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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 13. A Darkness Within.

Edited By Alternivity
Chapter 13. A Darkness Within.
The voice roared in anger as Darkfire hid behind a boulder.

"Master, I did the best I coul-" Darkfire's words were cut off as he was slammed into rocks.
"YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH!" The voice yelled "You have failed me yet again!"

"I-I'm sorry master!" Darkfire said getting onto his knees "Let me make it up to you! I will do anything!"
"Fine, one last chance." The voice said as the bolder broke into a thousand pieces "This job will be easy for you. Get me a strand of hair from each one of the elements of harmony and bring them to me. And do not get caught!"

"Y-Yes sir!" Darkfire jumped into the hole the bolder kept hidden.
Celestia's sun slowly began to rise. The ponies below were beginning to awaken from their slumber's.
But one couple kept the curtains closed and didn't wish to be disturbed.

Applejack slowly cracked her eye open to see if Matt was awake "Good, He's still asleep." She thought as she cuddled closer into him.

The door burst open and a pink blur came flying into the room "MORNING!" Applejack's eyes went wide as she was scared out of bed. Matt didn't know how but he found himself hanging from the ceiling fan "Talk about a wake up call." Matt said out loud as he slowly rotated around.

"Sorry! I thought you two would be up!" Matt looked down to see a pink mare smiling up at him.
"Let me guess, Pinkie Pie right?" He asked.
"Yup! That's me!" She said with a smile.

Applejack dust herself off as she looked at her Pink hyper friend "What brings ya by this morning?" She asked a she tried to help Matt off the fan.

"Well, My Pinkie sense told me Matt was awake from his coma so I thought I would come but and give him a Pinkie Pie welcome!" She said pulling out a tray full of cupcakes pancakes and anything else that had the word cake in it was on the tray.

"Talk about a sugar overload." Matt thought as he was glad to be back on the ground "You didn't have to do that Pinkie Pie." He said.

Matt notice her ears hang low as the smile on her face faded "But, I think we could use some breakfast."
Before Matt could blink he found himself sitting and had food piled on as she smile "Glad to hear it!" She said with a smile "I'll leave you two to eat! Then later I'll throw you a Welcome To Ponyville PARTY!" She said bouncing out of the room.

"Okay, When Aj told me about Pinkie Pie I thought she was just joking about the whole she loves party's thing... Guess there's no turning back from that party now." He thought as he looked at Applejack who had a grin on her face. Matt was curious why she had a grin but was cut off as he felt something smack into his face.

Matt could hear her laughing "Really? You threw a cupcake at me?" He wiped the frosting from his face as he picked up a cupcake and threw it at her nailing her right between the eyes "Two can play this game!"
Pinkie stopped dead in her tracks as something popped into her mind.
"I forgot to give Matt his gift!" She quickly took off running back towards Matt's room.
Matt stood over Applejack as he held a cupcake in his hoofs "Do you surrender?"
"Yes, You win!" She said trying to keep herself from laughing.

Matt shoved the cupcake into her face as he started laughing.

Matt just leaned in a licked the frosting off her nose "Because you look so darn cute when you're angry."
Applejack felt her cheeks heat up. Matt slowly lowered closer towards her and pulled her into a kiss.

The door burst open again and the two froze. Pinkie Pie just stood there in the door way as she saw the two covered in frosting and were on the floor kissing "I-I'm just going to leave this here for you Matt." She said placing the box on the bed and leaving the couple to continue what they were doing.

"I think we should lock that door." He said looking down at Aj.
"Or, Ya could get off me so Ah can go get cleaned up and then we can get ya out of this hospital and Ah can take ya home," She said with a smile.

"Or," He kissed her lips again. "We could just stay like this for a few minutes."
Before Matt could kiss her again he on his back as she stood over him, "Or, We do as Ah say."
"You're evil." He said as she walked way from him.
"I'll be back."
Matt just laid there on the floor, "I've got to get better at pinning her down."
Celestia's sun was high in the sky an the ponies below were basking in the sunlight.
Matt walked along side Aj as they made their way through the bust street's of Ponyville.
As they walked Aj heard the school bell "Look's like schools out."

Matt looked towards the school and notice the little filly's and colt's exiting the school "Ya gonna have ta go see her ya know."

"Who?" Matt asked.
"You know, Cheerilee."
"And why should I go see her?"
"Don't tell me ya forgot about the picture ya took with her and her sister?"
"And how do you know that?" He asked surprise.

She chuckled "Ah went with Apple Bloom to school and she showed the class a picture of her and her sister and you were in it."
"I knew taking that picture was a bad idea." He said "I'll speak with her later, Right now we have to keep an eye out for Darkfire, He'll return and try to take us out."
"Alright." She said as they continued to walk down the path.
As they walked she felt a little of her hair get pulled "Ouch!"
"You okay?"

"Somepony pulled my hair." She said looking around only to see no pony near them. "Ah think my mind is playing ticks on me."
"If you say so."
The two continued to walk down the path.
Just off by a tree, a dark figure stood with a smile, "One down, five more to go."
Darkfire moved along the tree lines, quickly and quietly, as he went to find the other elements.

Rarity was relaxing outside enjoying Celestia's sun.
"Such a beautiful day!" She said with a smile.
She felt a little pluck and jumped into the air "WHO DARE'S PULLS A HAIR OFF M-," She stood looking around only to see no pony there, "That was weird."

Pinkie Pie felt somepony pulled at her hair as she bounced down the path way. She looked around only to see nothing.

Fluttershy was feeding her animals. She felt a pluck and she looked around only to see her Angle bunny standing there looking at her, "If you need me you don't need to pull on my tail."

Rainbow Dash was sound asleep on a cloud. A hair was pluck and she continued to remain asleep "Talk about a deep sleeper," Darkfire thought as he flew away.

Twilight was in her library searching through books. She felt a somepony pull a hair and it made her jump "W-Who's there!?"
She saw just her empty room, "Okay... That was weird." She went back to searching through her books.
Darkfire placed the hairs in front of his master, this made his master smile.

"Now, Let's begin!" The hairs started to hover in the air.
The hairs took form of the ones they used to belong to as each one stood in front of Darkfire "I want you to meet the Elements of Darkness!"

Darkfire slowly stepped back as each one had a shadow element around their necks. Their glowing red eyes put the fear of darkness into him.
"You will take them to the elements of harmony and you will use them to destroy them once and for all!"
He got down onto his knee's, "As you wish Master."
Matt smiled as he saw Sweet Apple Acres just down the road.
"I have to say, I'm so glad to be back here," Matt said with a smile.

"I'm glad ya could come back too," She said rubbing up on Matt's side "I'm just glad ya come back ta me."
"I'm glad Ah came back to you too," He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Am Ah really that sappy?"

The two turned to see a pony that looked just like Applejack but with blood red eyes.
"It's a shame we have to kill him, He's cute," They turned their head's to see Rarity standing there and they notice her eye's were blood red.

"I just want to play a game," Matt and Aj slowly started to move backward's as blood red eye Pinkie Pie came walking up towards them with the creepiest smile on her face.
"I wouldn't mind going a few round's with him myself!" A black blur rushed pass them and behind them stood a blood red eye Rainbow Dash.

"My animal's would love to have a little snack when your finished with him," They looked to see a hovering blood red eye Flutthershy.

"I wouldn't mind seeing what make's him tick," Matt was sent flying by a black magic and slammed into a tree. Aj quickly rushed over toward's Matt and helped him up. The both saw a blood red eyed Twilight Sparkle standing there with a grin.

The other's walked over toward's her and they all smiled,"I want you to say hi to the Element's of Darkness, Darkfire said with a smile."This isn't going to end well for you Matthew."
To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Another chapter done, I want to thank my new Editor Alternivity for helping me out. He'll be helping me out with the rest of my story's. So enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

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