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Rose Petals - sweetiedash20

Diamond tiara discovers a Orb that can bring back her mother- and dangerous monsters

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2: Misty tells a tale

"Fluffy or crispy?" Asked Ms. Tiara. Ever since diamond tiara had brought back her mother, she had filled her in on details she missed.
"Fluffy please" smiled a cheery diamond tiara. Today was Saturday, and she and her mother were going to spend the whole day together. Except, one thought still clung to diamond tiara like smile. One thing....Misty. How had she dreamed being a pony she didn't even know? How did misty know about orbs? Diamond tiara shook this thought away as she and her mother packed the picnic basket to go to the park.

Her mother levitated a knife and some jelly into the air, coating a piece of bread. At the picnic she had run into silver spoon. Who made her do a whole lot of explaining...

"Who is she?"

"My mother...why?"

"I thought your mother died two years ago from a accident?"

"I brought her back"

"that's not possible..."

of course she expected her to say that. As soon as she was done explaining the orb situation, misty was pushing herself back into diamond tiara's mind. She pondered it for a while....

"Mom can I visit a friend of mine later?"


That was easy. Her mom was always understanding, clinging to the truth...She wanted to find misty- Find out why she dreamed being her, why the spell was by her....Was this a joke? A simple illusion playing a trick?


Diamond tiara walked up the large steps to misty fogcloud's mansion. The gargoyles giving her a terrifying stare...She knocked on the large oak doors and a mare opened them. She was about her mother's age, with a grey coat and navy blue eyes, a wavy white main and tail and her cutie mark was a ghost by a fog cloud. "Are you misty fogcloud?" Diamond tiara stuttered.
"Yes...." Misty raised a eyebrow. beckoning her inside, and the door shut behind them.

"So you dreamed I WAS YOU?" she gasped.

"Yes. And you seemed to be running- from a monster...And you found a castle-". "Child. What you saw was not a dream, but my memory as a filly. I had my own orb...But you see. Once the orb's creation gets comfy in their life...They...Turn evil. Chasing, killing, destroying...Their owner goes first. Then they go onto another pony. They are wind phantoms...rare but seen" she sighed.

"So my mother is- just a phantom bringing me close to her before destroying Equestria?" Diamond tiara bit back tears.

"Yes, child. I'll tell you my memory..." She looked down.

"And my sister chased me, with murder in her eyes. These demons don't just pick any pony. They attach themselves to one family...When the family dies out so do they." Finished misty.

Diamond tiara shook her head and tears flowed down her cheeks. "You must hide. Run. Do whatever possible to destroy the orb!" Said misty. "Hey...Will the elements of harmony work?" perked diamond tiara.

"Yes. but hurry before its too late."

dear, Mother. I'm sorry but I'm running away. I shouldn't even call you mother. Your a phantom! I'm hiding from you. I know what your capable of and I don't wish to find out! I am contacting the elements of harmony to destroy you.

diamond tiara.

Eyes filled with rage, The phantom ripped the letter to shreds. She would find diamond tiara. And truly make her pay. Nopony messed with this phantom. No pony...AT ALL. She would rip apart the filly's flesh, and taste her blood. The fool would never win this battle.

Diamond tiara ran, All the way to twilight's library.

"Twilight! I need to talk to you, and it has to be now!" She shouted.

Author's Note:

This is exciting! comments, questions, answers or ideas? Email hasunemiku123@yahoo.com!

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