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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 14. Element Of Light.

Edited By Alternivity
Chapter 14. Element Of Light.
Matt was kicked and bucked from place to place as Aj was held by evil Twilight's magic.
Matt tried to get to his hooves but he was still weak after his last fight with Darkfire.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Aj yelled, tears in her eyes as she watched the love of her life beaten by her evil self.
"Don't worry my dear, you'll be next," Darkfire said, picking Matt up by his head. "You see, my master wants Matt here out of the picture... And that's what I plan on doing."

Matt was thrown hard onto the ground, and let out a yell of pain as he felt something break.
Applejack couldn't watch this any longer.

"Ya'll leave him alone!" Applejack's eyes went wide as she saw her sister standing there with a stick in her hooves.
"Just the pony I was looking for," Darkfire said as he grinned.

"L-Leave h-her alone," Matt said trying to get onto his hooves, and collapsing back onto the ground.
"Applejack, deal with him," Darkfire said, walking toward the filly.

"S-Stay back! A-Ah'm warning ya!" Apple Bloom said, slowly backing up as the dragon got closer to her.
"Good one," he said smoke coming from his mouth as fire began to build up.

Applejack watched in horror, The man she loved was on the ground getting kicked by her evil self and her sister was about to die in front of her eye's.

The fire flew out of Darkfire's mouth and engulfed Apple Bloom.
"NO!" Applejack yelled as she watched the fire fly around her sister.

Darkfire was flung back as a bright light came from the filly, "NO! She's found her element!"
Apple Bloom didn't know what was going on but she saw a glowing light around her neck and she smiled, "Ya scared of a little light?" she asked, taking a step toward Darkfire.

Applejack fell to the ground as the other elements of darkness slowly backed away from Apple Bloom, "Darkfire! We must go before she uses her element on us," Evil Twilight said.

"Fine! We'll be back!"

Before their eye's darkness surround them and they were gone.
Matt vision was going as he saw Applejack in tears as she quickly rushed over to him.
"I-I have the worst luck," was his last thought's before he lost consciousness.
Matt found himself back in the field of blossoms.

"If you're going to yell at me about not using my elements, please make it quick." Matt said just laying in the grass.
"I'm not going to yell at you," Night Fire said, "I know your energy wasn't fully recharged," She said laying down next to him. "The Darkness has made its own elements. But fate is on our side."

"I hope you're talking about Apple Bloom getting her element because I'm not in the mood to know there's a fifth element I need to find."

Night Fire giggled softly "It is indeed about Apple Bloom. With her now wielding the element of Light, the other three will follow soon."

"And how will they follow?" Matt asked.
"Apple Bloom's element of Light will signal the other elements to find their hosts in order to fight off this new evil."
"Good, Because I think I broke a few ribs and I think my right leg is broken from that fight with Darkfire."
"Your still needed in this fight Matt."

"Tell that to my broken leg," Matt said sitting up. "All I can do is help them the best I can."
"That's all I ask of you," she said. "Oh, you're about to wake up."
Matt blinked as he felt his body fling upward.
Matt heard the sound's of beeping. He slowly opened his eyes to see he was back in a hospital room, "Great, I'm back here again."

He turned his head to see Applejack talking with Twilight who had a stack of books in the room "Please tell me I'm not going back to school," He said with a smile. Before he could say anything more his lips were attacked by an orange mare he loved.
When she pulled away he saw her eye's were bloodshot, "H-How are ya feelin'?"
"I'm feeling just fine," he said trying to make her feel better.

"Good," SMACK. Aj smacked Matt across the face, "DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT!"
Matt rubbed his jaw with his good hoof, "I didn't mean to scare you."
"Why didn't you fight back!?" she asked, angry.

"I was still weak from the last battle, my energy needed to recharge before I could even think about fighting," he said. "I think she might have chipped a tooth," he thought as he felt something off about a tooth. He took notice of the guilty look on her face, "But, I should be able to recharge a lot faster now that Apple Bloom has her element."

"What!?" both Applejack and Twilight yelled making Matt jump in his bed, making his rib's sting as he let out a groan, "She's as an element of Light now."
"H-How?" Applejack asked.

"The element chose her for a reason," he said noticing Twilight staring at the two. "You didn't tell her?" he asked Twilight.
"YOU KNEW!?" Applejack asked, surprised.

"Matt's journal told me about Apple Bloom being an element, but I didn't think she'd be able to use it this soon," Twilight said, making sure the exit was in reach.

"Don't blame her for not telling you," Matt said, "I wasn't even supposed to tell you, but I was going to tell you when we were on our way back home but, you know how that went."

"Why Apple Bloom? Why is she the element of Light?"
"The element saw something inside her that drew it to her," he said, trying to remember what Night Fire told him of why his element's chose him. "There are still three more elements that need to be found and only Apple Bloom's element will find them."

"Can't ya just take the element?" Aj asked.
"No, I don't have what the element is looking for," he said looking at her. "Your sister will be safe, her element shields her from Darkfire and his new friends."
"How do you know that?" Aj asked.

"Her element is Light, It keeps the darkness at bay."
"You said there are three more?" Twilight asked.
"Yes, Apple Bloom's element will find them."
"And how do ya know this?" Applejack asked, curious as to how he knew all of this.
"Night Fire told me."

"She's the last one to wield my elements."
"And you spoke with her? And you didn't tell me?" Matt noticed a fire burning in Applejack's eyes which made Matt wish he was facing the evil Applejack right now.

"I was going to explain everything to you when we got home," he said, "And before you ask me if we did anything, we didn't, all she did was teach how to use my elements."
"Is that it?" Applejack asked.

Matt chuckled, "No, there is a lot more."
"Well, Ah have all night," she said, taking a seat next to his bed, "Spill."
"I'm just going to leave you two alone," Twilight said, sneaking out the door.

"Well," Matt placed his good hoof under his chin, trying to recall everything that happened to him.
Matt slowly opened eyes to see the love of his life sound asleep in his arm.

"If only my right hoof wasn't broken, I would move that strand of hair from her face." Then it hit him "You have wing's!" he stretched out his right wing and used it to move the strand of hair from her sleeping face, "I've missed this."
Matt noticed the sun slowly beginning to rise, "Go back down! I want to enjoy this!" his mind yelled at the sun.


Matt sighed as he knew she was awake, "Morning," he said, looking down at her and he noticed the big smile on her face. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," she said cuddling in close. "Doctor said ya get ta leave ta day."
"Maybe this time I can get home without something trying to kill me," he said as he felt Aj's lip's touch his cheek.
"Don't ya worry, Twilight and the rest of the girls will help take ya home."
"Great, My bodyguards are girls."

"Do ya want me ta hurt ya?" she said, glaring.
"I'm just saying you don't need them all to walk me home."
"Ah just want ta get ya home safe, please, do it for me," Matt watched as she pulled the puppy dog eyes out on him.
How could he say no to her? "Alright, you win."

"Good," she smiled as she cuddled up closer to him. "We have an hour so let's get some sleep."
Matt was happy to hear those words.

But sadly the door to his room burst open, "Matt! What happened to you?"
Matt blinked seeing the strange blue mare standing in the door way, "Sam, yer late."
Matt looked over at Aj who seemed to know who this mare was.

"I see you did more damage than what you sent in your letter, Aj." she said, walking over towards Matt, "I know I look different from how I used to, but I can tell you it's me, Sam," she said with a big, bright smile.
"Sam... Sam... Wait." Matt blinked as he couldn't believe it "Sam? My horse Sam?"

"Yup! That's me!" she said with a smile, "I would have thought you would have remained human?"
"I thought so too, but," he flapped his wings, "I'll take these over a human body."
Sam giggled, "Have you learned how to use them?"

"Not really, I can take off and glide, still trying to learn how to use them."
"Well ya need ta talk with Rainbow, she's the best flier in all of Equestria," Aj said, cutting in.
"From what you have told me about her... Yeah, I think I'll just go a head and just stay grounded," he said chuckling.
Aj just rolled her eyes, "Whatever ya say, it would have been nice ta have gone flyin'."
Matt rolled his eyes, "Anyways, how did you find out I was in the hospital?"

"Aj sent me a letter telling me you were in the hospital in a coma. I got on the first train from the Crystal Empire and headed here."

"Well, when I woke from my coma, some evil ponies attacked and I was sent back here with a few broken ribs and a broken leg," he said, filling in the gaps.

"Is this about a dark evil? Because that mare named Night Fire told me about it."
Matt's eyes went wide and so did Aj's, "Y-You've talked with Night Fire?"
"Yeah, she came to me in a dream last night and told me about this great evil and that I'm here to help you find the other elements."

"Remind me to yell at Night Fire the next time I see her," Matt thought. "What else did she tell you?"
"That's really it."

Matt sighed, "She needs to warn me when she does this."
It was around noon when Matt was discharged from the hospital.

He sat in a wheel chair as Aj pushed as they walked down the dirt path heading back home.
"So we finally get to meet this Matthew you've been talking about," Rainbow Dash said hovering over the wheel chair looking down at Matt, "You couldn't write?"

"Leave him alone, Rainbow, he has reasons why he didn't write, don't you darling?" Rarity asked.
"I do," Matt said trying to keep a smile on his face, "I could have walked but noooo, I had to leave in a wheel chair... I feel like a child," Matt thought as he watched the road in front of him.

"What was the reason? You could have told her you were okay," Rainbow said.
"I couldn't write to her because I was told not to," he said looking up at her, "if I wrote to her I would have altered the time line more than it should have been."

"I-I'm just glad you're back... I didn't like seeing Aj so sad," Flutthershy said, hiding her face behind her hair to avoid looking at Matt.

"You better make it up to her," Rainbow said glaring at Matt.
"I plan on it," He said looking at Aj. "So, I'll make dinner tonight."
"No, yer gonna take it easy till yer all healed," Aj said with a stern tone.
"I think making dinner is taking it easy, besides, I hate being waited on," he said hoping she would budge.
"No, Ya can sit and watch yer shows while ya get better, and don't ya dare try and do anything or ye'll go right back to the hospital."

Matt noticed the fire in her eyes, "Yup... She's not going to budge on this."
He looked back at the road in front of him as he noticed Granny Smith sitting outside in her rocking chair, "Hopefully she doesn't remember me."
To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Here is the next Chapter. Tell me what you think and Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

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