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Welcome To Sweet Apple Acres - Phantom Writer

Applejack sits and waits for her true love to return to her. What she doesn't know is that her love is in the past with her parents. Can Matt get back home to be with the girl he loves or will he be stuck in the past?

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Chapter 15. Granny Smith, Couch, Tree?

Author's Note:

Well here is the next chapter you all have been waiting for and I know you all will enjoy, Please forgive me for it being short but I'll be making up for it with a longer chapter. Thank's again to Alternivity for being my editor and I'm glad to have him back. Enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

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Chapter 15. Granny Smith, Couch, Tree?
Matt watched as he was wheeled towards the house. His mind was racing as they got closer.

"Please don't remember me! Please! I can't be trapped in a house with her if she does remember me!" his mind was praying and hoping she wouldn't remember him.

"Howdy there youngin's... Why are ya'll surrounding that poor stallion?" Granny asked as she noticed the ponies all around him.
"Long story Granny," Applejack said as she stepped out from behind Matt's wheelchair.

"Well, since nothing happened, I'm going home," Rainbow said, taking off and leaving the group.
"I have to go too, I have some orders to take care of," Rarity said, also leaving. "See you around Matt, If you ever need clothes you know where to find me."

"I've gotta go too, I have a lot of research to do," Twilight said as she used her magic to teleport herself home.
"Me and Fluttershy are going to get some lunch!" Pinkie Pie said, bouncing down the road, "Good luck talking with Granny Smith, Matt!" She said with a smile.

"H-How did she know what I was thinking?!" Matt thought with wide eyes as he watched the pink mare jump down the path.
"B-Bye Matt, See you around," Fluttershy said as she walked down the path.

"I'm gonna go get us somethin' ta eat."

Matt watched as Aj placed him next to Granny Smith, who just gave him a warm smile, "Ya'll just sit here next ta Granny Smith while Ah get us some grub."

Granny watched as her grand-daughter left the two alone, "Ya know it's been so long since the last time ah saw ya," Matt looked at Granny Smith, who had a grin on her face, "Ya don't write, ya never visited except that one time when my daughter was pregnant with Applejack, then ya just go off and now Ah see ya here with my grand-daughter."

Matt just stared at her, "Um... I think you have the wrong Matt."

"Nope! Ah know yer the Matt Ah knew when Ah was just a young filly, yer scar gave ya away," she said as she scooted her chair closer to him, "Ya just pop in and out with out sayin' goodbye and now Ah see ya and yer courtin' my grand-daughter! Ya wanna tell me why?"

Matt blinked as his brain was trying to process everything she just said.

"Ah'm just kiddin' with ya!" she said cracking up laughing, "Ya don't need ta tell this old mare a thing. Somethin' tells me ya dated my grand-daughter long before ya met me."

Matt nodded. "Well, ya ain't gonna have ta worry about a thing as long as ya take good care of her," Granny said sitting back in her chair, "Just take good care of her."

"I will."

This brought a smile to the old mare's face as she rocked back and forth in her chair, "So, did ya enjoy yer time with me?"

"Yes, I did enjoy my time with you... Except the times you tried to hit on me," he said looking at her, "I even told you I had a girlfriend, and you still kept throwing yourself at me."

"Ah was young and thought Ah was in love," she said, remembering making him run back to the house when she tried to kiss him, "Ah finally did get what Ah wanted, though."

"Wait... You mean the day you kissed me when I was leaving for Canterlot?" Matt asked.

"Yup, got mah kiss after all those years," She chuckled. "Ya don't have ta worry about me kissin' ya again, Ah got what Ah wanted all those years ago."

"Well, as long as you're not going to attack me in my sleep then I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight," he said, chuckling making Granny Smith giggle.

"Ah remember when ya foalsat for Honey and Yellow when Big Mac had his play," she said, noticing Big Mac walking down the path way with a wagon full of apples behind him.

Matt cracked a smile, "Yeah, watching Applejack was fun but when it came to changing her diaper, that was the worst."
Applejack sat by the door listening to the two as they talked, she had a blush on her face as they talked.

"Then when we got back we found ya asleep on the couch with Aj fast asleep on yer chest with a book on yer face."

"She got fussy and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I picked her up and read her the book I was reading... Can't really remember the name of the book, but I think it was called Time Keeper, or something like that, She seemed to enjoy it and fell asleep," Matt's smile faded as the memory of that night came flooding into his head and the bet Cindy made when they played poker.

"Ya okay?"

"Yeah, just remembering a bet I made that I need to finish when I'm out of this wheel chair."
"Ya never did tell me why ya left all those years ago," she said, looking at Matt.

"I didn't leave of my own will. An evil dragon named Darkfire came to kill you, but I held him at bay, he went to travel back further in time to end the Apple family once and for all, but I managed to defeat him and put him back in his prison. Unfortunately one of his little dark minions got the jump on me and I was sent falling through the sky and landed a bit North of here," he said, looking at Granny Smith, "I would have said goodbye if I knew I was leaving that night."

"Mmm... That look's good," Applejack turned her head to see Sam standing there looking at the tray of food. "Sorry I'm late getting up, but when I get in a bed, I never want to get up." She said, yawning.

"It's alright, yer up now," She said turning her head back towards Matt who had a smile on his face "Lunch!" She said walking out from behind the door making Sam wish she knew how to cook.

"Your back!" Sam rushed passed Applejack as she pulled Matt into a hug.
"Hey Sam." He said giving her a one hoof hug "It's good to see you again."

She pulled away and smiled "It's funny, You got my coat color and I got this blue color."
"I always said you would be cool in a different color." He said chuckling.

"Well, Ah've got lunch." Aj said cutting in as she placed the tray in front of Matt.

Matt looked at the food "Oat's, Hay and... A daisy sandwich... What I wouldn't give for a steak," he thought as he looked at Aj, "Thanks."

He noticed she didn't have anything, "Are you going to eat?"

"I ate while making ya yer lunch," She said with a smile. "Ya'll go ahead and eat."
Matt took a bite of his daisy sandwich and noticed two things: One, it didn't taste like a daisy. And Two, it tasted like bacon, "Please tell me I didn't just eat a pig."

Applejack cracked a smile, "Wanna know why yer food tastes different?"
Matt nodded as swallowed, "Yes."

"Ah had Twilight make a potion that allows ya ta taste what ya want ta taste. Ah know yer not really use ta our food so Ah thought ya would enjoy it," she said with a smile.

"You didn't have to do that, I've been eating this stuff for a while now," he said with a smile, "but thank you anyway."

Applejack just smiled as she noticed her sister running down the pathway with her friends close behind. She frowned as she noticed they had sleeping bags on their backs, "Ah completely forgot about their sleepover," she sighed, "Ah'll have ta tell them we'll have their sleepover another time."

"Why?" Matt asked.

"You're here, and yer gonna need some rest."
"And how do three little fillies keep me from resting?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.
"APPLEJACK!" Apple Bloom yelled, "We're ready for our sleepover!"

Matt leaned close to Applejack and whispered, "Just let them have their sleepover. What's the harm?"
She sighed as she saw how happy her sister looked, "Alright, ya'll know the rules," she said as she watched her sister and her friends take off running onto the house.

"Ah better make sure they don't trash the house. If ya need anything, just yell," she said, walking off leaving Matt with Granny Smith and Sam.
Matt watched as Applejack placed the sheets on the couch.

"I still don't understand why I can't sleep upstairs, I can still walk," he said as he watched her.
"Ah know ya want ta sleep upstairs but yer gonna have ta sleep down here," she put the pillow down and walked over towards him. "As much as Ah would love for ya ta sleep up stairs... Ah don't need Big Mac hurtin' ya more then ya already are," She said, the last part in a quieter voice.

Matt looked at her in confusion, "What do you mean?"
"If Big Mac saw ya sleepin' in the same bed as me... He'd hurt ya."

"Um... Why? It's not like I'm going to do anything with you having a broken leg and ribs and all," he said.
"Still, Big Mac's old fashion like that," she said, kissing him on the side of the cheek, "Ah know it will be tough for ya, but it will be worth it in the end," She gave him a warm smile which made him smile.

"Alright, but I want to be able to help since I'm sleeping on a lumpy couch," he said, making Applejack sigh.
"No, yer gonna do as Ah say or you'll sleep in the barn," she said, giving him a glare.

"Oh, come on! You have to let me do something! I'll go crazy just sitting here!" he said, sighing as he watched her make his bed.
"Ya won't go crazy, Ah'll give ya somethin' ta do," she said walking past him as she made her way towards the kitchen, "Ah gotta go cook, if ya want, ya can watch whatever ya want on the TV."

"Why couldn't my elements have healing abilities?" he thought as he looked at the TV and sighed.
The evil mane six were standing around a dark, shadowy figure as Darkfire was on the ground in pain.

"YOU HAVE FAILED ME!" the shadow yelled slamming Darkfire into the wall.

"I-I'm sorry master, I-I did not know the element of Light would show itsself so soon," he said, grabbing his side as he felt a few ribs
were cracked.

"I would kill you," the shadow walked over towards Darkfire, "but I need you alive in order to keep these other elements at bay and to protect my elements of darkness," the shadow walked towards the the evil six. "They will need more power in order to destroy the elements of harmony and the elements of light," a picture of a tree came in front of them and he smiled. "This tree will yield the power we need. Find it and drain it, my old friend's work will do the rest," he looked at Darkfire and the girls. "You'll find this tree in the Everfree Forest. Drain it, of all it's magic... Then leave it for the darkness."

"As you wish master," Darkfire said. getting back to his feet.

"Night Fire won't be able to stop me now," he said, laughing.
To Be Continued.