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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 4. TARDIS. Granny's Journal.

Chapter 4. TARDIS. Granny's Journal.
Matt entered a book store and went through books.

"Twilight." Matt looked at the cover picture. It showed two pale hoofs holding an apple. "For the love of all things that is holy! I thought once i came here i could get away from this stupid book!." Matt remembered Amber talking about Twilight. It drove him nuts. "Well, Maybe it's better then our version." Matt picked up the book and read through some of the pages "Okay... This is worst then ours." Matt placed the book back on the shelf and moved on.

The door to the store jiggled as two ponies made there way inside. Matt sat going through some books seeing if there is one he wants to buy.

"Hello! How can i help you?" The stallion asked from behind his desk.

"Hello, I ordered some books from here and i came to pick them up." Matt head slowly slide to the side of the bookshelf so he could see who the ponies were.

"Sure, Name?"

"Twilight Sparkle." Twilight said with a smile.

The stallion went through his book looking for her name.

"DID SHE JUST SAY HER NAME WAS TWILIGHT SPARKLE!" Matt was in shocked. Then he notice one thing off about her "Wait... Where are her wings? Oh... Maybe this is past Twilight... But she would be a foal... My brain hurts." Matt notice the stallion next to her and he notice his cutie mark "Is that an hourglass?... Maybe he's a time traveler? That would make sense since she wouldn't be this old this fast." Matt thought as he snuck closer to the two ponies to hear them better.

"I'm sorry Miss Sparkle but i have no record of you ordering books from here." He said to Twilight.

"No, I know i'm right, I've order books from her for years." She said.

The stallion just looked at her "I'm sorry, But i've only been in business for two months now. I think you might have the wrong book shop." The stallion said.

Matt notice the stallion Twilight cut in "We must have gotten the wrong store, We are sorry we have wasted your time." He said pulling Twilight out of the store. Matt followed the two as they ducked behind the side of the building.

"How could he only be in business for a few months!? I've been ordering books from that store for years!" She said mad.

"Twilight, I think i might have put us in the past." The stallion said.

"Oh i knew it! I knew it was to good to be true!" Said said angry "This is why i said we should have taken the train!"

"I'm sorry Twilight, Really i am." He said "I knew i hit the wrong switch, Well, Onwards and Upwards." He said

Matt quickly ducked behind a cart as he watched the two walk out of the ally and made there way out of the area.

He watched as the two walked down the street. He made sure to keep low and not be seen by the two "If this Twilight is from the past i'll need to keep clear of her, I don't need to destroy space and time in one after noon. But her friend, If i could figure out how he goes through time maybe i could us it to get back home and back... To Applejack."

They walked into an ally way as he watched the stallion go inside the police call box, He notice Twilight outside waiting for her friend to return "Well, I think i might have done something bad."

"What did you do now?"

"I may have burnt out some wires that need to be replaced." He said stepping out of box "It will take awhile for me fix it. Why don't you go explore while i work."

"Alright, I'll see if i can find a new book." She said trotting off.

Once she was gone The stallion walked out of the ally and looked at the cart "Mind telling me why your following us?"

Matt raised his head up "Are you talking to me?"

"Yes, I notice you watching us in that book store and you following us back here. Mind telling me why."

"I can't tell you, If i told you i would destroy time and space." Matt said rubbing the back of his neck with his hoof.

"Let me guess, Your from the future and your in the past on a mission. Right?" He asked

"Kind of... It's a very long story." Matt said walking out from behind the cart.

"Well, I know every story known to ma- I mean pony." The Doctor said with a smile.

Matt notice the slip "You wouldn't happen to have been a human once?"

The Doctor blinked "Well, I did have a human like body... Wait, How do you know about humans?"

"Believe it or not i was once a human."

"How did you get here? Did a rip in the universe bring you here?" He asked as he pulled out a strange stick and it lit up green as he pointed it at him.

"Well, It was more like a portal opened up and brought me here."

He looked at the stick then looked back at him "Wow, Your not lying you were once a human."

"I wouldn't lie to you."

"Can you at least tell me where you found this portal?"

"It was under a waterfall in a cliff, Me and my girlfriend found it and it brought us here, She's not with me she's in a different time line and i'm in the past." He said trying to not tell him the whole truth.

"This waterfall, It wasn't near some mines was it?" He asked.

"Yeah, It is... How would you kn-" Matt eyes grew "Wait... Were you the guy that i met inside that space ship?"

He shook his head "I was indeed that man you met, It's a small universe." He said with a chuckle.

"Great, I ran into the man that didn't really help."

"I helped!"

"You helped open the door! That was it, Me and Aj did the real work!" Matt said glaring at the pony.

"I did more then that, I made sure her system was online so she could leave the planet!" He shot back at Matt.

"I'll give you that." Matt said.

"Anyways, I'll take you to the right time and you can be with your girlfriend." The Doctor said walking back towards his box.

Matt felt something tug at his heart as he looked back at the busy street of Canterlot. "I-I can't leave, I'm still needed here."

The Doctor gave Matt a strange look "What do you mean? This is your chance to be with your girlfriend."

Matt looked back at The Doctor "Something deep down in my heart is telling me if i go with you now she won't be there and i'll never see her again."

The Doctor closed the door "This is your only chance to leave now, If you chose to stay i won't be able to come back and get you."

Matt looked back out onto the city and the ponies walking around and he looked back at the Doctor "Then, I'll be stuck here."

"If that's your choice then so be it."

"Doctor. Promise me you'll keep Twilight safe, She's got a bright future in front of her."

The Doctor smiled "I know she has a bright future in front of her, You keep yourself safe now."

Matt smiled "I can't promise that but i can say i'll try."

Matt walked away as The Doctor watched him leave. "He made the right choice in staying." He walked back into the TARDIS and pulled up something onto the screen that shown Honey Blossom time of date she died change "Knew there was a reason why we came here."
Applejack came running into the house as she looked high and low for Granny Smith.

"Whatcha lookin' for Applejack?" Apple Bloom asked from the couch.

Applejack notice she was watching one of Matt's show's. She watched as the opening theme play for an old cartoon show Matt used to watch as a kid called Digimon "Did ya go digging through Matt's bag again?" She asked as she saw Sweetie Bell head pop up.

"That was me! Sorry!" Sweetie Bell said.

Scootaloo head popped up "Your boyfriend has some strange shows."

Applejack rolled her eyes "Have you girls seen Granny Smith?"

"Ya, She said she had ta go to Canterlot to go visit a friend." Apple Bloom said.

"How long did she say she's stayin'?" Applejack asked.

Apple Bloom placed her hoof to her chin "Mmm, She said she's stayin' a week down there."

Applejack heart stopped for a second as she couldn't believe it.

"Are ya okay sis?"

Applejack walked over to her sister and her friends as she sat down next to her sister and looked at the tv "I'm okay Bloom, I just need some times to think."

Apple Bloom notice the sad face on her sister's face "Ah wish ah could help her."
Later That Night.

Apple Bloom was going through some boxes in the attic.

"No, No, No, No." She tore through the boxes looking for anything to cheer up her little sister when she came across a journal. "Oh, What's this?" She opened the book and read through the pages as she saw a name she heard her sister keep saying "Maybe this is Matt?"

She took the book ran to her room as closed the door and hid under the cover's, She pulled out her flashlight and opened the book as she read through it.
Applejack sat on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate as she watched the tv.

She chuckled as she watched Shawn and Gust running away from the sound of gun shots.

"Ya still up?" Big Mac asked walking down the stairs.

"Ah couldn't sleep." She said looking at her brother.

"Ya know ya gotta get some sleep." He said switching off the tv "Go get in bed."

She stood as she looked at her brother "Mac, Are ya sure ya don't remember anything else about that pony Matt that was here?"

"Ah was young but i do remember him coming back from Canterlot with a smile on his face, Ma was happy to have him back, Something about Pa needing help working on the barn. I'll keep trying to dig up what ah can about him when the memory's come back ta me." He said to his sister "Now, Go get in bed."

"Alright, Night Mac."

"Night Aj." He watched as his sister left and he notice the picture on the couch. He walked over and picked it up. He placed it into the bag and walked out of the room as he went to get a goodnight sleep.

Once she knew her brother she quickly and quietly made her way downstairs and outside.

She sat at her favorite spot as she watched the stars shinned in the night sky.

She sat down by her tree as she saw two shooting stars shine bright in the sky.

"Mom, Dad." She thought as she saw the stars "Please keep Matt safe."
Matt walked down the path that lead him to Sweet Apple Acres.

He smiled as he saw Yellow Gala and Honey Blossom sitting outside with Big Mac as they played with the little colt.

"It's good to be back." Matt thought as he made his way towards the house.

To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Before you ask yes, I was watching Digimon while writing this. I saw it on nextflix and have been having a digimon marathon. Well Hope you all Enjoy this chapter. :pinkiehappy:

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