night?" Matt's heart raced as he could feel Applejack's breath on his ear as she spoke softly to him.

"As much as I want to, I don't wish to anger your brother." He said looking to his side to see her frowning.

"Come on, Just for tonight." She said again whispering as he felt her hoof's wrap around him pulling him close to her as he fought everything inside not to say yes.

"Aj, As much as I want to, I can't." He said breaking free and turning around to face her "If you want we can sit and watch a movie together." Matt felt a hoof touch his cheek as she kissed his lips.

"Just for ta night, Tomorrow night ya can sleep on the couch again." She said placing her forehead onto his head in hops he'll go for it.

"Alright, just for tonight, Tomorrow I'm sleeping in on the couch."

She smiled "Deal." She kissed his lips again "I'll go get my bed ready, Ya go ahead and put everything back." She made her way up the stairs "Ya think Ah'm gonna let ya ride the couch while mah family is gone? Ya got another thing comin' Matt." A evil grin spread across her face as she made her way into her room.
Matt laid on his side as he wrapped his wings around Applejack's body as he pulled her close as he closed his eyes.

As he began to fall asleep he felt something be placed into his ear as he heard a song begin to play.

"Lyin' here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile."

He opened his eyes to see the mare he loved looking at him with a smile on her face that brought a smile to his face "I see you found my IPod." He said chuckling "I'm surprised you like this song."

He felt Applejack scoot closer towards him as she placed her head into his chest "Ah like all the song's ya have on here." She said closing her eyes.
He chuckled as he placed his chin on top of her head "I take it you listened to them while I was gone?"

"Yeah, Ah had to have something help me not to worry about ya while ya were gone." She said yawning into his chest "Ah've missed you."

"And I've missed you too." He said closing his eyes as the song changed.

As he laid their he could hear the soft snore's come from the mare making him chuckle as he kissed her forehead as he removed the strand of hair from her face as he looked at her in the moonlight as he smiled as he laid his head back on top hers and closed his eyes as his mind slowly began to fade as he fell into a deep sleep.

A shadow moved alongside the bed as a dark figure stood just at the edge of the bed "Awe, They look so cute together." The figure thought as it raised their hoof and moved it across the bed as a blue mist lowered onto the bed "My gift to you my old friend, A gift of dream's with the mare you love." The figure faded away as the two ponies smiles grew.
It was early morning and Matt was the first to awaken with a smile on his face as he looked down at the sleeping mare. He slowly made his way out of bed and down stairs and into the kitchen to make his beautiful girlfriend the most delicious breakfast she has ever had.

As he cooked he kept feeling light headed and he felt something odd as he stood over the warm stove. He shook the feeling off as he figured it was just the heat from the stove messing with him.

Once he finished he carried the tray up the stairs and towards the room.

He chuckled as he saw her spread out on the bed with a hoof on her chest as she continued to snore.

He placed the tray down on the night stand and made his way towards the bed. And Idea popped into his hair as he climbed onto the bed and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He watched as she stopped snoring but still remained asleep. He tried not to chuckle as he moved from her cheek to her ear "Morning sleepy head, rise and shine, I've made you breakfast in bed."
He watched as her eyes slowly fluttered open and she looked at the stallion next to her "Mornin'."

He just gave her a light kiss on the lips making her smile in the kiss as she wrapped her hoofs around his neck and pulled him close deeping the kiss.

He pulled away and looked down at her as she had a goofy grin on her face making him chuckle "That right there is the best way to wake me up in the mornin'." She said.

"I agree." He said as he got off the bed. Applejack sat up in her bed as she watched him pick up a tray and place it down in front of her "I made you breakfast, I hope you enjoy."

"What about you?" She asked.

"I ate mine while I made yours, I'm going to get a shower and when you’re done we'll begin our Apple Bucking season." He said kissing her cheek "Don't eat to fast though; I don't need you crapping up on me." He said making her giggle.
The sun slowly began to rise as the ponies stood on top of a hill as they waited for Celestia's sun to fully rise.

"Ya ready?" She asked looking at the stallion next to her.

"Ready." He said with a smile.

Celestia's sun hit the trees and the rooster let out a crow singling for the two ponies it was morning.

"Yee-haw! It's officially Apple Bucking Day!" She said as the two made their way through the orchard "Look at all those apples! Ripe and juicy, perfect for buckin'!" She made her way towards a tee and gave it a good kick and the apples began to fall and Matt just smiled as he saw the wonder in her eyes as the apples fell from the tree. Just as she was about to catch an apple it we splat in her hoofs and this made the two blink as they fell down onto the ground.

"What is going on?" Matt asked as he noticed something move across the trees.

He then heard her gasp "They're back!" She said as they both strange creatures move through the trees "Quickly! To the barn!" She yelled at Matt as she took off running towards the barn with him close behind.

"What's going on!?" He asked as he followed her.

"Ah tell ya one the other's get here!" She said as she opened the barn door and started pulling a rope "Attention! This is a Sweet Apple Acres code red! I need all hooves – and claws – on deck!" She yelled.

"Calm down, Applejack." Rarity said walking up towards Applejack.

"Calm down?! How can I calm down at a time like this?! Vampire fruit bats are attackin' Sweet Apple Acres!" She said in a panic.

"But I thought the fruit bats usually stayed put in the west orchard?" Twilight asked.

"The fruit bats do, but these aren't just your everyday ordinary fruit bats. They're vampire fruit bats!" Matt blinked as his mind tried to figure out what she was talking about "I'll be darned if they think they're gonna sink their fangs into my blue ribbon apple," She made her way over towards a sheet and pulled it showing the group a giant apple still attached to a tree. Everypony was in awe "This here's our entry into the Appleloosa State Fair's produce competition." She exhaled onto the apple and used her tail to clean the apple "You know how much TLC goes into getting an apple to grow like this?"

Rarity made her way over towards the apple and looked at herself in the apple and was amazed "Applejack! When you go big, you really go big!" She said.

"Them vampire bats want to shrivel it up like a raisin!" Applejack said.

"Oh, I'm sure if we just let them know how special that particular apple is to you, they'll leave it alone." Fluttershy said hovering over towards her.

"Yeah, right. Be my guest." Applejack said not really caring. Fluttershy smiled "Matt, Ya protect our apple while were gone."
Applejack said kissing his cheek as they made their way into the apple orchard.

Matt just looked at the apple and sighed "If only this was possible in my world." He thought as he relaxed as he waited for them to return.

He felt dizzy again as he notices a shadow moving along the tree line. He brushed it off as the bats flying around.

He shook his head getting the feeling the dizziness. He noticed the group coming back from the orchard.

"Matt, were heading ta Twilight's place. Can ya keep an eye on things till we return?" Applejack asked.

"Sure, I'll hold down the fort till you guys return." He said with a smile as he watched them leave once again.

After waiting for about two hours they returned and they made their way out in the apple orchard. Matt watched as each one of them got what they needed to gather these bats.

"Matt, could you be a dear and help me out with gathering these bats?" Rarity asked walking up towards Matt.

"Sure, I think I have something that could help you." Matt summoned his elements and Rarity was engulfed in a bright light. When it faded she smiled.

"I love it! Now I don't have to worry about these bats messing up my mane." She said with a smile as she walked towards a tree as she used her magic to lift a net up.

Matt used his elements to carry three baskets of apples as he walked through the orchard as he made his way towards a tree.

Once each pony got their bats Fluttershy hovered in front of the bats and did her stare on them. Twilight made her way towards the tree and used her magic on the bats.

Matt looked at Fluttershy and noticed something odd as he felt a strange feeling wash over him as he got lost in Fluttershy's eyes.

"You can stop staring now." Twilight said looking at Fluttershy who shook her head.

"Did it work?" Spike asked.

"Only one what to find out for sure." Applejack said looking at Rainbow Dash who flew up towards one of the bats and brought out an apple towards the bat.

It sniffed it then flew away not wanting the apple "Ye-he-head, whoo!"

"My crop is saved! Yee-haw!" Applejack said as everypony cheered.

"We'll be drinking cider all winter long!" Dash said with a smile.

"I wanna thank you for your help. I couldn't have done it without you." She said looking at all her friends.

"Awe, don't mention it, Applejack, It was my pleasure! Really!" Spike said walking pass them.

"Now all we gotta do is sweep these cores so I can start buckin' fresh tomorrow mornin'!" She said when she noticed Matt "Matt! Ya awake?" She asked waving a hoof in front of his face snapping him out of her fog as he shook his head.

"Yeah, sorry I zoned out there for a sec." He said looking at her as he felt very hungry all of a sudden.

"Are ya sure yer alright?" She asked checking him over.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said "Let's get these apple cores picked up."
Matt stood next to Applejack as the two were ready to start Apple Bucking season right.

"Apple Bucking Day, take two." Applejack said as they made their way towards a tree.

Matt gave it a strong kick knocking the apples down and he sighed "Looks like Twilight's spell didn't work." He said looking at her.

"Ah better got gather my friends and see if we can fix this." Applejack said sighing.

After learning the bats weren't eating Applejack s apples Twilight came up with a plan that they would steak out the orchard and see what would be eating Applejack's apples.

"Are ya sure ya want ta stay here and watch the apple? Ya can come with us." Applejack said looking at Matt.

"I'm sure, besides, I've got this headache I'm going to try and get rid of."

"Alright." She said kissing his forehead "That's for the headache." She then kisses his lips.

"Alright you two, break it up." Dash said making the two blush "Let's go find who’s been eating your apples!" Dash said as the group left Matt alone with the giant apple.

For some odd reason he felt strange as the moonlight shinned down on him as he felt his mind slowly fading, his mind fell to darkness.

His eyes closed shut then re-opened as they were no longer their normal shade of brown but a blood red shade as he let out a laugh.
Flutter-bat hovered in the air as she looked in the mirror in front of her as Twilight went to use her magic.

As Flutter-bat continued to stare into the mirror as magic began to wrap around her when Twilight was knocked back breaking her focus on her spell as a figure moved fast across the tree lines.

"W-What was that?" Twilight asked getting up off the ground.

"Oh you are a clever one Twilight Sparkle, finding out a way to change Fluttershy here back to her normal self, too bad you didn't know about me." A voice said making mares shake as the voice spoke.

"Show ya self!" Applejack yelled.

Flutter-bat landed on a tree as a figure moved out of the tree lines as they all gasped as they figure was somepony they all knew "M-Matt? W-What in tarnation are ya doin'?" Applejack asked.

"I'm being who I'm truly am!" He said laughing as Applejack noticed his eyes were glowing red "Now, you'll leave my little Flutter-bat here alone. She'll need her food if she's going to be a part of my new world." He said laughing.

"Applejack! Tie him up and I'll use the spell to change him back!" Twilight yelled as Applejack quickly tied Matt up as Twilight used her magic and the spell began to take hold over Matt.

Twilight's horn turned brighter as the spell engulfed him "Oh Twilight, you can't change me back so easily!" Twilight felt a shock run through her horn making her stop as she rubbed her horn.

The magic around Matt faded as they saw his elements glowing around his neck "Now, I have a plan to set up." His elements shined bright blinding them all as he was gone.

"This isn't good." Twilight said as she noticed Matt and Fluttershy were gone.
Celestia opened the doors to her room as she walked inside and closed the doors behind her.

She sighed as she saw her bed and slowly walked towards her bed when she felt something odd.

"Hello Celestia." A voice said making her turn around only to let out a blood curdling screaming.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 21. Count Matthew.

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Chapter 21. Count Matthew.
Twilight rushed through her library as she combed through her books.

"Do ya think we can change Matt and Fluttershy back ta normal?" Applejack asked.

"I know how to change Fluttershy back but with Matt using his elements to protect her, I don't know what to do!" Twilight was in panic mode.

Spike burped up a scroll "Um, Twilight." Spike said holding the scroll in his claws.

Twilight took the scroll from Spike and unrolled it.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle.

We have captured two very strange creature's, One of them says he is Matthew, As for the other one, She keep's hissing at us, Can you please come and confirm that they are indeed friends you know.

Signed Princess Celestia."

"I think I know where Matt went." Twilight said looking over at Applejack and the other girls.
Luna slowly raised her head as she looked around the dark room.

"W-Where am I?" She said out loud as she tried to see through the darkness.

"You're in the dungeon." A male's voice said.

"W-Who's there?"

The figure moved out of shadows and smiled "Hello Princess, you remember me right?"

"M-Matt? What are you doing?" She asked as she went to move and notice her hoofs were chained "Why am I chained up?"

"I can't have you ruining my plan's Luna, if I'm going to remain in this form I'm going to need the night to last forever." He said with a toothy smile "And you Luna will soon join me just like you're sister."

Celestia came walking into the room; her eyes weren't their normal shade of dark pink but instead pure red. "What have you done to her!?"

"Do not worry, she's just under my spell, once my apple has return to me, I shall turn everypony in this land into vampire ponies and we shall rule the night forever!" He said laughing.

"You are not a monster Matthew! You will do great things! Please stop!" Luna shouted trying to get to the real Matthew.

Matt chuckled "The Matt you knew is long gone, meet the new and better Matt." He walked up towards her "Do not worry my dear Luna, once Applejack has become one of us, I shall turn you into my Princess of the night." He said leaving "Come Celestia, I'll need your help."

"As you wish, Master." She said following her.

"This isn't the Matthew I once knew." Luna looked around as she tried and figure out how to escape and stop Matt from turning the world into eternal night.
Twilight and her friends walked through the halls of the poorly lite halls of the castle.

"Does anypony else feel like we just walked into a trap?" Rarity said.

The doors behind them closed shut as the candles lite up as Matt stood with Celestia by his side "Hello girls, so glad you could make it."

"Celestia! What have you done to her!?" Twilight yelled her horn glowing.

"She is under my control." He said chuckling "Soon you all will be as well."

"Knock this off now Matt! Ya had yer fun but this isn't funny anymore!" Applejack yelled slamming her hoof down.

Within seconds Matt stood in front of her as her eyes went wide as his eyes were pure red "Who said I'm joking around Applejack."

Twilight went to blast Matt when Celestia used her magic to trap her within a bubble "You will not lay one hoof on my Master."

Each one of them were trapped within their own bubbles as Applejack remained untouched as Matt still stood in front of her "Once I've turned you, You will become my bride and together we shall rule our knew kingdom."

"Ya will do no such thing! You will release my friends right now!" She glared at him as he chuckled.

"Once you see through my eyes, you'll love this new world." He went to bite her neck when he was sent flying towards the wall as he was knocked out cold, Celestia looked to see who attacked but was blinded as she too was sent flying towards the wall knocking her out.

Celestia's spell was stopped and the ponies were dropped back to their hoofs.

"Quickly, do the spell!" Luna yelled to Twilight.

Twilight quickly used her magic to reverse the spell that was cast onto Matt.

Flutter-Bat went to stop them when she was caught in the spell.

Fluttershy landed down to the ground as she shook her head "W-What happened? And why are we in Canterlot?" She asked confused.

"We'll tell ya later." Applejack said as the spell that was being cast on Matt was stopped.

"You really think you can just turn me back?" Twilight slowly stood back as she couldn't believe that didn't work.


He chuckled "My elements, I used them to cast a spell over me to keep me from turning back to my... Pony-self as my old self would say." His elements began to glow around him as they were no longer white but blood red "I shall turn this land into my kingdom! And Applejack will become my bride!"

Matt was sent flying by another magical blast which made him groan as he got back to his hoofs to see Luna standing there "I shall not allow you to become this! You are kindhearted and could never hurt anypony!"

"That was the old me! This is the new me Luna!" He slammed his hoofs to the ground "I WILL RULE!" Matt's elements were glowing blood red as a magical beam was fired towards Luna as she went to fire her magic back but failed as she was sent flying towards the wall "You are no match for me Luna! For I have the elements and you just have your magic."

Applejack stood in front Luna as she fought back the tears "You stand down now Matt! Or I will hurt you!"

Matt chuckled "No, It is I who will hurt you Applejack." Within seconds Matt flew towards her as her eyes went wide as she felt his fangs dig deep into her neck as she felt a sting of pain go through her body.

Luna used her magic to pull Matt away from Applejack before he could finish turning her as she fell to the ground and Matt roared as his body was being held by Luna.

Twilight closed her eyes as she used her magic to trapped Matt within her magic as both Luna and Twilight tried to reverse the spell.

He let out a powerful yell as his wings slowly began to turn back to their normal self and his eyes started to turn back to their normal color and his fangs disappearing.

There was a bright light and Matt fell to the ground "D-Did it work?" Rarity asked looking at the unconscious stallion.

Twilight stepped towards him as she notices his wings were back to normal "I think so."

Celestia shook her head as the rest of the guard ponies did as well "Why do I feel I have done something wrong?" Celestia said looking at the group in front of her "And why are you all here?"

"I shall explain later Tia, Right now these two needs some medical attention." Luna said as she looked at Applejack as she laid asleep on the floor.
Matt just sat there next to Applejack's bed as he took in the information Twilight had told him. He felt guilty. He had lost control of himself and he hurt the one he loved, that hurt more than anything in the world.

A tear ran down his cheek as he saw the bandage around her neck as he could see two light red dots on her neck "I hurt her... This wouldn't have happened if I just kept my head down and just let them do their things. Now, I've hurt you Applejack." He wiped the tear away from his eyes as he looked back at his love. He knew if he stayed he would only hurt her more. He placed an envelope next to her night stand as he closed his eyes and used his elements to teleport out of the castle and somewhere far away.

Just as the light faded a shadow stood watching "You're an idiot." The shadow moved into the room and looked at the sleeping mare "I better go find him before he goes and does something stupid." The shadows horn began to glow blue and the shadow was gone.
Matt stood in front of the tree of Harmony.

He made his way away from the tree and towards the exit.

"You're an idiot!" Matt turned his head to look at the voice only to feel something hit his cheek knocking him back.

Matt rubbed his cheek as he looked back at the pony who hit him, it was none other than Luna herself standing there with anger in her eyes "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" He yelled at her as he made sure his jaw wasn't broken.

"You're leaving Applejack in the hospital!? Are you an idiot!?" She said slamming her hoof down onto the ground as her eyes changed from their normal moderate cerulean eyes changed to that of red as her mane became engulfed in darkness "Do you have any idea how she would take it knowing you left her alone in that hospital!?"

"I did it so I wouldn't hurt her!" He said.

Luna sent him flying to the side of the cliff "SO WHAT!? YOU LOVE HER AND SHE LOVES YOU! SHE WOULD FORGIVE YOU!"

Matt summoned his elements and changed into his human self as he stood with his keyblade in his hand "I hurt her! You don't know how that feels!" Matt raised his keyblade towards her "And if you dare hit me again, I'll use my elements on you!" He said threatening her.

"You wouldn't lay a hand on me Matthew, for you could not harm anyone that you care for." She said, her eyes turning back to normal and her mane turning back to normal as well "You know as much as I do, you weren't you, you were something else."

"Something dark! I hurt ponies and Applejack." His keyblade faded but he remained human just in case Luna attacked again "And if something like this is inside me, then I shall leave Equestria and find myself a place I cannot harm anyone or anything." He said as she notices a tear run down his cheek "I will not allow myself to harm anyone else."

"You won't Matt, for I know more than you do." She said take a step closer towards him making him step back "If you are a danger to us, then you should know you saved my life many centuries ago, you became my only friend in the darkness. And you showed me the light even if you didn't know at the time." She said as the memories came flooding into her mind "You are not a monster or evil, you are human as you once put it, it can't be helped but you had us to stop you from taking over. I know Applejack will want you by her side when she awakes." At this point she was right in front of Matthew as he was looking at the ground taking in everything Luna has told him "You are not a monster, you are Matthew."

She saw a tear run down his cheek as he chuckled "I am an idiot."

"You are." Luna said chuckling as well "Let's get you back to Applejack."

He nodded as he changed back to his pony form "Thank you Luna, but I still hate myself for what I've done."

"You'll get over that in time Matt; you had no control over what happened, just remember you have friends here to help you." Her horn began to glow and the two were gone.

A shadow moved along the walls "So your hero has darkness within him, how sad." The voice said.

"Be gone Dark, you have no power here." Night Fire said coming out of the tree as she stood in front of it.

"Oh I do have power here my dear, but I am not here to attack, I'm here to talk." He said as he appeared in front of her as the figure was that of an alicorn "I believe Matt is unworthy of his elements now since he has fallen to darkness." He said grinning.

Night Fire chuckled "You had a part in that Dark, don't think I didn't notices the shadow's moving along the tree lines." She said "And he has returned back to his normal self, There for he is still worthy of the elements."

"And you allow him to keep his elements? You are desperate then."

The tree began to glow bright blinded dark "Matthew has been chosen by me to protect this land from you Dark, he may have tasted the darkness but did not want it to return." Night Fire said "He even chose to leave to not harm anypony else and leave the one he loves. That makes him worthy still Dark."

"So be it, but know this! Matt will turn and will join me in due time!" Dark faded away laughing.

"He will not, he has ponies here to keep the light burning within him." Night Fire looked at the tree of light as she sighed "His heart may have darkness within in, but the light keep's him pure."
Celestia's sun was high in the sky as Matt sat inside Applejack's room as he watched her sleep.

The letter he wrote was ripped and tossed in the trash as he still felt guilty for what he had done to her and the others.

He placed a hoof onto her hoof as he knew he needed to be here for her, he would regret leaving her and he was an idiot to think she would hate him for what he had done.

"H-Hey." He heard her say as she had her eyes half open "Are you... You?"

"Yes, they changed me back to normal." He brought out his wing "See, no bat wings."

"No fangs?" She asked. He rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to show her he had no fangs.

"Any other tests you want me to take?" He asked chuckling.

"No, Ya back ta normal." She said. She sat up and hissed as she rubbed her neck "Ya really dug in ta my neck." She notices his smile fade and he had his eyes now on the floor.

"Sorry, I-I didn't mean to hurt you." He said keeping his eyes off her.

He felt her hoof push his chin up making him look at her as she had a smile on her face "Ya weren't ya self." Matt saw her smiled fade "I-It was mah fault ya turned into a vampire."

"No, It's not your fault, you didn't make me looked at Fluttershy."

"But Ah made Fluttershy do something she didn't want ta do... So ya turnin' into a vampire was all my fault." That's when he notices a tear.

He placed a hoof onto her cheek "It's both our faults, but now we can look pass this and move on." He wiped away the rogue tear from her eye as he kissed her cheek "I about left."

Her eyes went wide as she looked at him in shock "Before you freak out on me, I had a reason and it was a stupid reason, Luna made me come to my senses and brought me back here, by making me come to my senses she punched me in the face then used her magic to slam me into a wall."

She just blinked "And if you wish to hurt me, I'll understand." He said as he closed his eyes and turned his head to allow her to punch him in the cheek.

What came next surprised him as he felt a pair of lips touch his "If Luna has already knocked ya around, Ah might as well treat ya with kindness." She said as he looked at her "So, Am Ah gonna turn into a vampire pony?"

"No, Luna and Twilight managed to keep me from turning you and they doubled check and made sure you wouldn't turn." He said.

"Ah love you."

"And I love you, My Apple." He said pulling her into a kiss
Matt finished placing the last board into place as he looked at the fence.

"Alright, all done." He said as he looked at his handy work "Well, the fence is done and the bats have a new home." He yawned as he notices the sun going down "Let's get these things back to the barn, and get a nice warm shower." He sighed as he knew he would be sleeping on the couch tonight.

After everything that had happened he had to spend the night on the couch and not next to Applejack.

Well, at least he wasn't trying to suck any ponies' blood so he took it as a good sign.
Big Mac was glad to be back home after his long trip as he placed the bags onto the ground.

"Big Mac, We need ta talk." Applejack said coming out of the kitchen.

Big Mac notices the bandage around her neck "What happened while we were gone?" He asked walking over towards his sister.

One Long Story later.

Big Mac blinked "And ya sure ya not one?" He asked.

"Twilight say's I'll be fine." She said as she tried to make her brother feel better "But Ah want ta talk about Matthew."

"Ya tired of him livn' here?" He said hoping for this to be true but it was crushed as she glared at him "Then what do ya need ta talk about him?"

"Ah want him ta sleep in my room from now on." She said standing her ground as she knew she just release the anger within her brother.

"Funny, he'll remain on this couch." He said standing.

"We've shared the same bed when Ah was in his world, and when ya'll are asleep Ah sneeks down here just to be with him." She said knowing she's angering him more "Matt is a good guy, He would never try anythin' with me, he's never once made me do somethin' Ah didn't want ta do."

"Where is he?" He said calmly.

"He's out right now, he'll be back soon." She said "And ya gonna calm down before he returns."

"Ya will stay in ya room and he'll remain on the couch." He said "And Ah'll make sure of that."

He turned away as he made his way towards the stairs "He told me about how he read ta ya when you were just a colt and how he helped ya fight the nightmares."

Big Mac turned and looked at her as he was surprised she knew about that "He also told me about the play, and how they made ya the tree. He respects ya more then you know it, When Ah asked him ta come sleep in my room he told me he didn't wish to make you angry, but Ah made him." She said "Ah know he's brought a war with him but at least he's keepin' us alive, he's fightin' for all of us and he doesn't have too, all Ah ask is for him to stay in my room, that's all Ah ask for."

He let her words sink in as he thought long and hard "Fine, but Ah want ya door unlocked at all times."

Applejack smiled "Ya have a deal."
Matt eyes were heavy as he walked down the path just as the moon was beginning to rise into the sky.

"Why I had to go and get milk when we have two cows on the farm is a mystery." He thought as he notices Big Mac standing outside as his face was emotionless "H-He found out I slept in Applejack's room while they were gone." He gulped "Well, guess I'll be seeing Yellow and Blossom again."

Big Mac stood as he meet Matt "Ah need ta talk with you."

"Yup, he knows... Well, Mom Dad, Hope you have room up there for me." He gulped "W-What about?" He hoped he would be able to get out of this.

"Ah know about ya and Applejack sharing a bed, and ya will follow my rules." He said making Matt thank the heavens for spearing his life "Ya will leave the door unlocked, and ya will keep dirty thoughts out of that head of yours."

"Trust me; they have been locked in the vault since I met her." He said tapping at his head "Is that it?"

"And ya will keep those stories about what we did between me and you from now on, got it."

"G-Got it."

"Good, now, Applejack is inside waitin' for ya." He said moving out of Matt's way.

"Thanks Big Mac." He said walking pass him.

"Ah'll ease up on him... After all, he's done so much for us, and for me." He turned back to look down the path as he had a faint smile on his face.

Matt had his wings wrapped around Applejack as she slept in his hoofs.

He was glad he was able to be in the same bed as Applejack. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep as his dreams were filled with love.
To Be Continued.

Chapter 22. Sam, Vision.

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Chapter 22. Sam, Vision.
Pain, that's all Matt could think of as he had Rarity's suit cases on his back as he tried to make his way towards the train station.

"Note to self; never let Rarity ask you for a small favor." He could feel his spine wanting to snap in half as the weight of the suit cases were digging into his back.

"Come on Matthew, Just a few more feet!" Rarity said with a smile as all she had to carry was a small little bag.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have your house on your back!" Matt kept his anger locked away as he knew if he yelled at her he wouldn't feel better.

They came to a stop as Rarity tossed her bag on top of the pile making Matt eyes go wide as the weight crushed him and he was buried under the suit cases.

"Be a dear and please help me carry a few of my things, I promise I'll make it up to you." He quoted her as he just laid there "My Celestia have mercy on her soul. For I, Matthew, will have my revenge!"

He felt one of the suit cases move as he saw Spike eyes meet his "Hey, Mind digging me out?"

"On it."

-------------------------------------------------After Being Dug out----------------------------------------------------

"Are ya sure you don't want ta go?" Applejack asked Matt as she watched him crack his back.

"I'm sure, Besides, Someone's gotta take care of the farm while you're gone." He said with a smile "And Sam's been bugging me about hanging out with her."

"Well, Try and stay out of trouble."

"I'll try but you know me, my middle name is danger."

She giggled "Ya such a dork."

"I'm your dork." She pulled him into a kiss as the group went awe.

"Alright, Let's cut this mushy stuff and get going." Rainbow said wanting to gag.

"Awe come on Dashie! You know it's cute!" Pinkie said.

The two pulled away from each other "I'll see you when you get back." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek "Have fun now!" He said to them as they all boarded the train.

They all waved as the train pulled out "Hopefully they'll be fine." Once the train was out of sight he made his way back towards the farm.

He looked over the land as a smile came across his face.

"Hey Matt, you won't believe what I found!" He turned his head to see Sam trotting down the path way with a saddle bag on her back.

"What did you find?" He asked as she stood next to him.

"I found these cool looking rocks." She said pulling the rocks out and Matt looked at them as he looked back at her "I-Is something wrong?"

"These rocks look pretty cool." He said "Are you going to start a rock collection?"

"Maybe, I mean what else can somepony like me do?"

"Lots of things, you're in a world full of things for you to do. You can even open up a flower shop and sell flowers to hungry ponies." He said trying to cheer her up "Hey, How about since I've got nothing better to do till Applejack gets back, I help you find something to do that makes you happy." He said with a smile.

"You're going to do something for me?"

"I did lots of things for you; Why not continue to help my friend?"

"You think of me as a friend?" She asked confused as to why he would think that.

"Of course! I've always thought of you as a friend, when I brought you home and took you in, I didn't just buy you so I could have a horse, I bought you because I knew you needed a home and a friend." She could see his eyes sparkle as she saw him getting lost in his memory's "It was a tough road to get you to trust me and when you did, You showed me just how awesome and amazing you are Sam, You've been through so much, And I wanted you to know not all human's aren't mean, You ran off and I didn't even come after you because I knew you would return. And you did."

She giggled "Yeah, Took you months to finally get me to trust you. Then you kept being so nice and always sneaking me snacks or allowing me to help you when working." He watched as a smile came across her face "Then when you wanted to ride me and I fought you on the saddle and you finally had enough and just jumped onto my back and we rode off into the night."

"Then you warmed up to the saddle, then when Applejack wanted to try and ride you I had to have a long talk to you about not bucking her off."

She giggled again "Yeah, It's a shame I couldn't talk back." She said her smile growing "I remember all the time's we would go out to that spot on the hill and you would tell me about your mother and how kind she was... Then you would drift off and you would fall asleep and I would lay next to you.. I guess that was the first time I really thought of you as a special human."

This brought a smile to his face "Well; now you can talk, we can get to know each other a lot better now." This made her smile.
Matt was covered in mud as he chuckled.

"That was FUN!" Sam said wiping the mud from her face.

"It was." Matt noticed the Celestia's sun going down "But I think we better head back before it gets too late."

"Awe, do we have too?" Her smile turned into a frown.

"Yes, we can continue our adventure tomorrow." He said shaking the mud off his body "And I need to do some chores before bed anyways."

Sam sighed as she shook the mud off her as she slowly followed Matt "Come on, don't be sad." He said looking at her as they walked "Tomorrow is a whole new day and a lot more can happen."

She sighed "I know but," She looked away from as she stared at the grown "I've never had this much fun before."

"Neither have I, But we need to get back rest and then we'll be able to do so much more." He said as she looked at him "You have me for three days, we'll do anything you want."

This brought her smile back "That's good to know."

"I'll walk you over to Twilight's place and then I'll head back home." He said as they made their way towards Ponyville "So... How's it living with a princess?" Matt asked.

"Tired sum, She keep's asking me about our world and keep's asking me why in our world we don't speak, she's driving me up the wall!" Matt watched as she looked to be getting angry "But that dragon has been keeping me from attacking her, He's pretty cool, Reminds me a little of you."

"Yeah, Applejack told me she can get a bit carried away, just tell her how you feel and I'm sure she'll stop the questing." He said as they came to the tree in the middle of Ponyville.

"I'll think about it, I'll see you tomorrow then." She said not really wanting to leave.

"Yeah, Bright and early." He said with a smile "Night Sam."

"Night Matt." She watched as he left as she walked into the empty home.

She looked around the dark library as she notices the book's Twilight was reading.

She looked at the book as it showed Twilight's name under two other names "W-Why couldn't I have been born here." She flipped the page and read through the names.

She doesn't have any clear memories of her mother nor father. All her life she's lived with other horses who never really were family. The only clear memory of her mother was the day she was born and how she helped her walk and play till she was taken away from her and taken some where far away.

A tear ran down her cheek as it hit the page.
The next morning Matt stood outside Twilight's library as he waited for Sam to awake from her slumber.

The door opened and Sam came walking out of library as she smiled "Morning Matt! Ready to start our day together?"

"Yup!" He said with a smile "Let's go over to sugar cube corner so we can get some breakfast and then we'll go do whatever you want."

The two made their way towards Sugar cube corner.

The two sat across from each other as the they ordered their meal's "I don't get this whole cutie mark is all about, it's just some marking on your flank." Sam said still trying to wrap her hoofs around the idea.

"Well, here it's all about who you're going to be or something, I faded out when Twilight was telling me and I just got bored fast." He said "She just goes on and on and on." He rolled his eyes "But I can't really blame her since she's just trying to explain things, she just goes into... Detail."

"Doesn't that just drive you crazy?"

Matt chuckled "No, My mother was like that." He said remembering the times his mother would explain to him her three bean chill in full detail "Yet, If Twilight is bothering you, Maybe it would be wise for you to move back in with the apple family?"

"No, staying there just didn't feel right." She said as they walked.

"Well, Then let's find you a job and maybe we can find you a place to rent out till you can find some place you want to go?"

"And why should I get a job?" Sam asked raising an eye brow.

"Well, You don't want to just be living off a princess now... do you?" He asked.

"You're living off Applejack."

Matt rolled his eyes "I've got a job working on the farm, I get paid bits." He said "And besides, you're going to need bits if you're wanting to buy stuff or go out and enjoy time with your friend."

"I hate it when you're right." She said sighing.

"If you want, Big Mac needs some help." He said.

"What would I be doing?"

"Mostly helping him out around the farm, you might have to help load some wagons or tend to the animals; it's a good job if you want it."

Sam sat there for a moment as she thought about it. She then blushed at the idea of working alongside the red stallion "I-I'll take it. Will I be able to work alongside you at times?"

"Yeah, it's part of the job." He said chuckling.
With Celestia's sun lowering and Luna's moon rising, Matt and Sam were walking down the dirt path that lead back into Ponyville.

"I'll make sure Big Mac knows you're coming by to help out tomorrow and I'll make sure you're alright." He said making her smile "Make sure your here arou-" Matt felt a sharp pain rush through his body as he fell to the ground and his mind fell into darkness. The last thing he heard was Sam panicking.

"Darkness spreads across the land, pony magic gone from the land. The box holds the key, but at a price it will be. A fight will come, dark vs light, but which side wins, only fate can say." Matt heard a voice say, the voice sounded familiar as the he saw the land before him turned to ash as a figure stood on top of a hill.

He could see it as an alicorn laughing as the ponies below were chained and being forced to work.

"Darkness always wins when Light fails, but hope lives on in the hearts of mares." Matt could see the love of his life chained and trapped inside a tower "But love needs two or more in order to grow. What will you chose in the coming battle? War or Love?" He watched as himself stood with his keyblade in hand "But know you cannot do this alone, the elements of light shall shine bright... if you can find them in time."

He watched as the land changed and Apple Bloom stood in front of him "One element has been found, three still remain. One element will be shown its path soon, but the other two need you to help find those who are worthy, in time and other worlds."

Matt blinked a few times as he saw Apple Bloom fade away and a stallion with a blue mane and purple, he was a unicorn and seemed a bit sad "Burning Heart, a stallion who needs your help in order to find his passion. He can be located at the castle with the two alicorn sister's." Then the stallion faded away and there stood Sam, his friend "You already know all about her, so I shall make this short, her element is waiting for her mind and heart to become one. Help her find her place."

Matt could feel the darkness overcome him as he tried to fight "You have once tasted the darkness, only love freed you from its darkness. You Matthew are very special." That's when he felt something touch his cheek "I knew that from the moment you were born." His eyes went wide as he saw his mother standing before him with a smile on her face "I love my son, go and protect her and the world." He felt his body being pulled away from him "When you see your sister, tell her I said I'm proud of her."

Matt head was pounding, he slowly opened his eyes to see Sam trying everything she knew to wake him "Come on! WAKE UP!" She yelled smacking him across the face.

Matt let out a painful moan as he grabbed his cheek "Why did you hit me!" He said feeling his jaw to make sure it wasn't broken.

"You wouldn't wake up! I got worried!" She said, Matt notices the tears falling down her cheek.

"Sorry about that, I hadn't had much to eat today." He said getting back onto his hoofs; he knew he could tell her what he saw.

"Are you sure? I don't want you doing that again." She said wiping the tears away from her cheek.

"Yes, I promise you I'm not going to pass out again." He said giving her a warm smile "Let's get you back home, it's getting late." He said.

The two made their way down the path way leaving Matt in deep thought.

A woman stood watching the two ponies walk down the dirt pathway "If only I could tell you the truth Matthew, the truth of who I truly am." The women faded away.
A hooded figure fell to the ground. The rain was pouring down as the figure just stood there.

"Look at you my old friend, no magic, no energy." The hooded figure looked around trying to find the source of the voice "You have been alone for so long, your escape took so much out of you."

"W-Who's there?" The hooded figure asked still searching for the voice.

"Your mind is broken, I shall fix that." The hooded figure stood as he felt a power flow through his body "Go forth and begin your attack on this pitiful ponies!" The hooded figure smiled.
To Be Continued.