• Published 30th Jul 2013
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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 11. Storm, Hospital, Darkness.

Chapter 11. Storm, Hospitals, Darkness.
Fluttershy hid under her cover's as the raging storm outside her home raged on.

"Why do we have to have a storm tonight?" Fluttershy asked herself as she squeeze tighter to her pillow.

There came a loud bang then a crashing noise within her home.

Fluttershy grabbed her flashlight next to her night stand and made her way through her home.

Fluttershy saw a hole through her roof "D-Did a tree fall?" She said out loud as she got closer to the broken pile of boards.

There came a moan as the boards moved. Fluttershy took a step back as a black shadow came flying out. It hovered over the pile of wood as it's red eyes staring at Fluttershy "Dinner!" It went to attack Fluttershy when a bright light came from the bile of wood as a hand reached out and grabbed the shadow "I DON'T THINK SO!"

The shadow burst into light as Fluttershy looked at the figure standing in front of her. His cloths wore ripped as blood was leaking from his forehead and arms.

The strange creature looked at Fluttershy. He went to say something but fell to the ground. There came a light around his body as it began to change into a pony.

Fluttershy rushed over to the body as she looked down at him. She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. The pony in front of her had a black mane and his coat was a dark brown "I-I need to get you to the hospital."
Twilight yawned as she made her way down the stairs. The sun was slowly beginning to rise.

She made her way into the kitchen as she began to brew herself some coffee as she placed the journal in front of her.

She went to open it when a knock came to the door.

"Who could that be this early in the morning?" Twilight made her way to the door.

She opened it and saw Fluttershy standing there "I-I hope i didn't wake you?"

"I was just brewing some coffee. What brings you over?" Twilight asked letting Fluttershy into her home.

"W-Well... Last night during the thunderstorm something strange happened, I was in my room trying to sleep when there came a crash. I grabbed my flashlight and saw my roof caved in."

"I hope none if your animals got hurt." Twilight said as they made their way into the kitchen.

"None of them were hurt. Anyways, I made my way closer to the bile of wood when I heard a moan then I saw this shadow creature come out of the bile, It hovered over the the bile of wood as it looked at me, It said 'Dinner' And came flying towards me. Before I knew it there came a hand and it grabbed the shadow and said it said 'I don't think so!' and it burst into a bright light."

Twilight blinked a few times trying to believe what her friend just told her "And that's not the strange part. The strange part is, The creature that stopped the shadow stood, He was bleeding and he went to speak when he fell, A bright light covered his body and he changed into a pony."

Twilight eyes went wide "H-He changed into a pony!?"

Fluttershy nodded "Y-Yes.."

"Where is he now?"

"I-I took him to the hospital."

"You go get Applejack. Tell her to meet me at the hospital." Twilight grabbed the journal off the table as she made her way to the door.

"O-Okay." Fluttershy said as she watched Twilight rushed out of her home.
Twilight slowly opened the door to see the pony Fluttershy told her about.

She walked inside and looked at the pony "A shadow creature, Then you show up and changed into a pony. Something isn't right... And you know it." Twilight thought as she looked at the machines hooked up to him "He won't be able to tell me anything, He's in a coma and he has no sign of waking up."

Twilight notice the hat next to the bed stand. She picked it up and looked at it "This looks a lot like Aj's hat... It is!"
Applejack was in the barn working. Her mind wasn't really into work, Her mind was on Matt, She was still worried about him.

Applejack heard a noise and turned around to see Fluttershy out of breath "Ya okay Shy?"

"J-J-Just g-give m-me a m-moment." She said trying to catch her breath. Once she caught her breath she told Applejack about what had happened to her last night and that Twilight wanted her down at the hospital.

Before Fluttershy knew it Applejack was out of the barn and half way down the path way "More running." Fluttershy thought as she took off after Applejack.
Twilight had granny smith's journal open as she read through the pages.

The door slowly opened "Twi? Ya in here?"

Twilight looked towards the door and saw Applejack's head sticking through the door.

"I'm here." She as she watched Applejack walk into the room.

"Fluttershy told me what happened." She said as she looked at the pony in the bed. A strange feeling came over Applejack as she stepped into the room.

"I'm glad you came." Twilight used her magic to pick up the hat from the night stand "Does this hat look familiar to you?"

Applejack looked at the hat and her eyes went wide "T-This is my hat!"

"So i was right." Twilight said as she looked at the pony in the bed.

Applejack made her way towards the bed as she looked at him "W-Will he be alright?" She asked looking back at Twilight.

"Doctor say's he's in a coma and doesn't know when he'll awake." She said "All we can do is wait."

Applejack looked back at Matt "You'll pull through. I know you will."
Darkness, That's all he Matt could see or feel.

"Give up. You can't win." Said a dark voice.

"Funny, That's what I said to Darkfire right before i sent him back to your dimension." Matt said.

"Unlike him, Your elements can't stop me."

"No, But they can keep you from escaping your prison."

"You only have three elements. You need the other four to truly keep me imprisoned."

"True. But that doesn't mean i can't find them."

"You'll never find the other four. You will fall and i shall return and shroud this land in darkness."

"If i fail, The elements will find another host and he or she will defeat you."

"Not if i swallow this world into darkness."

"Where there is darkness, There will always be light to fight back."

Matt heard the voice laugh "The light will soon burn out."

"And darkness fades." Matt said "Oh, And Night Fire say's hi."

The voice let out a roar "Did i hit a nerve?" Matt said with a chuckle.
Twilight flipped through a few more pages as she searched for any clue on what was going on.

There came a knock on the door "Now what!?" Twilight made her way towards the door.


"Morning, I have a package for you." The stallion said pulling out a small box.

Twilight took the box "To Twilight Sparkle. From Matthew." Twilight eyes went wide.

"That package has been sitting in our building since Ponyville was first founded. We had a few bets running saying you wouldn't be here, Looks like I've lost that bet."

"T-Thanks... Bye." Twilight shut the door as she ripped open the box.

Inside was a journal "Another journal?"

Twilight opened the book.

"Dear Twilight.

As you may now know. I'm in the past, How i got here is a very long story, So get comfy and hope you have plenty of coffee on hoof.

A danger is coming and will soon destroy Ponyville and the world as we know it. A great evil has awoken and started pouring into this world, I am the bearer of three elements, Love, Hope and Courage These elements once belonged to Night Fire, She has been teaching me how to use them. A minion of this great evil known as Darkfire has traveled into the past twice trying to kill Applejack and Apple Bloom. I have stopped him once and now i'm trying to stop him again. This journal you have will hold everything i do and will inform you if something happened to me so you may tell Applejack.

Please, Do not tell her about this journal until you have finished it."

Twilight placed the journal onto the table "I'm going to need coffee... Lots of coffee." Twilight said as she made her way into the kitchen and began to brew herself some coffee.

Twilight flipped to the next page and began to read. As she read the elements in the glass case began to glow and she found herself being sucked into the book.
Twilight looked around at the surrounding area as she notice she was in a blossom field.

"Now, Let's begin our training." The white mare said "I want you to call your elements to you."

"Okay." Matt closed his eyes as he called out for his elements.

Once the three lights appeared in front of him he looked back at the mare "Now what?"

"Now, Focus the power to change your form."

"Change my form? What am i turning into?"

"Your human self."

Matt was glad to hear he could still turn into his human self. Matt closed his eyes and his form began to change. The light faded and Matt looked at his hands "How i missed having finger's."

The white mare chuckled "Now that you have changed, We may begin your real training."

"Real training? So what i just learned wasn't my real training?"

"Not really, I figured it would be easier for you to use weapons since you don't really aren't use to your pony body."

"Smart." Matt said.

"Now, I want you to think of a weapon, Make sure this weapon is strong and can hold up in battle."

Matt thought long and hard "So, I just think of the weapon i want and it will appear?"

"Yes, As long as you believe in this weapon you can use it."

Matt smiled "I have the perfect weapon." Matt brought out his hand and focused on the weapon.

A light started to glow around Matt's hand.

"W-What kind of weapon is that?"

Matt chuckled "In my world there is a video game i use to play, This was the weapon the hero used to fight off heartless."

"What is it?"

"It's called a keyblade." Matt said as he looked at the mare "This little beauty can use magic so i chose an amazing weapon."

"Since it can use magic, I guess it is an amazing weapon."

Matt looked at the keyblade and chuckled "When i first played Kingdom Hearts i wanted to own a keyblade, Now, I get to use one."

"What was this keyblade used for?"

"Well, It's used to fight off heartless, Heartless steal hearts from people because they do not have a heart of their own, This helped release the heart from them, And this was used to seal a key hole in the world to keep the heartless from distorting it." Matt said.

"These heartless sound like the creature's i use to fight, But they didn't steal hearts, They stole a body's mind." She said "That's what you'll be facing."

"Good thing i chose this then." Matt said swinging the keyblade.

"Let us begin." The mare waved her hoof and shadow creature appeared in front of Matt "Use what you know about this keyblade and defeat all of these."

"Alright." Matt said as he held the keyblade. He took off running as he jumped into the air and swung his keblade.

After awhile Matt sliced through the last shadow creature.

Matt huffed as he stood. The keyblade disappeared as Matt formed changed back to his pony form.

"W-What happened?" Matt asked.

"Your energy has ran out. Do not worry, We will work on a way to focus your energy so you won't get tired so quickly."

"Good to know." Matt sat down as he looked around "You never did tell me your name."

"My name is Night Fire."

"Night Fire, Nice name. Better then Star Lander."

She chuckled "I think Star Lander is a good name."
Matt sat in the darkness as he just floated.

"Keeping me from waking up isn't going to help you." Matt said.

"Keeping you asleep will indeed help me." the voice said.

"Well, I figured you would do something like this, So I planed ahead." Matt said as he floated.

"What do you mean, You planned ahead?"

"Well, I wrote down everything i did in a journal and made sure it was sent off to none other then Princess Twilight Sparkle... One of the elements of harmony."

"Doesn't matter, By the time she finishes that journal, I will have what i need."

Matt started laughing making the voice grow worried.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Well, While you were busy doing whatever, I had a little time to mess with the elements of harmony."

The voice remained silence.

"Right about now Twilight will have absorbed the information. She'll be on her way to protect Apple Bloom."

The voice roared "I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

"Go ahead, My elements will just find a new host and you'll have to deal with him or her."

The voice roared again.
Applejack was sitting next to Matt's bed as she looked at the machines hooked up to him.

"I don't know if you can hear me, But i'm glad you manged to get back to me." Applejack said as she placed a hoof on Matt's hoof "When you wake up and get back on your hoofs, I'll take you to my favorite spot and we'll watch the sun set."

Applejack notice Matt's lips move into a smile. This made her smile.
To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

I have been playing a lot of GTA 5 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5. Hope you all enjoy. :pinkiehappy: