• Published 15th Jul 2013
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Rose Petals - sweetiedash20

Diamond tiara discovers a Orb that can bring back her mother- and dangerous monsters

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1: beautiful tears

The wooden stairs creaked, the pounding heart of misty as she ran, The monsters of the Everfree forest glimpsing through the dewy leaves. The young filly galloped through the clearing. Running from the monster that was chasing her- Like wolf and prey. Darkness, tearing apart the scenery. Laughs of villains that ceased to have pounding hearts. She saw a spire- To a castle! Running to its aid she clung to the rotting steps, prepared to die and drop to the ground like a rock....Misty screamed...

Diamond tiara woke up, sweat beading her forehead. Looking around the moonlit room for lurking shadow monsters...Just a dream....But the shadows outside were dancing, calling her. Her heart pounding like a beating drum, swallowing her fear she snatched her largest flashlight and hurried down the hall.

The street was quiet. Shadows leading her...Thoughts of monsters consumed her imagination making it hard to think. But the filly took a large breath- It could be her last, and followed the calling voices. Rose petals. Pale and ghostly, against the moon hanging in the sky. She followed the trail, the alleyway was pitch black and Diamond tiara turned on her flashlight.

A orb. glowing, pristine and levitated- Not like magic bestowed on ponies. Her desire to reach out and....Hold it. Raising a hoof and touching the orb. It was warm, and felt like a old friend. The orb made a sweet weeping sound. Diamond tiara smiled and brought another hoof to the orb. "Its life....If only it was real. Something solid...." She whispered in awe. What she didn't know was it was a soul. A soul blessed upon her. She was scared of hurting the orb, so she carefully levitated it home, with all her magic might.

Diamond tiara scanned the shelves for a spell or anything to turn the orb into a being...She never thought much of the musty books they owned, But soon she had peered in every book in the library. "Aha!" She smiled, sitting on a pillow by the fire.

Misty....She had heard that name somewhere? Yes. It was her dream. And misty had written this spell...Making it feel easier for her to complete.
1. To channel the magic, simply power a image of the being or person you choose.
2. Concentrate on the being in your mind
3. Once your image is full, think of memories. Of the person or object....
CAUTION: death and injury

Death? Orb? Misty knew about the orb...she had known...about this magic? Diamond tiara was confused. And her heart craved answers. She closed her eyes and thought of her mother. The picnic they had on nightmare night- "More candy mommy!" and the warm embrace of her mother...On winter wrap up day, she and her mother would help make the nests together...They even visited Cantrelot! But those memories were far away. Her mother had died two years ago...

Her magic was slowly growing. Binding the orb in rings of ultimate light...What she wanted? Her mother. The laugh, embrace! All of it! It was like a burning heart. That's why she was mean. Rude...She just wanted a family. Filthy rich was always so busy! She wanted her mother to be with her...

She brushed the stinging tears away and gave her last drops of magic...she was afraid...what would she see?

She saw a pony that looked like her, but older...She was beautiful! Pristine. "W-who? what?" The newly created pony looked around the room, confused.

she had done it.

created life. Even though the mare had no idea who this filly was...She felt like a friend. No. A daughter. Before she could think, the memories flooded. Picnics, laughing and all....She pulled the filly in a tight, warm embrace. Diamond tiara hearing her mother's beating heart. Tears brimming.

Beautiful tears.

this chapter is dedicated to diamond tiara's family.

Author's Note:

The mare's picture is diamond tiara's mother. I worked hard on this story, I wrote it when the second season ended and i'm happy to say i'm publishing it! Its my first FIMfic that's actually good. Please no negative comments! I'm not that good but I wanted to trynd write something. Please comment and follow me