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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 2. Helping Out A Mare. School.

Chapter 2. Helping Out A Mare. School.
A week had gone by and Matt found himself in town with Honey Blossom.

She had her bags almost full with yummy food. Matt was carrying them for her since Yellow Gala was busy fixing up the foals crib.

"So, How are ya liking Ponyville so far?" She asked as they made there way through the market place.

"I'm liking it so far." Matt said trying to keep up with the pregnant mare.

"I'm glad." She said with a smile "I'm sorry that ah dragged ya off on ya day off."

Matt chuckled "You don't need to be sorry. If you didn't drag me out i wouldn't be seeing ponyville." He said with a bright smile.

"Good! Now i just need to grab a few more things and we can head home."

They walked up to a cart. They waited in line "Well, This is going to be a long wait." Matt thought as he looked at the long line for what he could only tell was some kind of spice.

Matt felt something pulling his tail and he looked behind him to see a stroller with a little foal inside pulling his tail. "Now Fluttershy. Don't pull on his tail." Matt looked up to see an earth pony with light pink hair and her coat was a very light yellow. Her cutie mark was of three flowers with hearts in them. "I'm so sorry about that." She said as she gave the little one her bottle.

"It's aright, No harm done." He said with a smile "How hold is she?" He asked looking at Fluttershy.

"She's one week old." She said with a smile.

"She such a cutie." Matt notice the little Fluttershy smile. "She has your hair that's for sure." Matt said looking back at the mother. She giggled "Names Matt."

"I'm Petalblush." She said blushing a little "Nice to meet you Matt."

"It's nice to meet you too Petalblush." The little Fluttershy let burp.

"Well, I must be going. I only stop to make her a bottle. It was nice speaking with you Matt. Hope to see you around." She said with a smile as she trotted along.

"Ya sure have a way with mares." Honey said to Matt.

Matt blushed "I was only being nice."

Matt felt somepony dived behind him. He looked to his side to see a purple earth pony with a Pale, light grayish rose mane. It was all frizzled. "Okay... When did i enter the 80's?" Matt asked himself looking at her.

"You got to hide me!" She said staying very low to the ground.

I looked to see a big stallion with short blue hair and his coat was orange which did not match his hair style but if he likes it then go for it. He looked like he was looking for somepony.

"Are you hiding from him?" He asked looking back at her.

"Yes! He's my ex." She seemed scared. I looked back at the stallion.

"Did you color his mane?" Honey asked.

"I-I might have... I mean he did cheat on me." She said as she ducked as the stallion looked at us.

"Well it still doesn't give you the right to color his mane." Honey said "But... If he's this mad because you colored his hair then you can stay hidden behind Matt."

"Thank you!" She said as we watched the stallion came walking up to them.

"Have you seen a mare come running over here?" He asked.

"Yeah, I saw her run down that ally." Matt said pointing towards the ally.

"Thank you." He took off running towards the ally.

She smiled "He'll be back." Matt said looking at Honey.

"Oh Blossom!" Honey looked towards the sound of the voice to see her husband Yellow Gala walking towards them.

"What are ya doing here honey?" She asked as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"I got finished early and came to finish the shopping with you." Matt was happy to hear that. His back was hurting from carrying these bags.

Yellow took the bags from Matt's back and stood next to his wife.

"Well since your free... Do you think you could walk me home... Just in case my ex returns?" The mare asked.

"Well, Alright." Matt said "I'll see you two back at the farm."

"See ya Matt, Don't worry! If ya make it home late we'll leave the light on for ya!" Yellow said chuckling. Matt blushed and so did the mare.

"Which way is your house?" Matt asked as he followed the mare.

"It's up this way." She said as she walked beside Matt. "So, How do you know the apple's?"

"They found me outside of there farm. I was flying and fell asleep and crashed landed on there farm." Matt said "Wow. That was a quick lie. New record." Matt thought.

"You fell asleep while flying? You must have been really tired if you just fall asleep while flying." She said.

"I was." He looked at the mare "I'm Matthew by the way."

"My name is Cheerilee." She said with a smile. Matt notice she had braces on.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Both their heads turn to see the stallion that was hunting down Cheerilee early found them. "You're going to pay for coloring my hair!" He yelled as he trotted over.

Before Matt could say anything he saw Cheerilee fall to the ground as the stallion had just smacked her with his hoof. Now normally Matt isn't one to get angry but when a girl or in this case a mare is hurt by a guy or stallion, Matt goes someplace even he doesn't like to go.

Before the stallion could react Matt had nailed the stallion in the face sending him to the ground and Matt stood right on top of punching him with his hoofs.

Cheerilee looked up to see Matt waling on her ex "YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT TO HURT A MARE!? WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT!? IF I EVER SEE YOU HURT A MARE AGAIN I'LL MAKE SURE YOUR IN A HOSPITAL BED!" He yelled as he punching one last time. Matt got off the stallion who took off running for his life with fear in his eyes.

Matt watched as he ran. His anger slowly retreating as he tried his hardest to get control over his darker side.

Cheerilee was in shock. She couldn't believe Matt did that.

Matt looked at Cheerilee "You okay?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah..." She was still in shock.

"Are you sure? He hit you pretty hard."

"Yeah... I'm sure." She was starting to come out of her shock as she looked at him "W-Why did you hurt him like that?"

"When i saw him hit you, I went into a dark place and lost control. A stallion should never lay a hoof on a mare." Matt said as he looked away.

She got close to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek "Thank you."

Matt blushed "Y-Your welcome."

She had a blush on her cheek "The mare that has your heart is lucky to have you."

Matt looked at her with a shocked look "How do you know i have a mare?"

"You just confirmed it." She said with a smile.

Matt chuckled "Well, I'm more of the lucky one to have her."

"Tell me about her." She asked wanting to know more.

Matt mind began to race. "Okay Matt. You have to make up a story and fast." Matt thought.

Matt took a deep breath as he found the right story. "I was just a colt and she was just a filly. We met one day during school and couldn't take our eyes off each other. We talked, played and just hung out with each other everyday. Then the day came when she didn't show up and school, I learned her family moved. I've been searching for her for a few years now trying to find her." He looked at Cheerilee. "I would buy that." Matt thought.

Cheerilee had a tear in her eye "That's so sad! I hope you find her."

They both heard a voice and they both looked to see a mare with a pink coat and blue hair.

"There you are Cheerilee! I've been looking for you!" She said walking up to Cheerilee "Dinner is ready and i have been waiting for you to get home!"

"Sorry sis, The ex was chasing after me." She said to her sister.

Her sister notice Matt "My, Whose this handsome stallion?" She asked as she looked at Matt like eye candy.

"His name is Matt. He was helping me get home." Cheerilee said to her sister.

"Well Matt, I'm Cindy, But you can call me Cin." She said as she got closer to Matt.

Matt blushed "Um.. Nice to meet you Cin... Well Cheerilee, Your in safe han- I mean hoofs now i'll see you around." Matt took off running.

"You scared him away! Why do you always have to do that?" Cheerilee asked with a huff.

"I was only messing with him sis." She notice the mark on her sister's face "What happened to your face? Did Woody do this to you?" She asked looking at the mark.

"Yes. But Woody's face looks worst."

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked puzzled.

"Woody hit me in front of Matt and Matt just waled on Woody, He took off running with his tail between his legs." Cheerilee said giggling.

"Matt made Woody run away like a dog? My... I'll have to get to know him better." Cindy said with a smile.

"No you don't! He's looking for a mare he knew when he was a colt!" Cheerilee said poking her sister's chest with her hoof.

"Don't worry sis, I won't date him. I just want to thank him for helping my little sis out." She said with a smile.
Matt stopped running as he took tried to catch his breath.

"Why did you run?"

"Because i'm messing with time! I could have changed something i shouldn't have!"

"Well if you didn't stop that stallion from hurting Cheerilee she might have been seriously hurt." The voice in his head said.

"Still. Everything i do here affects the future." He said to the voice "Cheerilee should be fine... Wait... Cheerilee... Why do i know that name?" Matt closed his eyes trying to remember where he heard that name. "She's the school teacher!"

"THERE HE IS!" Matt looked to see that stallion again, But this time he brought some friends.

Matt looked at the two other stallions that were with the ex "Oh... This isn't going to end well"
Cheerilee and Cindy were searching for Matt.

They turned the corner to see Matt slowly limping. He had cuts and Bruises all over his body.

"MATT!" Both girls yelled as they rushed towards him. "W-What happened to you?" Cheerilee asked.

"Y-Your ex brought back up." Matt said before he fell hard to the ground.

Both the girls got scared.
Matt slowly awoke to find himself in a room.

Matt slowly laid forwards in the bed as he felt his body hurt "Man, Those stallions had some strong punches." Matt thought "Wait... Where am i?" He looked around the room as he notice the pink bed sheets and the poster's of what he could only tell was a pony version of the 80's pop groups.

"Your awake!" Said a female voice. Matt looked to see Cheerilee in the door way to the room.

She rushed over to him "Are you alright?" She asked worried.

Matt blinked "Yeah, I'm fine. H-How did i get here?" Matt asked.

"Me and Cindy went looking for you and we saw you limping. When we asked what happened you said my ex brought friends, Then you passed out." Cheerilee moved to the nightstand and handed Matt a glass of water "Here."

Matt took the glass and gulped it down. "I'll get Woody and his friends for what they did to you!"

Matt shook his head "No need, I made sure they won't be messing with me ever again."

"B-But they beat you up!"

Matt chuckled "No, I beat them up. I sent them running home to there mothers." Matt said looking at Cheerilee "Your ex and his little friends saw what i can do when i'm out numbered."

She was shocked "You took them all on at once?"

"Yeah, They look way worst then i do." Matt got out of bed as he stretched his wings.

Cheerilee notice the long scar that ran down his leg. Matt notice her staring at his scar "I got that from crashing into some trees a few years back."

She shook her head as she blushed. "I-I came to wake you and tell you we have breakfast."

"Oh.. Thanks..."

"You won't have to worry about my parents. They left for there second honey moon a few days ago."

Matt followed Cheerilee down the stairs to see Cindy sitting at the table eating her food. "Morning Matt!" She said with a bright smile "I made pancakes!"

Matt notice how good they look "Thanks." Matt sat down and ate.

After they ate there breakfast. Matt went to leave when Cindy came running towards Matt with a camera in her hoofs "Before you leave can we take a picture?"

"Say no! Say no!" Matt mind screamed "Sure."

Cindy set up the camera and stood next to him while Cheerilee stood on the other side of him as they all smiled for the camera.

After he got his picture taken he told the girls goodbye and made his way back home.

"Why did you want a picture with him?" Cheerilee asked puzzled.

"I want to add him to my scrap book of memory's." She said with a smile. "Don't worry, I'll make a copy just for you."

Cheerilee blushed.
Applejack had just gotten out of the shower from a long day of working. She walked over to the couch to find Apple Bloom going thought Matt's bag.

"Why are ya goin' through Matt's bag?" Applejack asked a little mad.

"Sorry sis. Ah saw this weird picture of some strange creatures on the front. Ah wanted to see what they were."

Applejack looked on the screen to see what she was talking about. "Those creatures are humans. Now before you how ah know that, I was one not long ago." Applejack said sitting down next to her sister. "The show you are watchin' is called Psych. This is Matt's favorite show." Applejack smiled at the memory of them watching it together after a long day of working. She saw the opening theme play's.

"So you watched this before?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Ya, I like it." She said as she saw Shawn and Gust watching the spelling bee contest.

"Oh, Before ah forget!" She dug into her little bag and pulled out a piece of paper "My teacher wants us ta bring a one of are brother's or sister's ta school tomorrow and ah wanted ta bring ya." She said with a smile.

Applejack looked over the piece of paper "Mac can handle the north field tomorrow."

Apple Bloom face lit up "Thank you sis!" She said hugging her sister "Oh! I've gotta go! Ah forgot ah have homework!" She took off running leaving her sister to look at the tv.

She cracked a smile as she saw Shawn and Gust speaking with the contestants.
Applejack waited downstairs for Apple Bloom.

"We're gonna be late if ya don't hurry up!" Applejack yelled up the stairs.

She heard her sister's foot steps as she ran down the stairs "Ready!" She yelled as she had her bag on her back as she rushed out the door with Applejack close behind.
At School.

Cheerilee sat behind her desk as she looked at all the little colts and filly's with there brother's or sister's. "Alright class." Cheerilee said as she stood up from her desk "I know most of your brother's or sister's couldn't make it or you don't have any. Like I've told you all a picture of them will do and if you do not have a brother or sister it is alright. You won't fail this class." Cheerilee said to those who didn't have brother's or sister's.

"Now, Before we begin, I would like you all to meet my sister." Cheerilee pulled down a chart that showed a picture of Cheerilee, Cindy and a Stallion.

Some of kids chuckled seeing Cheerilee look weird "This is my sister Cindy." She said using a stick to point to Cindy "She has always been there for me since i was just a foal and i wouldn't be who i am if it wasn't for her."

A colt raised his hoof.

She pointed to the colt "Yes?"

"Whose the stallion?" The colt asked.

She smiled "He's a friend of mine."

"Was he your boyfriend?" Diamond Tiara asked with a giggle.

Cheerilee blushed "No, He wasn't my boyfriend. He was just a friend."

"What's your friends name?" Diamond Tiara asked.

"His name was Matthew." Cheerilee said

Applejack's eyes went wide "D-Did she say his name was Matthew?" She shook her head "That can't be Matt, Matt would be a human." She just shook it off. She looked at the picture and notice the scar on his leg... "That scar kinda looks likes Matt's scar... Maybe it is him... I'll ask her when class is out more about him"
When school ended Applejack waited for everypony to leave.

When they left she walked up to Cheerilee's desk "Miss Cheerilee?"

Cheerilee looked up from her desk to see Applejack "Applejack? What brings you by?"

"Ah wanted to know more about this Matt fella ya talked about earlier today." Applejack said.

"Funny you would ask about him." Cheerilee said as she pulled out a picture from her desk "He was friends with your parents when i met him."

Applejack looked at the picture then back to Cheerilee "He knew my parents?"

"Yeah, I was hiding from an ex boyfriend and Matt and your mother kept me hidden." She said giggling a little "I believe she was pregnant with you at the time. If my memory serves me right."

"So this Matt... What did ya know about him?" Applejack asked.

"Well, I remember him being nice and brave. I had a small crush on him after he fought off my ex, But i knew he was taken by the way he acted around me. He told me about the mare, He met her when he was just a colt and how he was looking for her, I thought that was romantic, Anyways, All i really knew was he was staying with your parents because they took him in after he fell asleep while flying." Cheerilee said trying to recover those old memory's.

"Was that all ya knew about him?" Applejack asked.

"Well, We did hang out a lot after he took on my ex and his two stupid friends. Then one day he just was gone." Cheerilee said a little sad.

Applejack took the information Cheerilee told and made sure to research this some more. "Just one more thing. You said he was stayin' with my parents. Was Big Mac still a foal or a colt?"

Cheerilee placed a hoof to her chin again trying to think "I believe he was a colt."

"Thank you Cheerilee. For everything." Applejack took off running leaving Cheerilee with her thoughts.

"Maybe i should have told her he died trying to protect her mother... Nah, I think she'll find that out when she talks with Big Mac or Granny Smith." Cheerilee said as she packed up her things.
Matt walked down the path to Sweet Apple Acres.

He saw Yellow Gala sitting on the porch with a grin on his face "When ah said we'll leave a light on for ya. I didn't think ya would take that offer." He said chuckling.

Matt chuckled "Trust me, I didn't want to stay out all night."

Yellow notice the black eyes and the cuts and bruises on his body "Ya get into a fight now?"

"Yeah, Her ex hit her, I lost it and knocked him to the ground and i let my anger go on his face, I got control of my anger stopped, He ran away with his tail between his tail and i got attacked two minutes later by his friends. Showed them who was boss and passed out when Cheerilee and her sister showed up." Matt said sitting down on the porch.

Yellow looked at him with a shocked look on his face "You took on three stallions and you manged to take on all three?"

"Yup." Matt said with a grin.

"To be young again." He said taking a sip of his coffee. "You should get cleaned up before we start work."

Matt nodded as he made his way inside.

Yellow Gala notice Big Mac hiding on the side of the house "Big Mac? What are you doing hiding on the side of the house?"

"I-I wanted to hear Matt's story." Big Mac said to his father.

"What have i told you about ease drooping?" He asked his son.

"It's wrong to do." He said lowering his head.

"Next time, Don't hide, Okay?" He said looking at his son.

"Okay, Pa." Big Mac said.

"No, Go get ready for school."

Big Mac did as he was told and ran into the house to go get ready for school. "He reminds me of me when i was a colt." Yellow thought as he took a sip of his coffee.
To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Chapter 2 is done. Now to go work on Chapter 3. Hope you all enjoy and like and comment. It helps out alot. And before you all ask. Yes i was watching Psych while writing this. :pinkiehappy: