• Published 23rd Jul 2013
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A New Home II: A Queen's Revenge - APoeticHeart

Toby comes face to face with the dark side of Equestria.

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Chapter One

As morning arrived in the land of Equestria, within the dreaded Badlands, Queen Chrysalis was devising a plan to extract her revenge on Princess Celestia and her faithful subjects. She paced back and forth inside her cave as she had an audience of her changeling army, and the Diamond Dogs.

Her fangs were dripping with saliva as she thought about the image of the young child who won the heart of the ponies of Ponyville, especially the heart of Princess Celestia. “Mm… I can just taste all of that pure and true love that flows through the heart of that tasty little morsel,” she stopped pacing and turned her attention to the Diamond Dogs who had their heads bowed ready to hear of her plans.

She stomped her hoof hard against the ground glaring at them “Now listen you mutts, I have witnessed this child that you spoke of through the mind of one of my own. My hunger has grown from the sight of him, and I believe he does possess enough love that will give me and my army enough strength to finally end the reign of Celestia,” she let out a sinister cackle.

Rover spoke up for the other two “Neh… my queen, we are at your mercy and shall perform whatever dastardly deed you give us,” he kept his head bowed. Fido and Spot nodded their heads in agreement.

Chrysalis smirked evilly, but looked at the three curiously “You mongrels seem obedient enough, but I want to know if I let you three assist me with my plans, what do you seek in return?’ She loomed over them staring ice cold daggers at them.

Fido and Spot was unable to speak due their uncontrollable trembling under the changeling queen’s glare. Rover sighed in annoyance at the two as he looked up at her “Neh… w-well, my queen, being Diamond Dogs, we know that there are many gems and diamonds that exist within the underground caves of the Badlands.”

Chrysalis looked down at the lead dog “Hmm… so if I allow you assist me with my plan, then all you ask for in return is to use this land, our home as your own personal diamond mine?”

Rover nodded nervously as he started to shake a little himself “Y-yes my queen, and I promise me and my fellow Diamond Dogs will never bother you or your children,” he looked up with a hopeful yet fearful look.

She raised a fore hoof and tapped at her chin in a thinking manner “Hmm… that sounds like a fair trade for your loyal services to me. You mutts have a deal, but first we must succeed at the first part of my plan, then you can have all the gems your mangy hearts desires,” she let out a cackle.

The three dogs nodded as Rover spoke up “Thank you my queen, we promise we shall not fail you,” he bowed his head.

She smirked down at them “That is what I like to hear, and you better see that you do not fail me,” she sighed contently as she turned to a changeling drone that was hovering beside her. She reached up to stroke at its head “My child, I must ask you to look after your fellow drones, because Mommy has to go retrieve us some food,” she gave the drone a sinister yet warm smile as it nodded in agreement.

She turned her attention back to the Diamond Dogs “I shall accompany you three so we can capture this young one and bring him back to feed myself and my children,” she grinned evilly.

The three nodded and said in unison “Yes your highness,” they bowed their heads and shook nervously.

“Good dogs,” she sighed softly as she trotted past them outside of her cave. She took a deep breath of the morning air and the grin on her face grew wider “Mm… today will be the beginning of the end of Celestia’s reign as the Princess of Equestria, and the beginning of the rule of the Changeling Queen,” she let out an evil cackle. She hovered into the air as her army hovered outside and stopped before her.

The Diamond Dogs came walking out last looking up at the intimidating sight.

Chrysalis smiled at her army “My children, soon we shall rule all of Equestria, and get our revenge on those who done us wrong!” She spoke with power and pride “And it will all come true, because of the small child that these three speak of. For now my children, you all must stay here until you are able to feast on this young one’s pure love,” they all nodded with evil grins on their faces.

Rover shook nervously as he looked up "M-my queen, what do you have mind to capture that little runt once we get to Ponyville?"

She lowered onto the ground towering over the three and glared at them "That you mutt is very simple. With the ability to shift into any pony I want, I will change into one of the young child's beloved and lure him away from prying eyes," she grinned evilly. "Then you three fleabags will jump the tasty little colt and hold him still so I can cast a sleeping spell on him. Won't want him to struggle too much on the way back here, and waste all that precious energy," she let out a heartless cackle.

The three laughed along with her until she stomped her hoof in front of them "SILENCE!" She yelled as she hovered up into the air again "Now let's go, we have a kingdom to overrun," she cackled evilly.

As she flew ahead with the three dogs following behind on the ground, she thought to herself “Princess Celestia, I vow to get my vengeance once and for all,” she flew above the Diamond Dogs as they began their trek toward Ponyville.

Author's Note:

I know this first chapter is short, but I wanted to begin "A New Home II" with Chrysalis and The Diamond Dogs preparing for their mission to Ponyville and start to put their plan into action.

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